Most guys show less sentiment than girls; deal with it!

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I’ve had a lot of problems the last several months with a lengthy relationship (although the first half of the relationship was really good), and this message just doesn’t seem to hit home or permeate the brains of certain girls: “Most guys show less sentiment than girls; deal with it!” Yeah, they enjoy all that tough guy, hardcore stuff when it involves the bedroom, sex appeal, outdoor adventures, and yard-work, for example. But, afterwards or when things doesn’t involve such matters and/or throughout the daily routine, some of these girls expect you to suddenly switch genders and become some soft-hearted female or she-male full of sentiment, emotions, and all that other sappy shit.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t care a lot about you, we just have a different way of showing it.  Another thing these “Romeo & Juliet” seekers and “rainbow chasers” often forget, is that when you’re in a relationship that requires both people having to work for a living, there isn’t always time nor a mood for sitting around and holding hands or each other – especially if you’ve been busy or in a bad mood or whatever.  As long as one doesn’t totally neglect the other, it should be no big deal.  If I was unemployed or retired, I guess I would have more time to sit around and sing Kumbaya or lay on the grass flashing peace & love signs like some hippy from the ’60s and ’70s; uh… no.  Ha-ha!   

Sure, I’m unfriendly at times, have bouts of anger, occasionally break stuff, and I’ve did or said plenty of things that I shouldn’t have, but I’m honest, morally just, fairly organized, and like to maintain order as well as knowing what is going on or where you are at, and so on. Yeah, that sounds like the typical domineering asshole to most females of today, but really, what is wrong with that? The world of today seems like it has flipped upside down. What was once considered right, is now wrong, and what is accepted today, was not in the past. I’m not a sexist nor am I biased or anything like that, but I still think that man should run the household! I’ve seen too many relationships over the years, where the guy pretty much keeps his testicles in a mason jar while the wife or girlfriend runs the household, tells him how much of HIS money HE can spend and whatnot. Yeah, it appears to work for many, and especially the easy-to-run-over “go with the flow” type guys, but I’m just not that way. If I see something wrong or that I don’t like, I’m going to say it. I’ve been told before in my last relationship, “it is not always what you say, it is how you say it.” Oh, okay… I’m so sorry I didn’t whisper or speak gently while I was disgruntled. WTF? I’m a man with testosterone, so what do you expect? Other things that I have been told over the last several months by Miss Sappy herself: “You don’t feel, you don’t feel! You’re numb… You always put me last on your list. I feel like you don’t want me here, that I’m a bother and you ignore me most of the time unless you’re getting sex or mad at me.” I could go on and on, but there is no need to bore anybody who is unlucky enough to read this hogwash. Ha-ha!

The point is, most of the guys who are not feminine males or suffering from low testosterone levels, don’t think anything about ignoring you or not showing sentiment when we’re busy with hobbies, chores, outdoor work, on the computer, working out, or drinking beer, for example. We are just being those savage creatures that seem to attract y’all crazy bitches who often love and hate us at the same time. Speaking of that, the girls who normally enjoy all the bad boy attributes from their man, often complain about these very same things. If you give one of these hormonally scrambled gals a “nice guy” (whatever in the hell that is), then they may at first be charmed and swept away (I’ve seen this happen before), then, later on, all the candle lighting along with the flower and rose crap gets old; they realize that they can open their own door, and that Mr. Tulip Bringer can’t satisfy them in bed and presto, they want their Ex back; ya know, the guys like me who hates Valentine’s Day or have trouble showing love all the time. Then they go back to you (Mr. A-Hole) once again for another crazy round that may only last a few weeks, but it will be full of delightful fornication and other sensual benefits. Then, once they get their fill of your inner caveman (the part of you that attracted them to start with), the unstable Miss Estrogen then decides that you no longer have emotion, you don’t care, and all you want is S-E-X and help with the bills. Arghhhh! You can’t win with this scenario!

What does this particular type of lady want, a freakin’ feminine version of a guy with big muscles and a huge cock that is a sex demon in bed but should also pick flowers, whisper sweet nothings, blow kisses, and frequently tell them that they love them while holding a box of candy in one hand and a dozen roses in the other?  Hell, what I can see, the ones who go around talking about “love” or being “in love” all the time, are usually the ones who jump ship the quickest and run away and cry or pout, when things don’t go “perfect as planned” via the land of sunshine and rainbows.  If you really care about something or somebody, you shouldn’t have to tell them a thousand times a day, like a lot of these crazed romantics often do.  I just don’t understand why some people have to turn everything into some mystic haze that complicates everything that should be natural and/or simple! 

—The bottom line: Most guys show less sentiment than girls; deal with it!

Ahh, enough about this crap and my relationship issues; this isn’t a romance blog anyway…  Ha-ha!  As for her and the other girls who keep going back and forth with their men because they are just being, uh, men:  some people need to grow up and learn how to deal with things without having to run away, flee to mommy, make excuses or, in some cases, revert to substance abuse to forget about things just so they can float through the land of nothingness. 

Anyway, I’m surprised I did a blog post about it, but it has been a while since I’ve updated this blog (been busy with other websites along with other offline activities, etc.), so I thought I’d splatter some cyber-dung into it, just for a blog-based refreshment of the chaotic infinity that surrounds us……

P.S. I placed this post under the blog’s Rant Category.  Although I rarely rant on this particular blog, since it suppose to primarily consist of informative writings or creative works (although I seem to often put creativity on the back-burner these days), if you do like reading these types of posts that consists of moans & gripes, you might want to visit another blog of mine that is full of this type of energetic chatter @  …Cheers!


—End of Post

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