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The parallel of order within “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”

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narcissistic…Although I’m definitely not a fan of psychology along with the fact that psychologists have a very high suicide rate when compared to the percentages within various types of occupations, there have been many studies about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, that I simply don’t agree with.

Before we delve into this subject, I must remind you that “back in the day,” people were simply called nuts, crazy, an as*hole, violent, self-centered or whatever, and we didn’t have all of these fabricated conditions like bi-polar, narcissism, and so on.

However, since this is such a big deal to many folks, I’m going straight to Wikipedia and will not only provide a definition for this narcissistic condition, I will also critique each listed symptom of it, as there are quite a few…

If you are wondering what the purpose of this post is, well, it is simply because I think a lot of people get bad “names & titles” for things that they shouldn’t, as well as my detestation for folks that try to always blame the person with leadership qualities and say how it is wrong to be in control and responsible for your own actions, even if aggression and boldness is required. Oh, I don’t have the audacity to write this? Ha! Who are you kidding…

One last justification for this post: The reason why this scribbling is entitled “The parallel of order within “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” is simply because, to me, I find that many of the so-called symptoms of this psychologically labelled disorder, actually covers good traits that shouldn’t be frowned upon. If the world didn’t have these qualities, I can only imagine what an even more weak, pathetic state mankind would be in. Besides, what is Yin without the Yang? Now lets continue…

Wikipedia states: “Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population. First formulated in 1968, it was historically called megalomania, and it is closely linked to egocentrism.”

Okay, now, they list 14 primary symptoms of this “disorder,” and I will critique each symptom in a numerological order, below:

Symptoms of this disorder include…

1) Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation – Really? How many folks react poorly to honest reviews and opinions? This just concerns narcissistic people? I see it all the time on this site, for example. If you don’t believe me, just go to the forums or the comment sections within various blogs and the ones found within certain Q & A sections. Offline, I see that most folks don’t take too kindly to criticism and this often boils down to how they respond, whether it is cry, pout, become mute, get mad, etc., but the last time I checked, they called that an “emotional response,” which is sort of hard to not have, albeit the last symptom listed here (#14), sort of contradicts such things – via Wikipedia, of course.

2) Taking advantage of others to reach their own goals – Well, although this is commonplace amid society, I can’t say that this is a very good trait. However, being a cheat and/or a con artist wouldn’t have to relate to a “disorder” would it, or is that just what they call folks that like to “play the game and/or system?” Manipulating the Disability Benefits and Welfare System would also apply here, so does that mean that all of those people are “narcissistic bums?”

3) Exaggerating their own importance, achievements, and talents – I see this all over the place! They used to call this pretentious trait a “wanna-be” and also a “charlatan” along with simple terms like ‘faker’ and ‘fraud’ and whatnot.

4) Imagining unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power, intelligence, or romance – Ah, yes… This is what we call dreaming and fantasizing about better things, and to think they call this a “disorder?”

5) Requiring constant attention and positive reinforcement from others – Although this particular symptom is quite sickening, although common, I can’t say that it would relate to narcissism. I mean, if you are that weak and in need of constant reassurance, how can you be a narcissistic being, as it seems that you mainly lack confidence among other things.

6) Becoming jealous easily – Wow! So it is a disorder to expect devotion in a relationship or to contemplate over whether or not you are a top priority in somebody’s life or something? Besides, ain’t most people prone to a little jealousy every now and then, during a normal life span? If so, does that mean that the majority is narcissistic? WTF?

7) Lacking empathy and disregarding the feelings of others – Back in the day, they used to call ’em a-holes and disrespecting _____ (fill in the blank). No big deal, well, at least not a disorder by any means. This is the opposite of a tree hugging hippie that worries about stepping on an ant, so what gives?

8) Being obsessed with oneself – I must say, that there are many people with problems in this area. On the same note, if you don’t take care of yourself (What does “finding self” mean?), nothing else matters and you can’t trust anybody better than you can trust yourself. However, out of all the symptoms thus far, self-centered obsession is one that does seem to remain consistent with the definitions of narcissistic beings. Okay, fine then, I’ll give ’em one point for symptom number 8 (The only 1 out of 14 symptoms, ha!)…

9) Pursuing mainly selfish goals – This is yet another symptom of narcissism that I just simply don’t understand. How in the hell can you have goals for yourself without being selfish? I could type paragraphs about the asininity of this one, but I’ll move on instead…

10) Trouble keeping healthy relationships – As high as the divorce rates are of today (not counting all the endless break-ups of common relationships), they blame this on a “disorder” now? What a joke!

11) Becoming easily hurt and rejected – Many soft-hearted people with low self-esteem fall under this category, as I’d hardly relate it to narcissistic ways. I’m starting to question this whole psychology behind narcissism, eh?

12) Setting goals that are unrealistic – Hey, there is nothing wrong with aiming high. I’d rather shoot high and miss, than not aim high enough when I could have landed in a much better position.

13) Wanting “the best” of everything – Well, my gawd! Is it better to want “the worst” of everything?

14) Appearing unemotional – They used to call this “apathy” and it is also a typical symptom of being jaded with life in general due to being worn out or from overuse, but I’d hardly narrow it down to one certain type of personality disorder for the wanna-be psychologists to pinpoint, ya know?

Conclusion: I don’t know about y’all, but the next time anybody calls me a narcissistic being, I’m going to say “thank you!” Ha!

Feel free to comment about “The Parallel of Order within “Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” below…

—End of Post

Silly Names & Extravagant Titles for Simple Jobs

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poppycockI’m writing this blog post today, out of sheer amusement. I’ve recently been thinking about how much value people often put on names & titles, when they really don’t mean anything.
I don’t want to hear about your silly labels and extravagant job descriptions, well, except on this entry. Any other time, I would rather you simply tell me such things without all the hoopla and ballyhoo.

