Does Telekinesis or Psychokinesis really exist?

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I’ve been hearing about this type of phenomena for years, even as a small child, but does it really exist?  This amazing feat of mind-over-matter and/or the ability to move objects with mere thought, perhaps may be more properly known as (PK) “psychokinesis,” although I usually hear it called (TK) “telekinesis.”  Personally, I don’t care what you call it; I just want some real, raw proof that it actually exist without all the inconclusive evidence, failed test results, magic tricks, mental delusions and any other grey area that covers the land of utter hooey.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to be more into this type of stuff and my curious mind would rarely rule out something as impossible unless I knew for sure, but as the years pass by, it seems that more and more people are obsessed with miraculous magic, mythical gods, fictitious fantasies full of fairy tales, and so on.  I suppose people are getting bored with actuality and want to create a newfangled, altered reality that simply isn’t even there to begin with.  This brings us to one of the many subjects that fit within the walls of “real or not real” and/or “exist or nonexistent,” and that being Telekinesis – a.k.a. Psychokinesis.

Okay, I’m not going to drag this subject out further than it should, so I’ll be rather quick; if you’d like to add more to this particular blog post when I’m done, there’s always a comment field that you can blast your opinions into.

Now, I’ve read a fair amount about psychokinesis over the years, but never really took it that serious.  I always figured that it would be a big stretch for the mind to be able to noticeably move objects using brain power alone, and that if it was ever able to be achieved, it would take years of practice to be able to barely move a tiny object a fraction of an inch.  What makes the possibility of telekinesis the most interesting to me, is not the actual moving of objects with your mind, but all the scientific laws that it would destroy in the process.  I’m still undecided – when it comes to whether or not it exist.  Personally, I’ve never really messed with it that much because I figured that, even if I did succeed in the manifestation of my TK or PK abilities, my life would not change or be impacted much if I could make a tiny object move a fraction of an inch by concentrating for extended periods of time.  …Talk about a waste of time!

At any rate, when speaking about measurement and observation, parapsychology researchers describe two basic types of measurable and observable psychokinetic and telekinetic effects in experimental laboratory research and in case reports occurring outside of the laboratory.  Micro-PK (also micro-TK) is a very small effect, such as the manipulation of molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, etc., that can only be observed with scientific equipment. The words are abbreviations for micro-psychokinesis and micro-telekinesis. Macro-PK (also macro-TK) is a large-scale effect that can be seen with the unaided eye. The adjective phrases “microscopic-scale,” “macroscopic- scale,” “small-scale,” and “large-scale” may also be used; for example, “a small-scale PK effect.”

So as you can see, some folks are so desperate to prove that telekinesis / psychokinesis really does exist, that they are willing to test down to the microscopic particles, such as atoms and whatnot…  Ha-ha!   Even the macroscopic-scale of measurement during some of these TK tests, involves very tiny objects.

In closing:  The sad reality is that regardless of all the claims thus far, there hasn’t been anyone who has proven to the scientific community without a shadow of doubt, that psychokinesis exist without magic tricks or trickery, bogus tests results, scams, con-artist acts, flimflams, and so on…  I can tell you one thing, if a person can actually look at an object and fling it across the room just by thinking about it, with the way the world’s communication and media is today, they will be on the news and a global star within hours.  Of course, they will also most likely be subjected to a battery of strange lab tests, so if you really can lift your couch up off the floor just by thinking about it, you might want to keep quiet about it unless you like a bunch of people wearing white coats, shoving probes up your ass…  Ha-ha-ha!

Maybe Telekinesis should just be for entertainment on the Television and Psychokinesis should just be a sport for the PsychopathsDoes TK and PK really exist?   If so, is it on a large enough scale to really count?  What’s the largest object you have moved with your mind?  You tell me…


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