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How to loosen & remove plugged Ear Wax
I've always had an abundance of ear wax and have never gave it much thought, until recently.  It is not
anything to be proud of, but medical science tells us the gooey junk is necessary and it actually
protects our ears.  Well, a few weeks ago, at the onset of a sinus/head cold, my right ear started acting
up.  It seemed like there was water in it or something, but nothing ever came out.   I did, however,
notice that I couldn't get any wax out of it anymore, while cleaning it.  I thought it might relate to the
sinus condition and I didn't give it much further thought.

A couple weeks went by, and my head cold/sinus symptoms were gone.  Periodically, I would wake up in
the morning and I couldn't hear out of my right ear the first few seconds.  I would sort of pull on it, open
my mouth and it would pop, then everything would be fine.  Well, one day it never popped back, and I
couldn't hear out of my right ear for 2.5 days.  Let me tell ya, it is weird walking around with one
functioning ear!

On the 3rd day, I had to do something.  I don't like going to doctors unless it is a medical emergency, so
I was reading all kinds of stuff online about ear ailments & treatments. I was shocked to find out how
many people had ear-related problems.  
After reading for a while, I was pretty sure it wasn't an ear infection since there was no pain or strange
looking crap coming out, so I narrowed it down to being plugged with wax.  Hmm, maybe this is why I no
longer seemed to have any wax in that ear anymore.  Lucky for me, my girlfriend seemed to be
knowledgeable about this subject and she provided the remedies (I wasted all that time online for
nothing).  I didn't know people could pour some of the things in your ear, like she did.  Anyway, I'll share
the info, in case anyone else has recently woke up with a plugged ear and doesn't know what to do.

---How to Loosen & Remove Plugged Ear Wax:

This advice will only work for mild to semi-major plugged ears.  Severely packed wax that is deep into
the middle ear area, may require a specialist.

If you just want to cleanse your ears, a simple application of Hydrogen Peroxide will work.
In my case, my right ear was so backed up with wax that I temporarily lost hearing out of it, and this is
what I had to do.

I laid on my side (the side of my good ear), and she poured a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide into
the affected ear. It will begin to fizz; let it set for a minute.
Although, the doctors and other medical advice you'll find on the web always says "no" to the use of
cotton swabs (Q-tips), we used them as well.  In fact, I think most people ignore the warnings, and it
should be fine, as long as you don't jab it into your ear like you're trying to reach your brain or
something.  Anyway...

After the peroxide set for a minute or so, I took a paper towel, held it over my ear and rolled over so it
could drain out.  After that, she began to probe my ear with the cotton swab, but no such luck getting
the wax.  The first application of Hydrogen Peroxide didn't work for me, but it began to loosen it, and
she could now see a large size chunk that was stuck in my ear.  I thought to myself, oh, now that's why I
couldn't hear...   We tried a second application, except this time she used the cotton swab while the
peroxide was fizzing.  It was starting to break up, but I still could not hear.  Then a 3rd dose was poured
into my ear, and this time, she massaged the area behind the ear and also pulled outward on it while
the peroxide was fizzing.  Now, it was really breaking up and a lot of wax was removed via cotton swabs.

At this point, I was frustrated that I still had hearing loss, even though a lot of wax was took out.  Now,
here comes some other liquid I didn't know you could pour in your ear: Cooking Oil.  She heated a
teaspoon of Canola Oil over the stove, just enough to get it warm.  
I laid back on my side, and she poured it into my affected ear.  She then put a cotton ball in place, and I
got up and went about my business.  I took the cotton ball out an hour later and lightly cleaned the
inside of my ear with water.

The oil softens the remaining wax, so it has a better chance of being removed or in some cases, falling
out.  In a couple hours, that is what happened and my hearing was restored.  I was so relieved that I
didn't have to go visit a doctor or whatever.

So, the use of Hydrogen Peroxide, cotton swabs, and cooking oil was all that I needed.  In addition to
being able to hear again, I got out of having a doctor bill.
Can't hear out of which ear?  Huh?  Perhaps you need to purge the wax from your ears...
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