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Buy Fire Extinguishers & Smoke Detectors Online


fire_extinguisherIn the past, I’ve always thought: “Hey, our smoke detectors work and we have a few of them spread out within the house, so that should have this fire thing covered.”

Well, not exactly.  For one, in the event of a fire,  depending on the severity of the smoke & fire along with your waking condition, even a smoke detector may not be enough to save you or your family if everyone is sleeping, but it is still a great precaution to take.  But that is not really what this post is about.   It is mostly about how important it is to have a fire extinguisher (or several of them) in your home.

I never really gave the small fires much thought.  In fact, I’ve never really had much dealings with indoor fires, period.  I enjoy starting my own, but nobody wants an unintentional campfire inside their home!  Ha-ha!  Anyway, I’ve had a couple encounters lately. 

This last one involved a certain individual in my home, that dumped an ash tray in our bathroom garbage can – even though there was still a cigarette in there that hadn’t been fully put out yet!   We usually keep our bathroom door partially closed, since me & my girlfriend smoke in there due to it having an exhaust fan built into the ceiling.  Well, anyway, a few minutes later, I got to smelling something.  I opened the door to find a blazing trash can and a cloud of smoke.  When I first seen this disaster, I jumped back and shut the door and yelled, “oh, shit!”  Let me just go ahead and say, that method doesn’t  put the fire out, so I had to do something.  So I take a deep breath of air, run in the smoke-filled bathroom and grab the flaming trash can while running to the sink like a madman trying to escape hell.  I cut the water on, grabbed the kitchen sink sprayer and hosed it down.

Damn!  If I had fire extinguishers spread out throughout the house, I wouldn’t of had to run with a blazing trash can and risk catching other things on fire.  What if I had dropped it onto the carpet, for example.  Oh, to make matters worse, that mini-trash bucket was also made of wood.  So you can imagine what would have happened if I didn’t get to it in time.  Luckily, only a toilet paper roll and a few of the contents inside the bucket caught on fire, but it sure produced a lot of smoke.

There are several other risk factors in the home, that would make one need or want to have fire extinguishers.   I’ve heard of people’s dryers catching on fire, careless cooking on the stove that leads to a big blaze, electrical fires due to bad wiring, lit candles, space heaters setting stuff on fire, and much more……

The link I’m about to provide below, will provide a variety of fire extinguishers.   You can buy the multi-purpose, basic, heavy duty, or even small extinguishers for your car.  Yes, I’ve even seen a car nearly catch on fire due to some idiot not knowing how to install a stereo system.  Once the electrical wires catch on fire, it acts as a fuse; not good.  Anyway, the shopping link is below……

—————————————>Click Here for a fine selection of Fire Extinguishers<—————————————


smoke_detectorNow, if you’re looking to buy Smoke Detectors (a.k.a. Smoke Alarms) online, you may want to also look for the 2-in-1,  Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors.  They are a little more expensive, but these small things can help save people’s lives.

 *Also, if you purchase the battery operated smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, I’d recommend using the Lithium batteries for a longer battery life and a more dependable function.   However, regular batteries usually do fine, but if you choose to not purchase Lithium batteries, I’d make sure to test your Smoke Detectors more often to make sure they are still working.  They come with a simple test button, so it’s no big deal, just a quick push-button test.

 ———————————————>Click Here to search for Smoke Detectors Online<———————————————


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Buy Gag Gifts for the ‘hard-to-shop-for’ People!


bullshit_button…Find Gag Gifts for Christmas or whenever!

At the time I’m writing this, it is a little early for Christmas shopping, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead. Personally, I dread having to buy gifts during the holidays, Christmas, birthdays or whenever. Nearly everything is so damn commercial these days that, in my opinion, it has ruined many of the Holidays to a certain degree. It is suppose to be (or should be) about cherishing your family & friends, having get-togethers, and so on. In fact, partly due to the “bull-shit factor,” the last several years I have felt more like having a “Christmas Rebellion” of some sorts; and me and my family members have recently agreed that we will only buy gifts for each other’s birthday – and that’s it. Well, that’s enough about my story…

Anyway, I remember trying to shop for those “hard-to-shop-for” individuals that either already had everything they needed or was literally, just flat out hard to shop for! However, if you’re looking for a unique, affordable gift idea, I do think that the ‘Himalayan Salt Products’ that I spoke about on a recent post, would make for an excellent gift for almost anybody.

