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God is from another Dimension…


Side Note: I’m intentionally making this particular article short and sweet, as the comment field should eventually fill out the rest of this silly, futile story. I do realize how sensitive the subject matter is, and would hate to be overly elaborate at the wordy forefront of grand verbosity, when the background noise shall provide all the chaos we need in all of its utter pomposities……

I’m so sick and tired of hearing the whines and moans of not only atheists and religionists trying to “prove” their case, but also those wanna-be, innocent little agnostics who claim to be “sitting on the fence” while avoiding conflict due to their own thoughts, which, at times, seems to be even more stupid and cause even more fights, when they debate about this subject.

…But before those beloved “middle ground,” grey area lovers even try to comment with vitriol, I must say that a true “agnostic” would shy away from such conversations, albeit there is nothing like a simple-minded agnostic jumping in the middle of a heated debate between a group of angry atheists and a herd of disgruntled religionists; ha-ha! Oh, please mind you, those poor little “innocent” agnostics don’t have a side and are simply instigating, if ya will… What a joke! LOL!

Anyway, God is from another dimension, and is not some “sky fairy” or “magical wand-waver” from afar that lives next to the star of Betelgeuse from the constellation of Orion, for example. Please don’t confuse God with the poor little grey aliens that are fleeing their giant, dying, red star and visiting us via UFO action and secret, secret boogy-boogy stuff; geez!

What is it with some of y’all?
Why do some people argue nearly every waking hour that they are online or offline, about God?
Self conflict and personal issues, anyone? Considering we are all apart of the cosmic situation / eternal existence, I’d say so, wouldn’t you?

Before I say anything more, the other “dimension” that I speak about, is from the inside – within all of us.

Yes, dear dawdling darlings, the funnels that create don’t procreate in the same dimension.
Even you, before your dependent little ass was born, wasn’t, what I would call, in the same dimension before birth. [See photo below]

Even a computer-based game programmer doesn’t visibly live inside the games he/she creates.
But what if we are all endless dividends of the divine programmer?
Emotions aren’t physically visible, either, as they are not considered an object, yet you can sense and feel them, nonetheless.
Objects exist throughout the universe, without the need for such sentiment, so if everything was just, uh, simple “matter” that could be explained scientifically, then why is there all the confusion of erratic thoughts?
Are we all scattered into tiny bits from a whole while trying to find all of the parts from within?
No wonder the “theory of evolution” has become a religion for the many lost beings out there who lack intuition and an overall sense of self-awareness!
At any rate…

Oh, some of the so-called “atheists” (such a lame term, by the way) claim to only provide logical and rational thoughts, blah, blah, as you and your anti-God people often say?
Can you also say, “mechanical thoughts?”
Can you also say that “we are all apart of this thing we call God” and that “we are all responsible for our own actions and can either help ‘create’ a better world or, at the same time, be able to destroy the quality of life and shun from egalitarianism in all forms?”

Speaking of that, I provided a pretty cool video on my Hub entitled “Egalitarianism – Easier Said than Done…,” as you might want to check it out.

Oh, back to the point:

Rationalists often use that Object/Concept crap, when debating about such matters like God, Religion, and so forth.
I usually call this the “dead rock religion.”
They basically say, “if it ain’t an object with a location, it doesn’t exist.”
…Many atheists use this, for whatever reason.
I find the whole entire notion to be quite inane, especially since, going by their logic, the “mind” must not exist, as it is truly not a visible object with a location that can be technically placed with x & y coordinates, among many other things.
I’m not talking about the thoughtless brain matter itself, but the “mind” behind and/or inside it, the “stuff” that powers it, as many folks know, that the “mind” is still a medical mystery to this day – ya know, the powers of the mind and whatnot; praise be!

