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Cosmic Poetry

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unityBefore I begin this silly little poem, I’ll start with a famous quote from Albert Einstein: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”


 I’ve seen a lot of cosmic poetry on the web thus far, so I thought I’d give it a whirl, even though I may not be the best of poets, I still know that words can swirl…


Every step I take and each breath I make, equal moments I can create;
translucent thoughts often take place.

I daringly delve into the unknown with divine glorification at hand,
yet being aware of the blockade featuring formidable repudiation deep within the sand.

I’m an alien to this world that is currently left alone, seeking a unity from the cosmic throne.

Cast away from mathematics that no longer make sense,
confined to a belief that is rather dense;
the cosmos creates what we imagine and sentience is yet to be fathomed…

Altruistic at the core, while science is becoming a bore.

The anthropic principle lies ahead, while I often meet religion with dread.

Magic doesn’t exist, as a mere reality of actuality plagues what we commonly detest.

Stand aside, dear megalomaniac, as I know the answers via my scientific probes;
take heed, dear dependent weakling, as I riddle you this by way of my intuitive bodes.

Don’t always think, as you should often feel…
Upon doing so, you may be surprised with what you find to actually be real.

From the Yin to the Yang, white to black, light to dark, fabrication to manifestation, it is all the same.
While living in a world of chaotic infinity, it is quite sane to be insane as nothing is truly inane…

Praise be the unity!

—Side Note: This particular version of “Cosmic Poetry” is fueled by three basic beliefs that all humanoids on planet Earth should be aware of, which is: 1) We are all chemically connected to this planet; 2) We are all biologically connected to each other; 3) We are all atomically connected to the universe.

Yeah, it is all cosmic poetry, in the end…

Short Poem: Jekyll & Hyde

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Jekyll and Hyde is destined for the same fate as when 2 walls collide.

It is where you separate the Yin and the Yang to form two individual entities from the same mind;
good and evil, weak and strong, timid and aggressive, all from one but never at the same time.

Whether it is a scientific potion, like in the movie, that brings it out,
or perhaps drugs and alcohol or a particular detestation of society that makes your inner Hyde shout,
you should always be aware of what triggers this malign, divisive spirit and what it’s really about.

Jekyll, Jekyll, why are you so cowardly weak and meek?

Hyde, Hyde, why are you so damn furiously rude and crude?

Attributes are abound from both characters of black & white, left and right, but never good when totally separated;
knowing how to balance the force of Yin & Yang within, and to use both accordingly, is what should be demonstrated.

If you ever find yourself in this Jekyll and Hyde dilemma, perhaps you need to fuse your mind back together;
if you never rid your own self of this poisonous potion of inner conflict, you may never live happily ever after…


—End of Poem

Often referred to as a “split personality,” the concepts behind Jekyll and Hyde are actually very fitting for people living in a world of chaos and ongoing conflict.  I know I’ve had my inner Hyde come out many times throughout my life, but the bad thing about Jekyll, is that he will often get took advantage of or run over; basically, being too nice isn’t always a good thing either…  So overall, it is best to mix your inner Jekyll and Hyde together and honestly express yourself as you truly see fit…

To read more about the actual story, visit:

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—End of Post

Short Poem: Night Rider – Lost or Found?

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It was a calm, summer night; the perfect temperature for a ride today.
With the radio blaring, windows down, the cruise is underway.

It’s time to reminisce; it’s time to clear one’s pulsating head.
As the series of thoughts and memories start running wild, the brain is cluttered instead.

At times, the ride seems like it should never end, as you are thinking about the past and stuck in rewind.
But the song changes on the radio, the future comes to mind, now you’re moving forward in time.

Depending on the beat, you may either have a positive outlook of what awaits or a sense of foreboding may take place.
Your mind, your car, the radio, the night, time, your brain, all seem to be in some weird race.

Okay, the songs stop on the radio; it is time for the adverts to start.
You’re thinking, waiting for the music, now your brain switches control and hands it to the heart.

Now, no longer pondering during this ride, you are now feeling what you have thought prior.
The car slows down in miles-per-hour, you start to swerve, as if someone has deflated a tire.