Okay, now what about these freaky, weird gag gifts? Ha-ha! Well, lets just say that you’ll have plenty selections to browse through, after I provide the ‘quick-shop’ link below. Some of them are hilarious, while others may leave you saying, “what in the hell is that?”

Some examples are: Fake Parking Tickets, Shit List Pads, ‘Over the Hill’ Condoms, Exploding Toilet Seat, Rubber Mouse (lifelike), Fake Turd Gag Gift, Bull-shit Button, Remote Control Fart Machine, and so many more, uh, uh, unusual gifts!   Yes folks, take care of those hard-to-shop-for people, once and for all…  Ha-ha!

————————————————>‘Click Here’ for a fine selection of ‘Gag Gifts’<————————————————

…Or perhaps you’re looking for the easy way out?  Send ’em a Gift Card:


—The Current Top Seller, Item, or Gift (without the gag) from Amazon (whether they are hard to shop for or not) via this Blog, comes from the people-friendly post:  “Looking for Infinity Mirrors?”  Cheers!

In the event you know a hard-to-shop-for person that happens to also enjoy drinking beer, you might want to visit this post, instead:  “Beer Glassware – Drinking Glasses – Tulip Glass

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Magnolia Bark Extract – Fight Stress & Calm Down

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magnolia_bark_extract I don’t know if many of you have heard about this particular herbal supplement, but over the past few years, studies have shown that Magnolia Bark Extract can help fight stress, calm you down, and even combat certain types of cancer.

Side Note: Magnolia trees are truly beautiful, large trees with glossy green leaves and seed cones that eventually bloom into a large white flower.   I’m lucky enough to have one growing in my backyard at this very moment, which is another reason why I thought about doing this post the other day.  Anyway…

Honokiol is derived from Magnolia and is also included in this herbal extract; and it has been shown to be almost as effective as a low dose of diazepam, more commonly known as a Valium, when it comes to producing a sedative-like relaxing effect.  This is especially helpful for the ones who commonly have frayed nerves at the end of their work day, etc.  Used as a drug alternative, with it being a natural substance and not a manufactured drug, it wouldn’t have all the side-effects and withdraw-symptoms that come with most sedatives.

The research and tests involved in Magnolia Extract isn’t just about the calming effects, either. Atlanta’s Emory University School of Medicine found that an extract (honokiol) from the seed cones of a Magnolia tree, slowed the growth in animal tumors by 50%. This is achieved by the honokiol-containing herb’s ability to block the signal to grow new blood vessels around the surrounding area of the tumor’s location (in animal studies). In turn, this would cut off the needed supply of nutrients that the tumor would require – to grow larger.
There is another compound in Magnolia called “magnolol.” In one case study at Taipei Medical University, they discovered that cancerous tumors shrank up to nearly 85% when a high dose of magnolol was injected into the tumors. Even a low dose of this compound was found to lower the cancer cells in the human liver and colon.

Outside of stress relief, calming effects and anti-cancer properties, Magnolia Bark Extract also has anti-fungal and anti-bacteria effects. That particular attribute is not that unique, however, as there are several natural anti-microbial agents in nature, including green tea, honey, garlic, onions, and whatnot.
But, if you’re looking for a natural way to relax (although I prefer beer), fight stress, calm down a bit, and combat cancer, this herbal supplement may be a good start. Also, as a sleep aid, this extract may help you fall asleep easier, along with a few other methods – without the use of over-the-counter drugs or prescription sleeping pills.

————————>‘Click Here’ for a selection of Magnolia Bark Extract<————————


———Herbal Related Blog Post:Liver Detox – Milk Thistle

Himalayan Salt Products, Lamps, Tea Light Candle Holders…


himalayan_salt_lampsIn a recent post, I spoke about bringing some flare & creativity to your home, by adding Infinity Mirrors into the mix.  Well, not everybody has the money to spend on those creative-looking mirrors…  But, a more affordable (possibly healthier) alternative is Himalayan salt products, whether it is via lamps, tea light candle holders, globes, fire bowls, etc.  There is a large variety of products available, when it comes to all-natural Himalayan salt.

