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The Best Crankbait for Creek Fishing

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crawfish_lureThis is more or less an opinion post, even though I have tried and tested this particular crankbait along with many others while creek fishing, for several years. I must say, the water conditions, weather, time of year, etc., can all affect what works best, but overall I found one type of fishing lure that worked the best in the creeks I fished in…

Of course, live bait is hard to beat, but we are talking about artificial lures at the moment. Crankbaits are very versatile and come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and types; they are an excellent alternative to other artificial lures like plastic worms, spinnerbaits, and so on.

Anyway, the bait of choice is . . . The Rebel brand, medium-sized crawfish crankbait. You can get a small and large version as well, but I had the best luck with the one in the middle. Even though I haven’t went fishing in a few years, I used to roam up and down various streams, creeks, etc., with nothing but a stringer, a couple extra hooks, sinkers and swivels (in case I got hung up and had to resort to live bait), along with my awesome Rebel brand crawfish crankbait. Yes, occasionally I’d loose these things, as crankbaits have the extra hooks, which makes it easier to get hung around big rocks, weeds, etc. Hell, I’ve even lost one up in a tree one time while casting out (don’t ask how I managed to do this). I always preferred to bring a full tackle box, a pellet gun in case I seen an unfriendly snake, and be settled in one or two good fishing spots at the creek, but sometimes it is fun to change it up and walk up or downstream and fish while pretending to be a pro – especially if you find a good creek that has a lot of walking room on a rocky bank on one side or the other.

When it comes to using this crawfish crankbait, it is basically trial and error. You’ll find a rhythm and technique that works best for you, the more you use it. I’ve caught a many smallmouth bass and several largemouth bass while using this lure, but this bait is especially effective for those pesky little Rock Bass, also known as Red-eye Bass, Rock Perch, and Google-eye. Rock Bass are technically not a bass, but they look like one and put up a great fight for their size. They have big red eyes, and can rapidly change colors from light green to a very dark color to help match their surroundings (a chameleon-like trait). Red-eye bass love rocky and cave-like areas (hence the name), and it is always pleasant to see one jolt out of their little underwater cave to pounce on your crawfish crankbait. Oh, they make for some pretty good meals, as well… Here is a picture of a nice, plump one, below:


Well, I suppose I could start telling random fishing tales or how I caught my biggest smallmouth bass ever, using a bread ball on a big hook, but I figure that I will spare y’all my short-lived success stories while creek fishing; ha-ha! However, if anybody wants to talk about what their favorite crankbait is or what artificial bait has worked best for you while fishing in creeks and/or small-to-large streams (along with anything else related to fishing), feel free to drop it down in the comment field below. Dang, after writing this short Hub, I’m now in the mood for a big fish fry. Hmmm…

Now, it is time to find the creeks & streams:


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Zero Point (Free) Energy – Possible Inventions?


zero_point_energyI recently picked up (purchased) a book the other day that was entitled “Quest For Zero Point Energy” and it spoke about many of the engineering principles for what is known as “free energy.”

When most folks hear the terms “free energy,” they probably think I’m talking about solar power, wind power, etc., but that is hardly the case.  Zero Point Energy (ZPE) involves a perpetual form of energy via the underlying, energetic fabric of space known as “the ether.”  Many people, in fact most people, of the scientific community reject such notions.  However, Wheeler’s theory of geometrodynamics speaks of the fabric of so-called “empty space” as being “quantum foam,” if you will…

Quantum mechanics became somewhat accepted in the 1930s and, from that, arose a mathematical term that described the ground state of any oscillating system called the Zero Point Energy.  If any of y’all are wondering, the term “zero-point” refers to zero degrees Kelvin – which means that even in the absence of all heat, this energy would still exist.  Now, one must ask, does ZPE really exist?

I would like to think so, as I believe that there is an amazing ongoing energy source out there that is possible to tap into.  I find it hard to believe that we, on Earth, have already used and have become aware of all available energy sources that are available by way of the cosmos and the space that surrounds us.