I recently read an interesting web page on this subject, that somewhat paralleled with some of my prior thoughts about God and our existence that I had several years ago, which is somewhat odd, to say the least, although I still basically think the same way towards this subject, as I did several years ago. Anyway, you can find that article, here:

Okay, well, until the day comes when “science” can label the mind that is behind all the thoughts and actions of each individual as an object with a definite location, they will never have any evidence that God (as we are all apart of) doesn’t exist because we all know, deep down, that our thoughts are real even though they are not “technically” considered an object; get real…

What are you waiting for? …Now get the ball rolling; feel free to comment below; cheers!

Egalitarianism – Easier said than done…

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freedomWhat is this fancy word that is often used to describe “equality amid society?” Well, in a thumbnail, egalitarianism is an inclination of thought that leans towards equality among living beings, whether we are talking about Homo sapiens or animals (I know, they closely parallel, at times).

 However, when speaking about this particular term of universal freedom and equal rights that “allows” us to co-exist with nature in a semi-free fashion, emphasis is typically placed upon the fact that equality contains the notion of “equity of quality.” That is, although it would be hard for me to behave this way in online forums full of people with poor cognitive ability, that all people should be treated with the same dignity and respect and/or be regarded as possessing the same qualities (as in, belonging to the essential nature or constitution of a thing) despite our societal diversity of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, political ties, socio-economic status, disability/ability (physical or mental) or cultural heritage.

Now, is this easier said than done? I would think so, wouldn’t you?

With all the different aspects and perspectives of egalitarianism, whether it be militaristic, philosophical, religious, political and economical, one may find their self surrounded by madness via the chaotic infinity at hand. Oh, cool, I said chaotic infinity… Can I start talking about cool science stuff and diverse subjects from the cosmos? No, you cannot, as you might actually know what you’re talking about then, so we must proceed with this global issue called egalitarianism, even though it does seem somewhat of a painstaking moment for you. Right, I’m an idiot when it comes to politics, but anyway, where was I?

Oh, yeah, why can’t mankind find peace within, as a whole?
Do all belief systems (especially organized religions) have to cause raging disagreements and wars between believers and nonbelievers? What about the agnostics and philosophers, do they cause religious battles, as well? Just a side note: Christianity & Islamic faith seem to cause the most trouble, when it comes to wars, but that’s not germane to this post… Moving right along into this lovely subject… Governments and law seem to be essential and necessary throughout the globe – to control the lunatics and to keep crime from running rampant amid society, but do they often go too far when it comes to the equality of those crafty little bi-ped humanoids?
I mean, censorship by its self, is enough to make me throw a flag up, how about you?
Hell, I’ve recently heard about online censorship and/or laws that would take the freedom from certain aspects of the Internet away from “the people.” WTF? How far will it go before people finally start taking a stand and start rebelling against these quacks?

This egalitarianism subject is too broad for me to stay on topic, so bear with me: Is it not right to live by one’s own philosophy that you have found to be tried & true, simply due to experience?
What have we here? I’ll tell ya what we have, a bunch of confused, scared, power-hungry leaders trying to dictate the masses and control every aspect of free life while they embark upon greed and corruption. What’s the difference between socialism, communism, anarchism, left-libertarianism, social liberalism and progressivism?
You tell me?
While you’re “telling me,” please define ‘democracy’ and please provide some awesome examples of it that exist in the world today; I’m all ears!
I would love somebody to show me more about this “we the people” stuff, as I’m obviously entering one of those subjects that I’m not very opinionated about, so fear not, I won’t bite ya…

Oh, one of the other main reasons for this post, is so I can provide a really motivational video from YouTube. It was called “The Greatest Speech Ever Made.” Upon viewing that video, as great as it was, I couldn’t help but think: “That’s easier said than done.” Before you comment on this silly post of mine, please watch the video first; cheers!

Would this Great Video = Egalitarianism?

Anthropic Principle – Books & Resources


Planet_EarthI recently ran across a silly forum online that was discussing the subject: “If you subtract  mankind from the universe, what is left?”