…The same thing applies for when you are debating about a subject, lets say under the science genre, and you are more concerned about PhDs, what university you went to, and what fantastical achievements and awards have been presented, etc., while barely even acknowledging the heart of the matter/debate or points being made.
It is like, well, no matter if I’m wrong, I went to Harvard and have a masters degree in “The Art of Poppycock,” so move aside you pathetic Pollock-fish-frying loser from Long John Silver’s! LOL!

At any rate, this little post is for entertainment purposes only. You are free to add as many additional silly names & extravagant titles for simple jobs, within the comment field. Just make up a scenario or a simple job prior to each humorous title.

I’ll post a few below, to get things started:

A janitor at a local Elementary School once called his job a “Certified Sanitation Technician.”

A garbage man hanging off the back of a big garbage truck once shouted out that he is a “Human Wasteland Warrior!” Uh, that’s nice… Just take my waste to your wasteland and shut-up!

The drive-through manager at a hectic McDonald’s swears up and down that her job title is “Culinary Merchant Guru.”
Speaking of McDonald’s, one of the burger flippers at that very same restaurant, says he is a “Bovine Fryin’ Fool.” Well, at least that job title was a little more honest, that is, if the patties are really made of beef; ha!

A sales clerk at a pet shop that cleans the aquariums, checks the water’s pH level, adds chemicals and acid/base solutions if needed, gives his self the silly name of “The Aquatic Chemist.” Wow! I thought there was more to chemistry than that!

A poor, confused lady that works at a less-than-steady gas station, calls her job “Petroleum Overseer of Distribution.”

A very attractive woman that worked at a retail clothing store once claimed to be the “enticement of all fabric.” Well, I don’t know if she meant that as her job description or not, but she sure enticed me…

The french fry guy at a big-city Burger King proudly stated that he, and only he, was “The Starch Manipulator.” Uh, uh, whatever dude… I don’t think anybody is going to fight you over such a silly title; LOL!

A couple young guys that mow yards and perform other yard-related jobs for money, call their outdoor career “Eco-non-friendly Landscaping Associates.” I hate to break it to ’em, but they really need to drop that first hyphenated compound word, as it can’t be good for business…

There was once a redneck farmer with 3 teeth and a dirty straw hat that would come to town on occasions, bragging about how he was an “Agricultural Scientist.” Uh, I know that such a title does exist, but something tells me that this guy was lying… Ha!

A local bum that should have been castrated, has 12 kids with 9 different women while never holding down a job and barely pays any child support, called his self “The Fornication Specialist of Animalistic Poverty.” Well, I think you could scramble some of those words around and it would still come out right…

See how easy and fun this is? I expect a lot more silly, creative job descriptions within the comment field in due time. I could add more, but I must stop here or else I’ll be typing all morning about this inane subject. Either way, we live in a world full of wanna-be gurus and misinformation (especially online), as all we can do, at times, is to just sit back and laugh… LOL!

The ‘Fruit versus Vegetable’ Debate – Does it really matter?

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veggies This is a tiresome debate, as I’m sure many of you have heard the ongoing babble about what defines a fruit from a freakin’ vegetable. Why? What’s the big deal? Well, the biggest debate I have ever stumbled upon, when concerning this particular subject, is the good ol’ “is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?” By the way, some people consider the tomato to be an oversized berry from an herb (looks more like a weed to me), so go figure…

 Lets just say, this strange argument doesn’t stop there, as we have the dictionary from the field of botany on one side, the Webster’s dictionary on the other, and the common sense dictions standing on the fence, looking for a place to sit down and eat without all the noise.

Now, in a thumbnail, without being overly elaborate, the same people that say a tomato is a fruit must also say that such things like squash, snap peas, zucchini, pumpkins, jalapenos, bell peppers, etc., are also fruit. Hmm, I just don’t see this next dialogue exchange panning out: “Hey, John… You should really try this fruit juice I’m drinking.” John says, “What’s in it?” Jane says with a smile, “Oh, it is the latest fruit juice craze… It is Jalapeno & Squash juice with a hint of eggplant.” John looks at Jane in a confused manner and mumbles, “That is what you call fruit juice?”

Most people already get the point, I’m sure, but I’m not done yet. I really want to get to the bottom of this silly debate about fruit versus the vegetable crapola…

Okay, before I go any further, I think the proclaimed definitions are what screws up certain overly analytical people on this subject. For one, does it really matter? Secondly, lets change the definition of fruit or perhaps the vegetable or better yet, lets call it all vegetation and be done with it! These things sure as hell ain’t meat products, so we can at least agree on that much. Speaking of such, there are people out there that will argue with you up & down the street, that fish isn’t meat. Well, is sure doesn’t look like a plant, now does it? From here on out, common sense and a semi-functioning brain, needs to be applied, as silly subjects require silly verbiage…

Anyway, back to more pertinent matters:

The Merriam-Webster’s dictionary provides a simple, yet contradicting solution to this problem, with the following… Fruit: 1) a product of plant growth; esp : a usually edible and sweet reproductive body of a seed plant. Vegetable: 2) a usually herbaceous plant grown for an edible part that is usually eaten as part of a meal; also : such an edible part.

From the land of botany, the definitions change a bit… Fruit: 1) the developed ovary of a seed plant with its contents and accessory parts, as the pea pod, tomato, or pineapple. 2) the edible part of a plant developed from a flower, with any accessory tissues, as the peach, mulberry, or banana. Vegetable: A plant cultivated for an edible part, such as the root of the beet, the leaf of spinach, or the flower buds of broccoli or cauliflower.

