HubPages – The Good, Bad, & Ugly…


This section will provide my “hub links” from a community site @  It is a site that allows people to publish articles about nearly any subject, as long as it is not promoting pornography, gambling, being defamatory and other similar fun stuff (ha-ha!).  Other than those obvious exceptions, you can pretty much write about anything.

The drawback from sites like this, is the sad reality that many people are just typing about random stuff (whether knowledgeable or not) in hopes they’ll get their ads clicked – to make a little spare change.  We all want to make money, but it shouldn’t degrade quality……hell, it should enhance quality, at least you’d think so.  But, that is not always the case.

Anyway, it is overall an excellent community site and one could always use it as a springboard to dive into some freelance writing work in the future or maybe even come up with some other ideas for a possible steady stream of income.   If all else, you can hone up your writing skills and just have some fun.  At the time I’m writing this, the Ad Revenue split was 60/40 in your favor.  Not bad, but since you do all the writing, 70/30 would have been an optimal balance since being on their site helps bring exposure/traffic.  All in all, this site gets 2 thumbs up.


Originally on this page, I had several links to my “hubs” that I wrote @ HubPages.  Well, it seems that my account, actually both of my accounts, have been nullified on their site – due to forum issues, getting banned too many times (5 times between both accounts), circumventing a banning with an additional profile, and so on.  Basically, they have banned me from the forums and the site (except for my admin panel – so I can move my work to other sites) and have unpublished all of my articles.  This sucks, since I thought it was a good site, well, except for the cry babies and sissy pansies that are often found within their forums.   So, I changed the name to this blog page to “HubPages – The Good, Bad, & Ugly…” LOL!

So, since I now have about 38 new “hubs” and/or articles/pages to spread out over some of my other websites & blogs, I thought I would go ahead and add a couple hub-related entries on this page.  Hell, they actually contrast each other, since one is me ranting about the forums (that place can get ugly) and the other is where I’m trying to build up the site, in a good way…  Ha-ha!  Anyway, I’ll drop them down below:

—HubPages’ forums, tantrums, and the big banned theory…

I decided to change it up a bit, the other day. I felt a need to be unproductive, so I decided to have a little fun in the HubPages’ forums……

I was nice to some people, insulting to others, mocked & jeered a many humanoid, and overall, was just having fun while trying to spark comments and put certain people into deeper thoughts on certain matters. With that being said, I could have possibly provoked others into tantrums and disgruntled the sensitive. But to me, it was all jovial play, though, and nothing more. LOL!

I’m not a troll, by the way. I get so tired of hearing about internet trolls. It is not my fault that some of these people suffer from minuscule genitalia and have nothing else better to do with their life. Anyway, I was just breaking the monotony, finally had some free time at hand, a few extra beers, and I dived into this land of opinionated warfare.

The results: I made a couple fans, pissed some people off, I had a humorous time with others, and I got banned for 3 days! Ha-ha!

Was it productive after all? Sure it was. I learned a few things, while being disappointed at the end result. One of the main things I discovered, besides how sensitive some people are (already knew that one), is that you can find loads of new topics to write about, if desired, from forum debates.

I remember when I first read my e-mail from the staff, the other day, that mentioned how I was banned for 3 days for “personal attacks.” I couldn’t stop laughing for the first couple of minutes, then, it started to make me mad. “Personal attacks”…really? Man, some people take forums way too seriously. I figure some candy-coated, precious individual(s) flagged me, or perhaps I insulted the wrong pseudo-intellectual…it is hard to say. I don’t know these people, and I was using the forum for entertainment purposes only.

Side note: The forum is best to be used for informational purposes, and especially site-related topics…but I wasn’t recently looking for info on there, now was I?