Yeah, a simple answer to that question would be, “less morons and pollution.”  But seriously, that whole debate reminded me of a similar subject, the Anthropic Principle, that I stumbled upon last year.

…Since I’m not very educated on this particular subject, I’ll just create a reference post instead.  Typically, I like to keep my blog posts all original and basically use freestyle writing, but from time to time, I find it necessary to create link pages with excerpts – in the event that the subject matter is worthy and/or interesting enough, even though I don’t have much to say about it, personally.  I think the last time I’ve had to do this on here, was way back when I did the blog post entitled, “Quantum Mechanics & Chaos.”

Anyway, back to the Anthropic Principle subject:

Okay, I’ll provide a brief excerpt from each resource in addition to an active link, below:

1)  “Weak Anthropic Principle (WAP): the observed values of all physical and cosmological quantities are not equally probable but they take on the values restricted by the requirement that there exist sites where carbon-based life can evolve and by the requirement that the Universe be old enough for it to have already done so.  Strong Anthropic Principle (SAP): the Universe must have those properties which allow life to develop within it at some stage in it’s history.”  Read more, here:

2)  “Anthropic Bias, a book that since its first publication in 2002 has achieved the status of a classic, explores how to reason when you suspect that your evidence is biased by “observation selection effects”— that is, evidence that has been filtered by the precondition that there be some suitably positioned observer to “have” the evidence. This conundrum—sometimes alluded to as “the anthropic principle,” “self-locating belief,” or “indexical information”—turns out to be a surprisingly perplexing and intellectually stimulating challenge, one abounding with important implications for many areas in science and philosophy. ” Read more about this interesting book, here:

3)  “The ultimate question here is whether there is or was some special intention or plan for the appearance of humans in the universe, and, if so, was there or is there some intending entity or intelligence or being or “creator” existing “behind” or “over” the universe and the particular qualities that occur within it.  If the universe or cosmos is purely mechanistic, consisting only of matter and physical entities (forces, energy, fields, etc.), then it seems that the answer to that question of an intending entity or intelligence or creator would be “no.” But then what is the source of those closely balanced features that are observed in the existing cosmos—are they just happenstance or fortuitous coincidences? Can coincidence or lucky happenstance be a sufficient answer to this problem?”  Read more about this thought-provoking subject, here:

After reading some of these excerpts, it reminded me of a couple semi-related posts I did last year, with the title:  “Ultimate Queries – Creation Theories”  and “4th & 5th Dimensions, Time Travel & Parallel  Universes.” 

Oh, I also found a related quote online, when searching about this particular topic:  “As we look out into the Universe and identify the many accidents of physics and astronomy that have worked together to our benefit, it almost seems as if the Universe must in some sense have known that we were coming.”  -F. Dyson

 Anyway, back to the resources…

4)  “In astrophysics and cosmology, the anthropic principle is the philosophical argument that observations of the physical Universe must be compatible with the conscious life that observes it. Some proponents of the argument reason that it explains why the Universe has the age and the fundamental physical constants necessary to accommodate conscious life. As a result, they believe that the fact is unremarkable that the universe’s fundamental constants happen to fall within the narrow range thought to allow life.” Read more from Wikipedia, here:

Okay, I just provided 4 excellent resources that covers the Anthropic Principle.  If you’re more interested in taking your studies a little further and would like to possibly purchase some books about this subject, I’ll provide a shopping link below, to help hastened your search:

———>‘Click Here’ for a Fine Selection of Books related to the Anthropic Principle<———

—End of Post

Metaphysical Crystals & Healing Stones


Metaphysics, by definition, is the philosophical study of the ultimate causes and underlying nature of things; it derives from Greek words, meaning “beyond physical.”



