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Is a ‘Small Game Cleaning Kit’ Really Necessary?

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…This thought just sort of popped into my mind earlier, while reminiscing about how I used to get out in nature more while hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and so on. I still take part in some things that relate to outdoors, but gardening, taking short walks in the woods, target practicing, and building fires in a fire pit doesn’t cover the same ground as the things I mentioned prior.

Anyway, I was looking around the house and checking out some old gear, knives, guns, etc., only to realize that I no longer have any of my fishing equipment. Hmm, I must have lost it? Threw it away? Dang, has it been that long?

Well, I also stumbled across a plastic briefcase-looking thingy, that was a small game cleaning kit. Ahh, yes, it was something I bought from a sporting goods magazine a few years back. My oh my, this thing looks like it has never been used! Oh, wait a minute, it hasn’t… Ha!

Then, I got to thinking how I used to clean all kinds of small game (rabbits, squirrels, dove, etc.) and fish, without any kits. Are these small game kits really necessary or is it just some sales gimmick that makes for better gift ideas than practical use? I know that the answer to this question is rather simple, but it is sort of funny how everything has become monetized & merchandised to the point of madness, when you think about it.
Back when I used to fillet fish and clean small game, all I needed was a sharp, medium-sized knife, a saw blade knife (now they call it a bone saw), and preferably a pair of rubber or plastic gloves – but even they weren’t necessary as long as you had water nearby. I’d quickly clean my fish, rabbits, whatever, and rinse them off and soak them in salt water for a couple days before I fried or baked ’em. Well, the fish would usually either get cooked that day or froze for later use, but everything else would soak for a couple days in a brine solution while setting at the bottom of the fridge.

…Okay, originally, I was going to write a comical parody about this subject and type about how no hunter or fisherman can make it without these kits, but I changed my mind. With that being said, lets check out some of these “Game Cleaning Kits” (I suppose they can be used for big & small game) and see what all the fuss is about:


Actually, this is the set I bought a few years back. Why I bought this, I’m yet to figure out, but it only cost me $30-35+ dollars (right now they are on sale for $20 bucks @ Amazon), so at least I didn’t get too ripped off. I think I was already ordering from the place and seen that kit and evidently thought it was cute or something, and ordered it as well. …This set includes a 5 1/2″ boning knife, 4″ skinning knife, 5″ game shears, 8″ utility knife, 6 1/2″ metal cleaver, 7 1/2″ sharpening bar, and 17″ bone saw all packed securely in an impact resistant carrying case.


This next kit’s (the one depicted above) product description is: The most complete and portable butchering kit for dressing big game, small game, waterfowl, wild turkey, and fish. Includes 4 of the most useful knives for butchering, featuring high carbon 420 stainless steel and full tang construction. Kit also includes: tungsten carbide V-sharpener, 10″ double ground wood/bone saw, 5-1/4″ carving fork, game shears, brisket spreader, 10″ x 14″ cutting board, set of 6 surgical game cleaning gloves, and a hard-sided carrying case. The most complete and portable… Well, it better be, for $75 dollars!

I could provide more examples, but I think you get the idea. It is obvious that these kits are not necessary in my opinion, but outside of making great gift ideas, it sure makes you look like a professional hunter/gatherer, eh? So, after further review, maybe you need to buy your Big or Small Game Cleaning Kit, today!

Hollow Earth or Mysterious Inner World?



I’ve recently stumbled across a lot of “Hollow Earth” talk of late, and finally decided to read a bit more about it. After spending a little time on the subject, I was like: “Hmm… Some of that Hollow Earth stuff is interesting, even if it’s just an elaborate hoax. However, there is no doubt that civilizations can live underground, but the Hollow Earth hypothesis claims a vast amount of territory, so much that it would conflict with the very science of planetary formations, but it is still interesting, nonetheless.”

Several years ago, the entire notion of there being a mysterious “Inner World” was by no means too far-fetched for me, but I think the concept has stretched over time or perhaps has become distorted into more fantastical proportions than I care to ponder.

However, like I thought prior, underground life is something that humans are very capable of.
I’m sure that certain sectors of the Government (with or without a secret society) could tell ya all about it, but they may have to kill you afterwards… Ha! Just kidding, right?

Anyway, the reason for the way I chose to title this article, is that there could very well be a mysterious Inner World, even if the Hollow Earth concept is scientifically impossible. Personally, the Hollow Earth concept is highly entertaining, makes for great science fiction stories, and invokes the imagination, but is a bit too much to swallow, when looking at this subject in a semi-logical fashion.
…But before you go to smack the rationality out of my brain, please remember that I also, at the same time, think it is very possible that there is a mysterious Inner World, just not to the degree that most Hollow Earth proponents claim.

I believe in a vast network of underground tunnels, caverns, lakes, facilities, networks, etc., along with different races of beings, aliens, advanced technology, UFOs, you name it, all tucked away underneath the surface as well as certain places above it. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that during major cataclysmic events or during acts of war, the safest place to be would be underground and/or under the surface.
It reminds me, although this technically wouldn’t be considered under the earth, when big dogs run into my yard that broke loose from their chain, and my outdoor cats all flee under the house via the vent holes and select openings in the foundation. It’s the same concept really, but to totally deny the possibility of an Inner World or underground civilization(s), would be to deny the intelligence of ancient civilizations and the extraterrestrial visitors, from the past.
Oh, I just spoke about extraterrestrial beings visiting this planet as a fact? Yeah, so what; sue me!

