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Looking for a date online?  Cyber Dating sucks for many reasons...
Just like a lot of things:  What works for some, may not work well for others.  Well, when it comes to
dating online, that phrase needs to be changed to:  What sucks for many, is actual good for very select
few.  Internet dating has grew steadily over the last  several years, but for the most part, only certain
dating services has diversified enough to make it easier meeting a mate online.  I've sampled a few
types of "match making" cyber services a few years ago, just to see what all the hoopla was about.  
Then, several years later, I returned to the cyber dating game just to see what all has changed.  I must
say, I think it sucks more now than it did before.  Don't get me wrong, there's hope for the ones who are
stuck in a poor work schedule, have trouble meeting people outside of work, and so on.  But, you
either need to know what type of dating site to look for, understand what and why it sucks for many,
and most importantly, you need to know what you're truly looking for (lust, love, long-term relationship,
short-term fling, etc.)
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Are you a single male or female looking for love & lust in all the wrong places?
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Okay, lets get the easy part of this "online dating" analysis out of the way...

Notice the title of this page...  It refers to finding a date online and/or cyber dating; yeah, you get the
point.  At the same time, notice that the title doesn't include things such as "fornicate online" or "hook
up with a single person tonight" or "find a prostitute today" or "get laid within hours" or, well, I think
you understand now.  When speaking about what sucks for many, on these Internet dating sites, this
doesn't include finding a male whore or a female slut online.  In fact, if you're seeking a lifestyle that
more closely resembles the ancient city life of
Sodom and Gomorrah, there are some excellent
services for this online.  You may end up with some STDs or get gang raped in the process, but hey,
you ordered it so don't complain.  I'm talking about adult-friend-finder-type sites that offer matches who
are into couple swapping, group sex, and random types of other fetishes that is pointless to name on
here.  Don't get me wrong, these types of sites are great for what they provide, but if you're going on a
site called "alternative lifestyles" or "fling" or whatever some of them are called, that obviously
promotes finding a sexual partner within no time at all, don't expect to find love and don't bother calling
it "online dating."  Ha-ha!  Most of these types of sites, allow you to put nude photos in your profile,
send raunchy e-mails back and forth, and have erotic chat services where you can swap information,
phone numbers, IM names, etc.  This is so easy!  It is like a legal Internet brothel mixed with fake
photos, unknown people, scams, and the occasional honest, sexually unchaste person that you may
have a great time with.  ...Hurrah, hurray!  Fun-fun...  So, if you're looking for lust in all the wrong places,
say hello to cyber fornicating sites, such as I mentioned prior.  I guess you could say they "suck," but
that would depend on if you selected to have an oral fetish in your profile, now wouldn't it?  Ha!

Now that we got the obvious out of the way, lets get on with what this post is really about...

Cyber dating, yeah, that's the main topic here.  The friendly sites like, eHarmony, and others
of the like.  I must say, before Yahoo! Personals went to, it was at least fairly decent.  The IM
service is what made it good.  Many folks have a Yahoo! Messenger, so if anything, joining their
personals could, at the very least, get you a bunch of IM people you could flirt with, get to know, and
possibly hook up with at a later date.  But, Yahoo!, along with their search engine, merged with MSN a
while back, so now that dating service has changed to the format.  Speaking of the merge,
Yahoo! also uses the same search engine as MSN, except now it is called, at the time I'm writing this,
"Bing."  It seems to be an excellent search engine, and I use it all the time.

Well crap, I'm rambling now.  I need to get back on subject.  Oh, yeah, cyber dating and the several
reasons why it sucks for many......

Some of the biggest reasons some of these well-mannered, proper, sophisticated-looking dating sites
like "Match" or "eHarmony" (too many others to list) sucks for many, is the people it attracts in general.  
It is amazing at how stupid some folks really are, to think they are going to find their "soul mate" online.
Personally, with there being billions of people in a world that is full of raging hormones, to think that
there is one individual sole mate or "soul mate" for you, and I mean the numeric 1 and one only, is
slightly preposterous in my opinion.  I think that is what's wrong with a lot of people, especially females,
as they often have this illusion of perpetual rainbows and sunshine for their future mate, that they can
never see clearly or accept the fact that you have to take the good with the bad, and that things in a
relationship will not always go just right; there is no such thing as "perfect," and people just have to
work things out, make it work, get over fights, and on and on and on.  This page isn't about the
philosophy of dating, so once again, I'm getting off subject here.
Okay, so other people's high expectations is an obvious big slash to online dating.  Next in line, is
something I call "fantasy profile."  You know, when people get to lie and pretend and tell all of these
nice, wonderful things about their self, only to exclude the fact that they are providing fantasy details
about their self to hopefully find a fantastic mate, dream date, etc., but forgetting that the other person
will quickly find out that they are full of baloney, upon meeting.  I can give several examples of "fantasy
profiles," but I'll just type about a couple of them real quick and then move along into the next trait of
cyber dating suckness.  People who state on their profile that they are adventurous, love the outdoors,
exercise 3 times a week, only to find out that they are fat, lazy, jobless, and are a big couch potato.  
People who type in their profile how they are looking for a nice guy who is honest and is willing to treat
them like a lady with respect, only to find out that they are a queen bitch and all of their other
boyfriends were drug addicts, bad boys, abusers, and hell on wheels.  People who claim on their dating
profile that they are highly educated, went to college, and make $50,000+ a year, only to find out that
they barely graduated high-school, can't even spell worth a crap, and work for minimum wage at a
grocery story.  Stuff like that, is what I mean when I say "fantasy profile."

