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infinty_mirror_thumbnailAre you looking for something that will add some flare & creativity to your living space, but aren’t sure exactly what it is that you need?  Well, if you’re yearning to add some uniqueness to your home or personal bedroom, Infinity Mirrors may be just the thing you’re looking for. Many people haven’t heard of them, so I’ll provide a couple pics below:




Even though, when lit up, Infinity Mirrors appear to have a lot going on, it is really just a simple mirror trick. You are merely looking through a double-sided mirror that reflects back to a one-sided mirror that is seated a short distance behind it. The LED lights add to the infinity effect and it’s also what gives it that extra pizzazz. I took one apart, that I purchased a while back, to see how it was made and said, “oh, that’s it?”

If you’re feeling a little crafty and don’t mind tinkering around, you can also attempt to make your own. You’ll need: One regular mirror, a double-sided mirror, a frame with whatever design you can find, LED lights, and a 9v power source. You can always do a web search using the keywords “How to create an Infinity Mirror,” to find additional detail that hopefully comes with illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

Personally, I’d rather buy one online with a unique design as opposed to using some old frame that I found by chance, just to slap one together. Actually, if you’re going to make an Infinity Mirror by hand, you should probably just go ahead and create/design your own framework, as well.

I only own one of these mirrors at the time, but it has only shined in all its glory for a few brief minutes. Here’s what happened: I bought this antique-looking Egyptian Infinity Mirror, after spending a solid 100 bucks for it. Well, I decided to take it over to my mom’s house to show it off. I hooked it up and it was utterly spectacular. I loved the way it looked while it was illuminated, and so did everyone else that seen it. …Okay, so I go ahead and visit her for a while, since I hadn’t been over there in a couple weeks. I had no idea my step-dad was attempting to perform some electrical work in the attic, and, due to him not knowing what in the hell he was doing, something surged through the power lines and fried my damn LED Lights in my Ancient Egyptian Infinity Mirror! The only good thing was, it still looked fairly nifty, even when it wasn’t working; however, for future reference, if some moron happens to fry your Infinity Mirror’s light system, it isn’t much trouble to replace the LED lights or the power supply/source.

If you’re interested in buying Infinity Mirrors, you may have to search online from a variety of sites to find what you’re looking for. They are usually on the expensive side, but often worth the pricey tag – depending on the unique design. You can always start your search below, and go from there:

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