It is merely quintessential quaintness in a vertical, upright rectitude
towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
Aliens from another world?  Were the first earthmen astronauts?
The woman was short, stout and powerful.  She was hairy, with the wary, darting eyes of a hunter --
and a prey animal.  Her head, seen in profile, was primitive, with a braincase [neurocranium] that
was long, low and flattened behind.  She has a heavy brow ridge, large teeth with prominent
canines and her cheekbones were low and small.  Her chest, with sagging breasts under the
greasy fox skins that covered her, was wide and her forearms & thigh bones were bent.  She had
large feet & hands but small fingers & toes.
This woman was not a thing of beauty...and she stank.

The time was 35,000 years ago, during the last great Ice Age which held most of Europe in the
freezing grip of a perpetual winter.  The place was what would later be called Neander Valley near
Dusseldorf in Germany.  
This woman was 13 years old, and she was destined to be the last of her kind.

The astronauts lured her towards their scout ship with bright plastic beads...and she followed them
eagerly, her hands outstretched......
She had all the instincts of a predatory animal, but she forgot her fear as she pursued the glittering
prize that the extraterrestrials held out to her.  When she was a few yards from the gleaming
saucer, one of the astronauts dropped her in her tracks with a tranquilizing dart.
Grimacing at the stench of her, they carried her on board......

The woman woke six hours later near the caves where the astronauts had first found her.  The
bright red beads were around her neck and she smiled.
She felt a slight burning pain in the lower part of her belly as she rose and walked towards her
cave, but she ignored it; she must show the other women the pretty beads!
This Neanderthal woman lived to a ripe old age, being almost 35 when she died.
She had no children, though she'd lain with many men; but that was not unusual.  None of the
women produced babies; like her, they had all been sterilized.

The woman's name was Dreena; she was the last of her kind.  The Neanderthals vanished from the
pages of history 35,000 years ago.  They were interglacial-period people who could date their
origins back 120,000 years.

"But they were an obsolete race, competing for food & living space with the much more advanced
Cro-Magnon man, our own ancestors.  They had to be removed, and were genetically altered by the
ancient astronauts so that they could no longer breed.  In other words, the women were
sterilized," says UFO & ancient astronaut expert Dr. Hans Oehlenschlager of Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Oehlenschlager said that the Neanderthals were not the dull, brutish cavemen of legend, but
were fairly intelligent and lived in a quite complex hunter-gatherer society.  He goes on to say:

"They used fire and hunted with considerable skill using lances tipped with flint points.  They also
used a variety of tools made of stone, horn and bone.  The Neanderthals buried their dead with
some reverence and there is evidence that they tenderly cared for the sick & aged.  We also have
reason to believe that they practiced some form of primitive religion; but they were also cannibals,
and after almost 100,000 years of evolution [they] showed no sign of ever achieving even a
fraction of the intelligence that Cro-Magnon man already showed."

Dr. Oehlenschlager believes that Cro-Magnons had also been genetically engineered to have a
bigger brain and greater intelligence.  "There is a theory that the Neanderthals were destroyed by
the Cro-Magnons, but that's really hard to believe," he says.  He continues by saying...

"The Neanderthals, as big & tough as they were, could have more than held their own against
Cro-Magnons, especially since the more advanced species was probably badly outnumbered at
this time.  I believe the ancient astronauts deliberately wiped out the Neanderthals by sterilization,
a process that would kill off more primitive humans in say...20 years.  The ancient astronauts were
quite capable of violence, sometimes terrible violence as
Sodom and Gomorrah demonstrates, but
in this case they chose a gentler method that guaranteed results.  Many Neanderthal skeletons
have been found and some show marks of violence, but these are the results of injuries inflicted
by primitive weapons like rocks and clubs.  None show the kind of wounds we would associate with
firearms or more advanced weapons.  
I should also note that the Neanderthals were an interglacial race, used to a warm climate.  
It could be that the extraterrestrials believed the species could not survive the ravages of the
approaching Ice Age and were therefore a dead end in man's evolutionary path.  Once the
Neanderthals were gone, Cro-Magnon man did survive the rigors of the Ice Age and Homo
sapiens, with great reasoning power and the ability to adapt to any environment, is his direct
descendants.  God works in mysterious ways, and it could be that the doomed Neanderthals were
an experiment that went wrong -- an experiment the Creator left to the ancient astronauts to

If Dr. Oehlenschlager is correct, we can only hope that our race, Homo sapiens, is not an
experiment that is now terribly going wrong.  Is there another,
more intelligent species -- perhaps
the dolphins -- waiting in the wings to take over from us, just as we took over from the ill-starred
And will the ancient astronauts lure us to their gleaming saucers with plastic beads?

Editor's Comment:
For the most part, this was an interesting chapter, as to (in theory) why the death of the
Neanderthals occurred...along with something that I've thought about in the past, which is:
FAILED EXPERIMENTS that had to be rectified, one way or another!  I will say, in our case, with the
way the world is today, we should have no problem wiping out our own race (for the majority) via
our greed, corruption, carelessness, stupidity, nuclear ability, religious nonsense (that often
causes strife), along with many other reasons that is pointless to name.  
All I can say is...hang in there during the next few years and hope for the best, as we are headed
towards a critical point in our current stage of development & advancement - that should either
"make or break" mankind's progress - as we currently know it.

Look below, for the complete list of chapters on this topic. Cheers!
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