German Scientists, Hitler, Aliens, Secret Weapons & Lost Technology


german_saucer  Wow! What a title… I was trying to cram as many subjects in there as possible, although I did sort of throw the word ‘aliens‘ in there for fun (I didn’t have room for ‘German Flying Saucers’), but I have a few reasons for that, due to the speculations surrounding this lovely subject and the time-frame it was within.

  A while back, I started to write about Nazi Germany & Alien Technology, but due to so many controversies and half-thought-out theories, I decided to pass. It makes for great entertainment and it’s an interesting notion, but the idea that Germany was given advanced technology from extraterrestrials is a bit far-fetched for some folks to swallow and sort of sells the German scientists short at the same time, albeit I don’t rule anything out – especially since I’m one of the many who believe that there is life on other planets, along with rare breeds of highly advanced beings and whatnot.

Anyway, I recently stumbled upon an awesome book (actually, a friend let me borrow it), that was called “Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology.”

I have already read a fair amount from this book, and I’m impressed with the amount of information it contains. I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in Nazi technology, as there were many lost secrets and the actual level of scientific advancement they attained, is mind boggling and extends much further than what basic history books tell you via conventional historians. Gee, I wonder why…

Could there have been supermetals, laser weapons and cold bombs in 1944? At any rate, within that particular book, the exotic technologies and the reasons for the scientific boom in Germany during that time period, are explained and discussed in terms of a completely different scientific paradigm shared by those German scientists and how it relates to a unified view of gravity, matter and energy.

I suppose one could say that this page is kind of like a review for the “Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology” book, but I’m thinking otherwise. Sure, I’m recommending it, but I will also be bringing up subjects within the book and it, in turn, may spark new ideas or provoke comments on the matter, and so on. I must say, there is one quote from this book I will provide here, as it paves the way for the right mindset and lets you know what you’re up against: “Getting real information out of the government of the United States is not as easy as it should be if you read the Freedom Of Information Act. For some reason, the government is reluctant to disclose anything once classified. Sometimes it even goes beyond this, however. Sometimes information is declassified but then filed away where the light will never shine, without indexing or filing records. In fact, the information was classified, declassified and then, in the de facto sense, re-classified. Here is how it works…”

That was a quote from Chapter 2, The Stonewall and Undervaluation, which sort of sets up the reader before describing some of this lost technology. Anyway, what I’m going to do here, is go through and mention a few topics within this book; I may comment on some, and others I may let the subject titles do the talking. Scrolling through now, I see Chapter 3 is about German Digital Computers. This will interest very few people of today’s time, so moving on…

Chapter 4 speaks about German Flying Discs (Saucers, UFO thingies). This is a very entertaining subject. To read more about this, you may want to buy the book entitled “Hitler’s Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs Of The Second World War.” No wonder there is so much talk about the Germans getting help from the aliens; ha!

Chapter 5 speaks about the so-called “electromagnetic vampire.” Boogy, boogy…

Chapter 6 comes with the subject “Liquid Air.” Take 60% powdered brown coal and 40% liquid air, and we could easily have ourselves a “liquid air bomb,” eh?

The next couple of chapters talk about a synthetic Penicillin substitute and a synthetic blood. More secrets, lost… Skipping through a few odd subjects, Chapter 11 brings us to German ‘Free Energy’ Research. The whole “free energy” concept is something that should be incorporated more and more into this world, although greed seems to keep fighting back.

Well, I can see that with 40 Chapters to cover, this book review will end up being rather long, so I’ll cut it short, from here. Some of the more interesting subjects were about mysterious German Bombs (even rumors about the mysterious molecular bomb), Arrow Aircraft, Supermetals, Nipolit (mysterious explosives developed by German Scientists), Red Mercury (could it have been used for bombs?), Electric Guns, Means To Stop Engines, Death Rays (X-Ray/Gamma Ray Weapons), Distillation of Crude Oil Using Sound Waves, Synthetic Production of Gasoline, Super Lubricants, What is Happening in Antarctica? (interesting chapter that speaks about UFOs, underground city, and more), Large Mystery Rockets, Massive antenna & special ELF wave communications, Experiments in Time, Magnetic confinement fusion & Thermonuclear Exponential Experiments (propulsion systems, etc.), and much, much more…

Conclusion: So as you can see, there was a lot more involved than just saying Hitler wanted to take over the world, have a dominant race of mankind or whatever people say nowadays, as the German scientists were at the brink of some major technological breakthroughs, many of which have been lost for whatever reason. It is not just about the weapons and science, either, but the fact that we have lost many secrets that should have never been lost. Much of the same science that is aimed to destroy and de-populate the Earth, can also be used to save lives and prolong life, etc. As for the aliens and UFO stuff relating to German technology, it does fit a compelling time period that makes it hard to rule out. I must say, by what I have read in the past along with here of late, Hitler and the German scientists were very open-minded and motivated, to say the least, when it came to finding out information and hastily performing research and experiments. I’ve even heard and read about such characters being curious about the possibility of an inner world, as well, so go figure…

Do you think the German Scientists had help from Extraterrestrials / Aliens? 

I don’t know, but something seems odd about their rate of advancement, eh?

Curious about the book? 

‘Click Here’ for more information about Hitler’s Secret Weapons, Science, and Technology.

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