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Genetically Altered Animals & Cultured Meat

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…This particular subject dawned upon me today, after reading a brief blog post I wrote a couple years ago about the Chupacabra – Goat Sucker – on a Myths, Legends, & Folklore Blogspot. While perusing over this old material, I was trying to not get hit broadside with folklore while I kicked the legends and pushed the myths far away. …This left me in a critical thinking mode, and I no longer needed some mythical creature as a focal point, as it was plain as day that we have our own genetically altered animals of today, that beckons for a closer look. To make this even more troublesome, we got people trying to grow meat products in a laboratory, hence forth the “cultured meat” part of the title for this post.

Before I provide any related links and information about this subject, please get this simple word embedded into your brain, which is MONEY! Yep, the true culprit for these genetic experiments is about money, no matter what lovely reason of utter humanitarianism they try to feed you.

Anyway, the first article I’m about to link to, speaks about genetically modified animals.
It starts off by saying how it is a slow and tedious process that needs a lot of money to get off the ground. Oh, but ain’t the sole purpose of this to make a lot of money? Remember the old saying, “ya gotta spend money to make money.” Think about it: If you can grow meat in a lab along with animal-based organs for human transplant, wouldn’t that be a mega-money maker? Who cares about our health and/or if it is natural or how much antibiotics and growth hormones these “things” are pumped with or where it comes from, as if we can sell this crap in bulk, we got some rich folks in the making…

At any insane rate, after that article mentioned how this “genetically altered animals” stuff was a slow process, they went on to say: “Behind the scenes, though, a quiet revolution has been taking place. Thanks to a set of new tricks and tools, modifying animals is becoming a lot easier and more precise. That is not only going to transform research, it could also transform the meat and eggs you eat and the milk you drink.”
Toward the end of that page, they sort of spilled the beans by asking this question: So, in 20 years will GM (genetically modified) animals be as widespread as their botanic counterparts are now? “Technologically, nothing is standing in our way,” says Fahrenkrug. “Really, the issue is coming down to: what are you going to make?” You can read more about this, here:

I think most of you will find that last article to be somewhat interesting, but not necessarily in a good way.

Hey, just think of the possibilities! Do you want a cool pet that glows in the dark? You want some cheap prime cuts of beef that was grown in a petri dish via not-so-natural methods? Yada-yada… They also tend to blame some of this type of research for the long journeys that space flights may have in the future, but I know that is one big load of baloney. I mean, NASA doesn’t have to provide their astronauts with a never-ending supply of lab-grown steaks, right? Get real…

I planned on covering more ground about the genetically altered animals, but I see (I sort of write as I go) that the main concern of mine at the moment, when concerning this subject, is this cultured meat stuff. I went to the glorious Wikipedia to get additional info and terms, and they seem to mainly call this junk “in vetro meat” but they mentioned how it is also called “cultured meat,” “laboratory-grown meat” and “shmeat” which is short for sheet meat, so go figure…

Back to NASA, Wikipedia states: “Modern research into ‘in vitro’ meat arose out of experiments conducted by NASA, attempting to find improved forms of long-term food for astronauts in space. The technique was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1995, and NASA has been conducting experiments since 2001, producing ‘in vitro’ meat from turkey cells. The first edible form was produced by the NSR/Touro Applied BioScience Research Consortium in 2000: goldfish cells grown to resemble fish fillets.”

You know, in a way, I could say “good for y’all.” Personally, I don’t want Lab Meat that has to be pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics, just so they can mass produce it and make tons of money while neglecting our health risks. Yes, they have admitted to that, as well, and you can read about it, here:

To make a long complaint short, everything that man has done to the food that isn’t natural, has never been good. Artificial this, artificial that, chemical injection here, a word I can’t pronounce in the ingredient list there, etc. Hell, when you think about it, cakes, pies and “junk food” aren’t natural either [I can hear the moans now…], as I have never seen a twinkie or cupcake grow from the ground yet; ha! I’m not trying to come off as a technology hater, but some things need to be left to Mother Nature. It is hard enough now, to find quality meat & produce that hasn’t been totally abused by human input. The last thing we need right now is genetically altered animals and stupid cultured meat that was grown from a petri dish.
Maybe I’m the oddball here, but what do you think?


At times, a Petri Dish is best when it's empty...

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The parallel of order within “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”

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narcissistic…Although I’m definitely not a fan of psychology along with the fact that psychologists have a very high suicide rate when compared to the percentages within various types of occupations, there have been many studies about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, that I simply don’t agree with.

Before we delve into this subject, I must remind you that “back in the day,” people were simply called nuts, crazy, an as*hole, violent, self-centered or whatever, and we didn’t have all of these fabricated conditions like bi-polar, narcissism, and so on.

However, since this is such a big deal to many folks, I’m going straight to Wikipedia and will not only provide a definition for this narcissistic condition, I will also critique each listed symptom of it, as there are quite a few…

If you are wondering what the purpose of this post is, well, it is simply because I think a lot of people get bad “names & titles” for things that they shouldn’t, as well as my detestation for folks that try to always blame the person with leadership qualities and say how it is wrong to be in control and responsible for your own actions, even if aggression and boldness is required. Oh, I don’t have the audacity to write this? Ha! Who are you kidding…

One last justification for this post: The reason why this scribbling is entitled “The parallel of order within “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” is simply because, to me, I find that many of the so-called symptoms of this psychologically labelled disorder, actually covers good traits that shouldn’t be frowned upon. If the world didn’t have these qualities, I can only imagine what an even more weak, pathetic state mankind would be in. Besides, what is Yin without the Yang? Now lets continue…

Wikipedia states: “Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population. First formulated in 1968, it was historically called megalomania, and it is closely linked to egocentrism.”