Going by the dictionary and the botanists, I can totally see how things got confused. Hey, what about seeds, beans and legumes or potatoes and corn? I eat corn, which is a seed, but they call it grain, which is fine with me… I eat potatoes, which are obviously a vegetable by both versions of definitions (Merrian-Webster & the land of Botany), yet many folks want to call it a starch and act like it is some evil vegetative villain.

I suppose sunflower seeds and nuts also deserve a special category? What gives? Oh, if you say fish isn’t a meat, then I suppose you mean that all cold-blooded life is meatless? Tell that to your local snakes and alligators, as I’m sure they would love to know that they are not considered to have any meat; ha!

…All jokes temporarily set aside, when it comes to what is a fruit, vegetable, grain, etc., does it really matter? Does it not all boil down to silly semantics? It is either vegetation or a meat of some sort; case closed! Now, on another note: I haven’t seen cakes & pies grow from the ground yet nor have I seen Twinkies protrude from other animals, so perhaps there’s a better debate, as in how to properly categorize human junk food, instead of picking on the poor tomatoes… LOL!

Top 3 Most Asinine Theories Accepted by the Scientific Community


There are loads of theories out there that spawn from common folks, deranged lunatics, the french fry guy at McDonald’s, the scientific community, and so on.  However, nobody really pays very much attention to the ones who don’t have degrees, letters like PhD beside their name, etc.  With that being said, I thought it would be good to do a lighthearted blog post about the top 3 (in my opinion) most asinine theories that are accepted by the scientific community.

1) The Big Bang Theory – Oh, my, it is the scientific version of Genesis…  Many of these folks believe that all the contents of the universe was once packed into a proton-size (or smaller) dot that they call a “singularity,” which is another word for the phrase “I haven’t a freakin’ clue,” and from this minuscule dot of infinitesimal measure, it miraculously went BANG!  There are many clues that show that the universe isn’t expanding in the order of a common explosion along with the wacky side-way movement of certain galaxies, but with or without the expansion babble, the singularity chatter doesn’t cut the cake for me.  I included this theory in my creation theories post, but it doesn’t mean that I’m a supporter albeit within that particular post I didn’t waste much time on it. 

2) The Theory of Evolution– Now this is a theory that has got even more twisted over time.  I have no problem with the obvious fact that life can evolve and acclimate to its surroundings over time, but I have major problems with the speciation concepts found within this asinine theory.  I mean, they actually think a Velociraptor (genus of dinosaur also known as “Raptor”) turned into today’s turkey.  Yeah, have a happy Thanksgiving while eating your Dino Bird… Ha!  Everybody wants to talk about monkeys when they refer to human evolution.  Well, if you are really feeling stupid, you must also accept their theory about how all humans were once a fish!  Yeah, the single-cell amoeba got jiggy, turned into a trilobite that got scared a swam away like a fish that later got all monkey on our asses and here we are…  What a load of baloney!  If you’d like to read more about what I think of this silly theory, go here:  Theory of Evolution & the Missing Link

3) The Primordial Soup Theory –  If you find yourself arguing about the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution, don’t sell yourself short!  Please include the other asinine theory that is commonly accepted by the scientific community, which is known as the Primordial Soup Theory.  This “belief” is laughable at best, as they basically think some bolt of lightning struck a pool of water and all of the life on Earth spawned from this chemical-laced, amino acid-based soup.  Wow!  It sounds more like chili without beans, if ya ask me!  Anyway, instead of me typing about what I think about it on this page, I’ve wrote a blog post in the past that you can read, here:  Primordial Soup Theory or Primitive Chili without Beans?


—End of Post “Top 3 Most Asinine Theories Accepted by the Scientific Community”

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Recent Article:  “Nazi Bell Project – Time Travel Experiments

Primordial Soup Theory or Primitive Chili without Beans?

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primordial_soup  This article is being wrote for a few reasons. For one, when it comes to the origins of life – whether you are science based or fueled by a faith-based religion – no matter how you slice it, theorize it, believe in it, etc., at some point “magic” must have happened. Where did this life-creating “magic” come from? God? Space Monkeys? The land of something from nothingness? Blah, blah…

  This subject came up a few days ago, when I was told that the “Theory of Evolution” was divided into two parts, and that since I kept bringing up the origin of life and how it doesn’t work with the theory of evolution, that I was talking about the “history” aspect and how there are many theories for that. LOL! Well, I suppose there is an excuse for everything…

  Oh, on a side note: The reason why I bring up origins of life and how it doesn’t work with the theory of evolution, is simply because, in my opinion, they are confusing adaptation and acclimation with creation, which are two totally different things. I don’t need a theory to tell me I can adapt, but you better have a really good one to explain how I was created. Pretty simple, eh? Now, back to the topic at hand…

In less words, the Primordial Soup theory often comes into play when all the other scientific theories are backed against the wall, with no more room for weak attempts of explanation, just to say “poof!” Sort of like the big bang theory from a singularity of nothing, says “bang!”

Anyway, before I get off subject here, the Primordial Soup theory, to me, often sounds more like primitive chili without beans; LOL!
In fact, I don’t like chili without beans. When I desire such things, I want it complete and packed full of flavor. Hmm, at the end of this short post, I think I will drop down my recipe ingredients for Chili, just to be relevant to my title; ha!

I’m not going to waste a lot of time explaining this theory of life-spawning primitive soup, as you can read all about it under the title “Abiogenesis” (which is the lovely study of how biological life could miraculously arise from inorganic matter through awesome natural processes) on Wikipedia, here: 

However, within that particular page, there was a quick summary…

“Biochemist Robert Shapiro has summarized the “primordial soup” theory of Oparin and Haldane in its “mature form” as follows:

1. The early Earth had a chemically reducing atmosphere.
2. This atmosphere, exposed to energy in various forms, produced simple organic compounds (“monomers”).
3. These compounds accumulated in a “soup,” which may have been concentrated at various locations (shorelines, oceanic vents, etc.).
4. By further transformation, more complex organic polymers – and ultimately life – developed in the soup.
While steps 1-3 have been basically observed experimentally, step 4 has been criticized as simplistic – a stage of “then magic happens.”

