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Will the Colonization of Mars be possible for Humans?

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mars_colonization  This article will act as a sequel to the one I wrote a while back, entitled “Will Humans ever Colonize Outer Space?

…Going by the current poll results from that page, after analyzing the data from the massive 15 votes it received, it seems that 40% of the people think that outer space colonization will be possible in 10 to 40 years via space stations. 33% says that they couldn’t care less about stupid space stations and are still thinking about procreating on Earth. 20% simply say “no” and 7% of those voters say that it will be less than 10 years from now, but hold on to your seats, as the votes are still pouring in… [The Poll is no longer available]

Wow! With this particular piece of data that I have recently collected, I am now ready to become an aspiring author and write a book that describes the possible birth defects of space babies, only to be followed up with a wonderful novel that entails cattle mutilations & cow abductions from UFOs and why the aliens are displeased with McDonald’s version of 100% beef burgers… Just think, I’ll be rich way before these Earth-bound humanoids get the space stations built… Hurrah!

At any less than insane rate, I am getting way off track here. This post is about planet Mars and the not-so-far-fetched idea of human colonization on the Red Planet.

I’m sure that many of you have heard about the project “Mars One.” If everything goes as planned, from the time I’m writing this, they say that certain humans from this planet will land on Mars 10 years from now, during 2023. For those of you that are not aware of this project, check out the short video, below:

Of course, for these “Mars One” folks, it is a one way trip; if you journey to Mars, you shall stay until you die. I know they will have plenty of volunteers sign up that meet the requirements to go, that is, if this project unfolds as predicted, but that is one boat I would never get on. Unless I knew for a fact that this planet was about to be blasted into mass extinction, etc., I would not go. Anyway, that is what they are saying now, but if everything goes successfully and they can sustain life on the Red Planet, then you know dang well they could come back to Earth, no matter what they claim within their program.

Okay, whether or not we should be concentrating on doing this or not, lets focus on the “why” and what good could spawn from it and/or how it could help humanity. Personally, I’m not interested in hearing about that little rover thingy they got buzzing around Mars at the moment, especially since one of the main goals NASA is currently speaking about is how they are seeking out evidence for martian microbial life from planet Mars. WTF? I would hope that all the ungodly amounts of money spent on NASA’s Mars rover “Curiosity,” was for a little more than dusting rocks, taking crappy images, and wandering around aimlessly while looking for signs of microbial life. It would at least make more sense if it was an extensive study to help safeguard future trips and provide us with better insight, if and/or when humans decide to try and land on Mars or even colonize the place, for that matter.

Now, back to the “why” part of the equation. First, I’ll provide a couple links that cover this subject somewhat elaborately, in case you need something else to peruse over before forming an opinion, but either way, you can always tell me why you think we should or shouldn’t try to colonize Mars in the future by utilizing the comment field below.

* [Why Colonize Mars?]

* [The Case for Colonizing Mars]

The reason why the colonization of Mars by humans is something to take somewhat serious, is firstly because of the surface conditions, such as the availability of frozen ground water. Even though the Moon, due to its close distance from Earth, has been proposed as the first location for human colonization, lunar gravity is only 16% that of Earth’s while the gravity from our martian Red Planet is a more substantial 38%. There is more water present on Mars than the Moon, and Mars has a thin atmosphere. These factors give Mars a greater potential capacity to host organic life and human colonization than the moon, and definitely looks like a more productive, quicker option than the fantastical space stations we once dreamed about, at least for now…

There are loads of possibilities that come with the notion of colonizing Mars, including the mining of minerals & resources for easy transport back to Earth and the ability to have other means to produce food from another planet to help feed an overly populated one, such as Earth, if we continue to thrive without a massive population decline due to severe cataclysmic events, etc. (Feel free to read about the Terraforming of Mars, here:
Plus, we would be even closer to the asteroid belt, so there should be lots of goodies to explore there, as well. On the down side, challenges such as low gravity, solar radiation and space weather, retaining atmosphere and water, etc., make the terraforming of Mars a little more difficult than slapping down a few positive remarks on paper and whatnot.

I suppose there is too much to cover on this subject for one post, so I’ll stop right here…

So, what do you think?  Will it be possible for us crafty little humans to succeed in the colonization of Mars?

—End of Post

Random Blog Link:  “Metaphysical Crystals & Healing Stones

Has the Earth’s Axis Shifted? Polar Ice Melting…

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earths_axis_tilt  A lot of folks are out there searching for answers about a possible polar shift at hand that will bring many cataclysmic events, along with various ways to detect whether or not the Earth’s axis has shifted or not, and how severe and/or negative the effect will be for us humans as the polar ice melts, and so on.

  There are many things that can cause the Earth’s axis to shift, but minor tilts or changes that causes the Earth to wobble a tiny bit differently, is not a problem, as negligible changes happen all throughout the year, every year, without much concern. I will say this, though, as I’m a little concerned about the effects that the melting of our planet’s polar ice caps may have, as simple math will dictate a massive change in the way the weight is distributed on this planet, could very well cause a shift in the Earth’s axis, which can definitely affect weather and much more, depending on the severity of the shift and whatnot.

I’ll give you a few examples of what I’d consider negligible amounts of change for the Earth’s Axis, below:

A couple years ago, the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan shortened Earth’s day by just over one-millionth of a second (1.8 microseconds to be exact), according to NASA. It also shifted the Earth’s axis by about 6.5 inches. The reason why I consider that to be a small amount, is because a microsecond equals one millionth of a second. You can read about several examples online, such as the one that happened 3 years ago, which was the massive earthquake that struck Chile. The magnitude 9.1 earthquake in 2004 that generated a killer tsunami in the Indian Ocean, supposedly shortened the length of days by 6.8 microseconds. One could easily say that all of these events add up, but it also works the other way around, as certain shifts of mass can also lengthen days, in a microscopic sort of way, as well. I’m not going to list all of the events, such as earthquakes that have had a minuscule effect on Earth’s axis, as this planet has been shaking and quaking for quite a long while, to say the least!