At any less than ordinary rate, I can’t help but think about the underground network that is possibly found beneath those lovely, mysterious, great pyramids in Egypt.
I also can’t help but notice, how an Inner World would haphazardly explain the underwater UFOs that have been sighted numerous times, the Bermuda Triangle mysteries, the Lost City of Atlantis (depending on your knowledge of the subject), and so on.
I’m not trying to come off as some myth-loving fanatic, but I’m also the same person who always never doubted fire-breathing, flying dragons, either. Speaking of that, didn’t they discover some insect that blew fire from their bunghole, a while back? Yeah, that is the “bombardier beetle,” for example.

Well, since it seems to be common around here to post links about everything people are reading while writing their blog posts, I just read some page about if fire-breathing dragons are possible, here: [link is no longer active]

I’m not going to the extreme and saying that George Bush along with many other humanoid figures on Earth are actually reptilian aliens that have morphed into a Homo sapien figure or anything like you often read from the web’s weirdest places, nor am I gonna say that there isn’t a planet out there inhabited with intelligent grasshopper beings standing 8 feet tall, or even attempt to lace the Hollow Earth hypothesis with the unsolved mysteries of Cryptozoology, but I’m also, at the same time, going to say that not all life necessarily has to be carbon-based, either. Dang, that was a long sentence… Ha! But do ya get my drift..? Sometimes, it is better to say that you simply don’t know, as opposed to claiming to know the inner-workings of the entire universe (Dang, we got enough of those people, right?).

Anyway, the point is, there is way more to life than what many people care to believe. It still amazes me today, how most of the well-off people (the ones not struggling for survival) that dwell on this beautiful planet that is located deep within a cosmos the size of all imaginations combined, that don’t even think outside of mundane thoughts, daily routines, news feeds, politics, organized religions and dogma dung, reality (fake) television shows, and textbook science that limits creativity and cognitive function. Do we really live in a brainwashed, brain-dead society, for the most part?

Oh, great… I’m getting way off subject here… What was the topic again? Oh, yeah, “Hollow Earth or Mysterious Inner World?”

Well, this leads me to a link that I’m about to provide. If you really have the time, and would like to read some highly elaborate material over this subject (if you dare to do such; ha!), whether it be pure baloney or fanciful story telling, go here:

That page even included the Admiral Richard B. Byrd’s Diary (February – March 1947), which spoke about the “Exploration flight over the North Pole – The Inner Earth – My Secret Diary.”

That particular section of the page, started with: “I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity. It concerns my Arctic flight of the nineteenth day of February in the year of Nineteen and Forty-Seven. There comes a time when the rationality of men must fade into insignificance and one must accept the inevitability of the Truth! I am not at liberty to disclose the following documentation at this writing …perhaps it shall never see the light of public scrutiny, but I must do my duty and record here for all to read one day. In a world of greed and exploitation of certain of mankind can no longer suppress that which is truth.”

Anyway, that page was so long and covered so many areas within this subject matter, I had to get it printed off, as I will finish reading it, later on, since I’m running out of “extra” free time at the moment.
Many of you will eat up the material found on that page, hook, line, and sinker, and many of you will have lots of new fuel to ignite with criticism, as most of you will never even click or read it period; ha-ha!

So, do you believe in the Hollow Earth Hypothesis?
Or, do you believe in the Inner World concept I mentioned about?
Or, do you believe in neither or do you even care, to begin with?
No, this is not a poll question, as I’ll let my ‘comment field’ act as the substrate for that type of growth…

Theory of Evolution: Where is the missing link between Homo erectus & Homo sapiens?


question_markThis post has been relocated here, due to mysterious problems it encountered on a community website, known as HubPages.  Anyway…

Here of late, I have stumbled upon a lot of debate about the Theory of Evolution.
In the past, I’ve always accepted the fact that life evolves, adapts, and acclimates to its surroundings. I have never related the theory of evolution with religions or creationists, etc.
Actually, the concepts of evolution should have nothing to do with philosophic pondering or creation theories for that matter, but yet, nowadays it often seems to be lined up in direct opposition with such things.

BUT, before I go on rambling about this subject, I must point out a couple Hubs (out of the many) that are Pro or Con, when it comes to evolution.
The first Hub in question is one that I wasn’t allowed to comment on, perhaps due to my offensive intellect & intuition (it must be unscientific of some sort as they obviously seem to deny intuition as that might be too human-like and advanced for the mechanical brains of scientific theory; ha!) and the fact that the author refused to answer a very simple question of mine pertaining to the missing link between the Homo erectus and the Homo sapiens, here:
On the flip side, which is from a person that held a decent argument against that particular individual (along with getting his comments approved), you can find a Hub that is not totally in favor of the theory of evolution, here:

After reading those Hubs, come back here and resume play; anyway…

It’s a different world out there today, and unlike what Darwin originally wrote, albeit he borrowed most of his theories from others and received way too much credit for this notion, a lot of people have somehow managed to turn the “theory of evolution” into a religion, it seems…

In my opinion, among many others including certain biologists with a sense of awareness beyond authoritative textbooks, Evolution is not a real science.
True science would not base its self on assumption of progression with limited fossil evidence, for example.
Yada-yada, I said limited, as I can hear the moans now…
Look, I’m not going deep into the animal kingdom on this one, unless the comments provoke it, because the main point of this Hub is about a question that no evolutionist can ever seem to answer.
You can’t conclude the reason for all the different forms of life without the evidence to do such, which this lovely theory simply can’t do nor can it be absolutely proved and so on.
For one, ya can’t perform live tests on fossil records, and what dead evidence you gather, only leads to educated guesses in hopes that there is no outside variables and factors, which we will cover in a moment.

