Spicy ‘Stuffed Mackerel’ Patties

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canned_mackerel¬†Although I generally prefer fried Salmon patties over Mackerel, I can’t help but notice how the cost of canned Mackerel is about half the price of Salmon, so why not try to spice it up a bit and make it worth the purchase?

¬†Anyway, if you’re a seafood lover, you most likely not only enjoy a large variety of fish along with those tasty scavengers known as shrimp, but you also probably enjoy those scrumptious crab cake patties, as well. Well, that’s what I attempted to do with the canned Mackerel, and incorporated some ‘stuffed crab’ techniques into those affordable Mackerel, to save me a few dollars from buying canned Salmon all the time.

…Hmm, does anybody else just want to skip this spicy recipe and go creek fishing? No? Okay… Now that the frugality of seafood bliss is out of the way, lets get started, shall we…


First step, is to take the Mackerel out of the can. Wow! Who would have thought? Anyway, have a paper plate or whatever standing by, as you will need to remove the bones and outer skin layers, etc. [I give the scraps to my outdoor cats] Put all of the good meat into a big mixing bowl, and add a large egg into the mix and set aside. Now, what are you going to stuff the patties with? I use a small tomato that I core out (throw out the juicy parts) and dice into small pieces, a couple pieces of raw onion chunks, and one decent sized Jalapeno pepper (I’m currently using the ones from my garden, but store-bought will work). …Before we add the batter and mix it all together, here is a picture below, that depicts this current step.


Finely chop your jalapenos, onions, and tomatoes, and add them into the big mixing bowl that contains your Mackerel and one large egg. Now, sprinkle a fair amount of seasoned salt into the bowl along with black pepper, and add 5 heaping tablespoons of Corn Meal. Normally, I’d only add 4, but we are adding an extra one since we are “stuffing” these patties with extra ingredients.

Mix it all up with a big spoon, then make two big patties out of the mix by hand. It should look something like this, as shown below:


Well folks, it is now time to fry! Grab a large skillet and preheat the oil, then gently add your spicy ‘stuffed Mackerel’ patties into the hot oil. Important step: Do not turn and/or flip over until about 5 minutes or so, or else you’ll risk the chance of your patties falling apart. The first flip over is the most crucial, but after that, let them cook another 4 or 5 minutes on the other side, and the rest is up to you, as to how “done” and/or brown ya want ’em to get. I added a side order of golden-brown french fries (crinkle cuts) to my plates (to serve two people [somebody please add the Ketchup!]), and this is how mine turned out:


Spicy 'Stuffed Mackerel' Patties

—End of ‘Quick & Easy’ Recipe Post

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