Okay, now, they list 14 primary symptoms of this “disorder,” and I will critique each symptom in a numerological order, below:

Symptoms of this disorder include…

1) Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation – Really? How many folks react poorly to honest reviews and opinions? This just concerns narcissistic people? I see it all the time on this site, for example. If you don’t believe me, just go to the forums or the comment sections within various blogs and the ones found within certain Q & A sections. Offline, I see that most folks don’t take too kindly to criticism and this often boils down to how they respond, whether it is cry, pout, become mute, get mad, etc., but the last time I checked, they called that an “emotional response,” which is sort of hard to not have, albeit the last symptom listed here (#14), sort of contradicts such things – via Wikipedia, of course.

2) Taking advantage of others to reach their own goals – Well, although this is commonplace amid society, I can’t say that this is a very good trait. However, being a cheat and/or a con artist wouldn’t have to relate to a “disorder” would it, or is that just what they call folks that like to “play the game and/or system?” Manipulating the Disability Benefits and Welfare System would also apply here, so does that mean that all of those people are “narcissistic bums?”

3) Exaggerating their own importance, achievements, and talents – I see this all over the place! They used to call this pretentious trait a “wanna-be” and also a “charlatan” along with simple terms like ‘faker’ and ‘fraud’ and whatnot.

4) Imagining unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power, intelligence, or romance – Ah, yes… This is what we call dreaming and fantasizing about better things, and to think they call this a “disorder?”

5) Requiring constant attention and positive reinforcement from others – Although this particular symptom is quite sickening, although common, I can’t say that it would relate to narcissism. I mean, if you are that weak and in need of constant reassurance, how can you be a narcissistic being, as it seems that you mainly lack confidence among other things.

6) Becoming jealous easily – Wow! So it is a disorder to expect devotion in a relationship or to contemplate over whether or not you are a top priority in somebody’s life or something? Besides, ain’t most people prone to a little jealousy every now and then, during a normal life span? If so, does that mean that the majority is narcissistic? WTF?

7) Lacking empathy and disregarding the feelings of others – Back in the day, they used to call ’em a-holes and disrespecting _____ (fill in the blank). No big deal, well, at least not a disorder by any means. This is the opposite of a tree hugging hippie that worries about stepping on an ant, so what gives?

8) Being obsessed with oneself – I must say, that there are many people with problems in this area. On the same note, if you don’t take care of yourself (What does “finding self” mean?), nothing else matters and you can’t trust anybody better than you can trust yourself. However, out of all the symptoms thus far, self-centered obsession is one that does seem to remain consistent with the definitions of narcissistic beings. Okay, fine then, I’ll give ’em one point for symptom number 8 (The only 1 out of 14 symptoms, ha!)…

9) Pursuing mainly selfish goals – This is yet another symptom of narcissism that I just simply don’t understand. How in the hell can you have goals for yourself without being selfish? I could type paragraphs about the asininity of this one, but I’ll move on instead…

10) Trouble keeping healthy relationships – As high as the divorce rates are of today (not counting all the endless break-ups of common relationships), they blame this on a “disorder” now? What a joke!

11) Becoming easily hurt and rejected – Many soft-hearted people with low self-esteem fall under this category, as I’d hardly relate it to narcissistic ways. I’m starting to question this whole psychology behind narcissism, eh?

12) Setting goals that are unrealistic – Hey, there is nothing wrong with aiming high. I’d rather shoot high and miss, than not aim high enough when I could have landed in a much better position.

13) Wanting “the best” of everything – Well, my gawd! Is it better to want “the worst” of everything?

14) Appearing unemotional – They used to call this “apathy” and it is also a typical symptom of being jaded with life in general due to being worn out or from overuse, but I’d hardly narrow it down to one certain type of personality disorder for the wanna-be psychologists to pinpoint, ya know?

Conclusion: I don’t know about y’all, but the next time anybody calls me a narcissistic being, I’m going to say “thank you!” Ha!

Feel free to comment about “The Parallel of Order within “Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” below…

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We need to keep the Shark Population thriving…

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big_shark  It really vexes me, when I hear a lot of talk about senseless shark killing for nonsensical products and pills. There are many reasons why we need to keep the shark population thriving, albeit it seems to be on the decline, at the moment. Below, I’ll list a few reasons why these vicious predators and swimming machines help keep the ocean waters clean along with keeping other types of life in check, which all helps to maintain a balanced ecosystem – something that a lot of us humans are always trying to challenge.

  With a shark being at the top of the food chain, they affect many different types of life as well as their populations, as you go down the line. I’m sure a lot of you probably think, “well, if we have less sharks we will just have a few more innocent seals, right?” Wrong! It doesn’t work like that, although, yeah, we would also have a massive boom in the seal population, as well. Okay, for the ones that like to eat fish and shellfish, do you know that would also be affected by a mad decrease in the number of sharks swimming around? No? Well, the reason is simple… Sharks eat other predatory fish that eat other fish. Sharks also consume rays along with other aquatic creatures that feed on shellfish, for example. Once the shark population has suffered too many deaths from the Homo sapiens for their asinine reasons, the clams, scallops and oyster populations (just to name a few) are preyed on heavily by other aquatic life that would normally not be thriving in such large numbers due to getting ate by the, uh, sharks.