When I say “possibly healthier,” I’m referring to the notion that the negative ions released from Himalayan, all-natural salt products, when warmed by candle or electricity, is believed by many to enhance your overall sense of well-being.  Negative ions found in nature, produce a calming, relaxing atmosphere – sort of like the atmosphere that is negative-ion rich when you are near a waterfall, in the middle of the woods, by pure mountain air, just after a thunderstorm, close to a seashore, and so on.  Hey, when thinking about the possible health benefits in addition to the glowing beauty from lit Himalayan salt products – along with the low costs – it is well worth the research…

This is what an illuminated ‘Salt Lamp Fire Bowl’ looks like:


The ‘salt lamp fire bowl’ is one of the more expensive products in this particular category, but you get what ya pay for, in this case – which is a nifty, unique display of glowing bliss.  Personally, I’ve only purchased the candle holders and lamps, but I’m quite pleased with ’em, so I saved my money by not buying the blazing bowls, even though I’ll probably snag some up in the future.  By the way, these make for excellent gifts for the hard-to-shop-for individuals, whether it is Christmas time or Birthdays.

This is what the lit ‘tea light’ candle holders look like:


If you’re a big fan of lighting candles and are thinking about buying Himalayan salt crystals, then this is probably your best option.  They are very affordable and attractive.  I have these suckers all over the place in my home, and hey, they look great even without the lit candle.  They bring a very natural look  to your living space, if nothing else. 

Well, there are several other types of products that relate to Himalayan salt, but I’ll let you search for your own self.  However, I will at least help you get started with an Amazon link, and you can go from there – if interested.

————————>Click Here’ to Search for Himalayan Salt Products via Amazon<————————

Looking for Infinity Mirrors?


infinty_mirror_thumbnailAre you looking for something that will add some flare & creativity to your living space, but aren’t sure exactly what it is that you need?  Well, if you’re yearning to add some uniqueness to your home or personal bedroom, Infinity Mirrors may be just the thing you’re looking for. Many people haven’t heard of them, so I’ll provide a couple pics below:




Even though, when lit up, Infinity Mirrors appear to have a lot going on, it is really just a simple mirror trick. You are merely looking through a double-sided mirror that reflects back to a one-sided mirror that is seated a short distance behind it. The LED lights add to the infinity effect and it’s also what gives it that extra pizzazz. I took one apart, that I purchased a while back, to see how it was made and said, “oh, that’s it?”

If you’re feeling a little crafty and don’t mind tinkering around, you can also attempt to make your own. You’ll need: One regular mirror, a double-sided mirror, a frame with whatever design you can find, LED lights, and a 9v power source. You can always do a web search using the keywords “How to create an Infinity Mirror,” to find additional detail that hopefully comes with illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

Personally, I’d rather buy one online with a unique design as opposed to using some old frame that I found by chance, just to slap one together. Actually, if you’re going to make an Infinity Mirror by hand, you should probably just go ahead and create/design your own framework, as well.

I only own one of these mirrors at the time, but it has only shined in all its glory for a few brief minutes. Here’s what happened: I bought this antique-looking Egyptian Infinity Mirror, after spending a solid 100 bucks for it. Well, I decided to take it over to my mom’s house to show it off. I hooked it up and it was utterly spectacular. I loved the way it looked while it was illuminated, and so did everyone else that seen it. …Okay, so I go ahead and visit her for a while, since I hadn’t been over there in a couple weeks. I had no idea my step-dad was attempting to perform some electrical work in the attic, and, due to him not knowing what in the hell he was doing, something surged through the power lines and fried my damn LED Lights in my Ancient Egyptian Infinity Mirror! The only good thing was, it still looked fairly nifty, even when it wasn’t working; however, for future reference, if some moron happens to fry your Infinity Mirror’s light system, it isn’t much trouble to replace the LED lights or the power supply/source.

If you’re interested in buying Infinity Mirrors, you may have to search online from a variety of sites to find what you’re looking for. They are usually on the expensive side, but often worth the pricey tag – depending on the unique design. You can always start your search below, and go from there:

—————————————>‘Click Here’ to Search Amazon for Infinity Mirrors<—————————————

Second Hand Smoke vs. Air Purifiers

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air_purifier …There are many reasons to have air purifiers in your home, and it doesn’t hurt to have several scattered throughout your house since most modern purifiers use very little electricity – due to their highly efficient fan motors and lightweight rotors, wheels and/or blades.

…Indoor air pollution is more common than most folks would think and this is especially important for the ones who suffer from allergies.