Okay, here is what I don’t understand and this is why I think it sucks: How in the HELL, for example, can you have forum topics within ‘Religion’ and ‘Politics’ and expect it to be an organized discussion all the time? Get real! How can either one of those two categories be educational or informative? Give me a break! If you think Political Correctness (I detest those terms) exists in the “real” world, then your civil rights will always be getting stepped on. If it wasn’t for politics and the Judicial branch, there wouldn’t be a such thing as “politically correct.” What is that, anyway? Ain’t that were it means to lie to your face so I won’t violate some ‘code of conduct’ policy. Doesn’t P.C. mean to pretend to like someone although you’re thinking opposite of what you’re telling them? I don’t know much about politics, for that matter, other than it causes crazed lunatics to come out of the woodwork with all-knowing BS and baloney. It puts many a person into temper-tantrums, and religion debates aren’t much different, either. In fact, religious debates are probably even more inclined at becoming overly emotional and ridiculous.

I’m writing this poppycock today, not to really complain about the “big banned theory” of forum evolution, but to say “thank you” to who ever flagged me the other day. I was wasting too much time making a mockery out of some of these innocent, civil-right crying creatures with struggling cognitive functions. If you want to call that “personal attacks”…fine. I thought ‘attack’ meant something else besides cyber-geek insults from my mentally challenged self. Ha-ha!

That reminds me: I don’t mind a bit if someone insults me, as you don’t have to ever worry about getting “flagged” from my ‘comment field’ or whatever. Since we have AdSense ads on our hubs, we need to chill on the profanity (just use asterisks while you insult me) and I’ll return the favor. But, other than that, I’m game for disagreements because I believe in that wonderful thing called “freedom of speech!”

This is another thing I don’t understand about the forum complaints & freakish forum flagging flanks: Why is it, that some outsider can go into a forum thread that is started by someone else, and flag/report one or more of the debaters? I think the one who posts the thread should be the only one besides HubPages’ staff, that can flag a commenting cog.

I did, however, start to do a farcical hub on this subject, and was going to title it “How to properly get banned on HubPages’ Forums”…but after thinking about it, I changed my mind. Why should I acknowledge a joke with a joke. If you’re sensitive to people disagreeing with your righteous self, you might find forums offensive – since some people seem to claim that they are always free from ever being wrong. Even those religious folks get a little livid at times, ha-ha! Then again, maybe it is not fair for me to say these things, as I must obviously be mentally disturbed and probably come from a dysfunctional family of some sorts, LOL!

All jokes momentarily set aside: Thanks for banning me for 3 days, as I’ll have to think twice about re-entering the debatable forums. I’d hate to step on any toes, ya know. Besides, regardless of the entertainment and site info that is often found on forum threads, it is not usually a very productive place to hang out, lurk, dwell, or whatever. I also think, they need a new forum category called “devil’s playground.” That way, the only way you get banned is if you actually flag someone. Ha-ha! Just kidding! I guess you can scratch that last statement, since it wasn’t very politically or hubitically correct.

Yeah, it is all fun and games, right? Now, quit reading this crap and go out there and make us some damned money!

LOL! Ha-ha! LOL!

LOL! Ha-ha! LOL!

The contrast:

—How to help keep ‘HubPages’ an ‘Authority Site’

As many newcomers are on the rise, mostly interested in this “freelance writing” stuff, with their main motive being directed towards earning money with words, much verbiage is often left as residual, empty enunciations.

Hey, we all have to start out somewhere, and HubPages is an excellent platform to use as a springboard for future endeavors to betterment, or maybe to be used as a rhetorician’s haven with pay, et cetera.

But, to help make or keep HubPages an “authority site” on the web, especially in Google’s algorithm, we (as a whole) need to keep striving for excellence.

We have a lot of great writers here; some have come and gone and some have even come back from being gone, while the dedicated ones seem to always stay with the team, which is good…all while many upcoming, prolific newbies are providing newfangled works to the site; this is also great.

But there is one concern that creeps into my mind, when I see people that solely write for money and money alone; this can have the same ramifications that we often see taint the web. You know what I’m saying: typing senseless babble in hopes to getting an Ad clicked or typing about things they have no experience or knowledge about…yeah, it is mere poppycock, nonsense, and/or empty writing.

