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towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
Aliens from another world?  Were the first earthmen astronauts?
First of all, in case you've landed here by accident or by other links not from this site, you may
need to go back and read the 11 chapters on this subject matter, if interested.  I'll post them below,
in a moment.  Anyway...

I recently did a critique, well, basically I just copied the stories into the website and I would make
editor interjections and comments throughout the short stories, from time to time.  By the time you
get done reading through the chapters, you may find yourself wanting to research further -
whether it is online searches or getting additional resources from books & DVDs.

On this page, I was going to originally provide my conclusion of what I thought about the "Aliens
from another world?  Were the first earthmen astronauts?" content, but I think I did a fair job
adding my brief input on each individual page of that section.

So, instead of typing more of my ramblings, I thought I would turn this into a research page with
helpful, related links that may either provide
resources, entertainment, or some could just be plain
silly, who knows.  I'll come back to this page on occasions and add more links; today, I'll start with a
few.  And like I mentioned before, I'll put the site links to the 11 chapters along with the
introduction, at the bottom of this page - in the event you want to re-read them or view them for
the first time.
I, of course, could start another section with a completely different set of short stories over this
"Aliens & UFOs" subject, but I think we got enough to work with at the moment......
Disclaimer:  The following material may still be copyrighted by its original author.  I found the content on some mini-pamphlet I
picked up as a little kid - that dates back nearly 20 years ago.  I haven't found it on the web anywhere else and it is way too small to
become a book.  So, since the short stories were very interesting and I thought others would perhaps like to read it as well, I
decided to re-type the articles and upload them into this website - with only slight modifications occurring occasionally.  Enjoy...
Editor's Conclusion - Additional Resources
If you've missed the introduction and would like to know why these stories & articles began on this website, click here to begin.
Additional Resources:
Top Secret Video - Area 51 - Alien Interview
( Is this video
authentic?  That is the question you'll be asking yourself after viewing the tape.  If it is real, well, you know...

Church of Critical Thinking ( - This is an unusual type of site that provides
lots of interesting content, humor, useless tidbits, information, facts, fiction, myths, hogwash, and promotes
critical thinking and open mindedness.  It is definitely worth checking out. Videos ( - Here, you can find loads of interesting videos about a
variety of subjects - not limited to aliens or UFOs.   I enjoy watching some of their flicks over ancient history /
civilizations. If desired, you can utilize their search bar to find the video topic you're seeking.

Ancient Astronauts - Aliens - Creation Myths ( - This
particular site link from, is a good starting point for the ones trying to familiarize with the
"ancient astronauts" subject.  It will provide a few images along with detailed elaboration about several
different, interesting topics.  This site is not just limited to UFOs &
Aliens.  While you're there, you might want
to check out some of the info about ancient & lost civilizations, as well.

The Astral World ( - You don't necessarily have to be searching for "aliens
from another world" or short stories about UFOs and encounters on this particular site, to find the many
interesting subjects available that all relate to the paranormal, occult, abstruse, and
unexplained mysteries via
the otherworldly fantasies found within your existing imagination.  Whether it is fact or fiction, at times,
everything seems to be unified, surreal, and real, all at the same time...  With that being said, that's another
reason why I have no problem linking to other resources that are germane to this well-known subject about
unknown universe.  ...The same concept applies to the woo-woo creation theories and whatnot......
The Power of Thought, Projections, & Imagination...
DVDs related to Aliens & UFOs