It is merely quintessential quaintness in a vertical, upright rectitude
towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
What is the longevity and/or lifespan of the Gray Aliens?  What are their
feeding habits?  What keeps them going? How do they do it?
This is a broad subject that will mostly end up being filled with questions that remain unanswered,
speculations, wild guesses, and the works.  However, it is an interesting topic, nonetheless.

First up, how long do these Gray Aliens live?  It is very possible that there are many different types
of alien beings from deep space, like the
Reptilian Aliens, for example - but I decided to not turn
this into Star Trek today, and just went with the most commonly reported type.  Now, where was I?
Oh, yes... Longevity and/or the lifespan of these little, anal probing, gray bastards...

It is very apparent that we are dealing with fragile, mortal beings here, but that doesn't mean that
they can't live for hundreds of years.  I have thought about this many times, and I suspect that they
have a completely different organ setup along with bizarre feeding habits, and so on.  The things I
just mentioned, will be the primary queries of this page.  Information, whether proven as true or
not, will come from a collective source of Internet data, eye-witness accounts,
tales of alien
abductions, and reports along with books I have read on the subject and even stuff I watched on
television (
Unsolved Mysteries included).  I will say, though, that I'm not stating individual sources
nor am I going to be very elaborate over each account or tale I have reviewed and/or heard.  I'm
just entertaining myself with unanswered questions and using collective data to project educated

Well, now that we have got all that crap out of the way, just how long do you think these
extraterrestrials live?  I highly suspect that they have an incredible lifespan, possibly equivalent to
300 to 500 Earth years, but die very easily and quickly when they receive the least bit of impact or
bodily injury.  Their slim, tiny bodies are made for less gravity that occurs during outer space
travel; their elongated, large craniums suggests that they have a highly developed brain when
compared to the mechanisms and body parts it controls, and their organ structure and feeding
habits would most likely be so alien to us, that we couldn't even begin to fathom the inner
workings of their system.  ...From the multiple sources and data that I have read, whether true or
false, suggests that they have one large, main internal organ - in addition to their brain, of course.

Having one main organ means that their feeding habits and energy requirements are going to be
very different, albeit much simpler to say the least.  But what does all of this have to do with their
lifespan?  To me, having a body that has evolved for deep space travel and the ability to be
immune to regular exposure of galactic radiation, tells me that under a controlled environment,
say, inside their spaceships, would not stress their body in the slightest, when aging is concerned.

To have no external ear structures, large dark eyes that can endure super bright light, and a tiny
slit for a mouth that doesn't seem to move, also tells me that their extremely large brain
compensates in many ways, including the ability to use telepathy and, for all I know, maybe they
have mastered
telekinesis and/or psychokinesis, as well.  Having no external ears made of
cartilage also eliminates an obvious sign of aging, as most of us know how the ears of really old
people end up looking.  The tiny slit for a mouth seems to suggest that their feeding habits are
different, hence the question: "what keeps them going?"  Is it a supercharged liquid diet? Do they
consume special secretions from certain animals or humanoids or do they have suction cups on
their finger tips that suck nutrients from other living beings?
Anyway, when I start thinking about all of these things and if I factor in the simple internal system
featuring one large complex organ, things start sounding more and more like we have gray aliens
that run like machines but think like living bi-peds with advanced intelligence beyond our reach.  
With that being said, factor in some space monkey evolution (ha!), and we may very well be dealing
with creatures that live for hundreds of what we call Earth years.

The whole question about their feeding and reproductive habits, boggles me even more.  Do they
have genitals?  I've never heard any report that mentioned such things, nor have I ever seen a
picture, not even an ET cartoon figure, that showed any female or male traits.  Do they just clone
their way from here on out?  Are they DNA masters that don't even have to procreate?  This is
another reason, if true, that makes me think that they live a long time.

Feeding habits?  There was once a show on Unsolved Mysteries several years ago, that showed
this upset woman who supposedly seen 3 dead gray aliens.  2 were being autopsied, and the other
was still whole.  She later died in a plane crash, but she told the usual stuff like big eyes, slender
bodies, small holes for the ears, tiny slit for a mouth, 3.5 to 5 feet tall, pale gray skin, blah, blah, but
she also mentioned that they had 4 long fingers with suction cups on the end of each one.  What
the hell is that about?  Anyway, that reminded me of an old Star Trek show where this being from
another planet had suction cups on each hand and would feed by sucking the salt out of the
creature it would grasp onto.  Dang, what a way to go...  Yikes!

Anyway, not that anything on this page is true, as it is written for entertainment purposes only, what
if they feed through bodily suction cups?  They wouldn't need a stomach or intestines?  That would
explain the one large organ theory?  I don't know, but like I said before, there may very well be all
kinds of different alien species, and some may be very similar to us, while some may be totally
different.  In addition to the feeding via suction cups thingy, what about that tiny slit for a mouth?  
What in the hell is it used for?  Do they stick a straw in there and suck super juice or do they slurp
bizarre fluid excretions?  Do they defecate or do the gray aliens somehow recycle their "energy
source" into some type of substance that makes a protective coating over their skin and eyes that
is constantly shed over time?  So many possibilities, but I must say, this little critter sounds a bit
different than common humanoids.

All in all, most stories make the gray aliens out to be anal probing freaks that mostly collect
samples and secretions from your genital area along with skin scrapings, etc.  They sound like
genetic engineers, to say the least!  Well, I guess that is enough about this subject for now...

I would like to start a fantasy/fiction section on here that describes all the characteristics of each
alien race, their motives, and whatnot, but that would take a great deal of free time, which is
something I don't have a lot of - at the moment.  Anyway, I just thought I'd create a fun page today
that was filled with lots of unanswered questions that will help your imagination run wild and, who
knows, a fictional short story may spawn from it...  Maybe one day, we will have more answers, but
until then, keep looking up at the sky as you never know what may drop down and say Hi...  LOL!

If you enjoyed this article and would like to make comments about it or share your thoughts
and crazy ideas, feel free to visit the comment section for this page, here:  

Oh, if you're interested in reading some pretty cool short stories about extraterrestrials, feel free
to browse through the selection below:
Disclaimer:  The following material is just for entertainment purposes only.  None of the below statements claim anything to be an
actual fact nor does it represent factual information. This is merely a thought-provoking article that is intended to help jump-start
your imagination.  This page simply contains a bunch of queries about the unknown, all in good fun, of course. Enjoy...
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