Don’t get me wrong, for it’s totally fine and actually normal to try to make money, anywhere – via online or offline. But, when your quality of work diminishes in the process, you have a problem; and we got a vexation.

I know from past experiences, as quaint as it may sound to some, when you ‘quit thinking’ about making money and just let your writing skills, talents (or whatever) flow freely without the inhibitions of analyzing your potential entrepreneurial succession, acceptance, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) worries, keywords, backlinks, Search Rank, and whatnot, you’ll experience the most wonderful thing that you can contribute to the world wide web…and that being ‘originality’…

Yes, those nice, lengthy, utter, original words you type through experience or personal knowledge and know-how…is what I mean by “originality.” THAT, is what helps maintain HubPages’ status as an authority on the web, not the mechanical SEO jargon that you often hear about.

Don’t worry, if you put the effort in and you’re good at what you do, the money will be there. But, if you’re new to this with no prior experience, the first thing you need to do is quit thinking about immediate success because it will only belittle your works and you may potentially end up looking like a spamming, ad-pushing, low-grade imbecilic being or perhaps, you may quit prematurely without truly giving yourself a shot at success; you’re better than that!

If you’re interested but not familiar with grammatical fluency, articulation or basic rhetoric, and you still want to make that money, it may be better or wiser to simply practice and hone up your skills first – before diving in. There are many free blogging services,,, etc., that would be a great tool for exercising your grammatical expressions.

Always pay attention to your dictions, try to learn new words, and so on. I’m not saying you have to rhyme & chime every syllable out like some ancient philosopher (hmm, I’ve tried that before), but with practice…everybody gets better. And hopefully, in no time at all, you’ll be on your way to the freelancing window of opportunity, as many people here will agree with me, HubPages is an excellent community to gyrate around – in hopes to getting paid for what you do, for what you donate, and for what you give back.

A few more things, that will also help this site: If you’re doing an article over something that involves resources from other sources, please make sure they are reliable and correct. I’ve seen many errors thus far, mainly because the writers had no experience in what they were saying; not good. Anyway, try to use multiple sources and compare notes; if it is suspect for error, stumble along into something else. To rid yourself from this, follow my philosophy of “the best facts are from experience.” Roughly translated, there is no better truth than what you have learned from experience – with or without 3rd party data or scientific info or trivial hogwash.

The best advice for new, upcoming writers @ HubPages: Be original; take part in the community; make comments and ask questions – if needed, do your homework, research thoroughly when in doubt, and be generous; don’t forget to have a fun time; good luck with the revenue, and lets all try to keep this site high-quality and spam free. Thanks……

Just another scribe, expressing with grammatical impressions.

Just another scribe, expressing with grammatical impressions.


Well, it looks like I have a few more entries to add below, since I went back to HubPages later on – only to leave the damn site, once again. So I guess this “the good, bad, & ugly” saga continues… LOL!

—Money: HubPages’ Subdomains vs. Blogger’s Blogspots

…Before anybody gets any kooky ideas, this post is not about me trying to tear down HubPages.
In fact, this post excludes the established hubbers on here for the most part, and it is geared more for the newbies looking for a cool place to write with the hopes of earning a few greenbacks (money), etc.

HubPages was really kicking arse a year or so ago, raking in the dough (users included), but then Google’s algorithm changed and punished what they call “content farms.”
If you’re wondering, a content farm is basically an online portal or website that regurgitates hogwash, nonsense and empty writing in bulk to help generate massive amounts of ad revenue via clueless surfers clicking on crap in an aimless fashion. Content farms rely on inane, often spun, recycled articles from volunteers that get a small cut of the profits via an asinine platform of wanna-be gurus and spammers, etc.

Anyway, after we pull ourselves together for a moment and realize that I’m in no way bashing HubPages, we can then come to a simple money-related subject entitled “HubPages’ Subdomains vs. Blogger’s Blogspots.”