Without any overly complicated data or extra technology involved, as many of you know, the Earth’s axis tilt, which is roughly 23.4 degrees +/-, is the reason for the seasons on Earth. …So any type of major shift or a bunch of minor ones that accumulate over time, will definitely have a major impact on this planet’s weather and seismic activity, no matter what some people may try to tell ya! I don’t know about you, but there seems to be less transitional periods between Summer time and Winter time, than it used to be. Basically, what I’m saying is, there seemed to be longer Spring & Fall times, in the past – at least where I live. Then again, the weather changes like our moods and last year’s winter was rather mild in my area, but it was a little colder this year, so go figure…

Now, what about all of this polar ice that continues to melt? It seems that this major event has been getting swept under the rug for the last couple of decades. I’ve even read in the past, how a lot of polar imagery has been censored by the government, but I don’t know how true that claim is. However, after reading my post about Antarctica (Lake Vostok – Mystery at the Center of Antarctica), for example, there may be exposure to some of those cool alien underground facilities or hidden bunkers down there, but who knows… right? But in all seriousness, “sea ice is always melting near one pole while growing around the other, but the overall trend year to year (at least the last several years) is dramatically less ice in the Arctic and slightly more in the Antarctic.” You can read more about that on an article entitled “Antarctic Sea Ice Growth Pales In Comparison To Arctic Losses,” which you can find, here:

I once wrote a web page that was a parody about the polar shift, and it involved a humorous weight displacement theory along with a proportional imbalance from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, that could cause a polar shift. Well, when you factor in all the weight we are losing up top via the melting of ice, this theory may hold true after all. Within that post, though, I was comparing overweight Americans getting balanced out by large mammals from Africa, etc., as a joke; ha!

At any rate, changes to the Earth’s rotation are not only caused by massive earthquakes, as supposedly larger effects are seen with oceanic currents and atmospheric winds, but lets not leave out my concern (among many others) about the changes brought about by the melting of polar ice along with the mass redistributions in the mantle. Also, in addition to this, we should all know that a major impact from a comet or a large asteroid would also affect the tilt of Earth’s axis, but why add to the doom & gloom chatter, eh?
Of course, the gravitational pull of other celestial bodies could also impact our axis and cause an ongoing shift that disrupts our weather, rotation, etc. 

If any Planet X/Nibiru Guru wanna-bes land on this post, please try to not wet your self in the comment field while typing about all the swill & slop you have read on conspiracy theorist-type websites and/or how Planet X is the cause for every problem on Earth and/or how hordes of Barbarians from Planet Ogo are coming soon to take over the Hollow Earth and the new leader will rise from the south pole and cast wrath upon thee; blah, blah…  LOL! 

Anyway, I would type more, but since this is one of those subjects that is better left for the comment field, I’ll leave it at that. I must remind you, though, regardless of this crazed, shifted notion by way of the precarious Earth’s axis, if the melting of the ice caps truly gets out of hand, we might find a lot of flooding issues and water contamination going on, so use some common sense and think of ways to filtrate, purify and store clean drinking water, if ya get my drift … or was that shift? Ha!

Now, if you’d like to read a more complicated version of this subject, I’ll provide a couple additional links below:

The Seasons and the Earth’s Orbit:

Axial Tilt:’s_Axis

—End of Post

Fractals anyone? Can you imagine being an Ant in a Micro-World?

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fractals I suppose that I could expound upon this subject in great detail, be overly elaborate and anything but terse, but since we are all little ants stuck in this micro-world of an infinite pattern, I feel that the readers should help fill in the blanks (in due time) within the comment field.

On the other hand, I will briefly provide a little teasing verbiage and a couple cool videos, to get the ball rolling……

There are plenty of size/proportion concepts out there, and just by using our solar system alone, we start to feel small. It never stops there, as if we go up, into a larger scale like our galaxy, things seem to dwarf us even more. Oh, forget about the galaxies, as they are tiny, so lets move into the great wide open and call it the universe. Yikes! Can I go back? Sure you can! Okay, lets go back to Earth

Before I start talking about being an Ant living in a Micro-World, I must ask: Have you ever heard of fractals?

Most people relate such things to mathematics, as a fractal is a mathematical set that has a fractal dimension that usually exceeds its topological dimension and may fall between the integers. Fractals are typically “the same from near as from far,” and they may be exactly the same at every scale and/or different scales. The definition of fractal goes beyond such petty affairs and into a detailed pattern that constantly repeats itself.
All of this mumbo jumbo reminds me of when I used to say, while proclaiming a theory of unity, that everything is split among the endless dividends of one. This is one of those subjects that you can analyze downward as much as you can upward, if that makes any sense…

I’m going to pick out a couple random (quick) videos about fractals, albeit you must watch them before commenting on this post. I would like for you, for the ones who haven’t thought much about this subject, to get an elementary idea of what I mean by proportion. First up, will be a rather basic video, called “Understanding Fractals,” and you can find it below:

Fractal Art? Oh, why should I go there? It is awesome, to say the least… This post is mainly about proportion and an ongoing pattern, so I’ll skip through the art aspects (although I’m currently a dormant artist) and provide a fairly nifty video of fractals, below:

Why am I talking about being an Ant in a micro-world?
Hell, your guess is as good as mine, but I thought that the ant would best represent an organized insect, one who often fights and engages in wars like us humanoids, all while being oblivious to the higher scales of life.
Can you imagine being shrunk down to the size of an ant, and viewing this very same planet through that perspective? What we deem as a “micro-world” is just as much a “world” as any other. People who often chant foolish rhetoric while talking about the galaxies and the universe, often forget about their very own piece of the pie, which is right here on Earth. It is all the same, really, just different levels. We may never find the funnels that truly create during this lifetime, but we can only hope to eventually find the divine pattern. From microscopic organisms to the gargantuan Dinosaurs of the past, from tiny planets to large suns, from galaxies to the universe and above, what does all this mean? Is it really important to understand the universal proportion or should we simply ignore it and concentrate on our individual portion?