For some reason or another, many folks don’t like to refer to sharks as scavengers, albeit their scavenger-like ways help keep the water clean. If something dies, like a squid that floats to the top of the water or whatever, it is not uncommon for a large shark or several small sharks to group up and make a meal out of it. That particular aspect combined with their insatiable appetite, makes me want to label most of them as scavengers, but call ’em what ya want.

Anyway, we have enough problems with overly fishing certain types of commercial fish for human consumption, and about the time we fix one problem we are busy creating bigger ones, it seems. This simple concept about the better management of our shark population, doesn’t stop in the water. Many land mammals that are overly hunted and/or killed for fur, expensive clothing, out of spite, etc., end up causing population explosions elsewhere in the ecosystem that is unwanted and often reeks havoc for the environment, and so on. For an even better example, I recently read this quote:
“In A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold wrote about one of the apex predators of the west. In his days with the Forest Service there was a mass kill policy for wolves. As a result, deer populations exploded. This led to major overgrazing of mountain vegetation. Erosion and river-choking sedimentation are a couple of the problems associated with overgrazing. Leopold wrote: “I now suspect that just as a deer herd lives in mortal fear of its wolves, so does a mountain live in mortal fear of its deer.” You can read more from that page, here:

Anyway, now that it is obviously apparent that we need to keep the shark population thriving, even with only reading a few out of the many examples, it is time to move on to some of these senseless products that the humanoids like to use sharks for. Oh, but before I start on that, I forgot to mention another thing that bothers me about the ones who try to kill sharks just for spite and/or for pathetic reasons. Ya know, the ones who think they are “protecting” humanity from the Great Whites or the ones who took the movie JAWS a little too serious, and are mad that humans get bit and/or killed on occasions from these deadly creatures. One must realize, that no matter what, even though it sucks when humans do get killed by sharks, that we are on their territory when we are out surfing or swimming or floating around in the ocean.

Okay, now back to some of the products and uses that come from sharks…

The least ridiculous use of sharks, are the ones that at least consume them. I’m not talking about the Shark Fin Soup, either, as we’ll get to that in a minute. Sharks are a common seafood in many places, including Japan and Australia. In India, baby sharks are sold as a food product, as well. However, when it comes to a total waste, I must bring up the Shark Fin Soup. It is common for fishermen to capture live sharks, fin them with a hot metal blade, and dump the fin-less animal back into the water where the immobile shark later dies from suffocation or from other predators. All for a little expensive soup, eh? …The things some people will do to make a lot of money… Utter nonsense…

Anyway, there are many products that are unnecessarily made from sharks, such as certain types of lipstick and skin care products. It is not uncommon for people to sell a shark’s sharp teeth to make necklaces. Some folks use the shark’s skin to adorn certain types of handles, such as a sword handle, for example. There is even a silly demand for their jaws, as well.
Another reason why there has been a shark killing craze over the last several years, is due to all the hype about how shark cartilage can cure cancer. It is funny that they haven’t proved this yet, and further research is showing that, although rare, sharks can get cancer. Either way, we sure got a lot of shark cartilage capsules to sell in the herbal sections throughout the globe, now don’t we? I’m sure there may be some health benefits from taking these non-herbal shark cartilage capsules or extracts, but I’m also sure that with whatever benefit they can find from these pills, it can be matched or triumphed by another extract that is a true herb and grown from the ground. Plus, they have experimented with bovine (cow) cartilage in the past, so why not stick with that? At any rate, I have provided many reasons why we need to keep the shark population thriving as opposed to the direction it is heading now, which is on the decline.

Well, I’ve chattered about this subject a little more than I meant to, but before I end this page, here is one last tidbit: Out of more than 360 species of sharks, only 4 have been involved in a significant number of fatal, unprovoked attacks on humans: the great white, oceanic whitetip, tiger, and bull sharks.


—End of Post

God is from another Dimension…


Side Note: I’m intentionally making this particular article short and sweet, as the comment field should eventually fill out the rest of this silly, futile story. I do realize how sensitive the subject matter is, and would hate to be overly elaborate at the wordy forefront of grand verbosity, when the background noise shall provide all the chaos we need in all of its utter pomposities……

I’m so sick and tired of hearing the whines and moans of not only atheists and religionists trying to “prove” their case, but also those wanna-be, innocent little agnostics who claim to be “sitting on the fence” while avoiding conflict due to their own thoughts, which, at times, seems to be even more stupid and cause even more fights, when they debate about this subject.

…But before those beloved “middle ground,” grey area lovers even try to comment with vitriol, I must say that a true “agnostic” would shy away from such conversations, albeit there is nothing like a simple-minded agnostic jumping in the middle of a heated debate between a group of angry atheists and a herd of disgruntled religionists; ha-ha! Oh, please mind you, those poor little “innocent” agnostics don’t have a side and are simply instigating, if ya will… What a joke! LOL!

Anyway, God is from another dimension, and is not some “sky fairy” or “magical wand-waver” from afar that lives next to the star of Betelgeuse from the constellation of Orion, for example. Please don’t confuse God with the poor little grey aliens that are fleeing their giant, dying, red star and visiting us via UFO action and secret, secret boogy-boogy stuff; geez!