See, even the word “magic” occurs on the Wiki page, just as I have been labelling such theories and notions about the origins of primitive life, for years.

If anybody has any opinions about this Primordial Soup stuff or if you simply have a favorite chili recipe to share (preferably with beans as opposed to without), feel free to do such, in the comment field below.

When I prepare my spicy 3 Bean Chili, I use the following ingredients: Tomato juice along with peeled whole tomatoes from a can, 2 lbs. of ground beef (marinated with Worcestershire sauce), 1 chili seasoning packet, small sliced onion, jalapeno slices, Louisiana hot sauce, seasoned salt, black pepper, kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, and a big, finely chopped green bell pepper; yummy!

Satire: Reasons for the Polar Shift – Revealed!


rhino…Hold on to your seat, folks; we are in for a new awakening!

  I’m about to tell ya what the Mayans and ancient prophets never knew…
Pay no attention to the scientists, as they seem to become more clueless by the day.
If you fear that the end is coming, think not, as there is still hope, if we act fast!

  No, I’m not charging you $19.95 for a secret pamphlet that reveals all the answers via all-knowing knowledge of nothingness, as what I’m about to tell ya came from the greatest prophet known to man, which is a French Fry guy at McDonald’s that took a couple hits of LSD during the process! Yes, true awakening is at hand…

I keep hearing all of this talk about an upcoming Polar Shift at the end of 2012 and how the ultimate Doomsday is upon us…

Well, let me explain, and without you paying me anything, the true global secrets shall be revealed!

Put down your Big Macs and say “hold” on the super-sized french fries at your local fast-food joint, as that is part of the freakin’ problem!
Excessive amounts of lipids got you down? Well, Mother Nature feels the same way…

Ya see, dear mortals, the upcoming Polar Shift is not due to some cosmic event or from some gravitational misalignment by way of Planet X, Planet Nibiru, Eris or some other foreign celestial body of mass heading this way, it is simply because of the “weight displacement theory” of mankind.

As we should all know, obesity is a big problem in America and in a lot of other areas in the Northern Hemisphere, and things are about to turn on its side in due time!
The large mammals from the southern hemisphere like the Hippos, Elephants, Rhinoceroses, etc., have been acting as a counterbalance for thousands of years. …And now that the American diet has plagued not only America, of course, it has also spread to China, Europe, etc.
Well, you see, we got too much weight up here on the Northern Hemisphere, folks!
Even the mighty land mammals down south, are having a hard time balancing this thing out!
Please, back away from the table, fellow gluts; put the fork down, and start eating less junk, folks, before we turn the deserts into the arctic tundra, and the jungle into barren land!

We have this globe-like thingy, an Earth, if ya will, that spins life around the sun at a constant rate. Mother Nature is awesome in all its glory, but has never been able to grow candy bars, pies, and cakes from the ground, for example. Humans constantly make these things SHE cannot, which pisses her off, so Mother Nature factors in the French Fry guy’s “polar shift via weight displacement theory” from a local McDonald’s, and she is thinking about making it happen. She says, “look, dear bitches, bastards and beloved heathens, along with the lovely gluts and flatulent fucks, if ya keep eating what I don’t provide, I’m going to let this thing shift as it wants; it is your world and so be it.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. The reasons for the possible Polar Shift has been revealed!
You didn’t need to go to Bible college, study ancient history or have a science degree after all, just a little common sense about weight displacement and obesity… We got too much weight up here on the top half of the planet, so please treat those Elephants, Rhinos, and other large mammals down south, with a little extra care, eh? …As they are the only beings that are currently keeping the possible polar shift and erratic Earth wobble, somewhat in check; cheers! LOL!

Theory of Evolution: Where is the missing link between Homo erectus & Homo sapiens?


question_markThis post has been relocated here, due to mysterious problems it encountered on a community website, known as HubPages.  Anyway…

Here of late, I have stumbled upon a lot of debate about the Theory of Evolution.
In the past, I’ve always accepted the fact that life evolves, adapts, and acclimates to its surroundings. I have never related the theory of evolution with religions or creationists, etc.
Actually, the concepts of evolution should have nothing to do with philosophic pondering or creation theories for that matter, but yet, nowadays it often seems to be lined up in direct opposition with such things.

BUT, before I go on rambling about this subject, I must point out a couple Hubs (out of the many) that are Pro or Con, when it comes to evolution.
The first Hub in question is one that I wasn’t allowed to comment on, perhaps due to my offensive intellect & intuition (it must be unscientific of some sort as they obviously seem to deny intuition as that might be too human-like and advanced for the mechanical brains of scientific theory; ha!) and the fact that the author refused to answer a very simple question of mine pertaining to the missing link between the Homo erectus and the Homo sapiens, here:
On the flip side, which is from a person that held a decent argument against that particular individual (along with getting his comments approved), you can find a Hub that is not totally in favor of the theory of evolution, here:

After reading those Hubs, come back here and resume play; anyway…

It’s a different world out there today, and unlike what Darwin originally wrote, albeit he borrowed most of his theories from others and received way too much credit for this notion, a lot of people have somehow managed to turn the “theory of evolution” into a religion, it seems…

In my opinion, among many others including certain biologists with a sense of awareness beyond authoritative textbooks, Evolution is not a real science.
True science would not base its self on assumption of progression with limited fossil evidence, for example.
Yada-yada, I said limited, as I can hear the moans now…
Look, I’m not going deep into the animal kingdom on this one, unless the comments provoke it, because the main point of this Hub is about a question that no evolutionist can ever seem to answer.
You can’t conclude the reason for all the different forms of life without the evidence to do such, which this lovely theory simply can’t do nor can it be absolutely proved and so on.
For one, ya can’t perform live tests on fossil records, and what dead evidence you gather, only leads to educated guesses in hopes that there is no outside variables and factors, which we will cover in a moment.

