Genesis Theory via Scientific Parody

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At the end of this video, you’ll see quotes from Michael S.  Instead of copying them here, I’ll just rephrase the words, so it won’t be plagiarism.

In this video, Michael Shermer, author of “Why Darwin Matters,” tries to portray the preposterous logic that occurs when you attempt to insert the bolts of science into the pinholes of religion.  He captured this scientific revison, and made a new version of the Genesis creation theory/story.  He didn’t intend it to be some sacrilegious parody of the original, lovely poetic story of Genesis, but to make his point, he gave it a fresh, new touch…sort of like an add-on or remodel to what the creationists have already done; especially since most creationist insist that Genesis be read not as a myth but as a scientific actuality through a simple reinterpreted language. Basically, the point is, by using terms within the scientific community of today, in theory, this would be the version of Genesis @ our present time of existence.
Yes folks, it is the Genesis Theory via Scientific Parody…

This video is very amusing and is worth a view; check it out below:

My favorite part, was when he said God became angry with the people and told them to “go forth and multiply themselves,”  (translated via colloquial English – go fu*k yourself!).  Ha-ha!  I hope y’all enjoyed this video/parody…

Hail to thee...

—Update:  I’ve recently wrote an article that was semi-related to this subject.

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