What is it with some of y’all?
Why do some people argue nearly every waking hour that they are online or offline, about God?
Self conflict and personal issues, anyone? Considering we are all apart of the cosmic situation / eternal existence, I’d say so, wouldn’t you?

Before I say anything more, the other “dimension” that I speak about, is from the inside – within all of us.

Yes, dear dawdling darlings, the funnels that create don’t procreate in the same dimension.
Even you, before your dependent little ass was born, wasn’t, what I would call, in the same dimension before birth. [See photo below]

Even a computer-based game programmer doesn’t visibly live inside the games he/she creates.
But what if we are all endless dividends of the divine programmer?
Emotions aren’t physically visible, either, as they are not considered an object, yet you can sense and feel them, nonetheless.
Objects exist throughout the universe, without the need for such sentiment, so if everything was just, uh, simple “matter” that could be explained scientifically, then why is there all the confusion of erratic thoughts?
Are we all scattered into tiny bits from a whole while trying to find all of the parts from within?
No wonder the “theory of evolution” has become a religion for the many lost beings out there who lack intuition and an overall sense of self-awareness!
At any rate…

Oh, some of the so-called “atheists” (such a lame term, by the way) claim to only provide logical and rational thoughts, blah, blah, as you and your anti-God people often say?
Can you also say, “mechanical thoughts?”
Can you also say that “we are all apart of this thing we call God” and that “we are all responsible for our own actions and can either help ‘create’ a better world or, at the same time, be able to destroy the quality of life and shun from egalitarianism in all forms?”

Speaking of that, I provided a pretty cool video on my Hub entitled “Egalitarianism – Easier Said than Done…,” as you might want to check it out.

Oh, back to the point:

Rationalists often use that Object/Concept crap, when debating about such matters like God, Religion, and so forth.
I usually call this the “dead rock religion.”
They basically say, “if it ain’t an object with a location, it doesn’t exist.”
…Many atheists use this, for whatever reason.
I find the whole entire notion to be quite inane, especially since, going by their logic, the “mind” must not exist, as it is truly not a visible object with a location that can be technically placed with x & y coordinates, among many other things.
I’m not talking about the thoughtless brain matter itself, but the “mind” behind and/or inside it, the “stuff” that powers it, as many folks know, that the “mind” is still a medical mystery to this day – ya know, the powers of the mind and whatnot; praise be!

I recently read an interesting web page on this subject, that somewhat paralleled with some of my prior thoughts about God and our existence that I had several years ago, which is somewhat odd, to say the least, although I still basically think the same way towards this subject, as I did several years ago. Anyway, you can find that article, here:

Okay, well, until the day comes when “science” can label the mind that is behind all the thoughts and actions of each individual as an object with a definite location, they will never have any evidence that God (as we are all apart of) doesn’t exist because we all know, deep down, that our thoughts are real even though they are not “technically” considered an object; get real…

What are you waiting for? …Now get the ball rolling; feel free to comment below; cheers!

If your Pets won’t eat bread, maybe they’re overfed?


This sickens me to no end, when I see spoiled, “domesticated” animals that are fed (past tense of feed) to such a degree that they will pass, pick or choose what they ingest in such a manner that it reminds you of a pompous glut without reason for finicky ways.  WTF?  They sure gobble up all of that high-dollar bagged and canned food from the market (that you purchase), along with certain table-scrap food that you pay a decent price for, but no-no-no, how dare these certain special animals get offered the so-called “comfort food” known as cheap bread.  Yeah, I think some of these “pets” are obviously overfed……

[This post is fueled by the rebellion of my generous hand-out today, while thinking I was being efficient by not wasting food and providing variety to their diet by giving bread to the animals/pets that dwell at my current residence, as opposed to my usual meat trimmings and delightful “toss outs,” but maybe I spoiled them so it is my fault, right?  In case you think negatively of the post below, when it comes to pets or animals, I generally like most…, well, some animals, but the ratio of ‘like vs. not’ is still probably higher than what I feel towards the general population of the Homo sapiens of today…]

If you have pets, especially the typical cat or dog, and you go to throw out some fresh bread (wheat or white, doesn’t matter if you’re hungry – trust me) due to you having an excess amount of it and because you don’t want to waste it, and your outdoor and/or indoor pets, fish, dogs, birds, cats, rats, whatever, go up and sniff it then walk, fly or swim away, I have a feeling they are not living the life of a “trying-to-survive” animal anymore.  By the way, I was joking about the fish; I just threw that in there for the effect.  I don’t recommend that you put anything other than aquarium food or live bait into your tank for feeding, although some fish will eat bread.  Ha!

This is a humorous rant that is poor-boy related, sort of like my “price per calorie ratio” post, but regardless, it will contain some merit or reason:

Many of us realize, that America is probably one of the most, shall I put it nicely, “overfed countries” in the world.  Hey, look, many folks are really hungry and just relish the moment of welfare while consuming mass quantities of food while exerting very little effort during the day.  In fact, for some, the biggest workload of their life, is enduring the hardship of going out and throwing all that free food into their shopping cart while making the brave, almighty swipe at the register upon checkout, with their “all-you-can-eat-as-long-as-you-keep-having-kids-and-never-work” card or the “help-help-I’m-disabled-from-wiping-my-own-ass-from-the-free-food” card or whatever or however you want to label it.  WAIT!!!  I’m sorry, I thought this post was about pets or animals; oops!  Please forgive me…  Lets start again, shall we?