There are so many holes in this theory of evolution, it isn’t even funny.
If you try to argue with an evolutionist (dang, they got titles, too..), they will simply say that you “don’t understand” what the science is. Does this sound familiar? If you argue with a creationist and their Bible, they may tell you that you “don’t understand” the word of God or the translations.

What is going on here?

Are the core components of spiritual belief and insight about half as right as science and evolutionists?
Whatever happened to intuition?
Definition of intuition: 1) quick and ready insight; 2) the power or faculty of knowing things without conscious reasoning
Can’t people put two and two together? Oh, that’s right, we have mathematicians out there that say 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4!  I’d love to see somebody rationally prove that one, although there really are people out there who play with integers long enough, that they create a fantasy of some sort and alter the reality of actuality.

Well, regardless of personal beliefs, mathematics or science and/or which side of the fence you are on, in my opinion, it takes more faith to believe that we spawned from a single-cell amoeba than from being a dividend of a divinity.
In my opinion, it takes more faith to believe that a so-called “Big Bang” came from a point of a minuscule singularity of “nothing” as opposed to believing that you came from “something.”
By the way, please define a “singularity” in a cosmic fashion…

I’m not getting into a theory of unity on this particular Hub, so please spare me from your ancient philosophy that we all end up holding each other in the end; yikes!
In fact, as interesting as it is, I’m not in the mood to hear about Quantum Entanglement either, at the moment, as this post is about the missing link between the Homo erectus and the Homo sapiens, and how this unexplained gap kills this theory of evolution, at least when humans are involved.

Oh, there are many complaints about the animal kingdom having missing links as well, but the more pertinent matter on my Hub, is about those little, crafty humanoids.
I’m not getting into the whales, giraffes, horses, dinosaurs, superbugs, and so on.

Hold up… Stop!

Watch this quick video that is under two minutes long:

Now, tell me you didn’t laugh at around the 16 or 17 second mark of that video?
What is wrong with that picture?
By looking at that chart of his, there is a great eye sore, to say the least…
These evolutionist people are, uh, serious..? Ha-ha!

I mean, holy crap!
You got a Bonobo lined up with a Chimp next to a Humanoid beside a Gorilla and an Orangutan…and this highly worshipped atheist is pointing at all five, while talking about the “great apes being cousins and relatives,” all while one (the Homo sapiens) is not even remotely freakin’ related!
Sarcasm: “Oh yeah, my cousins are chimps and bonobos with my distant homies being gorillas and orangutans.”
Yeah, that makes no sense whatsoever!
These overly educated morons make some of the most asinine preachers look intelligent!
Yeah, and a cow-like being decided to go swimming one day and eventually turned into a whale. WTF!

Anyway, I’m getting off track here … moving back into the subject of the “missing link,” where in the hell is it?

If you really want to read an unbiased paper (Homo Erectus ‘to’ Modern man: Evolution or Human Variability?) about this matter, that ultimately comes to the conclusion of this: “After careful study of hundreds of scientific descriptions and photographs of scores of fossil humans, it is clear to me that all shades of intergrading exist between “ancient” erectus and modern humans, but the chronological patterns of appearance, even using the evolutionists’ own dating methods, do not match the predictions of the theory. In view of the clear-cut and unmistakable morphological gap between apes and humans, I believe that human fossil study provides strong circumstantial evidence in favor of the theistic view of origins.”
Read more, if you are really serious about this subject, here:

Although this page is not primarily concerned with the origins of Homo sapiens, just the missing link between the ape-like Homo erectus and the Homo sapiens that lead one to believe that “humans” seem to have came out of nowhere and just sort of magically appeared as if we were created by another race of beings or by some divinity of some sort, the Theory of Evolution is yet to explain, as noted above, the origins of Homo sapiens (modern man) and my original, seemingly simple question that is always avoided by evolutionists without proof or a sound theory.

It comes down to this, when it concerns our origin (and this is not a freakin’ “non sequitur”):

Did the Evolutionists’ single-cell amoeba do it?
Did the creationists’ God or Gods do it?
Did the aliens from another world do it?
Or did we all do it via a universal consciousness?

Until the day comes when Evolutionists can gracefully explain the missing link between Homo erectus and the Homo sapiens of today, they will never really hold any ground when it comes to real science, fact or actuality.
I know, I know, it would be nice & easy to say that we are all from the same species, race, etc., and that the extinct Homo erectus, Neanderthals, etc., are all close relatives to the same type of beings that roam the earth today and that we all evolved from a single-cell amoeba and got extra motivated from some mad race of trilobites (just threw that in there for fun), but that simply isn’t true.
I hate to say it, but the ancient alien theorists make better sense than the evolutionists when it concerns “human” evolution, and the religionists lie somewhere in between the two. Ah, the joys of life’s mysteries… 😀

Humorous Quote: “Darwin is liked by evolutionists because he liberated science from the straitjacket of observation and opened the door to storytellers. This gave professional evolutionists job security so they can wander through biology labs as if they belong there.” — David Coppedge, Speaking of Science, Creation Matters, May/June 2003



Additional, Informative Link related to “Theory of Evolution: Where is the missing link between Homo sapiens & Homo erectus?,” here :Debunking Evolution: Problems between the Theory and Reality; the False Science of Evolution

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If your Pets won’t eat bread, maybe they’re overfed?