We are like ants, when you think about it, if you back up a few thousand feet. Does it mean that we are insignificant? Of course not, because we are rather unique. Well, I shouldn’t get all poetic, or else I’ll ruin the train of thought. Anyway…

This post reminds me of a couple movies that demonstrate what proportions really mean. One, was a family movie called “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” The other flick that quickly comes to mind, was an old science fiction film called “Fantastic Voyage,” which they later remade into a more modern movie entitled “Innerspace.”

At any less than insane rate, what is your thoughts about fractals, human proportion with the cosmos, and anything else that relates to being an ant stuck in a micro-world?

—Side Note: You may want to further your reading by searching online for Fractal Dimensions, which is a ratio providing a statistical index of complexity comparing how detail in a pattern (fractal pattern) changes with the scale at which it is measured. It has also been characterized as a measure of the space-filling capacity of a pattern that tells how a fractal scales differently than the space it is embedded in; a fractal dimension does not have to be an integer.

In addition to that, especially if you enjoy digital/computer art, you may also want to search online for Fractal Art. You’ll most likely find some pretty wicked images, to say the least…

—End of Post

Admin Note: For some reason the title of this post had a URL glitch, but I’m not re-posting this entire blog entry again, so if you need to link to this post for whatever reason, the correct URL is:

Hypothetical ways to deflect an Asteroid – Apophis 2029 or 2036?


[I actually wrote this post about 6 months ago on another website, then later moved it here, which means the publish date on this blog is not accurate.]

apophis_path First of all, don’t get your panties in a wad, as this is not a doom & gloom post (although I’m way overdue for one of those) and I’m not saying that the asteroid named Apophis will strike Earth in 2029 or 2036. However, it is an interesting topic and I recently did a quick search over what people are saying about this subject along with various hypothetical ways to deflect an asteroid – in the event we ever have a big one coming our way. On a good note, as of today, there are no major impacts scheduled anytime soon, but things can change if ya know what I mean.

Many folks were chattering about a smaller asteroid (estimated to be around 150 feet across) called “2012 DA14,” that will give Earth an uncomfortably close shave on Feb. 15, 2013, albeit it will pose no threat to us, according to NASA scientists. Anyway, before we begin to ponder over hypothetical ways to deflect an asteroid, I will say that Apophis is one of the more talked about threats. I find it amusing that they named this lovely celestial body after an evil God in Egyptian mythology that represents darkness and chaos. Oh well, I suppose a threatening name is a good counter for something that is supposedly so harmless; ha!

This particular asteroid is estimated to be around 1,000 feet in diameter (plus or minus), which could definitely do some damage upon impact. Originally, it was said that a possible collision with Earth could occur during 2029, but later, it was thought to have a better chance during the year 2036. Hell yeah! That’s 7 extra years! Ha! Fear not, as the all-knowing super-beings from Wikipedia say that it is only a 1 in 250,000 chance that Apophis will drop the bottom out of Mother Earth. [ ]

When Apophis passes by Earth in 2029, it will most likely change its orbit due to Earth’s gravity tugging on it (hence the image above), but this may make the odds go up for a 2036 impact, even though they seem slim at the moment. Only time will tell, as I’d be glad to know that mankind hasn’t blown the planet up by then – with or without an asteroid impact. If you’d like to read more about this particular subject, you can find articles about such things over at and on their “Near Earth Object Program” page. You may also want to research the Palermo Scale values… The Palermo Technical Impact Hazard Scale is used by astronomers to rate the potential hazard of impact of an NEO (near-earth object).

Okay, lets change subjects for now and head on into the hypothetical ways we could possibly deflect an asteroid. If the time comes, if we haven’t already destroyed the planet ourselves, when we have a large object heading toward Earth, I have wondered many times if we will have the technology and/or know-how to deflect it. If, if, if, I know… Too many IFs!
Anyway, the first thought that most likely enters many of our minds is probably: “lets just blow the thing up like on the 1998 film “Armageddon,” although many astronomers and scientists will probably tell you that this is not the best option and how difficult it would be – especially if it wasn’t detected far enough away from us; it looks great on film, though!

Of course, I’d like for people to share their ideas on the many possible ways this daunting task could be performed, but I can’t depend on a comment field for answers to hypothetical situations, etc. I did happen to land on a page that shared several ideas, and spoke about how scientists plan to deflect Earth-bound asteroids in the future, although nothing promising and noteworthy has spawned from this, as of yet. It is nice to know that at least the ESA (European Space Agency), NASA, SWF (Secure World Foundation) among many others, are at least thinking about it. The source was from Fox News, on this page:

Some of the wild ideas involved concerning asteroid deflection were: spreading a big white sheet over it, paint it white to increase the reflectivity (WTF?), use a satellite to dock a motor with a thruster on the asteroid (it would have to be really far away for this to work), use laser technology (sounds cool), a “mass projector” that would slowly chisel away at the surface, a massive spacecraft that could slowly pull an asteroid off path, along with other crazy ideas like the use of magnetic tractors and sails to utilize solar winds, of all things.

On second thought, after reading all of that, lets just blast the things. When the time comes, maybe we will be saying stuff like this: “Photon Torpedoes . . . Fire!”


—Update to the post “Hypothetical ways to deflect an Asteroid – Apophis 2029 or 2036?”

I recently read an update from NASA on a Yahoo! News page that said: “The Earth is safe from the giant asteroid Apophis when it flies extremely close to our planet in 2029, then returns for seconds in 2036, NASA scientists announced today (Jan. 10, 2013). The chances of an impact in 2036 are less than one in a million, they added.

