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Well, during the last several years (and I mean SEVERAL), the whole concept behind “making money online” has been drove into the ground so much, that nearly everybody and their grandmother is trying to do it.  …Whether you sell your own products or you’re into affiliate marketing, the SEO biz, making money via advertisements, PPC, etc., or even if you are in the drop shipping business or do freelance writing, there is always another way to make money online that you probably haven’t tried.   Plus, many of y’all are tired of wasting time on community writing sites, just to name one of the many trends and shortcomings of online revenue.

I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, and have even made money from online gambling portals (when it was legal), adult entertainment websites, etc.  However, the other day I stumbled upon a new way (well, new for me) to make cash online, and that was from reviewing music tracks, songs, whatever you want to call ’em.  I thought, yeah, this must be one of those music review sites that require you to spend half the day on their website while only earning enough to buy a single-patty burger with no cheese, a drink or fries!  Ha!

Well, since the PPC (pay-per-click adverts)  income isn’t what it used to be, and the affiliate sales are too sporadic to be considered reliable, why not try to supplement my online income while writing music reviews?   The website I landed on had a domain name (Slice the Pie) that sounded more like it would be into the culinary arts as opposed to the music industry, but sure enough, you really could review music tracks for cash online!

Now, before you get too excited and click the link below, please note that you will need a PayPal account hooked to your e-mail address of choice, that is linked to your bank account, in order to get paid when you decide to periodically withdraw your earned funds.  An additional note:  You must have at least 10 dollars in your music review account, for you to be able to withdraw any money, which shouldn’t be any problem to earn.

Now, one may ask:  How do I write music reviews for those, uh, music tracks? Well, I will say this, if you provide quick, vague, poorly written reviews, you are not going to make as much as you would if you write fairly elaborate, detailed reviews.

Now, one may say:  I don’t want to write long reviews; this sucks!  Well, not really.  See, you don’t have to write long reviews to earn decent money, say, like 1 or 2 hundred extra dollars a month.  However, you can get away with shorter reviews if you make sure to include music-related words throughout your various reviews, say, words like:  intro, lyrics, tempo, beat, tune, bass, frequency, accompaniment, instrumentals, vocals, sync, balance, and so on.

I’ve only messed with this concept of earning money online via reviewing music tracks for easy cash, a few times during the day for a handful of days,  and have already earned nearly 15 dollars.  It was that easy and, if I check in for several minutes each day, I could easily make over a hundred extra dollars per month without breaking a sweat.

Below, I’ll give a few sample reviews that I’ve recently made, to show you how easy it is. Please note, the more detailed and high-quality your reviews are, the more they will pay you over time, as your rank increases.  I’m still a rookie on that site, and usually make $0.15 cents a review or thereabouts.  Also, try to remember, that one of the main goals is to rate music tracks and influence what gets played on the radio and to have fun!  The spare change your earn on that site is an added bonus.  If you are fine with that, then this particular review site may be just for you!

Sample Reviews:

1) The intro was interesting, and led into the song quite nicely. The accompaniment and sound effects were decent for the overall tempo of this track, but the vocals didn’t dominate this melody as it could have. Although this song had an interesting feel to it, the lyrics lacked the composition to complete this song, in my opinion. The vocals sounded good, with what little was sung. If the lyrics were more elaborate and complete, I would have rated much higher.

2) This song started with a good beat, and carried through with a interesting vibe, but then became monotonous after a couple minutes. The lyrics were not what I expected and they didn’t compliment the rhythm as well as it could have. 9 minutes is generally too long for a track. This song could have rated higher if it were more condensed and had more vigor early on, instead of dragging into it. Music is not like movies, so there is no need for long moments of suspense, like what was found at the 4 minute mark, etc., because most people would have done flipped the channel after that long of a suspense in the ballad.

3) The vocals were tuneful and in sync with the accompaniment. I like the rhythm provided on this track and the various paces of the tempo. The lyrics were catchy and went well with the beat. Overall, I’d say that this melody has at least some potential for this type of musical niche.

So as you can see, it is not that hard to write music reviews, as long as you are honest and briefly go over what you think about the tracks and maybe what the musical artist could do to improve his/her work, band, etc.  On the site I’m about to link to, you can rate each song after 90 seconds and submit your review.  Generally, I try to listen to at least most of the song, and a lot of times I’ll listen to the entire track before finishing my review, but there is no time limit after the 90 seconds is up.


—————>‘Click Here’ to Review Music Tracks for Cash!<—————

Please Note: The affiliate link above is no longer active since my account with that particular review site has been archived due to inactivity.  Oops! I must have forgotten about that music site during the last few years, but working all the time to make money offline will do that. Ha! Anyway, to visit the site, just manually type into your search bar.

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