Lake Vostok – Mystery @ the Center of Antarctica

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lake_vostok Many of you have heard about strange occurrences and natural phenomenon existing in Antarctica along with wild rumors of a portal that leads to an inner world, Hitler’s underground base, etc. To make things even more interesting, many Ufologists have mentioned UFOs originating from this area among other bizarre things that relate to this region…

Anyway, heading toward the center of this subject, I first stumbled upon the mystery Lake Vostok on chapter 31, What is happening in Antarctica?, from the book Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology.

A few years ago, an anonymous letter was written to Scientific America describing something that was somewhat strange. The report came out of Australia’s Casey Station in Antarctica. To make it short, two women were trying to ski across Antarctica when they were stopped in their tracks. A U.S. Navy Special Forces team, working out of American Samoa, abducted the women, against their will, and under protest from the crew at the Australian Casey Station. The two adventurous women were then held in seclusion for reasons never given! The source for that report: “The Secret Of Lake Vostok,” William P. Eigles, Atlantis Rising (magazine), number 29, page 60.

To add even more mystery to the area, many folks, for a multitude of reasons, actually believe that the lost city of Atlantis is buried deep beneath the ice in certain areas of Antarctica. Did the Germans locate their base in this area because evidence was found for a lost civilization? Many theorize that this is where the Germans had contact with extraterrestrials, which helped them with the advancement in their science, technology and weaponry, etc.

There could be all kinds of stuff going on in this particular region, as the geothermal action is in abundance, hot water ponds, geothermal vents, and so on. …But outside of these prior topics, what about the mystery lake known as Lake Vostok?

Well, the more I read about Lake Vostok, the stranger things seem to be… This is not an ordinary lake, by any means. It is hidden from view, due to being buried under the Continental Ice Sheet, with a roof of ice up to 2+ miles thick, in some areas. This mystery lake is about 2,000 feet deep and due to geothermal activity, although it is just 300 miles from the South Pole, it has a water temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit on average and, in some areas, it is up to 65 degrees – going by some of the resources I gathered that was written a few years ago.
Now, lets go back to thinking of a lake with a dome-like roof of massively thick ice. During the summer months, can you imagine this twilight world as the opaque dome allows just enough sunlight to pass through, to provide an eerie, early morning style of light? Can you say, uh, “a lost world?”

This same concept applies to the theory that there could possibly be life on other frozen planets and moons, if there is enough bottom-heating going on via geothermal energy/heat. Sort of like what many folks suspect to be happening on one of Jupiter’s moons, for example.

Without going into detail about all the research done in this area and involvement from certain “people” that would probably deny it or say that all research has been terminated, one may ask: What does this have to do with Atlantis or a possible underground city or lost civilization?
Well, due to a huge magnetic anomaly covering this area in Antarctica along with prior attempts from scientists to debunk such notions, the best reason one can give to try and explain the origin of this vast magnetic disturbance from this area, is to say it is due to the presence of a massive amount of metal, like a buried city, for example.

Was there an underground city built by the Germans or was it already there? Is this another one to blame on extraterrestrials? Is it an alien base?
Outside the mystery of Lake Vostok, the center of Antarctica (not exactly the center, but it sounds better), and whatnot, we have yet another mystery going on here: The Antarctic seismographs are also very abnormal, which a lot of strange things have been noted by way of geological research from some very qualified researchers. Without all the science talk, in a thumbnail, some of the graphs show enormous long-wave energy, which is not natural, as if energy is being produced and/or fabricated from down below. If you need to research further, two of the researchers in this field were named Christian Saal and Kawi Schneider.

So whether or not Christian Saal’s or other researchers’ assumptions & explanations of this bizarre seismological activity is accurate or not, the data is still there and it shows something really odd going on in this area, one that remains “unexplained” by the authorities…

Well, after reading this, I’m sure many of you would like to start doing your own research about this mystery lake that is fairly close to the center of Antarctica. Remember now, it isn’t just Lake Vostok that seems strange, but a whole host of other potential possibilities stem from this frigid continent. I’ll list a few links below, from search results, to get started…

Cancel that… After writing the rough draft for this blog post, I just wasted a lot of time reading from different websites and articles about this subject, only to find a lot of regurgitated drivel. I went back and changed what I had originally listed for the height of the ice roof over Lake Vostok, since today they have it being slightly thicker than what was once believed. Of course, like most subjects that relate to mystery or the unknown, you are not going to get a straight answer and unless something “leaks,” it will be hard to find out if this area could possibly have an underground city near it, and so on.

Oh, I did find one interesting link, entitled “What’s Under Lake Vostok?” [Unfortunately, the link is no longer valid…]
After clicking on that link, you’ll see that things get more interesting when you get to the “Now for the real story, from 2003…” part, as it is pretty obvious how a lot of information can easily be altered, to say the least. The opening quote under that section: “Recently there have been several media reports about an anomaly discovered in the Antarctic region near Lake Vostok. Apparently, the site has been sealed off to the media and other scientists due to “environmental concerns.” The fact that the NSA has assumed jurisdiction over an environmentally hazardous site is raising eyebrows about what may be happening there.”

Even though I titled this article with Lake Vostok being a mystery @ the center of Antarctica, it is technically not the center, but considering what all could be going on down below, there is no telling what is truly at the core of that place. At any less than insane rate, it never hurts to research; have fun!


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