Asteroid Apophis — which is the size of three and a half football fields — was discovered in June 2004 and gained infamy after a preliminary study suggested it had a 2.7 percent chance of hitting the Earth during its 2029 flyby. Subsequent observations ruled out an impact in 2029, but astronomers were closely studying Apophis’ return in 2036.

Now, new observations of asteroid Apophis recorded Wednesday (Jan.9, 2013) have revealed the space rock poses no real threat to the Earth in 2036, NASA officials said.”

Well, they killed all the doom & gloom chatter on this particular space rock, before it even got started; ha!

—Update: Well, it is now well into March, 2013, and we are hearing a lot of chatter about these flying rocks, of late.  Yet another article on Yahoo! about such things, here:  “Earth gets a rush of weekend asteroid visitors.” <– Link is no longer active.

—End of Post

Sinkholes on the Rise? What’s going on inside the Earth?

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sinkhole With all the talk of global disasters, excessive earthquakes and crazy, erratic, extreme weather, sinkholes also appear to be on the rise. One may ask, what in the hell is going on inside the Earth, that is kicking our ass above it?

I’m not here to talk about a polar shift or cosmic alignments and I’m not here to ramble about global warming and the human input involved, either. I’m just curious about the increase in these “sinkholes” throughout the globe. Is it really as normal as some people play it off to be? Is it really normal for these things to occur all the time? If so, is more attention simply being drawn to them now, due to all the doom & gloom chatter of late?

I don’t know, but I will say that you would have to be an utterly ignorant being to have lived during the last few years with a functioning brain, to have not noticed that harsh living conditions have been on the rise.

Oh, before we go any further, one must dabble a little Wikipedia crap down from two separate entries to form one good description, in the event that some people are unsure what a sinkhole actually is, here: “A natural depression or hole in the Earth’s surface caused by the chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks or when loose soil, loess or other non-cohesive material lies on top of a limestone substratum containing fissures and joints. Rain and surface water gradually wash this material through these fissures and into caves beneath. Over time, this creates a depression on the landscape of varying depth. Sinkholes may vary in size from 3.3 to 2,000 ft. – both in diameter and depth, and vary in form from soil-lined bowls to bedrock-edged chasms. Sinkholes may be formed gradually or suddenly, and are found worldwide.”

On this post, I will share a few helpful resource links and provide some friendly images of sinkholes along with some not-so-friendly ones. In short, sinkholes are apart of life, whether speaking metaphorically or literally, albeit it does have the tendency to make the pedestrian commoner wonder just what all in the hell is going on inside this Earth. Many scientists and reporters would have you believe that most of these inconveniences known as sinkholes are due to collapsed earth via floods and the superfluity of rainfall, however there are many possible causes nonetheless.

An excellent resource page for these pitfalls featuring ground-based snares, can be found here: “Information & Discussion about the Earth Changes and the Pending Pole Shift.”

From there, you will see many images and descriptions of these sinkholes that seem to be happening a lot more than the general public is aware of. I mean, seriously, we can only provide the masses with so much news about global disasters during any normal span of time because, like, some celebrity might have a pimple on their face that you need to know about or some poorly talented “pop star” might have received their first million dollar payout or, uh, we might have to fill the headlines up on a news channel featuring a bad break-up between two popular transvestites that had horrible luck due to an “operation gone wrong.” Ha! Anyway, you get the point…

Now, back to this whole sinkhole thingy, from Zeta Talk, they give a nice intro (on the last page I linked to) with: “What happens to rock layers under a diagonal pull, or [that are] being pulled apart? As can be seen during recent years, this has resulted in derailing trains, sinkholes suddenly appearing, gas and water main breaks, torn roadways and separating bridges. Despite the effect on man, crawling about on the surface of what they assume to be terra firma [which means, solid earth], these changes are superficial. When the pulling starts, weak points break and thereafter the plumbing and roadways hold, giving the impression that the pulling has stopped, but this is misleading.” You can read more from the prior link about the Earth changes and pending polar shift, as you’ll also find an image on that page showing a cross-sectional view of a tectonic plate in a “stretch zone,” for example.

I usually don’t like to elaborate about the obvious, as I’ll let the links and images do most of the talking here, unless, of course, we get an opinionated blast within the comment field down below, although there should be a sufficient amount of content above the fold, nevertheless.

If you just can’t get enough of this sunken subject, check out some more of these Recent Sinkholes [link is no longer active].

Friendly Sinkholes:


The Devil's "Swimming" Hole

The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole

Not-so-friendly Sinkholes:

Bad day at work?

Bad day at work?

To hell with speeding tickets, we got other problems here!

To hell with speeding tickets, we got other problems here!

Do you think that sinkholes are on the rise?

—End of Post

Expanding Universe, Dark Matter & Dark Energy?

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dark_energy The concepts behind a simple big bang theory and our expanding universe isn’t anything new, albeit our ideas about the universe seem to be changing at a constant rate. Ongoing research along with our beloved curiosity and imagination, will do these things. Instead of me getting all philosophical and talking about why I believe that the mind is a universe in itself (which would parallel with an expanding universe), I will bite my tongue/brain and temporarily clamp my typing fingers down while I change my direction of thoughts… Hold on… Okay, I’m back!

Anyway, I’ve been studying more about the movement of galaxies, the expanding universe, gravity, anti-gravity, dark matter, dark energy, black holes, etc., and have really been enjoying myself. Dang! Since when has science almost been as cool as science-fiction? As an old adage states, the truth is often stranger than fiction. At any rate, I find it to be very mentally stimulating (only when I get those rare moments of free time) to ponder over the inner-workings of the cosmos, and just how mysterious it truly is.