I need to go home; what am I doing?
No, I need to ride more; I know where I am going!

Your inner voice then makes this silent query:  Do ya?


—End of Short Poem:  “Night Rider – Lost or Found?”

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Short Poem: Death?

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Death, death, “until death do us apart,” as they say.
From what, you may ask, as the question often equals something that mimics a grand haze.
A gag, a gift, unholy, holy, and something that drifts apart but yet stays.
I am to be one with myself, yet to explore another day.
I shall exist, remain, and without my shadow of doubt, I’ll remain in malaise.
I see myself so I feel now, while cast away, but I finally found a fucking way!
To be or not to be, is what is abstruse.
To do or not to do, is what you often choose.

“Think not, what the scientist says,” speaks the curious theist.
“Think not, what the woo-woo says,” exclaims the angry atheist.

You live, you die, but ya can’t even remember your transit from birth, how so lame.
You die, you live, but ya can’t even go back and proclaim, after you realize this isn’t so insane.

You lie, you lie, death be told; it is all alive as you live, you live; as the universal consciousness survives…

Today you sit and ponder, without nothing to be said but a complex question.
Yesterday you lie there wondering about tomorrow, and why you have the need for detestation.
Tomorrow you seek the answer to something that is unanswerable due to your current infestation.

What’s death when you can’t remember birth and what’s life when you can’t remember death?

The ultimate query is merely at hand, don’t ya understand?


—End of Poem “Death?”

Short Poem: Life is too short?


Poem of infinity:

Trains, planes, automobiles, your divine vessels, capsules and bodies, simply carry us through; it is all so real.
Pain, pleasure, love, hate, regret, revenge, sadness, happiness, joviality, science, religion and insanity, keep us entertained; it is all a giant thrill.
Did it ever truly begin and does it eventually end or ever stop?
It was never a grand beginning, and the chaos of creation often seems to flip & flop.
A hesitation was ultimately at hand,
as the god-like gravity defied itself just to explode from its unified centrifugal force to find this thing we call “man.”
Magnetism is upon our universe, while the components are slowly drifting apart.
Could this eventually collapse upon itself for another glorious re-start?

What we do know, as of now, is that what we feel and live for is physically destined for an abrupt halt.
What many don’t realize is, that the ongoing experience is never really at fault.
“I think therefore I am,” is no longer worthy to ponder.
You “Are” because it has always been, whether it is here nor there or over yonder from afar.

Life is not too short, once you realize it all stems from a grand unity of galactic girth.
The eternity, thought or notion of diving into a fictitious hell and grazing upon a feign heaven, should be took all in good mirth.
As this physical world abundantly provides all the answers & problems,
the dividends are endless and the solving is left to the evolving.

The infinity of the space-time continuum is with us all…  Cheers now!

Check out the splendid image below:


—End of Short Poem,”Life is too short?”

Short Poem: Chaos & the Divine Surreal


Chaos & the Divine Surreal:

Life strikes hope while obtruding a blinding light, imposing a fear from the thought of awakening from darkness.
Death strikes grimness while imposing a deafening darkness of demise; a calm from the chaos of brightness.
Now, does that make any sense?
I shall commence…
This world meets nothing halfway and is truly insane, everything is constantly amid the chaos of creation; and nothing stays the same.
The rainbow occasionally peers from afar, just to remind you of the possibility that your journey may leave bright scars.
Happiness can only be found when one forgets what happiness actually is.
Don’t think, feel…
Reasons are no longer reasons, once you establish this divine surreal.


—End of Short Poem “Chaos & the Divine Surreal” [The light from chaos].