This is just a fun post, not intended to persuade others about the actuality of metaphysical properties or to disprove the concepts. Even if you think they are merely polished rocks & pretty crystals, I’m going to list a few examples of supposed metaphysical tools and briefly state some of their properties that are germane to this healing field of study. Side note: Healing Stones are often referred to as “Charmstones.” I’m skeptical about this, although it is interesting, but open minded nonetheless. Many people believe these crystals and charmstones have mystical energy and paranormal powers.

Amethyst – The stone of sobriety & spirituality; invigorates psychic intuition, purifies the bloodstream and has also been used to alleviate headaches.

Rose Quartz – The stone of love & peace; heightens imagination & tranquility.

Selenite – enhances cognitive abilities, serenity, universal awareness, and is a stone for spirituality, honesty, psychic development, and positiveness.

Malachite – A stone of equilibrium & change, that stimulates intuition and strengthens immunity.

Azurite – promotes divinity, psychic abilities, enhances insight, and helps strengthen the interstellar & astral bodies.

Fluorite– is often touted, within metaphysical dictions, for its ability to release negativity, enhances spirituality and brings an overall sense of awareness & clarity.

Moldavite– is considered by many, to be an extraterrestrial crystal, formed from a meteor impact that occurred long ago. Its metaphysical properties are supposedly useful for the oddities that have incarnated into Earth from other sectors of the universe (I’ve felt like that before). Maybe this lovely crystal is to remedy nostalgia, who knows.


Regardless of fact or fiction, whether healing or not, these make for great decorative stones, crystals, jewelry, etc. There are many others that I didn’t list; this was just examples of some common metaphysical tools; many are turned into medallions, pendulums and wands to be used during practice. I have all of these stones & crystals in my possession, in various forms, shapes and sizes; my favorites are the Amethyst (especially when purchased in the form of crystalline clusters) and next, if I had to choose, Rose Quartz. But, they are all highly attractive. Let me just say, by far, the most expensive out of this list is moldavite – due to its rarity. I haven’t performed and/or attempted any healing acts or soul searching; I bought them because I liked the way they looked.

—>‘Click Here to Shop for Metaphysical Supplies’<—

The Manifestations of One…


Mankind awakens, just like any other race of beings from an embodiment of awareness from some outlandish, bizarre galaxy from the manifestations of our own consciousness. The dividends of the properties of infinity are unlimited to the numeric value of one, so the same applies to our perspective of the zero of none or into one. It starts primitive, in whatever entity you want to enter into the subkindom, as your universal self presents itself, as long as you start elementary and within your own proper level of existence – or else you will degenerate and restart at a lower level. Our goal is to behold its amazement of our own self, our creation, consciousness as a unity of oneness, all within an unaware capsule of randomness that we created all along due to our single nonrandom force that equalled one, which equals a chess match that is never won, but designed & destined to only equal a tie – since it is from one but is never won. The ultimate goal is not so much a goal of unity, since, if we achieved it, we would all collapse again – split once again, and go bang; but there is a goal to reach a state that we are aware of an existence that is as infinite, endless & boundless as one self-creates – as our imagination & subconscious dictates. The universe is chaos, and we live in a perfect world. The weather on Earth represents our current moods, the cosmos represents our resilience, our thoughts represents as one. It is the manifestations of one…

Okay, you don’t actually believe this crap, do ya? Ha-ha! LOL!

The manifestations of one...

The manifestations of one...

Obscure Divine


This post will be labeled as philosophy & poetry, even though it doesn’t rhyme, nor does poetry have to, since it chimes to the beat of a character I used to play, that was once called Mr. Obscure Divine…

As an exiled member of society, I cannot help but realize the faults of mankind. I try to be sympathetically harmonious to others, but yet, due to my uncontrolled impulse, I often fail – since I’m aware!

I believe in the totality of universal awareness, and it is up to you to find it…and it will not consist of science-related textbooks nor a religious dogma, either.

I’m the blinking light in the ether with an interstellar beacon, and a galactic signal amid the cosmos……  I’m the Obscure Divine!

