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headlampI remember seeing these things several years ago, and my initial thoughts were:  “Dang, those gadgets look goofy.  Who in the hell needs a freakin’ headlight or headlamp?”  Well, actually, after further thought, I could see where they could be very useful.  In today’s world, you can now buy the LED version of this product online, which means they will last longer and drain your batteries less.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I sold some Coconut Water Packets & Powder online via, and after checking the order I noticed that they bought a lot of stuff that seemed like camping gear.  One of those items happened to be one of these nifty headlamps, and it got me to thinking about doing a quick promotional post for them, in case anybody was curious about this product and/or was looking for a quick search.  I’ll provide the link in a moment, but first, what is up with these headlights?

At first glance, to me, it looks like gear you would only need if you were entering a cave, but really, who wants to carry a flashlight around all the time?  Perhaps you need your hands for other things and the convenience of wearing a headlamp may be the solution.  This is an excellent product if you are camping and wandering around in the dark, say, looking for small pieces of wood for your camp fire?  Even an auto mechanic working underneath a vehicle at night, could benefit from this product.

For the more daring folks, having a headlight may be a great idea for the ones who decide to roam into the middle of the woods at night, searching & hunting for small or big game.  I’m not saying that the light won’t scare off your potential targets, but if you are aggressive enough and have some good luck, you might find a big deer caught in your head-harnessed spotlight, for example.  On a side note, if you hunt at night, you may also want to check into laser beam scopes, as well…

Anyway, there really isn’t a lot to say about this particular product, other than simple descriptions of each individual headlamp sold online, so I’ll just copy & paste one below, for the example I have pictured in the upper-left corner of this post:

“The Energizer TrailFinder 7-LED headlight is ideal for industrial professionals, outdoorsmen, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The TrailFinder offers four light modes (area, spot, flood, and red for night vision) so you have plenty of options depending on your activity. In addition, the TrailFinder pivots back and forth, making it easy to aim the light where it’s needed. Best of all, the light fits virtually any individual thanks to its adjustable soft elastic headband. Water-resistant, the TrailFinder runs for 14 hours on the maximum setting using three Energizer Max AAA batteries.”
Night vision mode: 2 red LEDs
Spot mode: 3 white LEDs
Flood mode: 2 white LEDs
Spot+flood: 5 white LEDs
Power source: Energizer Max 3 AAA
Lamp: 5 white LEDs
White LED max output: 58 lumens
Additional LEDs: 2 red
Dimensions: 2.75 by 1.63 inches
Weight: 1.92 ounces (without batteries)

Of course, not all headlamps are the same, so it’s best to search around until you find the one that suits your needs the most.  The one I have, has three different light settings, and I especially like the red-light night vision setting.  Another good thing about today’s version of these headlights and/or headlamps, is that they aren’t very bulky, so you don’t feel like you’re some lost astronaut on another planet that is wearing heavy gear from NASA; ha!

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