If your Pets won’t eat bread, maybe they’re overfed?  Oh yeah, that post…

Anyway, back to the point:   Humans are the only thing on this planet that can become a spoiled, pampered, coddled waste of mobile manure, ya know?  No?  Yeah, well, okay…  Humans can also cause other animals to become such things, like being overly picky when it comes to food.

Below, is a cat that thinks bread doesn’t even equal a decent necklace [story continues below the image]:


If ya got the money to select specially trimmed pork chops for your little doggy dog, and give your coddled cat freshly cooked ‘ground round’ beef – all while feeding your aquarium fish (by the way, I caught my biggest fish [small-mouth bass] using a bread-ball on a hook – at the creek!) freshly minced shrimp while throwing your children or yourself some bologna or hot dogs for the prime humanoid meal of the day, I’d say that YOU have a fuckin’ priority problem!  BUT, if you go to give your dependent pets some damn bread and they snub their nose at you, I say “to hell with ’em” and let their spoiled selves go back into the wild and get more independent and re-find their inner roots of survival. 

…Hey, don’t get me wrong, I buy decent quality pet food for my dependent animals, but it gets old real quick, when I’m a struggling low-middle class worker that can barely feed myself, and I got snobbish little pets that think they should have the finest meats in the world while I often settle for peanut butter and bread for lunch.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Does the terms ‘spoiled bastards’ pop into your mind?  Anyone?  Is this not a metaphor for the new-age America?   I have often thought, while leaving for work while having some whining cat crying at the door for food, “why don’t you go out and hunt; kill something; get your own damn food?!”  Have the domesticated animals of today took heed to our ways and seen how lazy most of us are and have become even more pathetic than the typical sluggish glut from the land of the free?   Well, maybe that is pushing it a bit much, but I really do see a correspondence here, between those two factors of domesticated animals versus human characteristics…  Uh, uh, cheers?

At any rate kitty kitty, here is a piece of bread for you:


On another note, there are some “interesting characters” out there who will swear up & down that certain animals shouldn’t eat this or that or it will cause a certain disorder, a biological malfunction or this type of organ failure, this disease, and that type of illness that leads to this fatal form of demise that only the animal doctors can deal with.  Oh, really?  Have you ever been starving and thought to analyze whether a certain type of grain, vegetable, meat, etc., was bad for you?  Yeah, whatever!  Have ya ever heard of adaptation, survival, evolution and acclimation?  Take your “do-not-eat-list” for the animals and shove it where you will only hope the sun will shine one day!  Ha-ha! Okay?  Ney?  Either way, STFU!  Trust me, if they don’t like it or it makes them sick, many of these animals won’t bother eating it.  Plus, I have a dog that is 13 years old and has ate mass quantities of chicken bones its entire life, along with all types of human food and a lot of other stuff that some of these “gurus” say you can’t feed your dog!  BUT, the other day, along with the cats, she didn’t eat bread either!  LOL!


Oh, never mind…  I think this post had something to do with “If your Pets won’t eat bread, then maybe they’re overfed,” but I sort of lost track along the way.  Either way, I think it is bound for some “whole wheat” commercial or something or perhaps, in replacement for cheap table-scraps for your animals, maybe we could throw in some generic cat or dog food that is made from 50% filler material like saw dust and fecal matter.  Yay!  Okay, pet lovers, happy feeding and have a good rest of the day…   By the way, the spoiled gluts out there will never understand the true message behind this “pet” post, that is, if they can comprehend above 8th grade level English and also have the ability to read something besides a menu from McDonalds and whatnot; but for some of you, it will hit right at home for what this post actually stands for.

However, back to this bread subject without the pets: the only real bread to me is called “wheat bread,” which should have been the only bread to start with!  Why strip away all the nutrients, over process, and declare it as some magnificent “white bread” when all you did is rob the damn loaf?  It is sort of like comparing white rice to brown rice, table salt to sea salt, black tea to green tea, and so on…   Cheers!

Most guys show less sentiment than girls; deal with it!

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I’ve had a lot of problems the last several months with a lengthy relationship (although the first half of the relationship was really good), and this message just doesn’t seem to hit home or permeate the brains of certain girls: “Most guys show less sentiment than girls; deal with it!” Yeah, they enjoy all that tough guy, hardcore stuff when it involves the bedroom, sex appeal, outdoor adventures, and yard-work, for example. But, afterwards or when things doesn’t involve such matters and/or throughout the daily routine, some of these girls expect you to suddenly switch genders and become some soft-hearted female or she-male full of sentiment, emotions, and all that other sappy shit.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t care a lot about you, we just have a different way of showing it.  Another thing these “Romeo & Juliet” seekers and “rainbow chasers” often forget, is that when you’re in a relationship that requires both people having to work for a living, there isn’t always time nor a mood for sitting around and holding hands or each other – especially if you’ve been busy or in a bad mood or whatever.  As long as one doesn’t totally neglect the other, it should be no big deal.  If I was unemployed or retired, I guess I would have more time to sit around and sing Kumbaya or lay on the grass flashing peace & love signs like some hippy from the ’60s and ’70s; uh… no.  Ha-ha!   