At any rate, lets move forward…
How do we build a practical self-running device that provides this “free energy” and/or Zero Point Energy?  There has been several interesting inventions and ideas of engineering such things over the last several years.  Many of which, displayed energy anomalies.  Similar to ball lightning, finding this excess energy and tapping into it, doesn’t seem too far-fetched for an open-minded individual.

Although the concepts behind Zero Point Energy are often labeled as pseudoscience, science fiction, and madman theories, I find the advanced notions of “free energy” from the fabric of “empty” space to be more plausible than what many scientists would have you believe.  Does “the ether” contain a plenum of energy?  Well, obviously more experiments need to be done.

I must say, though, with experiments, proof, inventions, etc., there lies several major problems.  Such paradigm-violating experiments (like ZPE) are not often welcomed by the scientific community.  Many of these projects, because of this, are suspended.  Simply put, sociological, political and economical factors dominate most scientists.  Many things can result from this type of “going out on a limb” type of work, such as:  patents blocked, jobs lost, grants withdrawn, suppression, personal threats, assassinations, and so on.

Anyway, here is a list of some (out of the many) possible inventions that point to Zero Point Energy [References: Author Moray B. King, Quest for Zero Point Energy, page 10]:

1) Electrostatic field-chopping device of William Hyde, which he claimed that it produced 20 kilowatts output while free-running.
2) Floyd Sweet’s well-witnessed magnetic device was suppose to have produced 500 watts while free-running.
3) The plasma tubes of T. Henry Moray – 50 kilowatt energy device.
4)Ken Shoulders – discovery of the “electrum validum,” which is a micron size, charge plasma form that seems to contain excess energy.

Outside of these, there are many vacuum energy ideas, some of which hint at the notion of organizing them into vortex forms, as this could end up resulting into grand, energetic effects.

Well, if you are an inventor, scientist, or engineer that is interested in these “free energy” principles, I recommend Moray’s book, The Quest for Zero Point Energy. Even if you are none of the above, you may find this book to be very interesting and, who knows, it may provoke you to learn more about the subject or perhaps trigger new ideas that you can expand upon.

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Additional Reading: “ZPE – Limitless (free) energy embedded in the fabric of space?

Random Blog Link:  Quantum Jumping vs. Deep Meditation & Creative Imagination

If you have totally given up on the possibility of building some crazy invention featuring this insanely free zero point energy, perhaps you may need to keep it simple and start by building speaker boxes, instead: MDF vs. Particle Board

Buy Headlamps / Headlights Online

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headlampI remember seeing these things several years ago, and my initial thoughts were:  “Dang, those gadgets look goofy.  Who in the hell needs a freakin’ headlight or headlamp?”  Well, actually, after further thought, I could see where they could be very useful.  In today’s world, you can now buy the LED version of this product online, which means they will last longer and drain your batteries less.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I sold some Coconut Water Packets & Powder online via, and after checking the order I noticed that they bought a lot of stuff that seemed like camping gear.  One of those items happened to be one of these nifty headlamps, and it got me to thinking about doing a quick promotional post for them, in case anybody was curious about this product and/or was looking for a quick search.  I’ll provide the link in a moment, but first, what is up with these headlights?

At first glance, to me, it looks like gear you would only need if you were entering a cave, but really, who wants to carry a flashlight around all the time?  Perhaps you need your hands for other things and the convenience of wearing a headlamp may be the solution.  This is an excellent product if you are camping and wandering around in the dark, say, looking for small pieces of wood for your camp fire?  Even an auto mechanic working underneath a vehicle at night, could benefit from this product.