The Manifestations of One…


Mankind awakens, just like any other race of beings from an embodiment of awareness from some outlandish, bizarre galaxy from the manifestations of our own consciousness. The dividends of the properties of infinity are unlimited to the numeric value of one, so the same applies to our perspective of the zero of none or into one. It starts primitive, in whatever entity you want to enter into the subkindom, as your universal self presents itself, as long as you start elementary and within your own proper level of existence – or else you will degenerate and restart at a lower level. Our goal is to behold its amazement of our own self, our creation, consciousness as a unity of oneness, all within an unaware capsule of randomness that we created all along due to our single nonrandom force that equalled one, which equals a chess match that is never won, but designed & destined to only equal a tie – since it is from one but is never won. The ultimate goal is not so much a goal of unity, since, if we achieved it, we would all collapse again – split once again, and go bang; but there is a goal to reach a state that we are aware of an existence that is as infinite, endless & boundless as one self-creates – as our imagination & subconscious dictates. The universe is chaos, and we live in a perfect world. The weather on Earth represents our current moods, the cosmos represents our resilience, our thoughts represents as one. It is the manifestations of one…

Okay, you don’t actually believe this crap, do ya? Ha-ha! LOL!

The manifestations of one...

The manifestations of one...

Obscure Divine


This post will be labeled as philosophy & poetry, even though it doesn’t rhyme, nor does poetry have to, since it chimes to the beat of a character I used to play, that was once called Mr. Obscure Divine…

As an exiled member of society, I cannot help but realize the faults of mankind. I try to be sympathetically harmonious to others, but yet, due to my uncontrolled impulse, I often fail – since I’m aware!

I believe in the totality of universal awareness, and it is up to you to find it…and it will not consist of science-related textbooks nor a religious dogma, either.

I’m the blinking light in the ether with an interstellar beacon, and a galactic signal amid the cosmos……  I’m the Obscure Divine!

The butterfly effect; a confined chaos at hand...

The butterfly effect; a confined chaos at hand...

‘Expressions of a Jackass’

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Jackass speaks unto thee…
The mummeries displayed the donkey’s star role as a frustrated soul…the imitating pantomime emits the silent expressions of a jackass that quietly growls to itself – amid the silent night of the ass… Shackled with the limitation of law, and by the control of others, this mule was like no other donkey. It knew something valuable, but was held in an ugly capsule of confinement – not by appearance, as it was a beautiful animal and definitely one of its kind…but limited due to substandard order – in which likened to no other cruelty from unfairness – as his meadow was a perpetual plain of unjustness. Held refrained, yet knowing, the mule quietly awaits… An eruption is near, he can’t take it anymore, the silence is about to be gone… “Hee’ hah!,” says the disgruntled mule. And now, all is well…

Baby donkey, still clueless...

Baby donkey, still clueless...

‘Substance Abuse’

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Life finally hits your cranial structure, without the childishly free-spirited playtime; you are finally aware.

It’s time to grow up now, even though you’re different than before; why can’t you fully share?

Inseparable in spirits, even though you feel perpetually dis-joined, you acclimate to your surroundings – in hopes to be adjoined.

It doesn’t work out.  Things don’t go right……

Disfigured in thought and itching to rebel, a coincidental ‘substance’ comes across your line of sight that compels.

Is this a snare, perhaps; is this a shiny glare that beckons for your escape?

Engrossed by it, you dive into this new type of life that seems to sing toward your life’s band……  Eccentric feelings take place, without the aimless joy of childhood or the responsibility of  adulthood; mere ecstasy is at hand.

Time went by so quick; what happened and what was that?

I like this; want more; please, come back fast……

The quick-fix and joy is no longer there……

The platform for ‘substance abuse’ is on; it is a separate course from hereon.

Once rejected before, you have an artificial family, a fake network, and a feign zone.

Even though you’re dejected, dispirited and crestfallen, you now have an addictive home.

*You have ‘substance abuse’ without substance.

*You have integrity issues without an awareness of prior structure.

What have you forgotten…or was it ever even there to start with?

Essential nature, essence, substance……what are you looking for?

You know the answer, now dig within and find it……

* Life is endless; cycling like the seasons and light as a feather, what is drifting can settle; what is sediment can be churned into refinement; what is unknown can be known.  Together, we can enthrone.

Erratic Fire

Erratic Fire

—Appreciate Nature’s Mysterious Ways, for we are all attached in one way or another:  atomically to the universe, chemically to this Earth, and biologically to each other……