‘Substance Abuse’

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Life finally hits your cranial structure, without the childishly free-spirited playtime; you are finally aware.

It’s time to grow up now, even though you’re different than before; why can’t you fully share?

Inseparable in spirits, even though you feel perpetually dis-joined, you acclimate to your surroundings – in hopes to be adjoined.

It doesn’t work out.  Things don’t go right……

Disfigured in thought and itching to rebel, a coincidental ‘substance’ comes across your line of sight that compels.

Is this a snare, perhaps; is this a shiny glare that beckons for your escape?

Engrossed by it, you dive into this new type of life that seems to sing toward your life’s band……  Eccentric feelings take place, without the aimless joy of childhood or the responsibility of  adulthood; mere ecstasy is at hand.

Time went by so quick; what happened and what was that?

I like this; want more; please, come back fast……

The quick-fix and joy is no longer there……

The platform for ‘substance abuse’ is on; it is a separate course from hereon.

Once rejected before, you have an artificial family, a fake network, and a feign zone.

Even though you’re dejected, dispirited and crestfallen, you now have an addictive home.

*You have ‘substance abuse’ without substance.

*You have integrity issues without an awareness of prior structure.

What have you forgotten…or was it ever even there to start with?

Essential nature, essence, substance……what are you looking for?

You know the answer, now dig within and find it……

* Life is endless; cycling like the seasons and light as a feather, what is drifting can settle; what is sediment can be churned into refinement; what is unknown can be known.  Together, we can enthrone.

Erratic Fire

Erratic Fire

—Appreciate Nature’s Mysterious Ways, for we are all attached in one way or another:  atomically to the universe, chemically to this Earth, and biologically to each other……

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