The butterfly effect; a confined chaos at hand...

The butterfly effect; a confined chaos at hand...

What does “finding self” mean?

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This post, like a lot of the ones that I’ve added lately, is something that I originally published on another website.  But, unlike the other ones, I think I should include the ‘comment field’ from the past.  Several people commented about this topic when it was live via HubPages, and it would benefit this seemingly simple question/post, by adding input from others.  Remember, when I say “hub” it simply means an article on the site called “HubPages.”

What does “finding self” mean?

Rainbow - Spectrum of Earth

Rainbow - Spectrum of Earth

Lets start over, seek out, and find ‘self’ once again…

Ignorance of Self
Many people are unaware of their actual actuality; okay, that seems to be the norm around here. Most people are caught up in the mundane routines of life, so they never actually ponder subjects like this or explore personal philosophies, for that matter. For the ones that do, unfortunately, the majority of them are either brainwashed by other organized beliefs or render into the offering plates of corruption – whether it is religion, governments, or other “organized” bull-sh*t.

So, once again…what does “finding self” really mean to you?

Seeking Awareness of Self?
Since I seem to be perpetually banned from HubPages’ online forums due to my offensive intellect, I couldn’t participate in, once again, an interesting topic from the “Knowledge & Education” forum today. HubPages’ member ‘marinealways24’ started the thread that was titled “Finding Self.” You can find it here:

Mr. Marine started by saying: [Edited] What is ‘self’? How does a person find their own self? If people continually lie to themselves, can they ever find themselves? I think the definition of ‘self’, in short, equals honesty. What are your thoughts?

I was going to simply reply with:

Finding ‘self’ is to find clarity without the influence of others, and without outside thoughts & beliefs from others; it is to come at terms with being atomically connected to the universe and to reach a higher level of awareness. …And to other ‘simple minded’ folks caught up in the material world or to the ones with narrow minded thoughts, finding their ‘self’ may simply mean that they know their name and have eventually learned how to spell it… LOL!

—End of comment:

…If I wouldn’t get banned for petty stuff, this hub wouldn’t be necessary. I could carry on in the debate, add more thoughts, maybe agree or disagree with others, experience different viewpoints, etc. Hell, I may just start pulling the forums into quick hubs, just to combat the insanity of the sensitivity that caused me to get banned multiple times, to start with. This is absolutely ridiculous……

Anyway, there is a comment field, even if it’s for me to just talk to myself… Ha-ha! So…, what do you think it means to “find yourself?”



Well, this was the ‘comment field’ below:

T.S. says: There are many ways in which a person can begin to know himself. One of these ways is that for this person to take a peak to the outside world and ponder over the things he has seen.
His sight with the eyes will be similar to the sight of all common people around him, however his thoughts, feelings, and inner view of what he has seen will be his self. I other words I can look at a man on the street and think of him as being stupid person, and in reality he can be the smarts one around. My inner view that was taken after the image was beamed into my self, is in truth the mere reflection of myself.

I said: Hi there, thanks for commenting…
Yeah, it is often a reflective process.
A person can learn a lot about their self by nature, their surroundings, and by the relationships with others.

T.S. said: True, we are as mirrors and our reflection is the measurment in which our purity is shown.
Just as an impure mirror is unable to reflect images in clearness, our soul is also unable to do so when impure.
The more we purify our soul, the more we will become aware and wise.

I said: With or without so-called purification by “name & title” beliefs, the simple reflection of “self” aids in your own personal awareness and betterment of oneself – but only after you begin to recognize this obvious pattern of nature……

T.S. said: One who does not purify his self from the impurities of others, will be nothing but a stain of dirt common to the impurities of the blind.
Purification of the self, is the only way to freedom and full awareness. For the nature of things are only seen when such things are clear and separate from others.
As it is the nature of the self of water to be “see through”, This same nature will be concealed if it is to be made impure.
When we attempt to unite with different things our nature will be altered and the only thing known will be our unity as a whole and not the parts which make the whole.
If purification was not established the only thing that will be thought seen is the vague image of the whole, and no one will ever come to know his single state of the purified self.

