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Hot Celebrity Babes - Sexy Image Gallery!
Today, I thought I'd change it up a bit from the typical babe gallery that features one model per page.  
Ya know, sort of like how I did the
Sexy Nurses page a while back, by adding multiple babes to the mix.

Anyway, it would be rather difficult to stuff all of the hot celebrities out there (including the has-been
type, as well) into one page.  However, I figured I'd just throw out enough sexy celebrity babes for one
page for now, and perhaps I'll come back later and either add to this particular post or make additional
celebrity galleries, etc.  Either way, I'm sure you landed here to see some sexy gals, erotic models, bikini
babes, and/or barely covered (if that) full-figured women, and so on...

Speaking of that, if you'd like to see the full listing of the gallery pages here at,
simply visit the blog post:  "
Exotic Babes & Sexy Models."  From there, you'll have several gallery links
to pick from.  I'm sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy, within those hot galleries.   

Below, I'll list the name of the celebrity and 2 or 3 photos of each one - under the name and description.
Currently, this page features:  Carmen Electra, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek, the busty
Sophia Reade, Heidi Montag, and the exotic Vida Guerra.
Well, all I got to say is:  the sexy seductresses below, can seduce me anytime......

Okay, enough talk; lets get on with the image gallery already!
Click on any of the photos below, to enlarge for a better view:
Jayonna's Photos - Image Gallery #2
Carmen Electra - may be considered a has-been by many, but this celebrity babe is still smoking hot
in my opinion.  I still remember seeing her years ago before her popularity rose to great heights,
when she was playing her lifeguard role on the television show/series Baywatch.  Oh, speaking of
sexy babes that go by the name Carmen:  If you're ready to ditch the whole "celebrity" thing and
head right into Cam Girl heaven, simply visit the gallery page "
Carmen Bella" and enjoy......
Carmen still has it...
Carmen Electra from the past...
Katy Perry - is an upcoming celebrity that has got famous of late.  Some people think she is just sooo
sexy, so I added her to this page.  I think she is decent, and I wouldn't kick her out of my bed or
anything; but what gets me, I think Katy Perry looks better with blue hair... Ha-ha!
Katy P. with dark hair...
Katy Perry with blue hair...
Kim Kardashian - is one super-sexy, hot celebrity with a juicy bubble-booty and succulent breasts to
match!  I actually liked her even more, when she had a little more weight to her.  Then again, I've always
been a sucker for women with round, thick, big backsides.  Either way, here is 3 pics of her below...
The sexy Kim Kardashian!
Hot little devil...
Kim by the pool in a modest bikini...
Salma Hayek - is a very popular celebrity that is often touted for being really sexy.  Personally, I don't
know much about this chick nor have I obsessed over her looks.  But, this gallery is for the general
public - so a variety of babes is a must.  Plus, I like the way she tries to show some of those boobies...
Salma H.
S. Hayek
Sophia Reade - is a very busty celebrity with a really nice pair of melons.  I don't know her bra size, but I
bet it is fairly large.  In fact, I'd love to see some hand bra pics of this babe, but oh well, maybe next time.
If she had a bigger lower body and darker hair, I would have probably did an entire gallery of her.  
Speaking of that, I have recently did an image gallery of a sexy babe with a similar sounding first name,
and you can find it here:
Sofia Vergara.
Sexy Sophia Reade in a bikini...
Sophia in an odd pose for the camera...
S. Reade grabbing her big breasts!
Vida Guerra - is a seductive femme fatale with a curvaceous body.  This exotic celebrity got famous after
making a brief appearance in FHM Magazine.  Due to the enormous responses her photograph got, they
called her back for a photo shoot.  She later featured on the magazine cover and went on to star in
films, etc.  I don't know what she is up to these days, but her amazing booty left a very nice impression.
Praise be Vida Guerra!
Hail to V. Guerra!
Looking good, Vida G., you sexy celebrity!
Heidi Montag - is a very sexy, artificially enhanced celebrity.  She has been ridiculed and criticized by
many people for her multiple plastic surgeries, breast implant procedures, and so on.  If she stops right
now, and just leaves her body alone, she should be fine.  Either way, she looks great in a bikini at the
moment!  I also did a small image gallery of her over at the blog, here:  "
Heidi Montag - Plastic Surgery"
The busty H. Montag!
Bikini bliss...
Heidi M. is one sexy babe!
Recent Image Gallery:  Alexis Texas - Adult Film Star
Kate Upton - is a famous sexy magazine model.  I've just recently made an image gallery of her, but I
thought I'd add a link to this babe on the celebrity babes page, to give that recent addition a little boost.  
If you're interested, visit:  "
Kate Upton - Sexy Magazine Model"
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