Sure, I’m unfriendly at times, have bouts of anger, occasionally break stuff, and I’ve did or said plenty of things that I shouldn’t have, but I’m honest, morally just, fairly organized, and like to maintain order as well as knowing what is going on or where you are at, and so on. Yeah, that sounds like the typical domineering asshole to most females of today, but really, what is wrong with that? The world of today seems like it has flipped upside down. What was once considered right, is now wrong, and what is accepted today, was not in the past. I’m not a sexist nor am I biased or anything like that, but I still think that man should run the household! I’ve seen too many relationships over the years, where the guy pretty much keeps his testicles in a mason jar while the wife or girlfriend runs the household, tells him how much of HIS money HE can spend and whatnot. Yeah, it appears to work for many, and especially the easy-to-run-over “go with the flow” type guys, but I’m just not that way. If I see something wrong or that I don’t like, I’m going to say it. I’ve been told before in my last relationship, “it is not always what you say, it is how you say it.” Oh, okay… I’m so sorry I didn’t whisper or speak gently while I was disgruntled. WTF? I’m a man with testosterone, so what do you expect? Other things that I have been told over the last several months by Miss Sappy herself: “You don’t feel, you don’t feel! You’re numb… You always put me last on your list. I feel like you don’t want me here, that I’m a bother and you ignore me most of the time unless you’re getting sex or mad at me.” I could go on and on, but there is no need to bore anybody who is unlucky enough to read this hogwash. Ha-ha!

The point is, most of the guys who are not feminine males or suffering from low testosterone levels, don’t think anything about ignoring you or not showing sentiment when we’re busy with hobbies, chores, outdoor work, on the computer, working out, or drinking beer, for example. We are just being those savage creatures that seem to attract y’all crazy bitches who often love and hate us at the same time. Speaking of that, the girls who normally enjoy all the bad boy attributes from their man, often complain about these very same things. If you give one of these hormonally scrambled gals a “nice guy” (whatever in the hell that is), then they may at first be charmed and swept away (I’ve seen this happen before), then, later on, all the candle lighting along with the flower and rose crap gets old; they realize that they can open their own door, and that Mr. Tulip Bringer can’t satisfy them in bed and presto, they want their Ex back; ya know, the guys like me who hates Valentine’s Day or have trouble showing love all the time. Then they go back to you (Mr. A-Hole) once again for another crazy round that may only last a few weeks, but it will be full of delightful fornication and other sensual benefits. Then, once they get their fill of your inner caveman (the part of you that attracted them to start with), the unstable Miss Estrogen then decides that you no longer have emotion, you don’t care, and all you want is S-E-X and help with the bills. Arghhhh! You can’t win with this scenario!

What does this particular type of lady want, a freakin’ feminine version of a guy with big muscles and a huge cock that is a sex demon in bed but should also pick flowers, whisper sweet nothings, blow kisses, and frequently tell them that they love them while holding a box of candy in one hand and a dozen roses in the other?  Hell, what I can see, the ones who go around talking about “love” or being “in love” all the time, are usually the ones who jump ship the quickest and run away and cry or pout, when things don’t go “perfect as planned” via the land of sunshine and rainbows.  If you really care about something or somebody, you shouldn’t have to tell them a thousand times a day, like a lot of these crazed romantics often do.  I just don’t understand why some people have to turn everything into some mystic haze that complicates everything that should be natural and/or simple! 

—The bottom line: Most guys show less sentiment than girls; deal with it!

Ahh, enough about this crap and my relationship issues; this isn’t a romance blog anyway…  Ha-ha!  As for her and the other girls who keep going back and forth with their men because they are just being, uh, men:  some people need to grow up and learn how to deal with things without having to run away, flee to mommy, make excuses or, in some cases, revert to substance abuse to forget about things just so they can float through the land of nothingness. 

Anyway, I’m surprised I did a blog post about it, but it has been a while since I’ve updated this blog (been busy with other websites along with other offline activities, etc.), so I thought I’d splatter some cyber-dung into it, just for a blog-based refreshment of the chaotic infinity that surrounds us……

P.S. I placed this post under the blog’s Rant Category.  Although I rarely rant on this particular blog, since it suppose to primarily consist of informative writings or creative works (although I seem to often put creativity on the back-burner these days), if you do like reading these types of posts that consists of moans & gripes, you might want to visit another blog of mine that is full of this type of energetic chatter @  …Cheers!


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Forum Philosophy – Toilet Paper for the Weak…

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This post is dedicated to all of the sissy cry babies found at online forums within certain community sites on the web.  Yes, the folks who are extremely sensitive and try to get people banned for so-called “personal attacks” if you decide to confront them, disagree with them, and display too much of something called wits & intelligence.  Fun-fun!
Toilet Paper for the Weak...

Toilet Paper for the Weak...

Toilet paper is a soft paper product (also known as tissue paper) used to maintain personal hygiene after human waste release – due to bowel movements, dung release, fecal fling out, defecation, piss and/or urination! It can also be used for other purposes such as absorbing spillages or even semen, for that matter. Its origin dates back as far as 1862, but one can only hope the “Homo erectus” at least used tree leaves! It differs in composition somewhat from facial tissue…not to misconstrue as a “facial” that is often known within the porn industry, but most toilet paper is designed to decompose in septic tanks.

The Homo sapiens currently use this form of “toilet tissue” in abundance, mostly due to overeating, along with rampant outbreaks of violent diarrhea, and whatnot… Ha-ha!

The lesson: One must know these things when entering online forums, as you better be equipped with moist wipes and toilet tissues or else you might get banned or something… There is definitely a lot of “sensitive” weak individuals out there…so moist wipes need be applied!