For the more daring folks, having a headlight may be a great idea for the ones who decide to roam into the middle of the woods at night, searching & hunting for small or big game.  I’m not saying that the light won’t scare off your potential targets, but if you are aggressive enough and have some good luck, you might find a big deer caught in your head-harnessed spotlight, for example.  On a side note, if you hunt at night, you may also want to check into laser beam scopes, as well…

Anyway, there really isn’t a lot to say about this particular product, other than simple descriptions of each individual headlamp sold online, so I’ll just copy & paste one below, for the example I have pictured in the upper-left corner of this post:

“The Energizer TrailFinder 7-LED headlight is ideal for industrial professionals, outdoorsmen, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The TrailFinder offers four light modes (area, spot, flood, and red for night vision) so you have plenty of options depending on your activity. In addition, the TrailFinder pivots back and forth, making it easy to aim the light where it’s needed. Best of all, the light fits virtually any individual thanks to its adjustable soft elastic headband. Water-resistant, the TrailFinder runs for 14 hours on the maximum setting using three Energizer Max AAA batteries.”
Night vision mode: 2 red LEDs
Spot mode: 3 white LEDs
Flood mode: 2 white LEDs
Spot+flood: 5 white LEDs
Power source: Energizer Max 3 AAA
Lamp: 5 white LEDs
White LED max output: 58 lumens
Additional LEDs: 2 red
Dimensions: 2.75 by 1.63 inches
Weight: 1.92 ounces (without batteries)

Of course, not all headlamps are the same, so it’s best to search around until you find the one that suits your needs the most.  The one I have, has three different light settings, and I especially like the red-light night vision setting.  Another good thing about today’s version of these headlights and/or headlamps, is that they aren’t very bulky, so you don’t feel like you’re some lost astronaut on another planet that is wearing heavy gear from NASA; ha!

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Is a ‘Small Game Cleaning Kit’ Really Necessary?

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…This thought just sort of popped into my mind earlier, while reminiscing about how I used to get out in nature more while hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and so on. I still take part in some things that relate to outdoors, but gardening, taking short walks in the woods, target practicing, and building fires in a fire pit doesn’t cover the same ground as the things I mentioned prior.

Anyway, I was looking around the house and checking out some old gear, knives, guns, etc., only to realize that I no longer have any of my fishing equipment. Hmm, I must have lost it? Threw it away? Dang, has it been that long?

Well, I also stumbled across a plastic briefcase-looking thingy, that was a small game cleaning kit. Ahh, yes, it was something I bought from a sporting goods magazine a few years back. My oh my, this thing looks like it has never been used! Oh, wait a minute, it hasn’t… Ha!

Then, I got to thinking how I used to clean all kinds of small game (rabbits, squirrels, dove, etc.) and fish, without any kits. Are these small game kits really necessary or is it just some sales gimmick that makes for better gift ideas than practical use? I know that the answer to this question is rather simple, but it is sort of funny how everything has become monetized & merchandised to the point of madness, when you think about it.
Back when I used to fillet fish and clean small game, all I needed was a sharp, medium-sized knife, a saw blade knife (now they call it a bone saw), and preferably a pair of rubber or plastic gloves – but even they weren’t necessary as long as you had water nearby. I’d quickly clean my fish, rabbits, whatever, and rinse them off and soak them in salt water for a couple days before I fried or baked ’em. Well, the fish would usually either get cooked that day or froze for later use, but everything else would soak for a couple days in a brine solution while setting at the bottom of the fridge.

…Okay, originally, I was going to write a comical parody about this subject and type about how no hunter or fisherman can make it without these kits, but I changed my mind. With that being said, lets check out some of these “Game Cleaning Kits” (I suppose they can be used for big & small game) and see what all the fuss is about:


Actually, this is the set I bought a few years back. Why I bought this, I’m yet to figure out, but it only cost me $30-35+ dollars (right now they are on sale for $20 bucks @ Amazon), so at least I didn’t get too ripped off. I think I was already ordering from the place and seen that kit and evidently thought it was cute or something, and ordered it as well. …This set includes a 5 1/2″ boning knife, 4″ skinning knife, 5″ game shears, 8″ utility knife, 6 1/2″ metal cleaver, 7 1/2″ sharpening bar, and 17″ bone saw all packed securely in an impact resistant carrying case.