Many people with strict, scientific fundamentals may hate that I chose the word “mysterious,” but they will just have to get over it. Speaking of such, I have finally had a chance to start reading the book entitled “A Sense of the Mysterious – Science and the Human Spirit,” by Alan Lightman. I’ve had the book for like 6 or 7 years, it seems, and just picked it up today, after thinking that I may need more resources & subject matter for these particular subjects. It seems to be a decent read so far, but it contains very little content over dark matter & dark energy. However, I have enjoyed how Lightman shows that imagination, passion, emotions, creative thoughts and much more are, in fact, involved and required for the best scientific approach (which is more reasons why it is justified to view religions and science as merely different forms of sensationalism, if you know what I mean). I like how he states: “Over the years, I have learned to recognize the different sensations of science and of art in my body. Most of the time, these feelings all swirl together as a rumbling in my stomach, a wondrous and beautiful and finally mysterious cry of the world, logic and illogic, certainty and uncertainty, questions with answers and questions without.”

Okay, since this isn’t a book review, I’ll try to refrain from such, and get on with more pertinent matters…

It is fairly obvious that our universe is expanding or, at the very least, moving into empty space (oops, not empty, thanks to quantum mechanics, but you see what I’m saying) or into the land of nothingness (however you want to describe it), but what is actually expanding and/or what is it expanding into?

This is when many misconceptions and our lack of understanding about gravity, anti-gravity, dark matter, dark energy, and whatever else, hits the floor running. Oh, but ain’t it fun?

Dark matter, in a thumbnail, is basically: a type of matter hypothesized to account for a significant part of the total mass within the cosmos. This particular type of “mystery matter,” as we can still call it that, cannot be seen directly with telescopes, as it must neither emit nor absorb light (including other electromagnetic radiation) at any noteworthy level for us poor humanoids to notice. Instead, the existence & properties of dark matter are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation, and the large scale structure of the universe.

Okay, well, here is what creates more problems: If there is a large amount of dark matter, the expansion of the universe should be slowing down, at least one would think, but we now know that not only is the expanding universe not slowing down or remaining at the same speed of expansion, it is speeding up! It is like something is forcing things outward (or is it due to the population boom of curious minds?)! It acts in the opposite way to gravity, but one could simply ask: How could this be? This pressure is what many folks like to call “Dark Energy.”

In case you are not aware of such crazy terms, “dark energy” is a hypothetical form of energy that permeates all of space and tends to speed up the expansion of the universe as if it is gaining momentum. This particular bizarre, divine-like energy is the most accepted hypothesis to explain observations since the 1990s – that indicate that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

After giving these things more thought, I can now see what has fueled the growth of the whole “multiverse theory.” …I have no problem contemplating parallel dimensions, the possibility of multiple universes, etc., as I’ve always been a science-fiction buff and understand that such things (science fiction) often becomes our reality via imagination and intuition. I’m also not going to deny that the truth is often stranger than fiction, although, like I said before, I’m not going to get all philosophical on this lovely article and start chattering about my beliefs that the mind is a universe in itself and how that relates to the properties of our visible universe.

What I will say, is that a lot hasn’t changed over the last several years, concerning dark matter, dark energy and “our” universe that is expanding at a faster, and faster rate. I know that astronomers from the past (reading something that was published 8+ years ago from a reliable source) that it was estimated that only 5% of the mass of the universe exists in the form of light-producing material (today’s Wikipedia currently says 4%) and that 25% is dark matter (today’s Wikipedia currently says 22%) and that the rest of the cosmos consists of 70% dark energy (today’s Wikipedia currently says 74%).

Dang, after typing all of this, I realized that maybe I should have just wrote a post from my sheer mental instinct and unique perception of the universe that surrounds me, instead of all this scientific baloney. For example, before I changed my mind, my original post about this subject was entitled “Consciousness vs. The Universe – Do they parallel?”

From there, my rough draft started with: “A long while back, I came to the conclusion that we lived inside a conscious universe. Although many people waste valuable time trying to understand why the universe appears to be expanding into a vast amount of nothingness while thinking they can eventually unravel the properties of the cosmos, things start making more sense when you begin using your own personal, splendid model. What I mean is, to me, the mind is a universe in itself. While the human body may be our current vessel for the soul, etc., think of the visible matter within the universe as the brains/bodies, and the boundless expansion, reactions, and ongoing changes, as the mind and imagination, …and perhaps (just made this last part up) the dark energy acts like the spirit world of perpetual harmony and universal balance.”

At any chaotic or insane rate, feel free to share your thoughts about this rather broad subject of cosmic mystery; cheers!


—End of Post

Genetically Altered Animals & Cultured Meat

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…This particular subject dawned upon me today, after reading a brief blog post I wrote a couple years ago about the Chupacabra – Goat Sucker – on a Myths, Legends, & Folklore Blogspot. While perusing over this old material, I was trying to not get hit broadside with folklore while I kicked the legends and pushed the myths far away. …This left me in a critical thinking mode, and I no longer needed some mythical creature as a focal point, as it was plain as day that we have our own genetically altered animals of today, that beckons for a closer look. To make this even more troublesome, we got people trying to grow meat products in a laboratory, hence forth the “cultured meat” part of the title for this post.

Before I provide any related links and information about this subject, please get this simple word embedded into your brain, which is MONEY! Yep, the true culprit for these genetic experiments is about money, no matter what lovely reason of utter humanitarianism they try to feed you.