Okay, so deceit is another factor that sucks for cyber dating.  Next up, is the illusion of travel.  Yep,
you're browsing through available singles, send an e-mail, swap back and forth, actually connect with
the person behind the false profile with high expectations, only to forget:  "How far did you say you live
from me again???"  Dang, I went and did a search on the dating site with the 50 mile radius thingy on.   
Hmm, lets see...  I travel 50 miles to meet you, we most likely won't like each other anyway, but even if
we do, I have to travel 50 more miles back, just to get home.  100 mile round trip just for a ???  Gas
prices are outrageous right now!  See ya...    Yep, this aspect of finding a single near you, is only part of
the problem.  Many folks don't even put their correct location on there while trying to hide from locals
(perhaps they are the ones who are cheating on their husband/wives or boyfriend/girlfriend), but the
ones who do put the correct info, still often come up in your eager searches because you're simply not
thinking about it.  Yeah, yeah...  The chat was nice, enjoyed e-mailing you, everything seems like it
would work, but why in the hell am I travelling that far for a freaking date!?  Wait a minute, maybe I need
to just get out more.  Why am I always on this damn computer?  This cyber dating thing sucks!  I wasted
my money; I'm deleting my account.  Blah, blah, blah...  Ha-ha!  The point here is, unless you live in a big,
populated city or are willing to travel great distances, most small cities won't have enough singles
online, in your area, to amount to anything.  Keep that it mind, or you may find yourself saying "this
online dating thing sucks!"

Okay, so travel distance is an obvious problem for cyber dating.  Next up, is the good ol' outdated
photos routine.  Yeah, for example, you see some photo of what appears to be this youthful babe; talk
to her a lot and even get up enough "balls" to go meet the mystery babe with the hot picture in her
dating profile, only to find out that the picture was at least 20 years old!  Who are you?  Are you the
grandma?  Where's my babe at from the dating site?   She says, with a rough voice, "wellllll, sheeeees
riiiiight heeeeere, swivel hips."  Yikes!  You instantly flee from the has-been beauty queen that you
found at the online dating site, who has now morphed into a wrinkled grandma with hormonal issues,
get in your car and get the hell out of there, and fast!

Okay, so outdated photos can be detrimental to your cyber dating experience.  Next up, is all the "I'll
tell you later" junk on their profile.  What is up with that?  It says, do you have kids? And some of these
people will have on their personal information section, "I'll tell ya later."  Relationship status?  I'll tell ya
later.  Religion?  I'll tell ya later?  Occupation?  I'll tell ya later.  Gender?  I'll tell ya later.  Ha-ha!  Okay, I
was joking about the gender part, but really, if you don't want to tell anybody anything, then why are you
even on here?  By the way, is that photo even a picture of you?  Oh, I get it, you'll tell me later???

Well, I have went over some of the basic shortcomings for cyber dating and/or some of the reasons
why it sucks for many people, but it doesn't end here.  It isn't just the people and their silly profiles that
makes online dating suck for many, it is also the layout and the way the site monetizes for profit.  Sure,
you can join most of these sites for free, but you can't do anything much, unless you pay - which is fine.  
BUT, you have all of these "singles" out there with photos who don't pay, and never will pay, but the
search results are decorated with these folks like bait.  Hey, join now so you can talk to them!  Wrong!  
A good percentage of the people on these cyber dating sites, need to be deleted and removed so you
won't waste time trying to contact 'em or whatever.  However, this could easily be remedied by lowering
the membership fees so more people could interact, enable or make it easier to send messages
through a messenger service, offer live chat rooms like some of the more, uh, hum, adult dating sites
do, and lets get on with this thing!  But no-no-no, lets keep the membership rates high so only a small
percentage join, but keep all the dummy accounts live or the ones who will never join, and lets make it
even more difficult to communicate so you will have to upgrade to a platinum account or higher paying
service, only to find out that you are one of the few fools in your area who wasted the money for this
silly dating process to begin with.  Ha-ha!

---Side Note:  I'm having way too much fun writing about the sorry aspects of online dating.  I really have
limited experience with it, but what little I've encountered and what little I've had others tell me about
their experiences, led me to some of those reasons.  So don't think I'm some retarded, desperate chap
who had horrible online dating experiences.  I just enjoy pointing out what sucks about it.  Ha-ha!

Personally, I've always found my mates offline.  Unfortunately, I usually meet them wherever my current
place of work is, which is great when things are going good, but bad when things are not.  I've also
been the moron who gets stuck in long-term relationships.  That may sound good, but when you finally
break up, it ends up feeling like a big waste of time; plus, the longer the relationship, the harder it is to
totally get over.  I often think, it would be better to go for the "quick sample" route, build my
"fornication portfolio," then analyze the data, and make a final selection as to what I end up settling
with.  Now is that a science or what?  Ha!

Bottom line:  There will always be crap in the way when looking for love, lust or that companion who is
just right for you.  There is plenty of junk to sort through, and things you'll have to filter out - to find the
gem you're seeking; that's just part of life.  Regardless of the method that you choose to find a date or
mate, whether it is for long-term or short, cyber dating or offline, it is all a gamble and a risk you may or
may not have to take.   At any rate, best of luck to ya...  You'll need it!  ;)
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Be prepared when dating online... Cyber-dates can be a bitch; ha!