This next kit’s (the one depicted above) product description is: The most complete and portable butchering kit for dressing big game, small game, waterfowl, wild turkey, and fish. Includes 4 of the most useful knives for butchering, featuring high carbon 420 stainless steel and full tang construction. Kit also includes: tungsten carbide V-sharpener, 10″ double ground wood/bone saw, 5-1/4″ carving fork, game shears, brisket spreader, 10″ x 14″ cutting board, set of 6 surgical game cleaning gloves, and a hard-sided carrying case. The most complete and portable… Well, it better be, for $75 dollars!

I could provide more examples, but I think you get the idea. It is obvious that these kits are not necessary in my opinion, but outside of making great gift ideas, it sure makes you look like a professional hunter/gatherer, eh? So, after further review, maybe you need to buy your Big or Small Game Cleaning Kit, today!

Buy Coconut Water Packets & Powder Online


coconut_water_powderWhat is it with this latest coconut craze?

…Since I keep hearing about all of this coconut powder, packets, on-the-go coconut drink mixes and so on, for hydration and to replenish lost electrolytes, I decided to check it out.
Actually, this subject spawned from a recent conversation I had with a friend. She was wanting me to find the best deals for this product, since most of the ones on those health websites were way overpriced.  I knew right where to go, as this super-sized affiliate-based retailer has almost everything, it seems. I’ll provide a couple links in a moment; anyway…

Many of you know that coconut is excellent for your skin, and I’m also a supporter of its oil that is often used when popping the traditional theater popcorn, as well. In fact, you can read more about that, here: “Coconut Oil Myth – Debunked

This particular blog post is promotional, as it is a break from the norm on this site, considering I usually cover more interesting, debatable, thought-provoking subjects. However, I wanted to do a quick blog post about coconut water packets, in the event that I may need to redirect somebody to this post that is searching for coconut powder online.

Plus, it will eliminate your long search time for these products and will save you from reading endless amounts of hooey and hogwash on some of those wanna-be health guru websites & blogs; ha-ha!

Out of all the products I read about, the one I have pictured in the upper-left corner, was the best deal.  The product details are as follows: Case of 4 Pack; 10 single serve sachets in each pack; each sachet makes an 8 to 10 fl oz coconut water drink; total of 80-100 fl oz of coconut water drink mix per pack.  This product is fat free, low in calories and sugar; good source of potassium and contains five essential electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorous.
Portable “to-go” stick pack sachets so you can literally hydrate on the go.
100% all-natural ingredients and has no preservatives, no artificial flavors along with no caffeine; pH balance of 5.

Product Description: Excellent for replacing lost electrolytes due to exercise, fatigue, heat exhaustion, hangover, or illness.  This product provides instant hydration and allows Coconut Water to be with you on the go, which is perfect for running, biking, hiking, or traveling, for example.  It is very affordable – Cheaper per fluid ounce than any Ready-to-Drink natural coconut water.

If you are interested in buying this product, click the link below:

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You can also purchase the on-the-go or as they often call “To-Go” flavored drink packets for your bottled water. You can get coconut powder mixed with green tea, pomegranate, etc. If you’re looking for those types of drink mixes along with other related products, go here:

All Natural Coconut Water & Mango Green Tea To-Go Drink-6 Packets [link is no longer active]

For all other coconut products for skin care, shampoo, cooking, etc., go here:

Shop Online for Coconut-related Products

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Buy ‘Temporary Dental Fillings’ Online

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dental_fillingsIf you’ve ever lost a dental filling, broke part of your tooth off, etc., and didn’t have the time or money to go see a dentist, this post may provide you with exactly what you’re looking for…

Several years ago, I went to the dentist, got my silly x-rays and was told how many cavities I had, what needed to be pulled, filled, and so on.  Well, this particular dentist didn’t fix anything (outside of pulling) unless it showed up on an x-ray.  So, here’s what happened:  One particular jaw tooth had a couple areas that needed filling, but was at the brink of another cavity on the side, although it didn’t show up on the x-ray.  Well, a few months later, by the time it came to getting that tooth fixed, he filled the other areas but left the hole that was forming on the side of that tooth, and worked around it because ‘technically” it didn’t show up on the x-ray during my first appointment there!  WTF?