I said: No, you confuse the process of “finding self” with religious hogwash; plain & simple.

T.S. said: When a given person says; “I want to find myself” He clearly states that his purpose is built on finding one thing, which is himself.
However, it should also be noted that “finding the self” does not mean to find a thing at a certain location, rather to find a given thing in a known location. Our self is located within us and not within others; it is our nature and not the nature of the whole universe as a whole.
You can look at the world as being things that complete each other and are at constant interaction with one another, but to know a certain part one does not need to know the whole function.
We know that 2 + 6 = 8. In other words we understand that 2 and 6 add to give 8. However, if I intended to know the number 6 alone, I do not need to look at; “2 + 6 = 8”. All I have to do is to look at the number itself and come to the understanding of its place and its personal properties.
I haven’t been mentioning religion in this topic, but it seems as though religion is the bases of common purified logic.

I said: Your last reply was better, mainly since you left all the “impure” talk and “purification” gestures out of it, which is a religious innuendo, by the way.
Thanks for the feedback…
Hey, maybe you should, if you haven’t already, write a hub about this topic – since it seems to spark a big interest from you.

T.S. said: Thanks bro
I am currently trying to express an idea I have gained throughout some experience. Hopefully I will be able to post it as soon as I am done with pondering over it.
The way I see religion is not as a thing that is separate from our life, rather I see it as a thing that completes us.
The idea of purity might be a little misunderstood, but even if we were not to think about religion or a God, this idea will still be clearly present in our lives. All we have to do is to open up to its approach, for even in religion there is a science.

I said: I don’t think there is a need for organized religions and/or “name & title” beliefs. But, what works for others doesn’t apply to everyone – we are individuals with different levels & paths in life.
Good luck with your hub about this topic/subject matter, and thanks for all of your comments and/or writing a hub in my comment field, as well. LOL! 🙂

T.S. said: Your welcome.
I believe every person has a free will in this world, but with sole belief that slavery is only a product of forced labor or work by men, we truly as a result become enslaved to ideas and rejection out of mere opposition.
It is good to take in the ideas of other and to ponder over them, so we might learn from everyone. Even one who does mistake can teach us good lessons.
Peace bro 🙂

I said: As Spock would say, “live long & prosper.” 🙂

Kori Lee said: I agree with your profile completely. I think defining self may first start with different theories of psychology- what motivates me, what is unconscious especial the stuff I don’t know is lurking around in my psyche. The second is to be brutally honest with what you find. If you cannot look at yourself and see your faults or strengths then what is the point. While I do not subscribe to dogmatic religions, some do have an element of seeking that I like. For example, Buddhism does a lot of deep analysis of psychological issues- that includes intuitive and body philosophies. I am not a Buddhist but I try to find the way to truth, and do like the Dali Lama and Mother Teresa’s of the world do.

I said: Hi, Kori Lee! It sounds like you are on the right path – when it comes to this subject. When I get a chance, I’ll check out some of your work! Thanks for stopping by… 🙂

Jewels said: Now here is a topic. Self taken in it’s highest form needs to go back to it’s roots. Try the Hindu (sanskrit) term of Atman as the real meaning of Self. (Upanishads) It is a state of pure being or is-ness and it is devoid of any sense of individuality. It is in fact a transcendental level of human consciousness.
When a person speaks of self generally there is no understanding of this more inner and uncorrupted state of your self. What most people understand of self is the gross levels, that which is the emotional rantings of your thoughts and reactions.
True psychological exploration will show the mask of the “astral” layers that we use while in human form. As Kori Lee said, the Buddhist tradition purifies the mind by sifting through these gross layers to find their true Self. But be aware that this state is a high state of consciousness and far far removed from our ordinary mind.