This sickens me to no end, when I see spoiled, “domesticated” animals that are fed (past tense of feed) to such a degree that they will pass, pick or choose what they ingest in such a manner that it reminds you of a pompous glut without reason for finicky ways.  WTF?  They sure gobble up all of that high-dollar bagged and canned food from the market (that you purchase), along with certain table-scrap food that you pay a decent price for, but no-no-no, how dare these certain special animals get offered the so-called “comfort food” known as cheap bread.  Yeah, I think some of these “pets” are obviously overfed……

[This post is fueled by the rebellion of my generous hand-out today, while thinking I was being efficient by not wasting food and providing variety to their diet by giving bread to the animals/pets that dwell at my current residence, as opposed to my usual meat trimmings and delightful “toss outs,” but maybe I spoiled them so it is my fault, right?  In case you think negatively of the post below, when it comes to pets or animals, I generally like most…, well, some animals, but the ratio of ‘like vs. not’ is still probably higher than what I feel towards the general population of the Homo sapiens of today…]

If you have pets, especially the typical cat or dog, and you go to throw out some fresh bread (wheat or white, doesn’t matter if you’re hungry – trust me) due to you having an excess amount of it and because you don’t want to waste it, and your outdoor and/or indoor pets, fish, dogs, birds, cats, rats, whatever, go up and sniff it then walk, fly or swim away, I have a feeling they are not living the life of a “trying-to-survive” animal anymore.  By the way, I was joking about the fish; I just threw that in there for the effect.  I don’t recommend that you put anything other than aquarium food or live bait into your tank for feeding, although some fish will eat bread.  Ha!

This is a humorous rant that is poor-boy related, sort of like my “price per calorie ratio” post, but regardless, it will contain some merit or reason:

Many of us realize, that America is probably one of the most, shall I put it nicely, “overfed countries” in the world.  Hey, look, many folks are really hungry and just relish the moment of welfare while consuming mass quantities of food while exerting very little effort during the day.  In fact, for some, the biggest workload of their life, is enduring the hardship of going out and throwing all that free food into their shopping cart while making the brave, almighty swipe at the register upon checkout, with their “all-you-can-eat-as-long-as-you-keep-having-kids-and-never-work” card or the “help-help-I’m-disabled-from-wiping-my-own-ass-from-the-free-food” card or whatever or however you want to label it.  WAIT!!!  I’m sorry, I thought this post was about pets or animals; oops!  Please forgive me…  Lets start again, shall we?

If your Pets won’t eat bread, maybe they’re overfed?  Oh yeah, that post…

Anyway, back to the point:   Humans are the only thing on this planet that can become a spoiled, pampered, coddled waste of mobile manure, ya know?  No?  Yeah, well, okay…  Humans can also cause other animals to become such things, like being overly picky when it comes to food.

Below, is a cat that thinks bread doesn’t even equal a decent necklace [story continues below the image]:


If ya got the money to select specially trimmed pork chops for your little doggy dog, and give your coddled cat freshly cooked ‘ground round’ beef – all while feeding your aquarium fish (by the way, I caught my biggest fish [small-mouth bass] using a bread-ball on a hook – at the creek!) freshly minced shrimp while throwing your children or yourself some bologna or hot dogs for the prime humanoid meal of the day, I’d say that YOU have a fuckin’ priority problem!  BUT, if you go to give your dependent pets some damn bread and they snub their nose at you, I say “to hell with ’em” and let their spoiled selves go back into the wild and get more independent and re-find their inner roots of survival. 

…Hey, don’t get me wrong, I buy decent quality pet food for my dependent animals, but it gets old real quick, when I’m a struggling low-middle class worker that can barely feed myself, and I got snobbish little pets that think they should have the finest meats in the world while I often settle for peanut butter and bread for lunch.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Does the terms ‘spoiled bastards’ pop into your mind?  Anyone?  Is this not a metaphor for the new-age America?   I have often thought, while leaving for work while having some whining cat crying at the door for food, “why don’t you go out and hunt; kill something; get your own damn food?!”  Have the domesticated animals of today took heed to our ways and seen how lazy most of us are and have become even more pathetic than the typical sluggish glut from the land of the free?   Well, maybe that is pushing it a bit much, but I really do see a correspondence here, between those two factors of domesticated animals versus human characteristics…  Uh, uh, cheers?

At any rate kitty kitty, here is a piece of bread for you:


On another note, there are some “interesting characters” out there who will swear up & down that certain animals shouldn’t eat this or that or it will cause a certain disorder, a biological malfunction or this type of organ failure, this disease, and that type of illness that leads to this fatal form of demise that only the animal doctors can deal with.  Oh, really?  Have you ever been starving and thought to analyze whether a certain type of grain, vegetable, meat, etc., was bad for you?  Yeah, whatever!  Have ya ever heard of adaptation, survival, evolution and acclimation?  Take your “do-not-eat-list” for the animals and shove it where you will only hope the sun will shine one day!  Ha-ha! Okay?  Ney?  Either way, STFU!  Trust me, if they don’t like it or it makes them sick, many of these animals won’t bother eating it.  Plus, I have a dog that is 13 years old and has ate mass quantities of chicken bones its entire life, along with all types of human food and a lot of other stuff that some of these “gurus” say you can’t feed your dog!  BUT, the other day, along with the cats, she didn’t eat bread either!  LOL!


Oh, never mind…  I think this post had something to do with “If your Pets won’t eat bread, then maybe they’re overfed,” but I sort of lost track along the way.  Either way, I think it is bound for some “whole wheat” commercial or something or perhaps, in replacement for cheap table-scraps for your animals, maybe we could throw in some generic cat or dog food that is made from 50% filler material like saw dust and fecal matter.  Yay!  Okay, pet lovers, happy feeding and have a good rest of the day…   By the way, the spoiled gluts out there will never understand the true message behind this “pet” post, that is, if they can comprehend above 8th grade level English and also have the ability to read something besides a menu from McDonalds and whatnot; but for some of you, it will hit right at home for what this post actually stands for.

