Quantum Jumping vs. Deep Meditation & Creative Imagination


atomic_collisionWhat is all this talk about “Quantum Jumping?” I’m sure many of you have run across the adverts related to this subject, and there is a lot of talk about it on the web, as well. Today, I’m going to delve into this topic and just see what all this “jumping” is about, with or without the quantum babble. With what little I have gathered in the past, I’d say that a person can achieve, whatever this expensive course suppose to do, similar goals with deep meditation and creative imagination, but we’ll see…

[Researching… Watching Videos… Sorting through crap…]

Okay, I’m back. Wow! …Such marketing hype out there!

A quick quote from the official Quantum Jumping website: “Quantum Jumping is a meditation and visualization technique created by 84-year-old Burt Goldman, a leader in the human consciousness movement. Quantum Jumping is a powerful way to tap into the expanded zone of awareness where ideas and inspiration flow freely.”

To me, these people seem to gain a euphoria similar to those in church while praying, singing, and praising the Lord. Some of these folks also seem to feel a sense of Nirvana like people often find in Buddhism and/or during deep meditation while using creative imagination.

To cut to the core of this method, Quantum Jumping is based on the idea that multiple universes exist. This “jumping” technique sounds very similar to astral projection, astral travel or a form of OBE (out-of-body experience), as they (the people that promote & market this concept) claim that you can get in contact with another YOU from another universe. Hmm, I suppose they are proponents of String Theory, as well? Anyway, on their official website, they will plainly tell you that it doesn’t matter if you take their concepts literally or metaphorically, because their classes work, regardless. (Red Flag! Save your money!) I have no doubt that this stuff works well for many people, but if you can achieve the same goal for free or for very little money, why fall for the hype? On the other hand, if ya got plenty of money and are looking to encounter some cool, creative, boogy-boogy astral travel via a wild, free-roaming imagination, dive on in! Oops, I mean jump on out! LOL!

Speaking of classes, they are extremely expensive, by what I gather. Don’t worry, I’ll provide a YouTube video in a moment, that will provide you with an honest review.
Now, I must say, people have been doing this sort of thing for ages! But before, they didn’t have this “Quantum” label to smack onto it.

The whole quantum this and quantum that, is sort of trendy right now, if ya haven’t noticed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve studied a little bit about quantum mechanics and whatnot, and it’s very interesting, to say the least. It is one aspect of science that does seem to get a little “spooky” or religious-sounding for a lot of standard scientists, but no matter if you agree with the foundation of quantum entanglement or whatever, for example, it makes a person think.
In my opinion, when it comes to quantum entanglement and related theories, viewing the universe and the life within it as a whole, is an excellent way of thinking. Call it a theory of unity if it makes you feel better, but I’ll also provide a video that takes a peek at that, as well.

Since this┬ápost does most of its talking by way of videos, I don’t have much to add, other than I see an upcoming spiritual-type religion surfacing more and more, in the field of human consciousness. I believe that this particular way of looking at awareness or spiritual growth via the study of consciousness, is more positive for humanity as whole, when compared to a lot of the dogma I see today, but that’s another subject…

This video features a seemingly honest review about Quantum Jumping:

This video features concepts about quantum entanglement and becoming one with the universe:

What’s your opinion?
If you took the time to read and/or research about Quantum Jumping concepts along with watching those 2 videos provided above, you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not you think there is anything to it or not. Personally, I think Quantum Jumping, whether it works or not, is overly priced marketing hooey, and that one could find the same results or better, by cheaper (or free) alternatives using deep meditation and creative imagination. That’s just my opinion, of course; what’s yours?

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