There are so many holes in this theory of evolution, it isn’t even funny.
If you try to argue with an evolutionist (dang, they got titles, too..), they will simply say that you “don’t understand” what the science is. Does this sound familiar? If you argue with a creationist and their Bible, they may tell you that you “don’t understand” the word of God or the translations.

What is going on here?

Are the core components of spiritual belief and insight about half as right as science and evolutionists?
Whatever happened to intuition?
Definition of intuition: 1) quick and ready insight; 2) the power or faculty of knowing things without conscious reasoning
Can’t people put two and two together? Oh, that’s right, we have mathematicians out there that say 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4!  I’d love to see somebody rationally prove that one, although there really are people out there who play with integers long enough, that they create a fantasy of some sort and alter the reality of actuality.

Well, regardless of personal beliefs, mathematics or science and/or which side of the fence you are on, in my opinion, it takes more faith to believe that we spawned from a single-cell amoeba than from being a dividend of a divinity.
In my opinion, it takes more faith to believe that a so-called “Big Bang” came from a point of a minuscule singularity of “nothing” as opposed to believing that you came from “something.”
By the way, please define a “singularity” in a cosmic fashion…

I’m not getting into a theory of unity on this particular Hub, so please spare me from your ancient philosophy that we all end up holding each other in the end; yikes!
In fact, as interesting as it is, I’m not in the mood to hear about Quantum Entanglement either, at the moment, as this post is about the missing link between the Homo erectus and the Homo sapiens, and how this unexplained gap kills this theory of evolution, at least when humans are involved.

Oh, there are many complaints about the animal kingdom having missing links as well, but the more pertinent matter on my Hub, is about those little, crafty humanoids.
I’m not getting into the whales, giraffes, horses, dinosaurs, superbugs, and so on.

Hold up… Stop!

Watch this quick video that is under two minutes long:

Now, tell me you didn’t laugh at around the 16 or 17 second mark of that video?
What is wrong with that picture?
By looking at that chart of his, there is a great eye sore, to say the least…
These evolutionist people are, uh, serious..? Ha-ha!

I mean, holy crap!
You got a Bonobo lined up with a Chimp next to a Humanoid beside a Gorilla and an Orangutan…and this highly worshipped atheist is pointing at all five, while talking about the “great apes being cousins and relatives,” all while one (the Homo sapiens) is not even remotely freakin’ related!
Sarcasm: “Oh yeah, my cousins are chimps and bonobos with my distant homies being gorillas and orangutans.”
Yeah, that makes no sense whatsoever!
These overly educated morons make some of the most asinine preachers look intelligent!
Yeah, and a cow-like being decided to go swimming one day and eventually turned into a whale. WTF!

Anyway, I’m getting off track here … moving back into the subject of the “missing link,” where in the hell is it?

If you really want to read an unbiased paper (Homo Erectus ‘to’ Modern man: Evolution or Human Variability?) about this matter, that ultimately comes to the conclusion of this: “After careful study of hundreds of scientific descriptions and photographs of scores of fossil humans, it is clear to me that all shades of intergrading exist between “ancient” erectus and modern humans, but the chronological patterns of appearance, even using the evolutionists’ own dating methods, do not match the predictions of the theory. In view of the clear-cut and unmistakable morphological gap between apes and humans, I believe that human fossil study provides strong circumstantial evidence in favor of the theistic view of origins.”
Read more, if you are really serious about this subject, here:

Although this page is not primarily concerned with the origins of Homo sapiens, just the missing link between the ape-like Homo erectus and the Homo sapiens that lead one to believe that “humans” seem to have came out of nowhere and just sort of magically appeared as if we were created by another race of beings or by some divinity of some sort, the Theory of Evolution is yet to explain, as noted above, the origins of Homo sapiens (modern man) and my original, seemingly simple question that is always avoided by evolutionists without proof or a sound theory.

It comes down to this, when it concerns our origin (and this is not a freakin’ “non sequitur”):

Did the Evolutionists’ single-cell amoeba do it?
Did the creationists’ God or Gods do it?
Did the aliens from another world do it?
Or did we all do it via a universal consciousness?

Until the day comes when Evolutionists can gracefully explain the missing link between Homo erectus and the Homo sapiens of today, they will never really hold any ground when it comes to real science, fact or actuality.
I know, I know, it would be nice & easy to say that we are all from the same species, race, etc., and that the extinct Homo erectus, Neanderthals, etc., are all close relatives to the same type of beings that roam the earth today and that we all evolved from a single-cell amoeba and got extra motivated from some mad race of trilobites (just threw that in there for fun), but that simply isn’t true.
I hate to say it, but the ancient alien theorists make better sense than the evolutionists when it concerns “human” evolution, and the religionists lie somewhere in between the two. Ah, the joys of life’s mysteries… 😀

Humorous Quote: “Darwin is liked by evolutionists because he liberated science from the straitjacket of observation and opened the door to storytellers. This gave professional evolutionists job security so they can wander through biology labs as if they belong there.” — David Coppedge, Speaking of Science, Creation Matters, May/June 2003