I said: Rid yourself from the haze, fall back to the root; I’m moving, but yet, I’m not moving at all; the only limitation is limitation of one’s self. Art reveals itself in psychic understanding of the inner essence of things and gives form to the relation of man with nothing, with the nature of the absolute.

Daniel C. said: I enjoyed this hub. I have a lot more questions than answers about “self”, “God”, “universe” and more. The best thing I can do for me now is to try to stay present and still. I’ve been running for a lot of years and it’s a tough habit to break. I’ve enjoyed some of your rants in the forums, and am enjoying some of your hubs.

—End of “Hub”

After that last comment, I never got to reply back since that was about the same time both of my accounts (from the HubPages site) got shitcanned and/or terminated.  It was a big farewell to that lame site and a grand “hello” to this crazy one!

Anyway, feel free to add your comments to this blog post, if you have any further ideas when it comes to “finding self.”

Forum Philosophy – Toilet Paper for the Weak…

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This post is dedicated to all of the sissy cry babies found at online forums within certain community sites on the web.  Yes, the folks who are extremely sensitive and try to get people banned for so-called “personal attacks” if you decide to confront them, disagree with them, and display too much of something called wits & intelligence.  Fun-fun!
Toilet Paper for the Weak...

Toilet Paper for the Weak...

Toilet paper is a soft paper product (also known as tissue paper) used to maintain personal hygiene after human waste release – due to bowel movements, dung release, fecal fling out, defecation, piss and/or urination! It can also be used for other purposes such as absorbing spillages or even semen, for that matter. Its origin dates back as far as 1862, but one can only hope the “Homo erectus” at least used tree leaves! It differs in composition somewhat from facial tissue…not to misconstrue as a “facial” that is often known within the porn industry, but most toilet paper is designed to decompose in septic tanks.

The Homo sapiens currently use this form of “toilet tissue” in abundance, mostly due to overeating, along with rampant outbreaks of violent diarrhea, and whatnot… Ha-ha!

The lesson: One must know these things when entering online forums, as you better be equipped with moist wipes and toilet tissues or else you might get banned or something… There is definitely a lot of “sensitive” weak individuals out there…so moist wipes need be applied!

—End of Forum Philosophy 101

‘Substance Abuse’

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Life finally hits your cranial structure, without the childishly free-spirited playtime; you are finally aware.

It’s time to grow up now, even though you’re different than before; why can’t you fully share?

Inseparable in spirits, even though you feel perpetually dis-joined, you acclimate to your surroundings – in hopes to be adjoined.

It doesn’t work out.  Things don’t go right……

Disfigured in thought and itching to rebel, a coincidental ‘substance’ comes across your line of sight that compels.

Is this a snare, perhaps; is this a shiny glare that beckons for your escape?

Engrossed by it, you dive into this new type of life that seems to sing toward your life’s band……  Eccentric feelings take place, without the aimless joy of childhood or the responsibility of  adulthood; mere ecstasy is at hand.

Time went by so quick; what happened and what was that?

I like this; want more; please, come back fast……

The quick-fix and joy is no longer there……

The platform for ‘substance abuse’ is on; it is a separate course from hereon.

Once rejected before, you have an artificial family, a fake network, and a feign zone.

Even though you’re dejected, dispirited and crestfallen, you now have an addictive home.

*You have ‘substance abuse’ without substance.

*You have integrity issues without an awareness of prior structure.

What have you forgotten…or was it ever even there to start with?

Essential nature, essence, substance……what are you looking for?

You know the answer, now dig within and find it……

* Life is endless; cycling like the seasons and light as a feather, what is drifting can settle; what is sediment can be churned into refinement; what is unknown can be known.  Together, we can enthrone.

Erratic Fire

Erratic Fire

—Appreciate Nature’s Mysterious Ways, for we are all attached in one way or another:  atomically to the universe, chemically to this Earth, and biologically to each other……