Speaking of that, if you are concerned about indoor pollution, you may also be interested in my post entitled “ Aromatherapy – Healthier Alternatives to Scented Candles,” that I wrote a while back. On another health related note, if you’re more interested in eliminating toxins from your body, visit the “Milk Thistle – Liver Detox” page.

Okay, this particular post is about Second Hand Smoke vs. Air Purifiers. Of course, the best way to eliminate tobacco smoke in your home, is to simply do all of your smoking outside, use a designated area or room that is closed from the rest of the house, or take the more challenging option by quiting all together.
In general, most air purifiers are built to reduce large & small air borne particles such as dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, miscellaneous allergens, etc. However, they are less effective at reducing second hand smoke, but some are far better than others. Don’t even bother wasting your money on the ionic purifiers that are found on the market, that is, if you’re concerned about reducing second hand smoke in your home. You should always go with the ones that come with a pre-filter, charcoal layer, and a changeable filter.  The pre-filter is washable and should never need replaced – it is used to catch the larger particles and to increase the life of your main filter.

If you’re looking to save money while using a more effective method at reducing tobacco smoke from the place that you dwell, take heed to this: Since most (even the ones that claim to be reusable) changeable HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) will lose their effectiveness after cleaning/washing them, they need to be completely changed. So, after your expensive filter (that comes with the machine) becomes dirty, don’t bother replacing it with the factory recommended filter. Just go out and buy a high-quality filter medium for a central heat & air unit and cut it into pieces that will fit into your air purifiers. You can often buy a big sheet of this filter medium for just a few dollars and, in turn, make several small-sized filters for your existing purifiers. Not only can you afford to change them out more often for a more effective smoke removal method, you no longer have to spend all that money on the name-brand, custom-fit filters.  When buying these large filters, I do suggest that you spend a couple extra dollars and get one that also comes with a charcoal layer for extra filtration and odor removal properties.

Below, I’ll provide a link to a variety of air purifier related products. Personally, I just go with the simple, reliable Holmes Purifiers. I’ve used them for years without any trouble.   Besides improving the air quality, I also keep a couple of them running  in my bedroom for the mild roaring sound; the soothing noise acts as a natural sleep aid, for me. Anyway, another alternative to reduce second hand smoke in your home, is to either use or install exhaust fans in a designated room or rooms. If standing under it while smoking, a well-functioning exhaust fan installed in the ceiling, will suck the smoke right out and depending on how it is installed, blow it either into your attic or out through the exhaust pipes that leads to the top of your roof to send the smoke outside, back into nature to settle naturally.

———>‘Click Here’ for the Recommended Holmes Air Purifiers<———

———>‘Click Here’ for a large variety of Air Purifiers<———

Build Forearm & Hand Strength – Captains of Crush


captains_of_crushWhen it comes to strength training, most people think upper body. Well, having a crushing grip along with forearms of steel, is often overlooked by the fitness trainee albeit they are just as important, if not more. Luckily for me, I’ve always had strong hands and forearms since I was a teenager. Hey, people can’t blame it all on the excess jerking and pulling I did in the past that helped produce the colossal cock I have today. Ha-ha! Okay, this post isn’t about methods of penis enlargement, it is about how to build forearm & hand strength by using the “Captains of Crush” hand grips.
These mighty grippers are not your typical hand grips and they usually can’t be found at common retail stores, like, in the sporting goods section of Wal-Mart, for example. Captains of Crush (CoC) is the best built gripper I’ve ever seen; and it currently has 10 levels of strength, as shown below:

1) No.1401 CoC Guide c. 60 lb.
For beginners, seniors, rehabilitation, and easy warm-ups.

2) No.1402 CoC Sport c. 80 lb.
For teenage athletes and strong guys who like light warm-ups.

3) No.1250 CoC Trainer c. 100 lb.
For anyone who is ready for serious grip training…

4) No.1251 CoC No. 1 c. 140 lb.
They say, most people who lift weights can’t close this gripper. I’ve tested this one in public and, believe it or not, most people couldn’t completely close this particular hand grip!

5) No.1251.5 CoC No. 1.5 c. 167.5 lb.
This is great if you’re in between levels 1 & 2.

6) No.1252 CoC No. 2 c. 195 lb.
As their website says, “success here means you’ve got a grip to brag about. If someone’s life or your sport depends on your grip strength, conquer this gripper.” Well, I was barely able to close this gripper without any prior forearm & hand strength training.

7) No.1252.5 CoC No. 2.5 c. 237.5 lb.
You’re on your way to the famous No. 3.