Additional, Informative Link related to “Theory of Evolution: Where is the missing link between Homo sapiens & Homo erectus?,” here :Debunking Evolution: Problems between the Theory and Reality; the False Science of Evolution

—End of Post

Black Holes & Spiral Galaxies


Well, I’ve just been running into debatable subjects all week it seems, like I mentioned on my last post about Altruism & Conscience.  I never thought there was much to debate about on whether or not black holes exist, but that the questions would be more about understanding them and how they work.  One of the biggest questions non-scientific people ask, and I’ve been guilty of this too, doesn’t really have to do with the concepts behind it, by what scientists theorize.  That question would be:  What is on the other side of a black hole?  Of course, a creative science fiction answer would be:  Another dimension or perhaps another universe.  Sounds great, but is that true? 

Well, it seems more like black holes create or shall I say “form” spiral galaxies for this 3 dimensional universe, and that black holes are formed from large dying stars.  It sounds more like a recycle bin, galactic garbage can, and a galaxy creator, if ya ask me.  I noticed many years ago, before I ever heard such talk (before the Internet was available and everybody was a genius or a feign online scientist), while looking through my space books and encyclopedias, that spiral galaxies appeared as if they were spiralling down a toilet, as if a hole or vacuum formed it, etc.  Now, many years later, scientists are openly stating such things.  Damn, all I did was look at the pretty pictures, and came to that conclusion as a kid.  Well, I’m not going to blog about the joys of intuition, as that would be another subject; ha!  

The universe is so vast that the size of it, is beyond our comprehension, as we can only theorize, use deductive reasoning, logic, and rational thoughts to a certain point.  …And after a while, it all becomes land of the woo-woos for us humanoids, but ain’t it fun, though? 

Now, back to this black hole stuff…  Here’s an excerpt from NASA’s website:  “Don’t let the name fool you: a black hole is anything but empty space. Rather, it is a great amount of matter packed into a very small area – think of a star ten times more massive than the Sun squeezed into a sphere approximately the diameter of New York City. The result is a gravitational field so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. In recent years, NASA instruments have painted a new picture of these strange objects that are, to many, the most fascinating objects in space.”

I mentioned earlier that they are formed from large dying stars, going by what I have read and studied in the past.  Personally, I haven’t buzzed around the cosmos lately, since my high-tech flying saucers are all out of order at the moment and in desperate need of repair.  But, as NASA states on their website:  “Most black holes form from the remnants of a large star that dies in a supernova explosion. (Smaller stars become dense neutron stars, which are not massive enough to trap light.) If the total mass of the star is large enough (about three times the mass of the Sun), it can be proven theoretically that no force can keep the star from collapsing under the influence of gravity.”  Sounds good to me…  You can read more about this subject, here: 

Anyway, one of the main reasons why I’m doing this post, is because some clown (along with several others) that was on a discussion forum while claiming to be knowledgeable in all subjects related to science, space, astrophysics, etc., said that black holes are fairy tales and voodoo for stupid mathematicians.  WTF?  This is the same guy that also has to “Google” everything for most of his replies, but somehow got lost in his/her own black hole on that particular subject.  Once again, the word “hole” is what screws some people up, as it does sound like they are describing something that rips a hole through the fabric of space and whatnot, but that’s not what they mean – at least at the moment, but then again, scientific understandings of the universe tend to change over time, so who really freakin’ knows?  

Now, back to this multiple dimension stuff… If we are talking about a possible way to travel through the cosmos by way of a shortcut and/or possibly into another universe, dimension, whatever, I would at least use a theory involving wormholes, artificial or natural, but not black holes, unless I just felt like being funny and wanted to get in touch with my inner science fictional fantasies…

I suppose I won’t delve into the land of wormholes, since there is, at the time I’m writing this, no observational evidence for such, just theory, etc.   If you’re interested, just do what a lot of these self-professed gurus do online, and perform Internet searches for it so you can be an expert within minutes and can call yourself a “scientist,” as well.  After you copy & paste some material into the comment sections and/or use ’em for forum replies, you can achieve the credit that took some people years to learn.  Ha-ha!  Okay, enough jokes about that asinine crap…

Spiral Galaxies…  What a beauty they are to look at, thanks to NASA.  Another good thing about their images, is that they are not copyright material and can be posted and shared by anyone.  Speaking of such, I was going to end this post with a few images of these spectacular spiral galaxies.  Oh, by the way, in case you’re really young or not very educated, we live within a spiral galaxy called the Milky Way, just saying…  LOL!

Oh, and one more thing before I drop down the galactic depictions:  If you’re interested in a book that elaborately covers several topics related to black holes, wormholes, and time warps along with many other interesting subjects, all in an easy-to-understand fashion, go here:

Kip S. Thorne – Black Holes & Time Warps – Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy – The Book

Images of Spiral Galaxies via NASA; click to enlarge:





Related Blog Link:  “Galactic Cluster – Images from the Cosmos

—End of Post “Black Holes & Spiral Galaxies”

Devil Monkey, Jersey Devil, & the Kraken…

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This particular blog post is more or less a promo for another blogspot blog of mine, that features myths, legends, and folklore – along with other interesting, bizarre, and uncertain topics.  However, the “myth blog” I’m speaking about,  is currently on hold like a few of my other blogs – due to me trying to figure out which domains work better for certain subjects and whatnot – when it comes to search results, SEO, and/or Internet traffic.