So, as the years went by, the cavity got worse and although that jaw tooth was filled everywhere else, the cavity that he “worked around” finally got so deep, that the tooth broke off (half of it) one day while I was eating some yummy hot wings.  Then, about year-and-a-half later, that bastard started hurting pretty bad.  I would have pain for a couple days, then it would subside, flare up again, go away for a few, come back, etc.  Now, I’m on an online search for temporary dental fillings, and I think I’m in luck.

Oh, I suppose one could say “why didn’t you just go back to the dentist and get your tooth fixed?”  Well, unlike some folks, I can’t stand dentists, doctors, or anybody else  that pokes and probes at me while trying to prescribe me baloney pills for every possible ailment known to man.  I only go to those places when it is absolutely necessary, to say the least.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand:  I was at work one day, and got to thinking about how they surely, after all of these years of medical advancement and better medicine, have something on the market to act as a dental filling.  I was hoping to find something permanent, but I wasn’t surprised to only find a temporary fix.  I mean, hey, if people started fixing their own teeth, the dental industry would be screwed, for the most part.  Plus, if you don’t know what you’re doing, a person could easily give their self an oral infection along with other complications.  But, I don’t care about all that other crap, as I just want to buy a damn product, temporary or not, that acts like dental fillings, once it hardens!

After reading several reviews along with listening to all the pros and cons about many of these types of products, I think I’ve found a good one.  Some people say it can last for at least a month or longer, and is not expensive at all, when looking at the “price per application” ratio.  The name of this dental bliss, is called “REFILIT.”  I’ll provide a shopping link, in a moment.

But first, here is its product description:  “Refilit maximum strength filling material, cherry flavor exclusively for lost fillings. Instant pain relief. It has multiple applications. One step no mixing. Eugenol free. Refilit provides fast relief of pain and discomfort until you can see your dentist. Clinically tested, Refilit has a pleasant cherry taste, and is so safe and effective you can eat on it.”

Of course, you may want to browse through the entire selection to find exactly what you’re looking for, but personally, I’m going to buy the REFILIT stuff, and I may report back here in a few weeks, and provide my product review.  Okay, well, tooth aches are not fun, so maybe these products will be of great help for the ones out there searching for dentistry alternatives.  I’ll provide the shopping link below…

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Buy Telescopes & Binoculars Online

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Looking for something far away?  Are you one of the many that are desperately searching for Planet X/Planet Nibiru?  Regardless if you’re wanting to buy cheap binoculars or expensive telescopes for your new-found love of astronomy, you can easily find what you need online…

I haven’t did a promotional post in a while, as I usually try to steer clear from such things and generally like writing about informative stuff or things that are at least semi-entertaining or halfway interesting.  However, I have been hearing more and more about people constantly looking up in the sky, searching for this Doomsday Planet that suppose to appear during this fine year of 2012, and also how many people are trying to detect unusual changes in the moon for evidence that a polar shift is slowly happening, and so on.

Yeah, there is a lot of crazy talk out there, and we can only hope that all this “doom & gloom” stuff is a lie and/or an elaborate hoax.  On the other hand, this beautiful water planet currently has enough problems without a polar shift or a horde of aliens coming from a frozen rock via deep space.  Plus, why does there suppose to be aliens on Planet X?  What happened to their flying saucers and warmer planets that are closer to a star?  I thought one of the alien races were currently fleeing from their planet due to the big dying star Betelgeuse?  At any less than insane rate, I’m also thinking about buying a telescope, albeit I already have binoculars, but they are just your basic, fairly weak 7 x 35 mm. type (Tasco Zip brand) that I got when I was a kid.

