Metaphysical Crystals & Healing Stones


Metaphysics, by definition, is the philosophical study of the ultimate causes and underlying nature of things; it derives from Greek words, meaning “beyond physical.”



This is just a fun post, not intended to persuade others about the actuality of metaphysical properties or to disprove the concepts. Even if you think they are merely polished rocks & pretty crystals, I’m going to list a few examples of supposed metaphysical tools and briefly state some of their properties that are germane to this healing field of study. Side note: Healing Stones are often referred to as “Charmstones.” I’m skeptical about this, although it is interesting, but open minded nonetheless. Many people believe these crystals and charmstones have mystical energy and paranormal powers.

Amethyst – The stone of sobriety & spirituality; invigorates psychic intuition, purifies the bloodstream and has also been used to alleviate headaches.

Rose Quartz – The stone of love & peace; heightens imagination & tranquility.

Selenite – enhances cognitive abilities, serenity, universal awareness, and is a stone for spirituality, honesty, psychic development, and positiveness.

Malachite – A stone of equilibrium & change, that stimulates intuition and strengthens immunity.

Azurite – promotes divinity, psychic abilities, enhances insight, and helps strengthen the interstellar & astral bodies.

Fluorite– is often touted, within metaphysical dictions, for its ability to release negativity, enhances spirituality and brings an overall sense of awareness & clarity.

Moldavite– is considered by many, to be an extraterrestrial crystal, formed from a meteor impact that occurred long ago. Its metaphysical properties are supposedly useful for the oddities that have incarnated into Earth from other sectors of the universe (I’ve felt like that before). Maybe this lovely crystal is to remedy nostalgia, who knows.


Regardless of fact or fiction, whether healing or not, these make for great decorative stones, crystals, jewelry, etc. There are many others that I didn’t list; this was just examples of some common metaphysical tools; many are turned into medallions, pendulums and wands to be used during practice. I have all of these stones & crystals in my possession, in various forms, shapes and sizes; my favorites are the Amethyst (especially when purchased in the form of crystalline clusters) and next, if I had to choose, Rose Quartz. But, they are all highly attractive. Let me just say, by far, the most expensive out of this list is moldavite – due to its rarity. I haven’t performed and/or attempted any healing acts or soul searching; I bought them because I liked the way they looked.

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