8] No.1253 CoC No. 3 c. 280 lb.
Certifying on the Captains of Crush No. 3 Gripper is the most widely-known and highly-respected feat of grip strength in the world!

9) No.1253.5 CoC No. 3.5 c. 322.5 lb.
Wow!  You’re almost there!

10) No.1272 CoC No. 4 c. 365 lb.
Certify the No. 4 and you have proven yourself on the final exam for crushing grip. Very few people in the world have ever done so, but if you can close Captains of Crush hand grip #4, you are one bad-ass mutha fuc*ker!

Buyer’s advice: Most people should probably start out on the CoC Sport or the CoC Trainer gripper, and buy the tougher grippers as you need ’em.  Personally, I just bought the Trainer and the #1, #2, #3, and the #4.  Lets just say, I stopped progress after being able to close the #2 gripper and the Mighty hand grip #4 will never need to be took out of the package!

Shopping Link:  Captains of Crush Hand Grippers – 10 Strength Levels

Aromatherapy Massage Oil

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Ahh, the aromatic bliss found within certain types of aromatherapy massage oils can often heighten your erotic moments between you and your partner.

Yes, these oils are not limited to innocent massages, as they can enhance your sensual experiences in many ways.  On this page, I’m basically promoting my favorite massage oil that I’ve used for years. It is called Inttimo (by WET) and this particular oil within the set is labeled “Romance.”


I’ll provide the promo that is located on the back of this bottle along with the ingredients used:

“Fall in love with the alluring fusion of cedarwood and patchouli… Unleash your sensual power through the ancient healing art of aromatherapy. Inttimo’s silky blend of vitamin enriched natural oils glide on easily and leave your skin irresistibly soft and delicately scented for hours. Whether massaged into the skin, sprinkled in your bath water, or used to pamper every inch of your body… Inttimo aromatherapy massage oil will balance your mind, body and spirit.”

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Aroma, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Macadamia Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, tBHQ, Propylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Glycerol Oleate, Essential Oils.

Although this massage oil has many uses, my girlfriend usually used it for her bath water and we both used it, at times, to add some extra flare, during sexual intercourse. It does make for an excellent massage and some people also use it for lubrication, as well. The scent from the “Romance” oil is very soothing and it is the best multi-purpose erotic oil that I’ve run across thus far; you’ll just have to try it for yourself – besides, it’s great for the skin and, at least the Romance Oil, doesn’t leave you smelling like a 2 dollar hooker, either.

Links for Quick Shop:

Inttimo Aromatherapy Massage Oil, Romance, 8-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 2) [recommended]

Other types found within the set:

Inttimo Aromatherapy Massage Body Oil Forbidden Fruit 8oz

Inttimo Aromatherapy Massage Oil 8 oz Tranquility

Wet Aromatherapy Massage Oil, Sensuality 8 fl oz (240 ml)

If you’re not necessarily seeking aromatic oils and would like to view other types, ‘Click Here’ for additional Massage Oil Products!

Power Tower – Upper Body Fitness

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Without all the weights, pulleys, and bulky gym equipment, you can effectively hit the primary muscle groups with a Power Tower.

Power Tower - Ultimate Upper Body Fitness

Many gymnasts focus on these same areas when it comes to upper body strength. It’s the old school methods to physical vigor, such as: dips, pull-ups, push-ups, and leg lifts.

Quick note: You need to be in decent condition before purchasing a Power Tower or Stand; in my opinion, it’s not for beginners who are in poor shape. Yeah, you won’t often hear the manufacturers tell you that. Although, if you’re at a moderate, intermediate fitness level or higher, this can be a great addition and a possible replacement for all of your other equipment.

I’ve owned one for years, and I’ll drop down a few highlights:

*Most Power Towers come with a sturdy pull-up bar; some better than others. I’d go with one that has a full bar, so you can do reverse grips – wide and narrow. Pull-ups/chin-ups are great for the biceps, lats and forearm flexors. When you get to where you can perform several repetitions along with several sets, a weighted vest is good to wear for added resistance.

*All of them should be equipped with reliable dip bars, as there shouldn’t be as much variation with this simple feature. In this exercise, you’re in a vertical position as you lift your entire body up by pressing down on the dip bars, and then slowly lower yourself back down – with feet never touching the ground. It doesn’t take too many reps to get a good burn. Dips are great for the lower pectorals, front deltoids and its main target area is the triceps. The same as with pull-ups, you can always add a weighted vest for a more challenging workout.