Okay, that’s enough chatter about why I’m doing a quick promotional combo post to promote another blog of mine, so lets get on with the featured attractions of mythical madness……

Have you ever heard of a “Devil Monkey” or perhaps a “Jersey Devil” or maybe even the wicked sea monster known as the “Kraken”???

First of all, lets start with a quick depiction of the fierce Devil Monkey:



Per Animal Planet via the Discovery Channel:  “The United States and Canada aren’t home to any modern-day primates, which makes the appearance of a giant monkey-like creature in rural areas even more bizarre to those who’ve seen it. Dubbed the devil monkey, this primate-looking beast reportedly has pointed ears, a baboon- or dog-like snout, a bushy tail and only three toes on each of its narrow feet. Ranging in height between 3 and 8 feet (0.9 and 2.4 meters) tall, this strange monkey gets around on all fours and travels by jumping. Devil monkeys are supposed to be aggressive, especially toward dogs and humans, and by most accounts, they are carnivorous and feed on livestock. This fearsome monkey makes a wide range of evil-sounding noises, including hoots, whistles and screams.”

For the image credit, a video link, and additional reading about the Devil Monkey, go here:



THE LEGEND OF THE JERSEY DEVIL per Animal Planet via the Discovery Channel: “The legend of the Jersey Devil dates back to 1735. One of New Jersey’s earliest residents, “Mother” Leeds, was wife to a drunkard who did little to help care for their 12 children. When she discovered she was pregnant with a 13th, she screamed “Let this one be the Devil!” The child was born on a stormy night. Seemingly normal at first, the baby transformed into a hideous, growling creature with hoofed feet, clawed hands, glowing red eyes, bat-like wings and a forked tail. The devilish abomination slaughtered its mother and father, several of the midwives and many of its siblings. It then flew up the chimney and escaped to the Pine Barrens.”

For the image credit, additional reading, and a video link about the Jersey Devil, go here:

What in the mythical kingdom of malign beings and oceanic mayhem, is the “Kraken” about?


Kraken are legendary sea monsters of massive size, said to have existed off the coasts of Iceland and Norway.  The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed to these mighty beasts of the deep sea, have made them common ocean-dwelling monsters in various fictional works.

The legend may have originated from sightings of actual giant squid (who knows?) that are variously estimated to grow 40 to 50 feet in length – including the tentacles.  These deadly creatures normally live at great depths, but have been sighted at the surface and have reportedly attacked ships, and so on…

To read more about the “Kraken,” visit:

Okay, although this post was mainly a bunch of copy & paste material with a few edits and resource links, it is a good example of the interesting subjects you’ll find within the Myths, Legends, & Folklore genre.  To read more about this type of stuff, as well as having original content and commentary (unlike this post), visit the blogspot blog:  “Myths, Legends, & Folklore,” and feel free to leave comments on anything that tickles your fantastic fancy.  There is currently 50+ posts on that myth-related blog…  Cheers!

—End of Post “Devil Monkey, Jersey Devil, & the Kraken…”

Addicted to Plastic Surgery? You must have too much free time & money…

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What a dilemma, huh?  Too much free time and money?  What’s that?  Ha-ha!  Well, some folks out there really do have too much idle time and more money than they know what to do with; maybe I’m jealous.  Then again, I could scramble this post’s title and it would still make sense:  “Addicted to free money?  Have too much time for plastic surgery?”  Ha!  Okay, okay…  Now back to the actual topic at hand:

There is always a big buzz going on about plastic surgery, breast implants, and so on, and especially when it enters the celebrity world.  On occasions, I’ll do a web search for sexy images and subject matter that relates to bikini babes, hot celebrities, and glamour models – you know, in case I want to add additional image-gallery pages for my “Exotic Babes & Glamour Models – Gallery Links” post.

Well, upon searching today for a new model or celebrity to feature on yet another gallery page at, I run across all this chatter about Heidi Montag, plastic surgery, and breast implants.  When I first seen all this crap that was blocking my view of her nice boobs and fine body, I initially thought, “really, who cares; this is nothing new; what’s the big deal?”  Then, after continuing on with my painstaking image searches, I went back and started reading some of the verbal dribble, to see what all the hoopla was about.

It’s about people who end up being addicted to plastic surgery.  Yeah, this is not a typical issue for us “common” folks with a regular job, kids, pets, daily-life problems, etc., I know…  That is another reason why I mentioned in the title, that a person must have too much free time and money to have this problem to begin with.  Of course, there are more reasons besides having too much free time and an excess supply of money, but regardless, this stuff isn’t cheap and you obviously must have a lot of time to nitpick flawed features on your body and whatnot.

The question is:  When are you considered to be addicted to plastic surgery?  The questions that some of these people may need to be asking their selves:  Am I happy with myself on the inside?  Will I ever be satisfied with my looks?  Why do I feel the need to be a perfect model for society or for people that don’t even know or care about me?  Do I use my time wisely?  Blah, blah…  The corny self-help questions could be endless, but that’s for the ones with plastic surgery addictions to figure out.