Anyway, the first article I’m about to link to, speaks about genetically modified animals.
It starts off by saying how it is a slow and tedious process that needs a lot of money to get off the ground. Oh, but ain’t the sole purpose of this to make a lot of money? Remember the old saying, “ya gotta spend money to make money.” Think about it: If you can grow meat in a lab along with animal-based organs for human transplant, wouldn’t that be a mega-money maker? Who cares about our health and/or if it is natural or how much antibiotics and growth hormones these “things” are pumped with or where it comes from, as if we can sell this crap in bulk, we got some rich folks in the making…

At any insane rate, after that article mentioned how this “genetically altered animals” stuff was a slow process, they went on to say: “Behind the scenes, though, a quiet revolution has been taking place. Thanks to a set of new tricks and tools, modifying animals is becoming a lot easier and more precise. That is not only going to transform research, it could also transform the meat and eggs you eat and the milk you drink.”
Toward the end of that page, they sort of spilled the beans by asking this question: So, in 20 years will GM (genetically modified) animals be as widespread as their botanic counterparts are now? “Technologically, nothing is standing in our way,” says Fahrenkrug. “Really, the issue is coming down to: what are you going to make?” You can read more about this, here:

I think most of you will find that last article to be somewhat interesting, but not necessarily in a good way.

Hey, just think of the possibilities! Do you want a cool pet that glows in the dark? You want some cheap prime cuts of beef that was grown in a petri dish via not-so-natural methods? Yada-yada… They also tend to blame some of this type of research for the long journeys that space flights may have in the future, but I know that is one big load of baloney. I mean, NASA doesn’t have to provide their astronauts with a never-ending supply of lab-grown steaks, right? Get real…

I planned on covering more ground about the genetically altered animals, but I see (I sort of write as I go) that the main concern of mine at the moment, when concerning this subject, is this cultured meat stuff. I went to the glorious Wikipedia to get additional info and terms, and they seem to mainly call this junk “in vetro meat” but they mentioned how it is also called “cultured meat,” “laboratory-grown meat” and “shmeat” which is short for sheet meat, so go figure…

Back to NASA, Wikipedia states: “Modern research into ‘in vitro’ meat arose out of experiments conducted by NASA, attempting to find improved forms of long-term food for astronauts in space. The technique was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1995, and NASA has been conducting experiments since 2001, producing ‘in vitro’ meat from turkey cells. The first edible form was produced by the NSR/Touro Applied BioScience Research Consortium in 2000: goldfish cells grown to resemble fish fillets.”

You know, in a way, I could say “good for y’all.” Personally, I don’t want Lab Meat that has to be pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics, just so they can mass produce it and make tons of money while neglecting our health risks. Yes, they have admitted to that, as well, and you can read about it, here:

To make a long complaint short, everything that man has done to the food that isn’t natural, has never been good. Artificial this, artificial that, chemical injection here, a word I can’t pronounce in the ingredient list there, etc. Hell, when you think about it, cakes, pies and “junk food” aren’t natural either [I can hear the moans now…], as I have never seen a twinkie or cupcake grow from the ground yet; ha! I’m not trying to come off as a technology hater, but some things need to be left to Mother Nature. It is hard enough now, to find quality meat & produce that hasn’t been totally abused by human input. The last thing we need right now is genetically altered animals and stupid cultured meat that was grown from a petri dish.
Maybe I’m the oddball here, but what do you think?


At times, a Petri Dish is best when it's empty...

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Will Humans ever Colonize Outer Space?


space_station Personally, I’m almost tired of hearing about space colonization, which just adds to the reasons why this latest “Curiosity Mission” featuring a big rover on planet Mars searching for microbial life and whatever else, interests me about as much as an article written about hemorrhoids.

Even as a small child, I remember reading and thinking about space stations being set up for humanoid advancement, but yet, after all this time, still no advancement has been made – even though billions of dollars are constantly being wasted on asinine research that is about as useful as finding a way to help a Bonobo scratch his/her genitalia in a more effective fashion.

This subject recently came to mind, when an online friend of mine at HubPages, basically told me that we are not allowed to have manned spaceships in space (in certain areas) due to some type of alien law… WTF? Is that really the reason? Maybe the cost of building massive outer space colonies and the fact that we, HUMANS, are not biologically built for deep space travel are partly to blame – and that all the travelling required for the betterment of mankind is right here on Earth, for the time being. I mean seriously, the mind is a universe in itself, so why not use it!?

To make this a little more interesting, lets go ahead and bring up the fact that we, humanoids, might also have a problem procreating on a space station due to the cosmic radiation, so WE (as much as I hate to say it) better temporarily pull the plug on science fiction and figure this thing out for real, if we are serious about living in deep space. By the way, would constant exposure to the factors of outer space also turn our muscles into spaghetti? [I actually made a comment on that cosmic spaghetti post a couple years ago, #20th comment under the name ‘perpendicularity‘, and it was funny that I found it still there today]

At any rate, do common folks really think these issues are easily overcome by simply hitting a button or flipping a switch? This ain’t cell phone technology, and your I-Pod can’t save you, as I’m talking about living in Outer Space, outside of Earth, for the rest of your pathetic lives…

Now, back to the procreation point:

Researchers at the agency’s Ames Research Centre in California found that without effective shielding on spacecraft, powerful proton particles would probably sterilize any female embryo conceived in deep space – in addition to the probability that male fertility was also likely to be negatively affected (due to a negative impact on the sperm count). Unless we advance to greater speeds, travel to distant planets is likely to take decades, centuries or longer, and this could make any mission to colonize other environments a non-starter. The scientists noted that space-shield technology is currently not sufficiently advanced enough to offer an ample amount of protection from this type of radiation.

Here’s a quote from this page (, here: Why couldn’t humans colonize outer space?
“Because any child conceived and born in space is likely to be born sterile. Scientists at NASA say that the high levels of radiation in space would kill any female fetus’ lifetime supply of eggs, while males in the womb would likely become sterile. The child could also suffer “mental and physical defects” from exposure to harmful radiation.”

