Do women fantasize about being raped?


This is a question I pondered long ago, and my initial thoughts seem to prove correct.  Yes, believe it or not, although I don’t know for a fact, the majority of women seem to have, from one time or another, fantasized about being raped.  I’ve researched this query…along with asking random girls this very same question, and it seems to be true…

Now, the real question is: Do they fantasize about being raped by a complete stranger in a criminal act of sexual rage, or do they simply like the role play from being dominated by their current sexual partner?

This is where all the fun thoughts of taboo hit the floor.  See, most of the women who claim to “fantasize about being raped” are not actually fantasizing about getting forced-fucked by a random guy.  The majority of women who think these things, are simply wanting to be took control of, maybe with force, but with someone who they already know.

To me, this isn’t the same thing as rape, and I would hope that nobody would truly want that to happen to them.  On the other hand, there are those who don’t want to talk about it, because they would probably love some strange man to slam them down and violently penetrate their ass in a secretive way – without ever knowing who it was.  Yeah, I’ve heard about some women thinking like that and  I’ve also heard of stranger fetishes before, so this comes to no surprise.  The bottom line, you never know what thoughts these women have, hidden behind their eyes

Hail to the great world wide web...

Hail to the great world wide web...

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So, what do you fantasize about?  Yeah, never mind that erotic, sexual question because if you answered it, there would probably be too many things to list…  Ha!

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