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Cyber Babe Gallery - Carmen Bella  - Sexy Images
Height:  5ft 7in
Born:  December 29th, 1986
From:  New York City, United States
Occupation:  Cyber Model, Exotic cam girl (babe that provides live videos for your enjoyment), and
featured in several men's magazines and websites
Breasts:  Natural and Large; weighing in at approximately 32E
Personal Website:  

Here of late, the babe galleries at has featured a lot of swimsuit / bikini / exotic /
lingerie / glamour models, so today I'll deviate slightly from the norm and provide an image gallery of a
super hot cam girl / cyber model / seductive teaser that is fond of web cams.

Carmen Bella's exotic looks come from her mixed ethnic background and her amazing body.  Everything
about her, except for a few tattoos, is totally natural.  Although she seems to mainly focus on creating
streaming videos for the internet, she could easily be a professional glamour model - in my opinion.  We
all know that she makes for great bikini and lingerie photographs, as she enhances the typical eager
surfer's image search on a daily basis, I'm sure.  Ha-ha!  Carmen started as a non-nude cam girl, but
whether she decided to lose the scantily clad appearance for the vids later on in her career - into
something even more revealing, I don't know.  Maybe you'll just have to do your own web search to find
out; I'm just merely digging up some splendid images of her, and then stumbling right along into
something else. Below, I'll provide a variety of sexy images (mostly came from her personal website) of
the exotic cyber babe Carmen Bella.  If you're interested in seeing more babes and talented models,
there is a link at the very bottom of this page that will send you in the right direction...  Cheers!

Okay, enough talk; lets get on with the hot & sexy gallery images already!
Click on any of the images below, to enlarge for a better view:
Sexy Image Gallery
Exotic Babe
Will you be my maid?
Yeah, she's definitely model material!
All natural 32E cup size!
Confident gal...
Oh yeah!
Busty babe!
Ahh, how so cute...
Cyber Babe -
Carmen Bella
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