—End of Forum Philosophy 101

Monetary obsession in the World and the Fallouts…


In today’s world, unless you’re lucky enough to still be stuck in a jungle/tribal society, it is totally normal to try and squeeze profit out of anything and/or make money off of anybody. Whether you’re being born or have reached your demise, there is money to be made. It gets to the point, to where it is a shameless, fiscal act of insanity.

Yeah, I know the old cliche: “money is the root of all evil,” but that isn’t good enough for me; I need more elaboration besides some worn out, trite phrase.

Since, at the time I’m writing this, our current monetary system hasn’t collapsed yet, as it hangs on by a thread…and we still haven’t entered into a widespread, fun, free, anarchic craze (impatiently waiting), I don’t think the actual banknotes/currency is the problem – in a broad sense. I do think we have got ridiculous when it comes to some of the things we sell, market, etc.

Retrospectively speaking, money simplified trade and made it possible for smooth transactions from tellers, merchants, and so on. At one time, at least in the U.S., it did seem to help keep order – to a certain degree, as it attained an organization towards working for a living and putting a digital, bank-visible worth onto your work efforts. Back in the day, before our government started selling out and before they openly displayed their fondly forced fetish for screwing the middle class, work used to mean something more than just something you should do. People (common laborers) used to be more motivated to go out and earn income all while knowing the more they put into it…the more they would get back. I don’t just mean for a paycheck, I mean work in general.

Obviously, things have slowly changed and there seems to be more benefits for the lazy, undeserving, able-but-disabled type individuals. Nowadays, our welfare system (in the USA) is totally warped; nothing fair about it. In terms of manipulating welfare, for example, some people look at having babies/reproducing/procreating…as producing dollar signs and free funds. I know it’s true and I see it often. Is that right? Is that civally being fair to others? Why is it, that the middle-class laborers are often treated as suckers and as the ones who help support the slackers and pay the taxes for the rich, monetizing hackers? This is in addition to all the people faking disablity just to draw free money (I know some, personally) – and succeed in their feign ailments for monetary reward. And from that perspective, even the helpful aspect of “governmental aid” has been tainted. With all that being said, and I’ve heard it before, what does motivate a common laborer to work as opposed to draw funds? Obviously, any slob can do it, so with dignity aside and common logic applied, it makes sense why some people end up turning into a bum, hobo or vagrant being in today’s society.

Midpoint comment: Don’t be fooled by me or my comments within this page, since many times I may seem inquisitive and in question, but I’m often beckoning for anyone to contribute responses with different viewpoints, because I’m like that – fair and open minded. I’m not just unduly curious, I’m overly probing the inhabitants that is on the bottom grounds, middle class, and top levels in this financial world, and especially in the U.S. – since I live here. For clarity: the first level involves the struggling hard workers and the infamous ‘human sponge’ – the third level is the fortunate ones that gyrate around greenbacks, coinage, legal tender, etc. Many of us in the low-middle to middle class…know about the struggle, so there is no need to elaborate about that, during the midpoint.

The fallouts from the obsession of currency may be necessary, as with most things in life; it is either trial & error or trials & tribulations…but this thing has about went on long enough. What will it take, for a universal understanding? Do we need a simultaneous global despair to re-do the monetary system or change the world, or perhaps a universal catastrophe to awaken the people from all walks of life? How about an utter rebellion worldwide, more wars (nope, that doesn’t work), an organized-religion riddance to free-up the offering plates, or encounter visitors from another planet? I mean really, what does it take to reach a broad spectrum of people and/or civilized, domesticated animals? Do we just live and let it be, or do we persevere in hopes of change all while not really doing anything as a group anymore? Maybe this is why some people just give up on life and go on sporadic, random shooting sprees or maybe this is why we often hear those murmors in the background. Yes, the metaphorical murmor that doesn’t actually mumble out loud, but the one that comes from an inner growl of disgust…sort of like when you have to abide by laws you know are not right; sort of like when you listen to speeches you know are incorrect; sort of like when you hear this “politically correct” crap that is nothing but a pack of lies!

I’m not being a pessimist nor am I being negative, I’m simply telling the truth. This is ‘freedom of speech’, remember! The monetary obsession in America (U.S.) and throughout the civilized world, has slowly yielded to the notorious characteristic of mankind, and that being corruption.

So, we even sell death in this chaotic world…uhmm, I mean Life Insurance. You can’t even die without someone either getting money from it or trying to sell a policy for it. You can rarely be born without a price – only if it is a natural, hidden birth from the medical world. I’m waiting for these higher-beings (ha!) to charge me for breathing the air or drinking the water, oh wait a minute…they do. What will it take, oh what will it take to change this diabolic debacle?

What ever happened to the idea of egalitarianism – you know, the natural state that a society should be in, with rights for the equal opportunist, while providing an equal-right society of justness? But for some reason, in an advancing world with higher technologies than before, it typically doesn’t work out that way due to all this greediness that many of us possess.

Is this a mysterious game that we inevitably play through? Are we merely geared for struggle while simply being wired for fighting – in hopes of aptly surviving into another realm of awareness, into another new, unforsaken challenge? Yes, if we can’t get rid ourselves of money, we need to at least rid ourselves of the negative, monetary fallouts in this world. Everyone needs to eventually become less dependant, even if it takes living a rural lifestyle – to start resisting the cumulative momentum of materialistic virtues. …And now that jaded cliche and worn out phrase comes back into the picture, just like I mentioned at the start of this page: “Money is the root of all evil.” Fall for the techno life or fall back into real life, it’s your call……

After reading this, if it did trigger thoughts (negative or positive) or doubts about whatever…or you have opinions about the direction of Homo sapiens in general, for a small fee of $9.99 (just kidding, ha!) feel free to blast it into the comment field. Later folks, I’m signing out to go make some chump-change, ha-ha!