Speaking of being a kid, my early years is when I spent the most time looking at the night sky, trying to see awesome stellar stuff with my cheap binoculars and so forth.  I’d read all different types of cool science books & space books with lots of illustrations, and I seemed to be more into astronomy, back then.  What has happened to me?  Why do I often go outside at night and pretend there is nothing up there anymore?  Oh, yeah, being stuck in the rat race and being a low-middle class working stiff can do that to a person.  Anyway, all this hype has got me sort of interested again, so I figure I’m not the only one who has recently thought about buying a telescope online.

By what I have read, most telescopes will do the job, except you have to watch out for those poor quality, Mickey Mouse ones you often see at Walmart and other discount retail stores.  I don’t want a toy scope, and if I’m spending my money, I’m going to pay a little extra and get one that actually serves its purpose.  I’m going to also include a link for binoculars, as well, in case you need some for general purposes like spying on your neighbors (Ha!  Just kidding!), bird watching or zooming in on nature while outdoors, etc.

If you’re getting into the field of astronomy, you’ll have plenty to learn before you become a pro, as you can bet on that.  But, it is all fun and educational while learning about the cosmos, unless you really do spot that mystery planet that contains a throng of barbaric reptilian aliens with bad intentions; yikes! 

I’ll drop down a couple shopping links below, and even if you don’t want to buy any of these at the moment, it is always good to at least browse through the selections so you can get a good idea of the price range and what you’d be willing to spend, if you ever do decide to purchase any of these nifty gadgets of magnifying bliss…


                                                ———>‘Click Here’ to Shop for Binoculars Online<———


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CFL & LED Light Bulbs – Energy-Efficient Lighting


CFL_bulbCompact Fluorescent Light and the advanced clusters of Light Emitting Diode Bulbs:

Energy-efficient lighting is more important now, than it has ever been before.  Many people are struggling to pay their expensive electric bills, and the planet could use any break it can get, when it comes to cutting down on pollution and CO2 emissions.

With that being said, incandescent bulbs are slowly becoming a thing of the past, as they are gradually being phased out throughout the globe.  Incandescent bulbs would have had a better chance of sticking around, if the only other energy-efficient alternatives would have been compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.  Now that LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology is on the rise and these cluster bulbs are starting to become more available, there really is not many excuses left.

Of course, many of you are familiar with the old-style fluorescent lights, which are long tubes that are commonly used to light up warehouses, stores, shops, aquariums, tanning beds, etc.  The compact versions, CFLs, have been around now for several years, and it surprises me still today, just how many people haven’t even switched over to ’em yet!  However, there are some traits that CFL bulbs have, that some folks just plain detest, such as: 

CFLs do contain a small amount of mercury, but if you handle them carefully and keep them out of harms way, it will cut down on the risk of them breaking. Some people complain that CFLs don’t last as long as they claim to, and that they are expensive when you keep having to replace them and am I really saving very much money?  Well, here’s the thing, if you constantly flick them on and off, it will greatly shorten their life.  But, even if you cut their life in half, it will still save you money because they are very efficient.  Plus, the price on those have come down over the years, when compared to their original, inflated price. 

Another complaint is that CFLs make for a poor outdoor light when it is cold outside.  Yeah, they do, as the gas doesn’t heat up enough to produce a full light in really cold temperatures.  Another common complaint is that CFL bulbs don’t work in their dimmer switches.  Dimmable CFLs are available for lights using a dimmer switch, but not all compact fluorescent lights can be used on dimmer switches.

Personally, I’ve used compact fluorescent bulbs for several years and I haven’t had any problems with ’em, outside of the occasional bulb that shoots prematurely.
I just use the basic spiral bulbs, although I have used the fluorescent globe-style bulbs for a vanity mirror in a bathroom (click here for Infinity Mirrors) before, and standard enclosed bulbs for lamps (click here for Himalayan Salt Lamps) or wherever I needed a softer light, and when I lived at another place, we had a chandelier that I used fluorescent chandelier bulbs and/or Candelabra (bulb with a small base and a torpedo shape) CFL bulbs.