Speaking of the Panda pandemic that plagued this site for a brief while, HubPages was smart enough to rectify the issue by mimicking Google’s own blog platform and created individual subdomains per users. Was this a good idea? Of course it was, but it did dampen the SEO effect for the newbies, and I’ll explain why, in a moment.

To be an authority site, you must have a lot of content and loads of links pointing to your website and it never hurts to be credible and established. Now that the site is split into individual subdomains, how is it more credible and how does it contain more content and have more links pointing to it than Google’s Blogger Blogspots, which are also subdomains? In the past, it was from one source, one domain, etc. And people reaped the benefit from writing on A DOMAIN and not a SUBDOMAIN, etc. This site used to be one, and not split among endless dividends, just saying…

Before I go any further, I will say this: HubPages has an incredible asset called “readership” that Google’s blogspots can’t compare to.
HubPages, when concerning ad revenue, has a better advert placement than the blogspots albeit you get 100% revenue from as opposed to the 60/40 split here.

HubPages has an awesome interactive ability for the writer to communicate in the comment fields, the Q & A section, enter contests, etc., but is it just bait to add more content to the domain while using your petty little subdomain?

Now, since it is so obvious that will have a better chance of ranking high in the search engines when compared to will ever have due to the obvious authority Google’s blogs has over this site, it makes one wonder, if you’re a newbie, did the choice of HubPages switching to subdomains really help the ones that produce quality articles? Sure, as a whole, it helped the site make more money, but what about the new guys who are talented writers and have no clue or nerve to go out and claim their own domain?

That’s what this hub is about – opening up new doors for the curious, ambitious ones… Speaking of that, if you’d like to start doing your own thing online without a revenue share to worry with and/or an advert revenue to split, you might want to go to and get started today!

I could type more, and probably will, whether it is in the comment field or by way of a Hub edit, but regardless of what I have wrote thus far, how does HubPages, in your opinion, line up with’s blogspots, when it comes to SEO and extra money in your pockets?
I know that you can go grab a blogspot, get a few links to it, and can post a couple images on there with very little content and get loads of hits via search engines along with advert clicks, but it doesn’t seem to work as quick, here.
I know you can write a silly article on’s blogs, and get hastily ranked high, but it doesn’t always work that way on this site (unless you really cover a unique topic thoroughly), especially now that HubPages consists of individual subdomains.
I know that HubPages is way more fun than those websites that make me money, and I’m not even complaining – especially since I don’t Hub here very often, but I can’t help but notice the sad reality that HubPages has become, in an SEO sense, a little baby blogspot.

Any comments? Feel free to enlighten me and the ones who read this…

Update: Easier to Make Money with Blogger or HubPages?

It has been a while since I last edited or made any additions to this post, so I thought I’d do a little mini-update. As time went on, it appeared that Google’s algorithm not only penalized HubPages, but also lowered the rankings of Blogger’s Blogspots although they are owned by Google. I know this, because I have several of those blogs and I regularly check the traffic stats, and so on. This has been going on for quite a while, actually.

However, when checking the traffic stats for this Hub, I noticed a few ‘search queries’ that related to money, and which platform would be easier to profit from. Until I come up with some conclusive data, I will leave this question open. By what I can tell, one could easily make 3 to 5 dollars using the HubPages Ad Program for every 1,000 visitors you get. With that being said, just take your Blogger traffic and calculate how much you are making for every 1,000 visitors, and you do the math; cheers!

Update – 10/29/2015: HubPages’ Subdomains have been removed

Well, I just found out today, that our 4+ years of subdomains on this site have finally come to an end! I never thought it was a good idea anyway, obviously…

Oh, if you’d like to hear more about all of this, straight from the horse’s mouth, go here:


—Does Having too many No-Index pages hurt your SEO?

It gets old, really, hearing about how HubPages is struggling with their online traffic and how Google has put the hammer down upon thee. However, this is nothing new, as SE (search engine) algorithms change all the time, albeit this particular site has been getting worked over fairly well, the last couple of years.

