It is merely quintessential quaintness in a vertical, upright rectitude
towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
Aliens from another world?  Were the first earthmen astronauts?
The great lizard loped through the trees and into the forest clearing, the hunger gnawing in his
belly.  He stopped, then rose up on his great hind legs.  His huge head moved slowly back and
forth, testing the wind, seeking the scent of the plant eaters.
The hot breeze told him nothing and he roared his frustration, the cruel, curved teeth flashing like
cavalry sabers......

His body dropped till it was almost parallel to the ground and he began that distance-eating lope
again, tail straight out behind him to counter-balance the enormous weight and moving at a steady
30 miles an hour through the trees and towards the plains where the plant eaters gathered.

Suddenly a mighty roar echoed through the forest and Tyrannosaurus halted again.  The giant
lizard was almost 200 years old, and in all that time he had never known fear... He knew it now......

He looked to the west, his binocular vision -- so like our own -- momentarily blinded by the massive
fireball that rose into the sky, followed a few heartbeats later by a cloud that boiled like mud and
slowly blotted out the sun.  The great lizard turned and ran back towards the clearing.  His skin
burned as though by a great fire and above him a wind like the sulfurous breath of a thousand
volcanoes ripped through the tortured treetops......

Three days later, blind, his beautiful green-dappled hide covered in huge festering sores, the
mighty lizard collapsed, breathing in short, agonized gasps.
The great dying had begun......

That scene took place in what is now Montana - a little over 60 million years ago.  The bones of that
particular Tyrannosaurus Rex, still radioactive, were dug up in the 1930s and now grace the
entrance hall of a museum of natural history.  The terrible Tyrannosaurus, the thunder lizard, was
the last in a long line of dinosaurs that ruled the earth for 140 million years then suddenly vanished
from this planet.  Well, what in the hell happened?

Years of research by dedicated scientists across the world have yielded many conflicting theories,
all of them plausible; but they do agree that the wonderful lizards perished in some kind of
worldwide, cataclysmic, and incredibly violent event; and several have asked:  
Could this have been a nuclear explosion via atomic war?

In his book "Men and Dinosaurs," Edwin Colbert discussed a 1947 dinosaur fossil find in northwest
Mexico.  He said:  
"They were found in the greatest profusion, piled on top of one another, with heads
and tails and feet and legs often inextricably mixed in a jackstraw of bones.  It would appear that some
local catastrophe had overtaken these dinosaurs, so that they all died together and were buried
Since then, other dinosaur finds have been located around the world -- all stamped with
the same characteristics.

In the 1960s, Soviet scientists developed a theory that the dinosaurs disappeared during a period
of "intense radiation, such as might be experienced after a worldwide nuclear holocaust."
Tests carried out in the Paleontological Museum of the Academy of Sciences of Moscow showed
that dinosaur bones from that mass extinction period are extremely radioactive, contemporaries of
the thunder lizards, survive very much in their original form today, protected as they were by the

According to American scientists, two natural processes could explain the mass extinction of the
dinosaurs:  a supernova in space that blasted the earth with radioactivity, or massive radioactive
emissions from the bowels of the earth during volcanic eruptions.
The Soviets point out that supernova outbursts within a 25 light year radius of our sun, though
rare, could have occurred twice between the first appearance of life on Earth and today.

But what deals a death blow to the supernova theory is that great heat, not merely radiation, killed
the dinosaurs.  In many cases, dinosaur footprints have been found in mudflats covered by shallow
water which should have obliterated them.  But the tracks were baked into stone and cracked into
many side shapes -- which proves instant evaporation of the water AND the dinosaurs!  This also
explains why no bones have ever been found near tracks.

The radioactive emissions theory is also highly unlikely.  The emissions necessary to cause
immediate, mass extinction could only be caused by sudden, intense, worldwide volcanic activity --
something which has never occurred on earth.

According to the Soviet experts this means that ancient astronauts may well have waged an atomic
battle on earth 60 million years ago.
Perhaps they were simply battling one another for control of this planet.  Or could they have been
exterminating the dinosaurs to pave the way for man?  There is a lot of evidence to support that
atomic war theory.

The Bible describes what could be an atomic war.  In Revelations 12:3, 7, 8, and 9:
And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great dragon...And there was war in
heaven:  Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And
prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.  And the great dragon was cast out..

---Editor interjects:  I think the validity of this story which speaks about the possibility of alien
atomic warfare, is better without the bible quotes.  The author of "Revelations" wasn't even alive
during the time period of dinosaur extinction.  Anyway, better proof lies ahead...

There is even reference in Zulu legends to "metal monsters" that destroyed the world with great

But the most concrete piece of evidence of an advanced civilization on Earth 60 million years ago
is a tiny cube of lathe-machined, high-tensile steel discovered by the Swiss naturalist Gurlt.

Gurlt found the block, which measures exactly 2.8 by 2.8 by 2 inches, and weighs 1.72 pounds,
while seeking dinosaur fossils in the Australian Alps in 1886.  The block dates back to the time of
the great dinosaur extinction -- yet human technology could not produce such an artifact until the
early decades of the 20th century.

Shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs, a wide variety of new plants and animals suddenly
made their appearance on Earth.  The Soviets, and some American and European scientists,
theorize that the ancient astronauts, after waging their terrible battle, repopulated the earth with
life forms from their own planets.

The evidence shows that these spacemen also passed on some of their destructive knowledge
and their inclination to wage war, to the early man.

A Hindu scientist named Kanada, born around 850 B.C., possessed an incredible knowledge of
atomic principles.  Robin Collyns in his book, "Did Spacemen Colonize the Earth?" writes:
Kanada, a most erudite scholar, was one of the most learned contributors to the Hindu philosophy of
Vaisesika, a Sanskrit work dealing with atomic physics.  The Mausola Purva describes a missile that
'appeared like 10,000 suns after spreading into three parts.'  
A Soviet SS9 missile carries three five-megaton warheads, and it appears that the Hindus used this type
of missile at least 3,000 years ago.

More recent evidence is that of the 1964 discovery in South Africa of a complete underground
village.  The village, hidden deep in a series of caves, consists of huts with mud walls about 12
feet thick.  Each cave contains about 20 huts. The remains of another village is at ground level.
Archaeologists were struck by the village's similarity to a modern nuclear attack shelter -- and
indeed say that the village could have withstood the blast of a five-megaton tactical nuclear
warhead.  Whatever the theories, one thing is certain:

The slate was wiped clean 60 million years ago with the destruction of the dinosaurs and life began
anew, eventually leading to man.

There is strong evidence to suggest that nuclear weapons, wielded by ancient astronauts, caused
what we now realize was the greatest mass extinction of life in the history of the earth; and we are
left with the uneasy feeling, as we see the spread of nuclear weapons around the world, that the
same thing could happen again.

If the slate is once again wiped clean, who or what will take our place?

Editor's Comment:
I find this all to be quite interesting.  As a kid and throughout adulthood, when thinking upon this
subject, I have always questioned and pondered over the very plausible idea that
aliens from
another world intervened and brought death to the dinosaurs.  Also, I've mulled over the notion
that an advanced race/aliens have been visiting this planet for a long time, but more so in the past
when civilization was at its most primitive stages.  This belief or idea is definitely noteworthy and
worth some thought.  Regardless, without any intervention, the Homo sapiens of today are enough
of a threat to this planet via pollution, the rape of nature, and by nuclear potential.

Look below, for the complete list of chapters on this topic. Cheers!
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