I also like the natural daylight effect fluorescent bulbs have.  They make for excellent grow lights for plants and aquariums – especially the traditional tube-style bulbs.  I understand that LED lights are on the rise, but for now, although LED is even more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights, I’m sticking with my CFL bulbs, for now.

———>‘Click Here’ to browse through a fine selection of CFL Bulbs and Related Products<———

LED_bulbNow, what’s so special about LED lights?  Well, although the bulbs are rather expensive, they produce very little heat and use only a small amount of electricity and they last for a very, very long time.  LED technology has been around for quite some time, but in the past, they were limited to single-bulb use in applications such as electronics, instrument panels, pen lights, etc. Over the last few years, I’ve being seeing strings of indoor and outdoor LED Christmas lights being sold in some stores along with LED night lights and flashlights.  Now, you can find clusters of LED lights within a bulb, although still not easily found like CFLs, you can buy LED light bulbs to replace your standard incandescent or CFL light bulbs that you use throughout your home.
At the time I’m writing this, the Walmart that is closest to me, only sells LED night lights, flashlights, and those strings of LED light that I mentioned a moment ago.  As the incandescent bulbs are getting phased out, the bigger LED lights (small LED clusters within a bulb) should start to become more readily available.  You can always shop online, if this is the type of lighting you desire.  I’ll give an example of how energy-efficient they are:

A 75 to 100 watt incandescent bulb puts out about as much light as a 23 to 30 watt CFL, and a 16 to 20 watt LED light bulb.

I just checked Amazon, and they seem to only have a limited amount of LED products at this time, but you can always browse around or check back later, as they are always adding to their inventory:

——————>‘Click Here’ to Shop Amazon for LED Related Products<——————

I just found a website that has some bigger LED bulbs available.  Here’s a quick excerpt from their site:  “The high cost of producing LEDs has been a roadblock to widespread use.  However, researchers at Purdue University have developed a process for using inexpensive silicon wafers to replace the expensive sapphire-based technology.  This promises to bring LEDs into competitive pricing with CFLs and incandescents.  LEDs may soon become the standard for most lighting needs. We are following these developments with interest and will report the latest updates in this research.”  Read more, here:

Random Blog Links from the Promotional category:  “Buy Stainless Steel Skillets, Frying Pans & Cookware Online,” and “Buy Fire Extinguishers & Smoke Detectors Online.”  

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Don’t have money for a stove? Buy a Convection Oven & Portable Double Burner…

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Most of us are accustomed to the big, common stove that provides us with a large oven for baking and broiling, and a big stove-top with four electric eyes for our boiling, frying, and simmering needs.  However, those hefty stoves generally cost a lot of money, unless you can find a good used one for sale, and many of us poor folks can only hope that they last for years and years, so we won’t have to worry about coming up with all that cash to replace one.

Well, on another note:  If you’ve finally left home and just starting out, chances are that you either ended up in a furnished apartment or decided to rent a place that already came with a stove, refrigerator, and so on.  BUT, what about when you decide to go buy a place of your own or perhaps move into another home that doesn’t come equipped with all of those convenient appliances and you are short on money?    Yeah, it sucks doesn’t it?

Anyway, that’s the main reason for this blog post, to possibly help provide a temporary, monetary solution for your cooking dilemma…  Have you ever heard of a convection oven and a portable double burner?  Well, if you currently don’t have the money to spend on a bulky stove, you may have to settle for a compact, portable double burner and a convenient convection oven, until you save up enough cash.  I must say, you may find yourself becoming fond of these little cooking devices and just say “to hell with the big stove,” as they don’t take up very much room nor do they waste much electricity.  The convection oven, for example, won’t have to heat up a large area to cook your food, so this means less electricity and less unwanted heat (during the warm-weather months) into your home.  The portable, electric double burner works like 2 typical stove-top eyes, so there is no need to explain the mechanics behind this device, other than saying it is a cheap alternative.