Anyway, here’s the meat of the post:  I was going to feature Heidi Montag on either a gallery page dedicated to just her or simply add her to the celebrity babes page.  But, since I read all that other stuff about plastic barbie models and people with surgery addictions, I changed my mind and thought I’d just do a regular blog post about it.  Besides, I’ll still drop down a few sexy images of Heidi Montag, so it is a win-win situation for the blog, regardless.  😉

Heidi Montag has “enhanced” her body a lot lately.  Her breast implants look really nice (thanks for adding them, by the way), and I’ve read about some of her plastic surgeries, such as rhinoplasty, collagen lip injections, brow-lifts, chin reductions, etc.  I must say, I’ve seen what frequent rhinoplasty can do to other people, and I wouldn’t recommend it.  Those lip injections look nice, but people who keep getting their face and body operated on for supposed “better looks,” really don’t even realize the potential damage it can cause.

Read this excerpt about Heidi Montag per Wikipedia: “In December 2010, Montag appeared on the cover of Life & Style magazine, revealing scars and marks caused from her surgeries. In the magazine interview, Montag says, “Parts of my body definitely look worse than they did presurgery. This is not what I signed up for.” Heidi adds, “I definitely think I should have been way more informed. I think that doctors should really walk you through all aspects of it, not just the glamorous side of it. Doctors, it’s like they’re selling you cookies or something. I would love to not be ‘plastic girl’ or whatever they call me. Surgery ruined my career and my personal life and just brought a lot of negativity into my world. I wish I could jump into a time machine and take it all back. Instead, I’m always going to feel like Edward Scissorhands.”   Heidi Montag, on another occasion, also revealed that she almost died from too much Demerol, reducing her breath rate to five breaths per minute, but said it was worth it.  Go figure…

Well, there you have a fine example of the negative sides of plastic surgery and how it is not always helpful for you in the long-term – especially if you’re a celebrity and are always surrounded by media, gossip, etc.  I don’t know, but maybe she was only temporarily addicted to plastic surgery, but enough about all of this celebrity chatter.  Lets get on with the sexy images that were enhanced by these lovely breast implants and facial altering surgeries…

Heidi Montag Images; Click to Enlarge:







Hmm, yummy… Regardless of all the bad talk about her surgeries and implants, Heidi Montag looks good to me!  The only thing I’d like to see changed about her, is perhaps maybe attaching a bigger backside on her – but that often happens anyway, over time; ha!  I think she is married or something, and I doubt if hardly anybody who reads this post will ever see her in person, but this is one of the pros to Google image search, ya know…  Ha-ha!  However, I will say, if I ever find a girl in the future who is addicted to plastic surgery and looks hot like that, in addition to having too much money and free time on their hands:  I’ll gladly keep her busy, spend her money and break her prior plastic surgery addiction.  Yeah, the next random, rich, plastic babe with big fake boobs who decides to plop into my lap, will end up broke, tired, and addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Yep, I’ll fix ’em…  LOL!  Just kidding, I think…

Well folks, I hope you at least enjoyed the images on this post; cheers!

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—Recent ‘Sexy Babe’ Gallery:Holly Madison – Girl Next Door

Exotic Babes & Sexy Models – Gallery Links


Well, not all of the sections of this website, whether it is here on this blog or over at the main site, have to deal with informative subjects, creative writings or deep thoughts.  …It is good to go back to your primitive roots at times, and keep it primal, simple, and elementary.  Ya know, sort of like the basic concepts such as:  food & drink, sex, sleep.  Yeah, I’m sure you get the idea… Ha-ha!

Anyway, I’ve recently slapped together a ‘Sexy Babes’ section (this blog post will act as the main menu with all the current gallery links) at  It currently features 26 Gallery pages and in the future, I hope to add more.  All of the girls in that particular section of this website will be exotic babes, celebrities, or swimsuit / lingerie / glamour models.  Below, I’ll post the links to the 26 galleries it has at the moment:

Jayonna Fabro – contains loads of hot pics.  This girl has a backside that you would fight for – that is, if you’re like me and prefer the thick, big booty babes.  Check it out…

Jayonna Fabro Gallery #2 – well, I ended up with so many images of her, I had to make a 2nd gallery.  Enjoy…

Denise Milani– is one seductive, succulent, femme fatale who is very photogenic, to say the least.

Sexy Nurses – is a small gallery page that features 5 different babes, dressed up in sexy nurse outfits.

Sexy Celebrity Babes – is a gallery page that features several celebrities.  Most of the babes on that particular gallery, I haven’t built individual galleries for.  Look at it as being sort of like an image-sample page; ha!

Katie Price – is a British babe and glamour model with a nice set of big, juicy, fake breasts.  Yeah, she’s hot…

Lucy Pinder – is an English glamour model with huge, all-natural breasts.

Gemma Atkinson – is a very confident and sexy glamour / lingerie / swimsuit model who was born in England.  She’s cute, exotic, and just overall yummy to look at (among other things, I’m sure)….

Anna Semenovich – is a Russian babe, ex-figure skater, and a sexy, exotic model with a big, all natural 34E cup size.

Heidi Montag – is a totally attractive babe who has previously went through several plastic surgeries, breast implants, etc.  I hope she is finally done with the operations because she looks great at the moment.  Anyway, if you click her link, it will actually take you to a blog post about her instead of a gallery page like the other gallery links featuring smokin’ hot models.  The reason why I included her on this page, is because that particular blog post, even though it was mostly about people being addicted to plastic surgery, ended up with several sexy images of her – enough to be worthy of a small gallery; cheers!

Sexy Cheerleaders – is a lovely gallery page featuring hot, wild, energetic, vivacious cheerleader babes; cheers!

