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Joanna Shari - Italian Babe - Sexy Model - Image Gallery
Height: 5ft 3in
Success:  Part-time model, and a graphic designer
Chest, Waist, and Hips = 36, 26, 41
Ethnicity:  Italian American

Well, here I am again, adding yet another image gallery (sexy model) for the
exotic babes gallery links
section.  I'm trying to have a decent variety of glamour models and bikini babes for that particular
section of this website, along with different ethnic backgrounds (British, Russian, American, Hispanic,
Italian, etc.).
Today, I'm featuring a hot babe that has both, brains and beauty.  Joanna Shari is a graphic designer and
a part-time model, although she could obviously be full-time is she wanted to be.

Joanna works out regularly to stay in shape and is all-natural, athletic, and extremely attractive... What a
combination!  This Italian babe has a backside you'd die for!  If you like the big bubble booty babes, J.
Shari has something to share, but only in the form of images, of course.  Ha-ha!  This girl also sports a
couple very well-placed lower back tattoos, so that's always nice.  Anyway, this Italian model makes for
some great wallpapers and images for your computer, along with some very appealing calendars, as
well.  I don't know where Joanna's part-time modelling career will taker her, but I'm hoping she pursues
it to the fullest, if ya know what I mean.

If you'd like to read a little bit more about the seductive Joanna Shari, you can visit her biography page
at J. Shari's official website, here:
If you're done reading and would like to start seeing, scroll down below.

Well, that's enough chatter for now; it's time to enjoy the sexy image gallery......
Click on any of the images below, to enlarge for a better view:
Sexy 'Italian American' Model - Joanna Shari - Image Gallery
Joanna Shari:  
Brains and Beauty,
Big Booty Galore,
Lower Back Tattoos,
Exotic Model, Italian
American, and Sexy
Babe!  What else are
you looking for?
Laying on bed...
Lingerie model...
Merry Christmas?
J.S. looks great in red!
Hand-bra pic...
Mixed Magazine featuring this Italian bliss...
Hot, exotic, erotic, and sensual...
Nice girl looking naughty...
Very appealing lounge clothes or sleepwear or, uh...
Sexy pose in lingerie...
Oh, yeah!
Jayonna's Latest Images - Gallery #2
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