Top 3 Most Asinine Theories Accepted by the Scientific Community


There are loads of theories out there that spawn from common folks, deranged lunatics, the french fry guy at McDonald’s, the scientific community, and so on.  However, nobody really pays very much attention to the ones who don’t have degrees, letters like PhD beside their name, etc.  With that being said, I thought it would be good to do a lighthearted blog post about the top 3 (in my opinion) most asinine theories that are accepted by the scientific community.

1) The Big Bang Theory – Oh, my, it is the scientific version of Genesis…  Many of these folks believe that all the contents of the universe was once packed into a proton-size (or smaller) dot that they call a “singularity,” which is another word for the phrase “I haven’t a freakin’ clue,” and from this minuscule dot of infinitesimal measure, it miraculously went BANG!  There are many clues that show that the universe isn’t expanding in the order of a common explosion along with the wacky side-way movement of certain galaxies, but with or without the expansion babble, the singularity chatter doesn’t cut the cake for me.  I included this theory in my creation theories post, but it doesn’t mean that I’m a supporter albeit within that particular post I didn’t waste much time on it. 

2) The Theory of Evolution– Now this is a theory that has got even more twisted over time.  I have no problem with the obvious fact that life can evolve and acclimate to its surroundings over time, but I have major problems with the speciation concepts found within this asinine theory.  I mean, they actually think a Velociraptor (genus of dinosaur also known as “Raptor”) turned into today’s turkey.  Yeah, have a happy Thanksgiving while eating your Dino Bird… Ha!  Everybody wants to talk about monkeys when they refer to human evolution.  Well, if you are really feeling stupid, you must also accept their theory about how all humans were once a fish!  Yeah, the single-cell amoeba got jiggy, turned into a trilobite that got scared a swam away like a fish that later got all monkey on our asses and here we are…  What a load of baloney!  If you’d like to read more about what I think of this silly theory, go here:  Theory of Evolution & the Missing Link

3) The Primordial Soup Theory –  If you find yourself arguing about the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution, don’t sell yourself short!  Please include the other asinine theory that is commonly accepted by the scientific community, which is known as the Primordial Soup Theory.  This “belief” is laughable at best, as they basically think some bolt of lightning struck a pool of water and all of the life on Earth spawned from this chemical-laced, amino acid-based soup.  Wow!  It sounds more like chili without beans, if ya ask me!  Anyway, instead of me typing about what I think about it on this page, I’ve wrote a blog post in the past that you can read, here:  Primordial Soup Theory or Primitive Chili without Beans?


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