However, back to this bread subject without the pets: the only real bread to me is called “wheat bread,” which should have been the only bread to start with!  Why strip away all the nutrients, over process, and declare it as some magnificent “white bread” when all you did is rob the damn loaf?  It is sort of like comparing white rice to brown rice, table salt to sea salt, black tea to green tea, and so on…   Cheers!

Why do people keep staring at my cock?


I’m tired of all this talk about male enhancement and people suffering from a small penis. Blah-blah, you’ve got problems but maybe some of us are sick of hearing about it. Plus, the shoddy adverts for “performance pills” are not very convincing. Anyway, since everybody else can cry about their penis, I figured I’d join the party.  Cheers now!  😉

Yes folks, I got a big, divine dong and I’m proud of it.  BUT, I also have a huge problem.  I can’t figure out why some people keep staring at my cock!

These problems started early on, years ago, even in High School. But recently, it has just gotten ridiculous and I wanted to talk about some (too many to list) examples of these freaks who have staring problems! Okay, like, this past spring, I had some clown run over my mailbox because of this very issue. I was almost done mowing my yard and was just finishing up the front yard, but suddenly, I got an urge to take a piss. I was not about to walk all the way inside the house just to urinate, then have to come back out there and finish the mowing job. So, I just stood by a tree and took a whiz right there, you know, to save steps. Well, here comes some car slowly going down the road, in front of my house. I didn’t think anything about it, figured I’d wave like a friendly neighbor and be done with it. But no, no, no… This maniac comes down the road with their eyes glued to my urinating meatpole – while not even looking at the road – and runs over my damn mailbox! I don’t even think the fool even noticed my courtesy-wave, but whatever. I hurried up and finished, then I zipped up my bulging package and went running towards the mailbox, then this lunatic takes off. Yeah, the bastard performed a hit & run on my USPS receptor, but luckily for me, the damages weren’t too bad. I swear, people need to pay more attention to the road!

Another recent example, is when I went to the dentist office about a month ago. I had to get a couple fillings (fill the caries with silver or some other unknown alloy), but the only good thing about the visit was the super-sexy dental assistant. She had these big, succulent breasts, and full thick lips. The whole time I was laying there getting my teeth drilled, I kept fantasizing about having sex with this woman. Oh, man, I was feeling so aroused. Well, anyway, she was suppose to be holding that suction thing in my mouth where the dentist is working at – to catch the fragments that occur from getting a tooth drilled and to also suck up the water when it is sprayed in there on occasions. I was laying back in that chair, daydreaming about thrusting my manhood into her available openings and then AHH! She evidently wasn’t paying attention and let that suction device slide out of my mouth and then hovered it over one of my nostrils and I jumped as it tickled a nostril hair or something – and the dentist slipped the drill and hit one of my good teeth. After a quick yell from the dentist, telling her to pay attention, they resumed. I thought to myself “okay, that was weird.” Well, I went back to fantasizing about ramming her with my swollen rod and a minute or so later, she did it again! Talk about pissed! The dentist, without thinking, yelled out, “if you’d quit staring at his genitalia, maybe you could pay attention to your job!” The assistant, now embarrassed, left the room and I never seen her again. The dentist said he would be right back, and when he returned, he brought a different dental assistant in there. She was older and somewhat resembled a troll, but oh well… I don’t know why the other assistant was staring at my cock because they BOTH were suppose to be working on my teeth! Some people really have some serious issues, I suppose. Upon leaving, the dentist told me that next time, I should probably take care of some things before coming in there. Confused by that asinine statement, I said, “like, take care of what?” He started to stare at my genital region and then began to nod… I said, “you people are fucking crazy,” and left. I never went back to that dental asylum again!

This next example is just plain gay. A couple weeks ago, I ordered a pizza and some cheese sticks from a pizzeria. Instead of picking it up, I had it delivered – since I was in a hurry. Anyway, I set the money on the counter by the door, drank me a beer, smoked a cigarette, and decided to take a quick shower. Oh yeah, I was starting to crave some damn delicious pizza by now, and I couldn’t wait until my supreme pizza fucking arrived! After showering, when I got out, I realized that I forgot to bring my clothes into the bathroom. …On the way to my room, I decided that I wanted another beer, so I went into the kitchen, butt naked as could be (nobody was home, so who cares). About the time I shut the fridge door, I heard a knock at the door behind me. I look out and it’s the damn pizza guy already! I was thinking it usually took them longer to get here, but whatever… It’s too late to get dressed, since I don’t want to keep a person of delivery waiting – especially with hot pizza, so I grab the money off the counter and open the door. The guy, with his mouth wide open while staring at my cock, drops the damn pizza and cheese sticks on the ground and starts walking backwards. I’m holding the money in my hand, but refuse to go any further since I’m butt naked…so I yell, “hey, do you want this!” I said that several times, but it seemed to make him move even quicker to his car. I thought to myself, “hey, if he doesn’t want to take the money for the pizza, then that is his problem.” All I could do was ask, but either way, the guy had some serious staring problems and he seemed to think my dick was a focal point or something that he should be gawking at while refusing to take my money. All I was trying to do was pay for my meal, nothing more! I’m telling ya, some of these people are fucking nuts!

