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Egalitarianism – Easier said than done…

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freedomWhat is this fancy word that is often used to describe “equality amid society?” Well, in a thumbnail, egalitarianism is an inclination of thought that leans towards equality among living beings, whether we are talking about Homo sapiens or animals (I know, they closely parallel, at times).

 However, when speaking about this particular term of universal freedom and equal rights that “allows” us to co-exist with nature in a semi-free fashion, emphasis is typically placed upon the fact that equality contains the notion of “equity of quality.” That is, although it would be hard for me to behave this way in online forums full of people with poor cognitive ability, that all people should be treated with the same dignity and respect and/or be regarded as possessing the same qualities (as in, belonging to the essential nature or constitution of a thing) despite our societal diversity of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, political ties, socio-economic status, disability/ability (physical or mental) or cultural heritage.

Now, is this easier said than done? I would think so, wouldn’t you?

With all the different aspects and perspectives of egalitarianism, whether it be militaristic, philosophical, religious, political and economical, one may find their self surrounded by madness via the chaotic infinity at hand. Oh, cool, I said chaotic infinity… Can I start talking about cool science stuff and diverse subjects from the cosmos? No, you cannot, as you might actually know what you’re talking about then, so we must proceed with this global issue called egalitarianism, even though it does seem somewhat of a painstaking moment for you. Right, I’m an idiot when it comes to politics, but anyway, where was I?

Oh, yeah, why can’t mankind find peace within, as a whole?
Do all belief systems (especially organized religions) have to cause raging disagreements and wars between believers and nonbelievers? What about the agnostics and philosophers, do they cause religious battles, as well? Just a side note: Christianity & Islamic faith seem to cause the most trouble, when it comes to wars, but that’s not germane to this post… Moving right along into this lovely subject… Governments and law seem to be essential and necessary throughout the globe – to control the lunatics and to keep crime from running rampant amid society, but do they often go too far when it comes to the equality of those crafty little bi-ped humanoids?
I mean, censorship by its self, is enough to make me throw a flag up, how about you?
Hell, I’ve recently heard about online censorship and/or laws that would take the freedom from certain aspects of the Internet away from “the people.” WTF? How far will it go before people finally start taking a stand and start rebelling against these quacks?

This egalitarianism subject is too broad for me to stay on topic, so bear with me: Is it not right to live by one’s own philosophy that you have found to be tried & true, simply due to experience?
What have we here? I’ll tell ya what we have, a bunch of confused, scared, power-hungry leaders trying to dictate the masses and control every aspect of free life while they embark upon greed and corruption. What’s the difference between socialism, communism, anarchism, left-libertarianism, social liberalism and progressivism?
You tell me?
While you’re “telling me,” please define ‘democracy’ and please provide some awesome examples of it that exist in the world today; I’m all ears!
I would love somebody to show me more about this “we the people” stuff, as I’m obviously entering one of those subjects that I’m not very opinionated about, so fear not, I won’t bite ya…

Oh, one of the other main reasons for this post, is so I can provide a really motivational video from YouTube. It was called “The Greatest Speech Ever Made.” Upon viewing that video, as great as it was, I couldn’t help but think: “That’s easier said than done.” Before you comment on this silly post of mine, please watch the video first; cheers!

Would this Great Video = Egalitarianism?

Cosmic Poetry

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unityBefore I begin this silly little poem, I’ll start with a famous quote from Albert Einstein: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”


 I’ve seen a lot of cosmic poetry on the web thus far, so I thought I’d give it a whirl, even though I may not be the best of poets, I still know that words can swirl…


Every step I take and each breath I make, equal moments I can create;
translucent thoughts often take place.

I daringly delve into the unknown with divine glorification at hand,
yet being aware of the blockade featuring formidable repudiation deep within the sand.

I’m an alien to this world that is currently left alone, seeking a unity from the cosmic throne.

Cast away from mathematics that no longer make sense,
confined to a belief that is rather dense;
the cosmos creates what we imagine and sentience is yet to be fathomed…

Altruistic at the core, while science is becoming a bore.

The anthropic principle lies ahead, while I often meet religion with dread.

Magic doesn’t exist, as a mere reality of actuality plagues what we commonly detest.

Stand aside, dear megalomaniac, as I know the answers via my scientific probes;
take heed, dear dependent weakling, as I riddle you this by way of my intuitive bodes.

Don’t always think, as you should often feel…
Upon doing so, you may be surprised with what you find to actually be real.

From the Yin to the Yang, white to black, light to dark, fabrication to manifestation, it is all the same.
While living in a world of chaotic infinity, it is quite sane to be insane as nothing is truly inane…

Praise be the unity!

—Side Note: This particular version of “Cosmic Poetry” is fueled by three basic beliefs that all humanoids on planet Earth should be aware of, which is: 1) We are all chemically connected to this planet; 2) We are all biologically connected to each other; 3) We are all atomically connected to the universe.

Yeah, it is all cosmic poetry, in the end…