It is merely quintessential quaintness in a vertical, upright rectitude
towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
Aliens from another world?  Were the first earthmen astronauts?
The Japanese, a methodical race, are a researcher's dream, thanks to their tradition of recording
historical events in mi
nute detail -- without embellishment.
In the late 1970s, some documents were found which reported that ancient Japan was visited by
visitors from outside our solar system, nearly 1,000 years ago.

Norihiro Saito, an authority on ancient Japanese records and history -- and an outspoken critic of
UFO and ancient astronaut theories -- was dismayed to discover that the documents clearly
showed that aliens visited Japan around the year 1000, and again in the 17th century, and had
made some determined, but unsuccessful attempts to communicate with Earthmen.

I admit the discovery of these documents upset me because they contradict my own long-held
theories; but I will defend their authenticity to any authority
," said Saito.

Saito says that the first UFO reference he found was in a Hioseji Temple Chronicle, released in
what would have been August of 1015 A.D.  Part of it reads:

"According to the commander of the left guard post, he observed two bright objects come at each
other in the heavens and exchange fire at one another.  He said both objects approached each
other slowly at first, and upon reaching a distance of about 10 meters they stopped in mid-air and
let out tiny star-like objects that went between the larger objects.  Then the two larger objects flew
away at tremendous speeds.  After the episode, the sky clouded up with a thick smoke.  It was
reported that many farmers of the area also witnessed the phenomenon."

The temple document is clearly referring, say scientists, to a pair of mother ships which launched
smaller probes carrying one or two aliens to carry out low level explorations of the planet.
Many of the documents of this period contain references to "Utsuro Banjin."  'Utsuro' literally
means "space vessel," or more correctly "star ship," and Banjin means "savage female."

It was the custom at this time for the Japanese to refer to all foreigners as Banji -- barbarians.  So
the "savage female" was clearly the "foreign barbarian from the star ship."

The first records of
Japanese Close Encounters of the Third Kind were published during the Edo era
which began around 1603 and lasted till well into the 19th century.  Both records are from Volumes
1 and 2 of the Japan
Zuihitsu Taisei, and appear with the original drawings of saucer-shaped space
craft made by the

One of the sightings was made by the samurai Etchunokami Ogasawara, who reported seeing a
"flying bowl" off the beach of Harayadori in the province of Hitachi in northern Japan.
I saw the object land in the water far offshore and ordered the local fishermen to go out in their boats
and pull the object onto the beach
," he wrote.

He also went on to say:  
When [the fishermen] finally managed to bring the object ashore, they measured its length at over
three ken (18 feet).  The upper part was made of sliding glass windows with resinous frames and its
bottom was braced with strips of metallic plates.  When the fishermen looked into the transparent
upper dome, they were shocked to see a strangely shaped women inside the craft
Ogasawara said that the woman was strangely dressed and had dazzling blue beads sewn into her
garments, which were a shimmering green color.  The woman's hair was white in color and looked
false, and the samurai said her face was "difficult to describe..."

The woman arose from the craft carrying a black box about two shaku (two feet) long.  The box was
rectangular in shape and gave out a strange sound, like the ringing of crystal.   The woman spoke but
we could not understand her, then she pointed to the inside of the craft which was covered in strange
writing.  The fishermen became very frightened and ran to a nearby village for help, returning two
hours later with the local mayor and a detachment of soldiers.  ...But by the time the soldiers arrived at
the beach, the woman and her craft were gone
," Ogasawara said.

This incident happened in late winter, when snow lay thick on the ground, and news of the
encounter spread slowly.  ...But a few hours after the first sighting, an almost identical craft landed
on a beach several hundred miles away, again near a highly populated area.

This time the strange woman stood beside her craft, and when the local peasants came closer they
were amazed to see her carrying a black, rectangular "humming box."
The woman held out the box towards the villagers and said something in a foreign tongue, and this
was enough to send them fleeing...back to their homes while in a state of absolute terror.

According to the records, neither the woman, her craft or the mysterious humming box was ever
seen again, and no more UFO sightings appear in the writings.
Japan, which spent centuries isolated from the rest of the world, appears to have been one of the
few places where space aliens have made a genuine attempt to communicate with Earthmen; but
that country's traditional fear and distrust of "hairy barbarians" -- from the stars or anywhere else --
unfortunately made this communication impossible.

Closer to our own time, Commodore Perry of the United States Navy had a similar difficult time
trying to break through Japan's tradition of isolation.
It's a sobering thought that just 400 years ago mankind here on Earth may have lost a golden
opportunity to communicate with intelligent creatures from beyond the stars.  We must never pass
up such an opportunity again......

Editor's Comment:
I find this whole scenario to be very plausible.  These Japanese records reflect something that is
all so very common with mankind, in which describes even today's
Earth People's most readily
acted reaction to anything that is considered to be outside the normality of mundane thoughts or
situations.  The majority of Earth's dwellers have a limited perception of actuality and reality, so
being faced with
extraterrestrials, whether it be today or in the past, must beckon for
bedazzlement in all senses of the term; but sadly, fear and/or violence would most likely be the
most common reaction for the majority of mankind.  This, however, for good or bad, dampens our
advancement that could possibly lead to a greater universal awareness.   
Hmm, the question is:  "Are you ready for such an encounter?"

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