Hey, not everyone has everything handed down to them and/or gets stuff for free, so we gotta to do what we have to do.  If you’re interested in these two items, you don’t have to worry about browsing through random offline stores, housewares, and whatnot.  Amazon has just about everything; plus, shopping online is just so much more relaxing and simple.  Personally, I hate waiting in long lines and being in crowded areas, so as you can tell, I have did a fair amount of shopping online, among other things. Ha!

Anyway, if you’re interested in browsing through a fine selection of Convection Ovens online, click the image below:

If you’re interested in browsing through a high-quality selection of Portable Double Burners, click the image below:

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Buy Stainless Steel Skillets, Frying Pans & Cookware Online…

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I don’t know about most of you, but I enjoy cooking and preparing big meals with lots of side items, etc.  I must say, unfortunately, this “enjoys cooking” thing is an odd trait for the typical caveman, such as myself.  However, I can’t say that I enjoy cleaning up the mess that I often make in the kitchen, but that’s besides the point…  Ha-ha!

Anyway, this promotional post is for the ones who are interested and would possibly like to buy stainless steel cookware, skillets, frying pans, etc., online.  Over the years, I have seen many good skillets and frying pans come and go.  I even tried that whole “iron skillet” thing like my granny does, and I even managed to screw that up.  Iron skillets are great, don’t get me wrong, but when you use a lot of acidic marinades for your meat, it doesn’t always go well with a seasoned iron pan, to say the least.  Plus, if you don’t dry them after you wash them out, iron is bad about rusting.  Basically, iron skillets are not for everyone…

Anyway, a while back, I got fed up with these cheap skillets from Walmart, and decided to finally spend the extra money and get me something that I know will last a lifetime (unless I figure out a way to destroy this one), and that is a big, solid, durable, stainless steel frying pan!  You can find them in most stores that sell housewares and kitchen products, including Walmart, but it’s so much easier to browse through a large selection by simply shopping online.

At any rate, I’m sick of using those shoddy aluminum-coated skillets that often flake off aluminum into your food, over time.   What did it in for me, when it comes to aluminum-coated frying pans, was the last time I fried salmon patties on one and ended up with specks and bits of aluminum-coated chips on the salmon!  After cleaning the pan, I notice there was chunks of aluminum gone!  But, in that case, I got what I paid for.  I desperately needed a larger pan, and my girlfriend went out and bought the cheapest one she could find.  After a few uses, it started chipping off badly.

I think most of us that cook regularly, have all seen the non-stick Teflon cookware go to hell, as it often scratches and loses bits of Teflon over time, that we can hope we didn’t have to ingest during the pan-degrading process.  Plus, those aluminum and Teflon-coated skillets can’t withstand the heat like the iron or stainless steel frying pans can.  

I don’t know if it is true or not, but I was once told that Teflon releases a poisonous vapor when overheated.  I hope not!  I remember one time, I was preheating a Teflon skillet and went outside just to throw out my trash.  Well, about that time, a neighbor started talking to me about something.  The next thing I know, after I totally forgot about the skillet I had on the oven under high heat, the smoke detectors are going off and there is a cloud of smoke everywhere.  Yes folks, I melted that sucker.  The Teflon skillet was now white and warped, and that chemical vapor was all in the house.  I had to air out my house by opening both doors and cut all the ceiling fans on for a couple hours.  I didn’t get sick, but I was also drinking beer and taking milk thistle, at the time, so maybe I flushed the toxins out, not sure.

Anyway, I’m getting off subject here.  After buying one of these stainless steel skillets, I have never been more satisfied with a piece of cookware in my life.  I don’t have to worry about overheating it, foods seem to naturally not stick to it, and it cleans very well.  No matter how dirty it looks, it wipes clean in no time at all, and best of all, I should never have to buy or replace it again!  Over time, I plan on replacing all of my pots and pans with stainless steel…

If you’re interested in buying stainless steel frying pans, skillets, and cookware, click the image below or follow the link under it.  Trust me, it is worth the money!


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