What in the hell is Kabbalah?


Is it simply blah-blah or is it Kabbalah?

Wikipedia states:that it is a discipline and school of thought concerned with the mystical aspect of Judaism. It is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between an eternal/mysterious Creator and the mortal/finite universe (His creation). While it is heavily used by some denominations, it is not a denomination in of itself; it is a set of scriptures that exist outside the bible. Kabbalah seeks to define the nature of the universe and the human being, the nature and purpose of existence, and various other ontological questions. Read more:
I would just like to say, first of all, I detest the notion and/or when people refer to God as “HE”… Why do people constantly place a gender status with divinity? You can read more about that, here:  “Why do some people refer to God as HE?”

Damn, even though Kabbalah is not a denomination in its own right, this still sounds like some complicated branch of the Jewish religion known as “Judaism.” Just throw in some metaphysics with a little mystic madness to Judaism and you have created “Kabbalah.” Yeah, it’s all good; blah-blah, woot-woot! Whatever… You can read about Judaism here:
I get so tired of all the names & titles when it comes to religions and asinine self-proclaimed ultimate paths to enlightenment. I really wish more people would keep it to their selves. A lot of celebrities get involved in some of these new-aged religions or hmm, let me rephrase that…”alternative religions.” Geez, I wonder why… We all like rules to bend, right? Anyway, do a web search on ‘Celebrities and the Kabbalah’ or something similar. I’m just trying to figure out what the big “hurrah” is about Kabbalah. I haven’t seen any clear-cut proof that anyone knows anything when it comes to answering the ultimate queries of our existence, as of yet.
This celebrity religious talk, reminds me of how many people are diehard avid supporters and promoters of the obviously feign, sci-fi religion known as Scientology. Even the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, admitted that he made the damn thing up! WTF? Okay, I’m getting off subject here…

In summary, I have nothing against personal beliefs or religions, but I think they need to quit being pushed as “the only path to the mighty kingdom” bull-sh*t or “I know the only way” hogwash. At times, it seems that organized religion does more harm than good, along with some of these other destructive cults of asininity. I totally respect people that try to find their self in a spiritual sense, and have creative ideas about creation and afterlife or whatever, but I do not see the glory in book quoting, simple minded, dependent folks that depends on someone else or some large, organized group to tell them what they need to be believing.
If you want to believe that you reincarnated from a Rhinoceros, okay, fine. If you think Jesus is the answer, good for you, but try to confine your insanity to a minimum or at least within a hull of retardation that stays within your own skull. If you think you should kill people for your religion, uh, uh, okay; whatever floats your boat, I suppose…but please stay away from me.
By the way, I’m getting side tracked again, from my original query…

What in the hell is Kabbalah?

To prove I’m fair, unbiased and creative, I’ll provide links to a couple posts that I’ve recently wrote here @ the Perpendicularity Blog:



The Mysterious Moon......

—Nobody knows, for sure, on this current plane of existence……

Revolution beckons ‘rural’ lifestyle

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Living in an urban majority, filled with all the techno-gadgets that seem to perpetually cause brain damage, control the minds, and hold most of society spellbound & dependent, it would be nice to see a change.  Backward as it may sound, a revolution that beckons for a rural lifestyle would do more good than harm.

Anti-control and anti-dependence should take place, along with the old adage “we need to work together” could also transpire during this progression that leads to less needs upon corporate systems.

The problem is, we have too many dependencies due to sheer laziness & unadulterated ignorance, and too much manipulation from the governmental system…or maybe the government simply manipulates the people, you decide.

In the U.S., we have welfare & disability-benefit-abuse that adds to middle-class burdens.  The working, tax-paying “middle class” people are the weight-carriers for a lot of these apathetic beings.  I know, and I’ve seen and heard about too many people that have feigned ailments just to draw free money or individuals who intentionally have excessive amounts of kids to collect more free, good ol’ welfare funds & food stamps.  I’ve worked in grocery stores & retail before, and I’ve seen the governmental “funded individuals” who never work, buy the expensive steaks and seafood (with free money) while the actual “workers” often have to settle for bologna and hot dogs – it is fucking sickening!  I understand there is a major glitch in this world known as the big-city, sophisticated life that harbors drones, but more people need to start living a rural-type life – even if you live in an urban area, to get back in touch with what life actually is.

Lets get back to a tangible life that actually is living, instead of our primary focus being on egotistically mechanical, man-made contraptions.

You want to throw corporations in a whirl?  Start buying less from big businesses and start doing more for yourself.  Move out of the damn city, if possible.  Grow your own food, hunt & fish for your own meat, build your own things, be frugal when you do have to shop, claim your own countryside, and get the hell away from these freaks of monetary obsession.  I know, this requires a lot of effort outside of the normalities of society.

Don’t let the saying “working for a living” become a folklore.  What I’m saying may seem like nonsense now, but if ignored, the controlling factors of governments & corporations will just sink their teeth into your futuristic freedom, even further.

Take the prior verbiage as poppycock or with whatever type of seasoning you like, but a revolution against this controlled world not only requires individuality, but it beckons for a rural lifestyle and/or one that isn’t materialistic; one that is realistic!


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