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Sexy Babe - Gemma Atkinson - Lingerie & Glamour Model - Images
Height: 5ft 9in
Born: Gemma Louise Atkinson, November 15, 1984 - from Bury, Greater Manchester, England
Success:  Acting career, TV personality, and a Glamour / Lingerie / Swimsuit model
Breasts: 34D (although some websites state bigger sizes) - fake, but nice enhancements nonetheless...

Here is a few tidbits about her modelling career via Wikipedia:  In early 2006, Atkinson underwent breast
enlargement surgery, which took her bra size to a 34E [although I just read a quote from her and she
states that they are only 34D - which seems to be a more accurate figure].  She said in an interview that
she lost weight due to a fitness regime and her bust size declined and that the surgery then gave them
the original shape they once had. [Uh, with or without excuses for why she got them, the fact is, she got
herself some nice breast enhancements.]
Since launching her parallel career as a glamour model, Atkinson has appeared in provocative
photoshoots wearing lingerie and swimsuits, for men's magazines such as Arena, Nuts, FHM, Maxim,
Zoo, and Loaded.  In October 2006, she appeared in three of the aforementioned magazines in one
month, becoming one of the most prolific celebrity glamour models in the
UK. She has also released
calendars yearly since 2006, with the 2008 and 2009 being shot in Thailand.
Since 2006, she has appeared in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women list during multiple years, debuting at
number 32 in 2006.  Also, she ranked number 46 in's 99 Sexiest Women of 2008.  To read
more about the life and career of Gemma Louise Atkinson, visit:

Well, all I got to say is:  this hot glamour model is one sexy babe that looks exceptionally great in lingerie
and probably even better wearing nothing at all.   Gemma's succulent breasts along with her exotic
looks beckon for, well, you know the rest......  

Okay, enough talk; lets get on with the yummy gallery images already!
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Cute and busty babe...
Confident babe posing for the camera...
Lingerie model laying on her back...
Oh yeah...
Yeah, tell 'em Gemma...
Take me!
Looking naughty...
Bed time?
Gemma L. Atkinson
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