Ever since the Panda Update that “temporarily” (I often use quotation marks for sarcasm, so please excuse me) killed the traffic here, many folks have suffered from major drops in the SE rankings, but when HubPages decided to switch to subdomains, things seemed to pick up for a bit, but it seems that the ongoing penalty for being a “content farm” is unavoidable, at times, at least in Google’s eyes.

At any rate, the main question within this Hub is: “Does having too many No-Index pages hurt your SEO?”

This lovely query is something that I hope the Admins of this site look further into, as one of their latest changes to the publishing process was called “Idled Hubs,” which places a No-Index tag (something that tells the Google Bots to not index the page where it won’t show up in the search results – as if they need help!) on the pages that get very little traffic. HubPages later changed the name to a “Featured Hub” program, where it seems that you are privileged just to get to write here, blah, blah, but they still place the No-Index tag on a lot of Hubs, whether they are seasonal, personal, or whatever…

If you need a better definition of what a No-Index tag is, then read the following:

The no-index value of an HTML robots meta tag, requests that automated Internet bots avoid indexing a web page. Reasons why one might want to use this meta tag include advising robots not to index a very large database, web pages that are very transitory, pages that one wishes to keep slightly more private, or the printer and mobile-friendly versions of pages. Since the burden of honoring a website’s no-index tag lies with the author of the search robot, sometimes these tags are ignored. Also the interpretation of the no-index tag is sometimes slightly different from one search engine company to the next.

First of all, I must say that all of the Hubs I have written here (at the moment) have always been featured and I’ve never had an Idle Hub as of yet, but to see the large percentage of written work on this site take the bite from a No-Index tag, due to the Admin’s legitimate attempt to combat Google’s algorithm changes, makes me wonder…

I mean, and I don’t think I’m alone here, I think the Idled Hub program is a failed project.

Sure, it removes a lot of poor content and it also buys time for other people to moderate Hubs via the “Hub Hopper” and whatnot, but what is the bottom line here? It sure as hell hasn’t increased the traffic and that lone aspect brings me to this ultimate query, when speaking in webmaster terms for HubPages: Does having too many No-Index pages hurt your SEO (search engine optimization)?

Okay, look at it like this… Back in the day, the No-Index tag was used for baloney pages like the disclaimers, the ‘about us’ sections, introductions, profile pages, and so on. If you had your own website, would you apply a No-Index tag on half of your content pages or more? If I was a Google Bot, for example, I’d penalize a site that had loads and loads of pages with this crazy don’t-look-at-me label known as the “no-index tag.”

I’ve checked a few SEO sites that are supposedly packed full of gurus (boy, they sure can’t type and spell worth a crap to be so smart, but anyway) and I realize that, like many things, everybody seems to be guessing without any real know-for-sure knowledge. But I must say, when common sense is applied, I think it is fairly obvious how ignorant it must look to the SE bots and web crawlers, to come across a site where half of their pages are being ordered to not enter the search engine. If a robotic computer program behind a Search Engine Algorithm could talk, I think it would say: WTF???

Bottom Line: It makes me wonder some time, if a lot of these people in charge of such things, really even have a clue what they are doing… Feel free to share your thoughts on this subject, in the comment field below.


—The ‘Big Bad Bang’ Moderation Theory of HubPages

I’m actually shocked at the hindrance I have stumbled upon here of late, at HubPages… I knew things were a little tight, but dang!

I have totally changed my approach on here and have steered clear of controversial Hubs that require critical thinking, a brain, an opinion, and so on, since it always seems to get me in trouble @ HubPages. …Conspiracy theories along with myths, legends & folklore, would most likely cause trouble, also. Well, I start to type more mundane-like Hubs to combat this seemingly hard-to-avoid writing impediment. …Ya know, topics like food, recipes, health & fitness, supplements, fishing, hunting stuff, etc. Now, I seem to be having a problem with those type of subjects, even though it would be hard for me to have this same type of difficulty anywhere else on the web. My gawd, Mensa is so much easier to get accepted than what I have encountered here of late!

