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Well, not all of the sections of this website, whether it is here on this blog or over at the main site, have to deal with informative subjects, creative writings or deep thoughts.  …It is good to go back to your primitive roots at times, and keep it primal, simple, and elementary.  Ya know, sort of like the basic concepts such as:  food & drink, sex, sleep.  Yeah, I’m sure you get the idea… Ha-ha!

Anyway, I’ve recently slapped together a ‘Sexy Babes’ section (this blog post will act as the main menu with all the current gallery links) at Perpendicularity.org.  It currently features 26 Gallery pages and in the future, I hope to add more.  All of the girls in that particular section of this website will be exotic babes, celebrities, or swimsuit / lingerie / glamour models.  Below, I’ll post the links to the 26 galleries it has at the moment:

Jayonna Fabro – contains loads of hot pics.  This girl has a backside that you would fight for – that is, if you’re like me and prefer the thick, big booty babes.  Check it out…

Jayonna Fabro Gallery #2 – well, I ended up with so many images of her, I had to make a 2nd gallery.  Enjoy…

Denise Milani– is one seductive, succulent, femme fatale who is very photogenic, to say the least.

Sexy Nurses – is a small gallery page that features 5 different babes, dressed up in sexy nurse outfits.

Sexy Celebrity Babes – is a gallery page that features several celebrities.  Most of the babes on that particular gallery, I haven’t built individual galleries for.  Look at it as being sort of like an image-sample page; ha!

Katie Price – is a British babe and glamour model with a nice set of big, juicy, fake breasts.  Yeah, she’s hot…

Lucy Pinder – is an English glamour model with huge, all-natural breasts.

Gemma Atkinson – is a very confident and sexy glamour / lingerie / swimsuit model who was born in England.  She’s cute, exotic, and just overall yummy to look at (among other things, I’m sure)….

Anna Semenovich – is a Russian babe, ex-figure skater, and a sexy, exotic model with a big, all natural 34E cup size.

Heidi Montag – is a totally attractive babe who has previously went through several plastic surgeries, breast implants, etc.  I hope she is finally done with the operations because she looks great at the moment.  Anyway, if you click her link, it will actually take you to a blog post about her instead of a gallery page like the other gallery links featuring smokin’ hot models.  The reason why I included her on this page, is because that particular blog post, even though it was mostly about people being addicted to plastic surgery, ended up with several sexy images of her – enough to be worthy of a small gallery; cheers!

Sexy Cheerleaders – is a lovely gallery page featuring hot, wild, energetic, vivacious cheerleader babes; cheers!

Carmen Bella– is an established cam girl / cyber babe that is extremely sexy.  With her mixed ethnic background of several races and her amazing body that is equipped with all-natural 32E breasts, she redefines the term ‘exotic’… to say the least!

Holly Madison – is a television personality and an American model.  This very appealing, naughty-looking little exotic devil, could pass for anything in between a bikini model and a seductive secretary; pick your fantasy…  Cheers!

Sofia Vergara – is a very charming, busty (all-natural 34DD cup size) Hispanic / Latina model that totally fits into the ‘Sexy Babes / Glamour Models’ gallery section from this somewhat interesting site; ha!

Esther Hanuka – is a very exotic, sexy-looking tattoo babe; check her out!

Alice Goodwin – is a seductive glamour model from the UK, what else is there to say?

Joanna Shari – is a very talented Italian American model.  She has brains mixed with beauty, and a big booty that could compete with Jayonna Fabro, if that tells ya anything…

Susan Wayland – is a fabulous, gorgeous German fashion model that is especially known for her latex modelling.

Bobbi Billard – is a sexy model, actress, and former WWE Diva.  What else do you want?

Jenni Farley – is a Reality TV Star and Model that has the “girl next door” type of look, in my opinion.

Sexy Girls from India – is a gallery page featuring Indian babes.

Alexis Texas – is a gallery page featuring an adult entertainment film star & sexy model.

Bianca Beauchamp – is a smokin’ hot, super sexy fetish model that specializes in latex!  Shall I say, tightly wrapped and busty?   Ha!  She is sheer yummy, to say the least; check it out!

Kate Upton – is an upcoming actress and is mostly known for being an established sexy magazine model with all-natural D-cup breasts along with a very seductive look.

Pam Rodriguez – is an extremely sexy Guatemalan / Puerto Rican glamour model that has an exotic look that is definitely worth checking out!

Update! Most Recent Gallery:

Traci Brooks – is a Canadian wrestler with a rugged, tough look and big, juicy boobs!

Well folks, that’s all the gallery links I have  for now; I’ll try to add more, later on, whenever I decide to do so and/or when I have more time to build additional pages for the main site.  Cheers!


—End of Post “Exotic Babes & Sexy Models – Gallery Links”

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