It is merely quintessential quaintness in a vertical, upright rectitude
towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
Aliens from another world?  Were the first earthmen astronauts?
The old man watched from clouded grey eyes as the great saucer-shaped starship angled, soft as a
whisper, over the rugged Cornish countryside, then leveled out towards the standing stones no
faster than a trotting pony.  "It's good," the old Druid whispered.  Then he turned to the thin,
shivering boy at his side and said:  "Light the signal fire."

The boy touched his torch to oil - cupped in a hollowed out rock.  Noiselessly the ship came to a
halt in a beam of dazzling light.  The old Druid watched the creature that walked from the light
towards the standing stones.  When the astronaut was a few yards away, the old man spoke:
"Welcome, my lord...a thousands times welcome..."

Those standing stones, a 32-foot tall sculpture of seven saucer-shaped rocks, one piled on top of
the other, can still be seen today on England's wild Cornish moors.  For centuries it has attracted
the attention of travellers, who wonder how the thing can possibly stand with the great weight of
the top saucer -- some 700 tons -- resting as it does on the smaller stones that form the slender
middle and base.  At the upper right of the topmost stone, there is a small depression, used for
burning sacrificial oil, chosen so that the smoke would rise up into the air.

How could these ancient Druids, 2000 years ago, have raised that 700-ton saucer 30 feet into the
air without modern equipment?
In Ireland, a similar saucer, called the Stone of Clogher, was held in such high esteem by the
Druids that they covered it entirely with gold!
Many of these monuments, called Logans, some of them so vast that they look like natural rock
formations reaching towards the sky, still stand in the southeast of England.

Long after the Druids were gone, wiped out by the advance of Christianity, local people still
gathered at the saucers to collect rainwater - which gathered in the basins.  It was said to have the
power to cure illness and, as late as the 1880s, was often given to sick children.
There are two theories regarding the Druids and their incredible powers:
The first is that ancient astronauts visited Cornwall 2000 years before the [supposed] birth of
Christ and gave the tribal priests, the Druids, vast powers that helped pull their people from a
dark, barbaric age, and gave them the ability to make huge advances in farming, building, and
technology.  In gratitude, the Druids raised the great saucer monuments, honoring the disc-shaped
The second theory is that the Druids themselves were the direct descendants of ancient
astronauts and had vast powers which were slowly bred out of them over the succeeding
generations.  However, the Druids marshaled their tremendous energies one last time and built
the saucer monuments, perhaps in hope of summoning back the long-gone starships which were,
by then, nothing more than a fading race memory.

Either of those theories are very plausible.  Certainly by the time the Romans arrived in Britain, the
Druids showed no signs of possessing "supernatural" powers and were routinely slaughtered by
the conquering legions.  Of course, there are other standing stones in England, the most famous
of which is Stonehenge, which predates the Druids and saucer-worship by thousands of years...but
still has strong links with ancient astronauts.

The distinguished scientist, Dr. Gerald S. Hawkins, proved by computer that Stonehenge was once
used by the ancients as an astronomical computer of great accuracy.
But the most shattering discovery made so far, is that Stonehenge is just one link in a gigantic

Retired English lawyer John Williams, studied the relationships of more than 3000 standing stones
and stone circles on government survey maps.  He proved that all the standing stones and stone
circles are aligned to each other at exactly a 20-mile distance...and at an angle to each other of just
over 23 degrees -- the axis tilt of the earth!

Williams doggedly photographed thousands of the standing stones, and many of his photographs
show a dark blue, fog-like band across them.  His camera and films were in perfect shape, and a
friend using a different camera & film obtained the same results.
Scientists who studied the pictures, came to the same conclusion:  the standing stones, many of
which contained quartz, were emitting ultraviolet rays!

Williams says that the standing stones and stone circles are the remains of a power network, and
that the roofing stones on top of Stonehenge were "rocking stones" that started the whole
network operating.  The fact that Stonehenge was once used as a great astronomical computer is
mind-boggling...but the disclosure that it had a dual purpose as a vital link in a power network is
simply staggering in its implications!

Williams, as far back as 1951, said that the construction of Stonehenge for its amazing dual
purpose, required advanced mathematics...thework of vastly advanced, alien super-beings.
It would have been a formidable task to raise those huge stones by manual labor alone; it would
have been the work of centuries.
Could they have been lifted by anti-gravity machines or slung under the bellies of glittering
And why did the builders mysteriously transport bluestone 148.8 miles from Pembrokeshire when
large quarries of excellent building rock are found just 19 miles from Stonehenge?  These are
questions that may never be answered.

One thing is certain:  bluestone contains high quantities of quartz and emits large amounts of
ultraviolet radiation.  Was it this radiation, flowing from the countryside power network, that in fact
powered the great flying saucers?
Stonehenge was several millennia old when the Druids first erected their saucer monuments...and
the starships were even then...still drawing power from the great standing stones.  Once the
Romans destroyed the stone circles, and their Druid attendants, the power source was gone and
the saucers vanished from history.  Will they ever return?  

Editor's Comment:
This particular chapter covered an excellent subject, as in: just how in the hell did some of these
ritual-looking sites like the Stonehenge, along with other bizarre "constructions" (not mentioned
on this page) like ancient artifacts, Egyptian pyramids, and whatnot, that still remain from ancient
times, ever get erected & created without the help of an
advanced race of aliens?  Even if we
accept the fact that they did have help, the next mystery in line is...why???

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