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JWoww - Jenni Farley - Model & Reality TV Star - Sexy Images
Height: 5ft 8in
Success:   Artist, model, designer, television personality.
Chest, Waist, and Hips = 36, 24, 36
Breasts:  36DD - I recently read that she admitted to getting
breast implants...  Looks good to me!
Born: Jennifer Farley, February 27, 1986, Franklin Square, New York, U.S.
Website:  Her official site is

Well, here I am again, adding yet another image gallery (sexy model) to the exotic babes gallery links
section.  I'm trying to have a decent variety of glamour models, exotic girls, and bikini babes for this
particular babe section @, along with different ethnic backgrounds (British,
German, Russian, American, Hispanic, Italian, etc.).  This recent addition features several hot images of a
Reality TV Star that many of you may either like or dislike.  I've heard mixed opinions about her on other
websites, but I have no problem with her natural-looking fake breasts (the doctor did a great job!) and
she looks like model material to me!  I think this is a fine addition to this section of the site, and a break
from the common glamour-type models.  I mean, Jenni sort of has that "
girl next door look," if ya ask me.  
You know, the type you could feel comfortable around, drink a few beers with and not have to worry
about someone who will freak out over some cigarette smoke, etc., and just have fun and/or get "dirty"
with - take that however you want.
I must say, after viewing several photos on the Internet by way of image search, I really think she needs
to do more pictures with her wearing pink attire.  Between pink and animal skins (cheetah print, leopard,
etc.), I think those two go best with her wild, untamed look - just my opinion, of course.  Anyway...

Jennifer "Jenni" Farley, also known as JWoww, is an American television personality (Reality TV Star)
and sexy model. She first came to prominence and readily noticeable to the general public as one of the
eight main cast members in the MTV
reality series "Jersey Shore."  Jenni has also made several
appearances on other TV shows, such as
TNA Impact! (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) and Disaster Date.
In addition to that, JWoww also has a line of tanning products with Australian Gold.

If you'd like to read about J. Farley's early life, acting career, modeling history, activism, and whatnot,
you can get more information on Wikipedia, here:

Well, that's enough chatter for now; it's time to get on with the sexy images via gallery style......
Click on any of the images below, to enlarge for a better view:
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Jayonna's Photos - Image Gallery #1
Nice dress...
J.F. playing a game of pool.
School girl outfit...
It's party time!
Jenni F. getting naughty with another girl.
J. Farley getting out of the swimming pool.
Do you wanna come upstairs?
Sexy Lingerie...
Bikini pic...
Out on the beach...
Yummy animal print bikini...
Jenni Farley straddling a motorcycle...
Erotic tattoo...
Interesting hair style...
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