Carmen Bella– is an established cam girl / cyber babe that is extremely sexy.  With her mixed ethnic background of several races and her amazing body that is equipped with all-natural 32E breasts, she redefines the term ‘exotic’… to say the least!

Holly Madison – is a television personality and an American model.  This very appealing, naughty-looking little exotic devil, could pass for anything in between a bikini model and a seductive secretary; pick your fantasy…  Cheers!

Sofia Vergara – is a very charming, busty (all-natural 34DD cup size) Hispanic / Latina model that totally fits into the ‘Sexy Babes / Glamour Models’ gallery section from this somewhat interesting site; ha!

Esther Hanuka – is a very exotic, sexy-looking tattoo babe; check her out!

Alice Goodwin – is a seductive glamour model from the UK, what else is there to say?

Joanna Shari – is a very talented Italian American model.  She has brains mixed with beauty, and a big booty that could compete with Jayonna Fabro, if that tells ya anything…

Susan Wayland – is a fabulous, gorgeous German fashion model that is especially known for her latex modelling.

Bobbi Billard – is a sexy model, actress, and former WWE Diva.  What else do you want?

Jenni Farley – is a Reality TV Star and Model that has the “girl next door” type of look, in my opinion.

Sexy Girls from India – is a gallery page featuring Indian babes.

Alexis Texas – is a gallery page featuring an adult entertainment film star & sexy model.

Bianca Beauchamp – is a smokin’ hot, super sexy fetish model that specializes in latex!  Shall I say, tightly wrapped and busty?   Ha!  She is sheer yummy, to say the least; check it out!

Kate Upton – is an upcoming actress and is mostly known for being an established sexy magazine model with all-natural D-cup breasts along with a very seductive look.

Pam Rodriguez – is an extremely sexy Guatemalan / Puerto Rican glamour model that has an exotic look that is definitely worth checking out!

Update! Most Recent Gallery:

Traci Brooks – is a Canadian wrestler with a rugged, tough look and big, juicy boobs!

Well folks, that’s all the gallery links I have  for now; I’ll try to add more, later on, whenever I decide to do so and/or when I have more time to build additional pages for the main site.  Cheers!


—End of Post “Exotic Babes & Sexy Models – Gallery Links”

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Christian’s Version of “Hell” makes no sense!


For the most part, I usually steer clear from religious subjects on this blog, but it doesn’t hurt to throw in some random divine dung on occasions, right?   Sort of like when I did the post a while back that was entitled “What in the Hell is Kabbalah?

Anyway, I’m not into “organized” religions.  At times, some of these “religions” seem to cause more harm than good, start wars, etc.  The way I look at it:  If you can find something good out of religions and it makes you a better person or helps you in whatever way with your own life, then that is great.  …BUT, if you find yourself  frequently judging, soliciting, and trying to pervade other people’s life with your religious opinions, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your own belief system.  Speaking of that, I did a religion-related post over at a myth & folklore blog a while back, and you can find it here with the title:  ‘Holier than Thou’ Christians are Pathetic!

Okay, now back to the original subject “Christian’s Version of ‘Hell’ makes no sense!”

Instead of going on and on about contradictions and the obvious unfair, unjust concepts of Hell, I’ll just keep it short and drop down a couple simple scenarios below.  If there are any “Christians” out there who has an ultimate answer for this post, feel free to use the comment field to spread further enlightenment and all-knowing knowledge into the masses of “unsaved” ones that you suppose to pity ever-so dearly…

A typical Christian’s version of the ‘Hell’ Scenario gone wrong:  

[Of course, I’m using fictional characters with no relation to any real-life events.]

Scenario #1 – Lets say a guy named Luke grew up with good raising.  He was a spoiled little bastard that aways wanted the best of everything and always got what he wanted.  Well, later on, he became bored with life.  When he grew older, he started having fantasies that involved murdering people for fun.  With lots of plotting and planning, he later went on to become a serial killer at age 30.  This guy ended up killing 35 people over a period of 20 years before finally getting caught.   In addition to that, he had a fetish for raping young girls.  Now, he sits in prison for life, with no hope of ever getting out.  Well, after he reached the age of 55, he starts to feel bad for what he has done, and starts getting into the beloved Christianity, and gets “saved” and blessed with eternal life because he “found Jesus” in prison.  

Verdict:  By Christian belief, this bad guy is not going to “Hell.”

Scenario #2– Lets say a guy named John grew up living the tough life.  He was a farmer, hunter, fisherman, and held a full-time job in the construction biz.  He was married to a faithful, loving wife and had 5 kids to raise via lots of hard work.  He kept food on the table, had excellent morals, and respected the individual.  John loved the countryside and was very close to nature and wildlife and believed that we should treasure ever moment we have alive.  Well, although John typically stayed out in the country most of the time when he was off, he would still get harassed by Bible-thumpers and Christians who kept trying to get him to go to their church.  They would often ask him, “do you know if you’re going to heaven if you die?  Have you accepted Jesus in your life?”  John would normally look at them straight in the eye, spit on the ground, and tell them to go shove their religion up their bunghole.  John once told a Christian who wanted a donation for their church, to go get a real job or ask their God for the money, and went on.  He said he wanted no part of something he can’t see, feel, or prove that exists and that he is a realist in the real world.  He also asked a Christian one time, “why does Jesus, who was suppose to be so miraculous, not even have a known birthday?”  He got no answer, and never seen the reason for church or religions.

