It is merely quintessential quaintness in a vertical, upright rectitude
towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
Updated Daily Tidbits & Word Games via "The Free Dictionary"
This section of the website is a nice "pit stop" if you're looking to possibly learn something new for the
day, or if you are just plain bored or perhaps, you may simply just want to occasionally play a couple
word games and stumble along...  The updated content within this page, comes from a very
advantageous website entitled "The Free Dictionary."  
It's an excellent site full of dictions and useful information.  All of the random tidbits & games will be
updated on a daily basis.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out our Blog for additional
informative content, random topics, and interesting subjects.
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Well, I hope you enjoyed this daily round of random tidbits and word games via the useful "The Free Dictionary" website.  
Speaking of such things, a while back, I did a post on a health & fitness blog entitled "
Mental Exercises - Keep the Mind Active as you
Age."  Within that post, I talked about the importance of brain activity in parallel to the "use it or lose it" concept and gave links to a
couple websites that features several mind games, etc.  Of course, you can do your own online search for sites that relate to
mind-stimulating tidbits and games, but the bottom line is:   Your cognitive function doesn't have to decay as you age.  Stay sharp,
aware, and don't lose a grip on reality - whatever in the hell that is...  Ha-ha-ha!  Cheers!   ; )