We need an atmosphere to protect us, is the bottom line. Sure, if we could somehow inhabit Mars and find a way to make it work, then yes, we could most likely procreate without the ill effects of damaging radiation, but I wouldn’t bet money on it! I’m totally an original series Star Trek fan, but unless we get some serious help from an alien race (one can only guess the motive), then it looks like it is going to take a little longer than expected!

—Side Note: If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d be having a ball with this post and would fill the comment field full of interesting junk that is featured from today’s most popular reject websites…

Anyway, when it is all said and done, we let our selves get ahead in thought before practicality, albeit I still favor imagination and intuition. …This is normal, but many of us shoot for the stars before we are able to properly hit the targets here on this planet (or is that called “shooting yourself in the foot?”). Even though the main question on this post is “Will humans ever colonize outer space?” – an even better question may concern the query as to whether or not we can co-exist with Mother Nature. Ha! What do you think?  No, never? During the next 10 years?  Anywhere from 10 to 40 years? Or perhaps you couldn’t care less about space stations or what we colonize, either way; ha!

—End of Post

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Whether or not you believe that humans will have success even within our own solar system, have you ever heard of this crazy book: “Interplanetary Travel: Secret Journey to Planet Serpo

Lake Vostok – Mystery @ the Center of Antarctica

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lake_vostok Many of you have heard about strange occurrences and natural phenomenon existing in Antarctica along with wild rumors of a portal that leads to an inner world, Hitler’s underground base, etc. To make things even more interesting, many Ufologists have mentioned UFOs originating from this area among other bizarre things that relate to this region…

Anyway, heading toward the center of this subject, I first stumbled upon the mystery Lake Vostok on chapter 31, What is happening in Antarctica?, from the book Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology.

A few years ago, an anonymous letter was written to Scientific America describing something that was somewhat strange. The report came out of Australia’s Casey Station in Antarctica. To make it short, two women were trying to ski across Antarctica when they were stopped in their tracks. A U.S. Navy Special Forces team, working out of American Samoa, abducted the women, against their will, and under protest from the crew at the Australian Casey Station. The two adventurous women were then held in seclusion for reasons never given! The source for that report: “The Secret Of Lake Vostok,” William P. Eigles, Atlantis Rising (magazine), number 29, page 60.

To add even more mystery to the area, many folks, for a multitude of reasons, actually believe that the lost city of Atlantis is buried deep beneath the ice in certain areas of Antarctica. Did the Germans locate their base in this area because evidence was found for a lost civilization? Many theorize that this is where the Germans had contact with extraterrestrials, which helped them with the advancement in their science, technology and weaponry, etc.

There could be all kinds of stuff going on in this particular region, as the geothermal action is in abundance, hot water ponds, geothermal vents, and so on. …But outside of these prior topics, what about the mystery lake known as Lake Vostok?

Well, the more I read about Lake Vostok, the stranger things seem to be… This is not an ordinary lake, by any means. It is hidden from view, due to being buried under the Continental Ice Sheet, with a roof of ice up to 2+ miles thick, in some areas. This mystery lake is about 2,000 feet deep and due to geothermal activity, although it is just 300 miles from the South Pole, it has a water temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit on average and, in some areas, it is up to 65 degrees – going by some of the resources I gathered that was written a few years ago.
Now, lets go back to thinking of a lake with a dome-like roof of massively thick ice. During the summer months, can you imagine this twilight world as the opaque dome allows just enough sunlight to pass through, to provide an eerie, early morning style of light? Can you say, uh, “a lost world?”

This same concept applies to the theory that there could possibly be life on other frozen planets and moons, if there is enough bottom-heating going on via geothermal energy/heat. Sort of like what many folks suspect to be happening on one of Jupiter’s moons, for example.

Without going into detail about all the research done in this area and involvement from certain “people” that would probably deny it or say that all research has been terminated, one may ask: What does this have to do with Atlantis or a possible underground city or lost civilization?
Well, due to a huge magnetic anomaly covering this area in Antarctica along with prior attempts from scientists to debunk such notions, the best reason one can give to try and explain the origin of this vast magnetic disturbance from this area, is to say it is due to the presence of a massive amount of metal, like a buried city, for example.

Was there an underground city built by the Germans or was it already there? Is this another one to blame on extraterrestrials? Is it an alien base?
Outside the mystery of Lake Vostok, the center of Antarctica (not exactly the center, but it sounds better), and whatnot, we have yet another mystery going on here: The Antarctic seismographs are also very abnormal, which a lot of strange things have been noted by way of geological research from some very qualified researchers. Without all the science talk, in a thumbnail, some of the graphs show enormous long-wave energy, which is not natural, as if energy is being produced and/or fabricated from down below. If you need to research further, two of the researchers in this field were named Christian Saal and Kawi Schneider.

So whether or not Christian Saal’s or other researchers’ assumptions & explanations of this bizarre seismological activity is accurate or not, the data is still there and it shows something really odd going on in this area, one that remains “unexplained” by the authorities…

Well, after reading this, I’m sure many of you would like to start doing your own research about this mystery lake that is fairly close to the center of Antarctica. Remember now, it isn’t just Lake Vostok that seems strange, but a whole host of other potential possibilities stem from this frigid continent. I’ll list a few links below, from search results, to get started…

Cancel that… After writing the rough draft for this blog post, I just wasted a lot of time reading from different websites and articles about this subject, only to find a lot of regurgitated drivel. I went back and changed what I had originally listed for the height of the ice roof over Lake Vostok, since today they have it being slightly thicker than what was once believed. Of course, like most subjects that relate to mystery or the unknown, you are not going to get a straight answer and unless something “leaks,” it will be hard to find out if this area could possibly have an underground city near it, and so on.