In all seriousness, I think I’ve made a few people mad on here with my honest opinions, and since I didn’t go around kissing everybody and lying to them, it has somehow worked against me.

For example, I just recently got a Hub taken down for being “overly promotional” and the entire Hub contained ONE SINGLE link to! Wow! Just who is reviewing these hubs? Maybe the Hub Hopping thingy is backfiring for some of us? Do I have enemies on here? Have I made somebody mad? Are there 12-year-old kids on this site that are flagging perfectly fine articles just because they don’t relate to the material? (Can I ask that last question twice?)

I’m serious, what is up with the ‘Big Bad Bang’ Moderation Theory of HubPages? Will this post also get flagged just because some overly sensitive person or a select group of people that dislike me didn’t “like it” and will these same people also refuse to accept the First Amendment of the United States Constitution? Is the “political correctness” in full error, oops, I mean full swing, killing this country?

I find the whole situation to be quite asinine and it makes me dread publishing on here because some poor chap with a less-than-favorable cognitive function decides to flag me because I don’t fall under the same accepted ilk that they can relate to. For anybody that is wondering, the last Hub I did that got flagged (not the only one, as I have even had question posts took down), was about Small Game Cleaning Kits. Holy crap, lets call in the cyber cops! I’m speaking about cleaning and field dressing wild game and the tools needed to fillet a fish! Wow! Lets throw in one single Amazon link and call it “overly promotional,” and what makes it even more ridiculous, is that I was on the brink of making that post a comical satire, but changed my mind before writing it. Anyway, I had to move it to another blog, which is only about the 12th piece I have moved of late, from this website, and you can find it here: “Is a ‘Small Game Cleaning Kit’ Really Necessary?” …Oops, HubPages said that my link is prohibited, so you’ll just have to copy & paste the following into your browser of choice: Add the http:// to this address:

Maybe I need to just change my name, come back and talk to everybody like they are special, and pretend that no matter what they say must always be right and I must always be wrong, while telling everybody just how great they are, even if they can’t spell past a 3rd grade level, then everything will be fine. …Leave comments like: “This article was great! Thanks for sharing! Voted up and interesting! Nice Hub!”

That’s another thing that bothers me, as we have too many poor writers on here that type like a high-school drop-out with poor references, and yet have super high Author Scores and never seem to have any problem at all. They can talk about silly crap like how they gave their dog a bath last week, and get comments like “awesome Hub!” People can waste a whole page saying that they put egg shells in their flower bed and receive comments like “thanks for sharing this wealth of information.” Some hubbers can even talk about going to the store and buying a pair of socks, and people write “funny post; thanks for sharing as this Hub really put a smile on my face.” WTF?

On the flip side, we got certain hubbers on here who can actually type past a 5th grade level and put a lot of research into their work and constantly get Hubs took down and take a lot of flack from the community of so-called “writers.” I’m not talking about me, on that one, as I learned a while back to not get too creative on this site, but just saying that some of the best writers on here get the mud while the crap that should be ejected to planet Uranus, gets the red carpet treatment. Thanks for reading… Feel free to comment below and, oh, please don’t flag my Hub! 😉

Update: HubPages’ Moderation and Quality Filters

Wow! I haven’t updated this Hub in a while; ha! After moving most of my Hubs over to other websites and blogs, I’ve only published on here a few times since. However, a lot of the crazy moderation problems and quality content filters seem to be somewhat stable albeit sensitive. I’m assuming some of it has to do with the advert TOS agreements and whatnot, but the sensitivity of the filters are still somewhat ridiculous. The quality control has improved for the better, though, and this is an excellent place to write if you enjoy typing 1,000+ words per post and creating media-rich articles laden with videos, images, polls, quizzes, and so on. So, what’s up with the ‘big bad bang’ theory of Hubpages’ moderation? Well, it is their literary theme park and they decide what is allowed and what isn’t. If you don’t like it, the World Wide Web is full of other places to write; cheers!

—End of Post “HubPages – The Good, Bad, & Ugly…”

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