*Power Towers usually come with push-up bars. Nothing impressive here, just simple push-up bars. Are they necessary? Well, not really…but they make for excellent warm-up and cool-down exercises. Push-ups are basically like lightweight bench-presses and in my opinion, they are better done without the bars because you can do them at different angles using random grips, etc. They work a large area of the pectorals and deltoids, while the ones with your hands closer together focus more on the triceps.

* Leg lifts can be performed on these stands by using the existing arms of the tower, that supports the dip function. Leg lifts require you to put your feet together and slowly raise your legs even with your waist…while being suspended in the air – using the arms of the tower (as mentioned before) with a back cushion for support. This is a great exercise for the lower abs. Most exercises for the abs only cover the middle and upper regions, so leg lifts are great at hitting that commonly neglected area.

*To supplement this regimen, even though it isn’t necessary, I’d use dumbbells in conjunction with your pull-ups, dips, push-ups and leg lifts – especially towards the end of your workout.

* One of the main benefits besides being a great strength training stand and not taking up too much room, is the fact that by doing these type of exercises, you’ll be done with your workout in half the time or less – when compared to free weights, pulley systems, etc. These motions, using your own body weight plus the optional weighted vest, will target directly and hit those muscles hard without all the endless reps & sets.

* You can usually find these fitness stands and power towers within a $150 to $300 dollar range.

The Power Tower is the Ultimate in Upper Body Fitness……

—————————>‘Click Here’ to check out a fine selection of Power Towers<—————————

Liver Detox – Milk Thistle


Living in a highly populated and polluted world that still burns coal & oil, is enough in itself, to emit an abundance of impurities that enter your system.

The miraculous Milk Thistle - a healthy, herbal agent for liver health.

The miraculous Milk Thistle - a healthy, herbal agent for liver health.

If you add up all the additives & preservatives that are put into many of the foods we eat, the household chemicals, insecticides & pesticides, the prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs that the majority of people on Earth are accustom to, it comes to the totality of an abundance of toxins.

In addition to all of this listed prior, if you enjoy your regular dose of alcohol, use tobacco or smoke anything, you’ve really got those Kidneys and Liver working overtime.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people who believe a person should perform regular detox rituals and especially since most of the advertised methods are bogus scams and ripoffs. But, I will recommend a natural alternative that is simple and effective. It involves no procedure or special diet, just supplemental pills that you can either take on a regular basis or use sporadically. The primary supplement I’d suggest, is an herbal delight called Milk Thistle.

Before I elaborate about this particular herb and detoxification, lets get one thing clear: Your body, when healthy and not overloaded, is made to naturally detox on its own. Under normal circumstances, you don’t need assistance; your Kidneys & Liver are a duo of detoxing powerhouses. Then again, nowadays, a lot of things are different. This isn’t the same world as it was before; it’s a rat race amongst billions and the quality has dropped in many areas and aspects of life — including food and the air we breathe. So maybe you need a supplemental detoxifying agent or some occasional help from this wonderful substance (Silybum marianum) found in Milk Thistle.

Not only does Milk Thistle help prevent damage to your liver, it also helps induce and speed up the liver’s regeneration process.

Many scientific studies have proven this to be true, along with additional benefits.

The main benefit outside of promoting healthy liver function, being a protector of liver cells and acting as a powerful antioxidant, is the fact that it can help regulate and lower cholesterol to healthier levels. Which many of you know, most of the body’s cholesterol is manufactured within the liver, so this comes to no surprise.


——————>‘Click Here’ for a fine selection of Milk Thistle products!<—————

Other Foods for Detox:

Sulfur-containing foods such as eggs (yolks included), broccoli, cabbage, onions, artichoke, brussel sprouts, radishes, etc., can naturally assist in the detoxification process and of course, they are all healthy side items to add to any meal.

All fruits and any foods high in Vitamin C, are well known for providing the body extra protection from harmful free radical damage.

Flavonoids, like the ones found in tea and especially Green Tea, are also great alternatives.

Other Excellent Alternative Supplements: Dandelion, Korean Ginseng, and Artichoke Extracts.

So whatever your choices are, whether you’re living healthy or not, it’s good to give the body a break and supply it with the nutrients it needs.

We are very resilient creatures, but we don’t need to constantly tax our bodies……