Galactic Cluster – Images from the Cosmos

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I’ll provide a couple beautiful images of the NGC 3603 cluster via the cosmos.  This area is located on one of the spiral arms of our galaxy (Milky Way).
With lots of glowing gas and plasma, in addition to all the bright stars, these galactic pics can make a person feel small. …Sort of like a tiny speck of dust in the universe, you know?  One would have to be incredibly arrogant to look up at the sky or at depictions like this, and still think we are alone.  The aliens are watching…

—Click on the Images below, to Enlarge for a better View:



With all the questions and musings towards the boundlessness of space, the cosmos in general, mystery of the space time continuum, creation theories, eternity, and the unfathomable possibilities of invisible & parallel universes, one cannot help but wonder……

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