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Big Green Reptilian Aliens and their Physical Characteristics...
A while back I wrote a creative, fun page that spoke about the Grays (also spelled Greys).  The
page was mostly filled with interesting questions, such as:  
What is the lifespan of the Gray Aliens?  
What is their feeding habits? What keeps them going?  How do they do it?

I enjoyed writing about that subject, so I figured that since many people believe there are several
races of alien beings (sort of like on Star Trek), why not occasionally do a page over the different
types of aliens...

Today, I'll briefly talk about the big, bad, green reptilian aliens.  No, these are not the little green
men you often hear about, during
alien encounter stories, either.  Please note, I currently do not
have any stories and/or pages about the little green space monkeys at this time, as I've always
been more interested in the little Grays (yes, there also suppose to be a race of big Grays).  
However, these big Reptoid
extraterrestrials, sound like they have different, less friendly

Okay, lets start off with some of their physical characteristics.  They are supposedly anywhere from
7 to 9 feet tall on average, albeit I have read about claims that range anywhere from 5 to 12 feet in
height.  12 feet?  That would be more like small
Dinosaurs, right?  Anyway, they are very large,
nonetheless...  They are generally portrayed without a tail, although some people report that they
have a lizard-like tail along with green scaly skin and glowing eyes.  Some of these Draconians
have also been depicted with wicked wings.

One of the more bizarre claims, is that they have the ability to change shape and appearance (like
the ability to look human), which is why many folks think that some of our political leaders are
actually Draconians/Reptoids/Reptilians from another planet...  Ha-ha!

These over-sized ETs also supposedly have
telekinetic powers and are very intelligent.  Some
folks say that these beings are very sinister/evil, and that the Grays are protecting us from them.  
Well, if that's the case, then how can they still be walking around amongst us in human form or be
living underground?
Speaking of that, there is debate as to how long they have been here, whether they live in some
type of
Inner World right here within Earth, or if they helped give man technological advancements
in the past or not, etc.
Hell, I have even came across people who were trying to say that in the Book of Genesis from the
Holy Bible, where it spoke about Adam & Eve, the Garden of Eden and the Serpent, that the
so-called talking serpent was actually a reptoid alien.  Dang!  Now that's a creative twist on the holy
book; ha!  At any rate, as far as additional physical characteristics and interesting tidbits about this
creature, I don't really have a lot more to add.  Unlike the little Grays, I have no theories about their
feeding habits (although I have read that they are blood-sucking freaks) and lifespan, but it seems
that those aspects of this particular alien, must be similar to the reptiles and humans found on
Earth.  Are they cold-blooded, warm-blooded or both?

I would write more about this subject, but to do such, I'd just be writing science fiction and fantasy,
as I don't know a whole lot about this particular race of aliens, outside of the fact that Reptilian
humanoids comprise a common motif in folklore, mythology, Sci-Fi, fantasy, ufology, conspiracy
theories, and cryptozoology...  That reminds me, maybe that is where the Original Series Star Trek
got their idea for the Gorn, which is depicted below:
Disclaimer:  The following material is just for entertainment purposes only.  None of the below statements claim
anything to be an actual fact nor does it represent factual information. This is merely a thought-provoking article
that is intended to help jump-start your imagination, all in good fun, of course. Enjoy...
Anyway, I will provide a quick excerpt from Wikipedia along with a couple resource links, to help
get you started on your search - in case you are wanting more information and/or entertainment.

"Reptilians (also called reptoids, reptiloids, or draconians) are purported reptilian humanoids that
play a prominent role in science fiction, as well as modern ufology and conspiracy theories.
The idea of reptilians on Earth was popularized by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who believes
shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining political
power to manipulate our societies."  You can read more about David Icke and additional stuff that
Wikipedia has to say, here:

The other resource link features a nifty little alien-related website with lots of content, images, etc.,
over these types of subjects, here:

---End of Article "Big Green Aliens and their Physical Characteristics"

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