Decorate your home … Ancient Egyptian Style

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This lovely thought of utter adornment popped into my mind earlier today, after looking around the house and noticing just how much ancient Egyptian stuff I have collected over the years. I have enough spread out around here to completely style an entire room, but what about the rest of my home? I wonder how many folks actually decorate their entire house with such things…

This┬ápost also reminds me of a page that I wrote on a health blog two years ago, entitled “Surround yourself with positive Chi, Ch’i, Qi, Energy…” It is a fairly simple concept, concerning the health benefits of being surrounded by things you like, which could also be called “positive energy.”
Okay, now lets get on with the different ways to bedeck your bedroom or home via Ancient Egyptian Style!

I haven’t tried this wall-painting thing yet, since I’d rather have colors that contrast, but one could always paint their walls a sand-like or tan color, to help set the background up for such things. From there, you could buy paintings with ancient hieroglyphics on ’em or get creative and paint your own. I have a paper around here somewhere that I have had for 20+ years, that has a hieroglyphic alphabet on it, so that helps a great deal.

One of the easiest, yet more expensive ways to add an ancient Egyptian theme to your home or room, is to buy lots of individual pieces such as: Egyptian god figurines, ancient-looking vases, obelisks, wicked candle holders featuring coiled cobra snakes, etc. One of my most expensive pieces was an Egyptian infinity mirror with LED lights, but I fried the dang thing while showing it off at some other person’s house after a few minutes (due to some unqualified clown performing electrical work while I had it on).

…Anything gold also brings out the touch of antiquity and, in addition to that, amethyst was also big during ancient Egyptian times. I have several amethyst clusters that I bought several years ago from one of those metaphysical websites, albeit I bought such things because they looked great, not due to the metaphysical claims found within that mystic site. Anyway, if I was going to decorate my room or home with this particular style, having a few figurines, images, photos, paintings, etc., of the Pharaohs, the great Giza Sphinx and Pyramid structures, would be a definite imperative duty!
If you’re an artist, it is cheaper to do most of your decorations via paintings, but whatever your method, you may find it well worth the time & money, once you get this theme complete.
I’d start with the room you dwell in the most and, from there, decide if you want to expand this notion into a house-wide project.
If your home contains several people, you may have to limit your project to certain areas – unless a common interest is shared, howbeit it rarely is; ha!

Below, I’ll share a few photos featuring some of the ancient Egyptian things I have acquired over the years. Of course, there are loads more, but I’m just providing a few samples or else this page would be full of more picture space than words:




This is actually part of a lamp...

The beloved Amethyst... I have so many of these, including many other supposed metaphysical stones & crystals...

The beloved Amethyst... I have so many of these, including many other supposed metaphysical stones & crystals...

At any rate, regardless if you choose to decorate your home with this type of style, one could always use the same concept and apply it to other themes. For example, if you like fish and aquariums, you could turn one of your rooms into “aqua world,” so to speak. I’ve actually did that before… The bottom line, if possible, make your home more fun and relaxing – besides, the outside world, your job, and so on, can be quite stressful at times, so why not come home to a place that gives you peace from within; cheers!

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