Oh, I did find one interesting link, entitled “What’s Under Lake Vostok?” [Unfortunately, the link is no longer valid…]
After clicking on that link, you’ll see that things get more interesting when you get to the “Now for the real story, from 2003…” part, as it is pretty obvious how a lot of information can easily be altered, to say the least. The opening quote under that section: “Recently there have been several media reports about an anomaly discovered in the Antarctic region near Lake Vostok. Apparently, the site has been sealed off to the media and other scientists due to “environmental concerns.” The fact that the NSA has assumed jurisdiction over an environmentally hazardous site is raising eyebrows about what may be happening there.”

Even though I titled this article with Lake Vostok being a mystery @ the center of Antarctica, it is technically not the center, but considering what all could be going on down below, there is no telling what is truly at the core of that place. At any less than insane rate, it never hurts to research; have fun!


—End of Post

German Scientists, Hitler, Aliens, Secret Weapons & Lost Technology


german_saucer  Wow! What a title… I was trying to cram as many subjects in there as possible, although I did sort of throw the word ‘aliens‘ in there for fun (I didn’t have room for ‘German Flying Saucers’), but I have a few reasons for that, due to the speculations surrounding this lovely subject and the time-frame it was within.

  A while back, I started to write about Nazi Germany & Alien Technology, but due to so many controversies and half-thought-out theories, I decided to pass. It makes for great entertainment and it’s an interesting notion, but the idea that Germany was given advanced technology from extraterrestrials is a bit far-fetched for some folks to swallow and sort of sells the German scientists short at the same time, albeit I don’t rule anything out – especially since I’m one of the many who believe that there is life on other planets, along with rare breeds of highly advanced beings and whatnot.

Anyway, I recently stumbled upon an awesome book (actually, a friend let me borrow it), that was called “Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology.”

I have already read a fair amount from this book, and I’m impressed with the amount of information it contains. I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in Nazi technology, as there were many lost secrets and the actual level of scientific advancement they attained, is mind boggling and extends much further than what basic history books tell you via conventional historians. Gee, I wonder why…

Could there have been supermetals, laser weapons and cold bombs in 1944? At any rate, within that particular book, the exotic technologies and the reasons for the scientific boom in Germany during that time period, are explained and discussed in terms of a completely different scientific paradigm shared by those German scientists and how it relates to a unified view of gravity, matter and energy.

I suppose one could say that this page is kind of like a review for the “Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology” book, but I’m thinking otherwise. Sure, I’m recommending it, but I will also be bringing up subjects within the book and it, in turn, may spark new ideas or provoke comments on the matter, and so on. I must say, there is one quote from this book I will provide here, as it paves the way for the right mindset and lets you know what you’re up against: “Getting real information out of the government of the United States is not as easy as it should be if you read the Freedom Of Information Act. For some reason, the government is reluctant to disclose anything once classified. Sometimes it even goes beyond this, however. Sometimes information is declassified but then filed away where the light will never shine, without indexing or filing records. In fact, the information was classified, declassified and then, in the de facto sense, re-classified. Here is how it works…”

That was a quote from Chapter 2, The Stonewall and Undervaluation, which sort of sets up the reader before describing some of this lost technology. Anyway, what I’m going to do here, is go through and mention a few topics within this book; I may comment on some, and others I may let the subject titles do the talking. Scrolling through now, I see Chapter 3 is about German Digital Computers. This will interest very few people of today’s time, so moving on…

Chapter 4 speaks about German Flying Discs (Saucers, UFO thingies). This is a very entertaining subject. To read more about this, you may want to buy the book entitled “Hitler’s Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs Of The Second World War.” No wonder there is so much talk about the Germans getting help from the aliens; ha!

Chapter 5 speaks about the so-called “electromagnetic vampire.” Boogy, boogy…

Chapter 6 comes with the subject “Liquid Air.” Take 60% powdered brown coal and 40% liquid air, and we could easily have ourselves a “liquid air bomb,” eh?

The next couple of chapters talk about a synthetic Penicillin substitute and a synthetic blood. More secrets, lost… Skipping through a few odd subjects, Chapter 11 brings us to German ‘Free Energy’ Research. The whole “free energy” concept is something that should be incorporated more and more into this world, although greed seems to keep fighting back.

Well, I can see that with 40 Chapters to cover, this book review will end up being rather long, so I’ll cut it short, from here. Some of the more interesting subjects were about mysterious German Bombs (even rumors about the mysterious molecular bomb), Arrow Aircraft, Supermetals, Nipolit (mysterious explosives developed by German Scientists), Red Mercury (could it have been used for bombs?), Electric Guns, Means To Stop Engines, Death Rays (X-Ray/Gamma Ray Weapons), Distillation of Crude Oil Using Sound Waves, Synthetic Production of Gasoline, Super Lubricants, What is Happening in Antarctica? (interesting chapter that speaks about UFOs, underground city, and more), Large Mystery Rockets, Massive antenna & special ELF wave communications, Experiments in Time, Magnetic confinement fusion & Thermonuclear Exponential Experiments (propulsion systems, etc.), and much, much more…

Conclusion: So as you can see, there was a lot more involved than just saying Hitler wanted to take over the world, have a dominant race of mankind or whatever people say nowadays, as the German scientists were at the brink of some major technological breakthroughs, many of which have been lost for whatever reason. It is not just about the weapons and science, either, but the fact that we have lost many secrets that should have never been lost. Much of the same science that is aimed to destroy and de-populate the Earth, can also be used to save lives and prolong life, etc. As for the aliens and UFO stuff relating to German technology, it does fit a compelling time period that makes it hard to rule out. I must say, by what I have read in the past along with here of late, Hitler and the German scientists were very open-minded and motivated, to say the least, when it came to finding out information and hastily performing research and experiments. I’ve even heard and read about such characters being curious about the possibility of an inner world, as well, so go figure…

Do you think the German Scientists had help from Extraterrestrials / Aliens? 

I don’t know, but something seems odd about their rate of advancement, eh?

Curious about the book? 

‘Click Here’ for more information about Hitler’s Secret Weapons, Science, and Technology.

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