Verdict:  By Christian belief, this good guy is going to “Hell.”

Now, after reading those two scenarios, does the typical Christian’s version of Hell make any sense to you???  Just think, some preachers basically threaten people with an eternal blow torch while telling them they have a “free will.”  That would also be similar to holding a “supposedly” loaded gun to a person’s head and saying, “hey, you are free to have an opinion about this matter, but I will kill you if you disagree with me, so you better just nod, accept, and give me your money.”  Hmm, it makes no sense to me……  Well, unless you find justice in armed robbery using a fake gun.  Ha-ha-ha! 



Looking for Infinity Mirrors?


infinty_mirror_thumbnailAre you looking for something that will add some flare & creativity to your living space, but aren’t sure exactly what it is that you need?  Well, if you’re yearning to add some uniqueness to your home or personal bedroom, Infinity Mirrors may be just the thing you’re looking for. Many people haven’t heard of them, so I’ll provide a couple pics below:




Even though, when lit up, Infinity Mirrors appear to have a lot going on, it is really just a simple mirror trick. You are merely looking through a double-sided mirror that reflects back to a one-sided mirror that is seated a short distance behind it. The LED lights add to the infinity effect and it’s also what gives it that extra pizzazz. I took one apart, that I purchased a while back, to see how it was made and said, “oh, that’s it?”

If you’re feeling a little crafty and don’t mind tinkering around, you can also attempt to make your own. You’ll need: One regular mirror, a double-sided mirror, a frame with whatever design you can find, LED lights, and a 9v power source. You can always do a web search using the keywords “How to create an Infinity Mirror,” to find additional detail that hopefully comes with illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

Personally, I’d rather buy one online with a unique design as opposed to using some old frame that I found by chance, just to slap one together. Actually, if you’re going to make an Infinity Mirror by hand, you should probably just go ahead and create/design your own framework, as well.

I only own one of these mirrors at the time, but it has only shined in all its glory for a few brief minutes. Here’s what happened: I bought this antique-looking Egyptian Infinity Mirror, after spending a solid 100 bucks for it. Well, I decided to take it over to my mom’s house to show it off. I hooked it up and it was utterly spectacular. I loved the way it looked while it was illuminated, and so did everyone else that seen it. …Okay, so I go ahead and visit her for a while, since I hadn’t been over there in a couple weeks. I had no idea my step-dad was attempting to perform some electrical work in the attic, and, due to him not knowing what in the hell he was doing, something surged through the power lines and fried my damn LED Lights in my Ancient Egyptian Infinity Mirror! The only good thing was, it still looked fairly nifty, even when it wasn’t working; however, for future reference, if some moron happens to fry your Infinity Mirror’s light system, it isn’t much trouble to replace the LED lights or the power supply/source.

If you’re interested in buying Infinity Mirrors, you may have to search online from a variety of sites to find what you’re looking for. They are usually on the expensive side, but often worth the pricey tag – depending on the unique design. You can always start your search below, and go from there:

—————————————>‘Click Here’ to Search Amazon for Infinity Mirrors<—————————————

Can smoking ‘Ultra Lights’ help you quit?

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ultra_lights…Just after finishing the post “Second Hand Smoke vs. Air Purifiers,” I almost immediately thought of this question.

This is not very informative nor is it much of a blog post, but it’s more of a Q & A (question & answer) or no, it is more of a Q & O (question & opinion) post.
Many of the so-called experts tell you that smoking Ultra Lights or Lights is no better for you than full flavored cigarettes.

Well, I have to disagree with the experts on this one, albeit we should all know that all smoke is bad for us. However, I cannot fathom how a cigarette with so much more tar & nicotine can be the same as one with less. It just doesn’t make any sense, nor does a lot of the advice you often hear from “overly educated” idiots. It is also very apparent, that the amount you smoke also effects your health in different degrees along with how you smoke. Yes, I said how you smoke. The tar & nicotine, for example, that a person intakes, is much greater from one who “hits it hard” as opposed to one who gently smokes or lightly sucks on the cigarette. For the most part, guys generally “hit it harder” than females, however that may sound to you. 😛

Anyway, we’ve got off track here. The original question is: Can smoking “Ultra Lights” help you quit? When it comes to the nicotine/chemical addiction, my answer is a very definite “yes!”
I know many may disagree but, in my opinion, it is true. In fact, I have did this in the past and it worked fine, even though it is years later and I still smoke. But, I did quit without much effort, using the Ultra Light method in the past. What my hang up is, involves circumstantial smoking; for example, I like cigarettes with my beer. There are many of these circumstances that get in the way for many people who try to quit and fail. It isn’t just the beer & cigarette combo either. A lot of folks particularly like to smoke after meals, after sex, with their coffee, break times at their place of work, et cetera. Hell, some people even smoke for dieting reasons to curb their appetite, and so on.
Anyway, back to the question at hand: See, I look at Ultra Lights as a good chance to wean yourself from the nicotine addiction, not the psychological or circumstantial addiction. If you can break the chemical addiction by using Ultra Lights, the rest is all mental and/or willpower or resoluteness. My problem with it, is that I have to want to quit, but if I ever decide to do so again, I’ll use the Ultra Lights for a while before stopping completely – as this sort of eases the process. Of course, there are many products on the market to help you quit, so pick your method and best of luck to ya……

Check out some Amazon products that may help you quit smoking:

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