This last example, is really recent. It involves a couple co-workers. These two were girlfriend & boyfriend at the time, but that’s not important. I have this fire ring that I built last year, outside, in a distant field. I invited them over for a weekend beer party and we were going to build a fire and all that good stuff. Me and my girlfriend along with this couple, were having a good time on the beginning by the toasty campfire. The other guy ended up getting sick midway through the night and went home. Shortly after, my girlfriend became tired and went inside to go to bed. So, it is just me and this other girl. She seemed to be a big drinker. She didn’t look all that great in the face, but she had a body that you would kill for. Anyway, while being nice to her since she was a guest, I suggested to her that maybe we can “play around” and that I could perhaps shove my over-sized shaft into any orifice she deemed available. She was barely coherent at the time and was very intoxicated, but I think I heard a “yes” in there amid her mumbles or I suppose it could have been my imagination, who knows… So I grabbed her sternly, bent her over, shucked her pants and panties down, and began trying to pervade her vaginal cavity like the good guy I am. Man, that stuff was seriously tight. I had to keep spitting on my cock since I didn’t have any available lube out in the wilderness, but eventually, I finally broke through her firm barrier of welded madness. Oh, she screamed like I was raping her or something. I was thinking, “what is your problem?” I repetitively pounded away, stroke after stroke, thrust after thrust, while I tried to become oblivious to the fact that she sounded like a dying dog during the process. I assumed that this bitch was an ex-mental patient since she seemed to act so wild & childish while I was cramming ever inch I could get into her seemingly vice-grip-like vagina. After a few minutes, I couldn’t stand her cries any longer and I pulled out and ejaculated all over her drunken face.

Anyway, after that, I went inside to get some more beer. When I got inside, I noticed that I had blood all over me.
I was like, WTF? When I went back outside, she was passed out on the ground – but she did manage to put her pants & panties back on before collapsing to the fire-warmed earth. I said, “this sucks; get up!” She didn’t seem to respond but she was at least still breathing. Well, the next day, my girlfriend had to take her home. I must have been asleep because I don’t remember her doing such…or how…or if the other girl even made it back in the house that night.
To make a long story short, I found out later that those two (my co-workers that I invited over) were waiting until they got married to have sex and that she was still a virgin. Oops! Hell, I didn’t know! Anyway, a couple days later, I heard they broke up for good and just the other day, the funniest thing happened at work… As I passed this guy in the hallway, towards the end of the work day, he was soooo staring at my “stuff” as if he envied it or whatever…and tripped over a dust mop that was laying across his path, and landed face down into the concrete floor. I was thinking to myself in a humorous fashion, after he fell, “finally, someone gets paid back for staring at my cock!” Why do people keep staring at my cock? Ha-ha!


King of the Jungle…

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Health Benefits of Laughing – Laugh Out Loud – LOL!


In today’s cyberworld that is full of cell phone texting, instant messaging (IM), and so on, abbreviations & slang is definitely “in.” For example, the famous ‘LOL’ (laugh/laughing out loud) and ‘LMAO’ (laughing my ass off) are quite commonly seen all over forums, blogs, et cetera. But are you really? If you’re actually displaying mirth & joy at the other end of the conversation, having explosive laughs, or even merely chuckling in a mild fashion, it is all good for your health……

I’m sure most people realize that being happy is an obvious forward step towards an overall state of well-being, but I’m going to show some evidence – from the scientific side of things……

Laughter reduces the level of epinephrine, cortisol, adrenaline, and dopamine, which are all stress hormones in the body. These silly bursts of expressions also raises your levels of healthy hormones, neurotransmitters, and endorphins. Studies have linked laughing to an increased immune system (antibodies, t-cells, etc.), which helps combat disease & sickness.

Due to the relaxing effects and positive hormonal impact within the body by performing the “LOL,” it can improve memory and overall cognitive ability, lower blood pressure, and protect against heart disease. Also, while being relaxed from your bouts of “laughing out loud,” the blood vessels often dilate and this increases blood circulation, which is always a good thing.

There is also something about the way you feel, after you’ve had a lot of humorous moments within a short time span… Have you ever noticed that calm, warm feeling, like your body has expelled pent-up stress or frustrations, immediately after you fell out of your chair from laughing so hard at some of the morons online? Ha-ha! Okay, you don’t have to fall out of your chair nor do you have to laugh at moronic beings, but it can happen when you visit too many random, online forums & blogs throughout cyberspace. LOL! Excuse me, I got sidetracked… Anyway, this particular release from laughing…seems to effect the body in both physical and mental ways.

Some studies have favored the notion, that laughter may help increase the pain resistance level in the body, but more research needs to be done. Personally, I don’t think any research needs to be done. It is pretty obvious, like I said before, that being happy (even if it’s just in spurts) is always going to have health benefits.

Laughing is an attribute geared towards the betterment of mental health, as it can help rid yourself of depression or from feeling down and/or enhance your current state of joviality. And, for the temporarily detached individuals out there, a good laugh can bring back your feelings of being apart of something worth living for, something worthy of being an onlooker, if you will.

When arguing with others, finding something humorous amid the turmoil, can often end up being a common viewpoint between the two (or more) at verbal war. This, in return, can change the tempo and often ends the whole conflict, as the parties agree on the reason of laughter. This peacekeeping method of invoking laughs, however, may not apply to Religious & Political debates, because some of them crazy bastards wouldn’t know the jest of a joke if it slapped ’em in the face. LOL!

On a physical health note: The act of laughing out loud, is good for your heart, lungs, and abdominal muscles; this especially applies to those hard-to-stop, laughable break outs from insane, ludicrous realizations of asininities.

With all that being said: If it’s at all possible, try to find some humor in your life. There are plenty of foolish, absurd things and imbecilic, doltish beings out there to laugh at, trust me. And also, try to not always take life so seriously; being uptight with restrictive thoughts, may shorten your life in the long run. If your life permits, do as the convivial statement says: “Eat, drink, and be merry!” I just realized, this is the most happy-happy, joy-joy page I’ve ever wrote. Okay, I’m rushing to go vomit in a toilet now… LOL! Just kidding…

Orangutan, laughing out loud, I suppose.  LOL!

Orangutan, laughing out loud, I suppose. LOL!