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Katie Price - British Babe - Sexy Glamour Model - Images
Height:  5ft 5in
Born:  May 22, 1978
Occupation:  Glamour model, author, singer, business woman, media personality, philanthropist, and
television personality
Breasts:  Fake, but nice.  She has changed breast size several times, such as:  enhancements,
deductions, corrections, and so on.

A few tidbits about her via Wikipedia: Price left school in 1994, at the age of 16, and after the suggestion
of a friend to have some professional photographs taken, she decided to pursue a modelling career.
The pictures were sent to a modelling agency in London and, to her surprise, agencies invited her into
their studios for photo shoots and to discuss a contract. In 1996, she was offered a job as a topless
female glamour model.  From that point on, Katie Price's career as a glamour model had begun. This
babe adopted the name Jordan in 1996, and made frequent appearances as a model on both
Page Three and in men's lifestyle magazines.
In 1996, when she was eighteen, Price's fame grew to new heights when she had breast enhancement
surgery; increasing her natural 32B/C to a 32D. Unhappy with her breasts from an early age and despite
her family's objections, she went ahead with the procedure because she felt that as a glamour model,
she did not look "as sexy or [as] womanly" as other models. She would later have many enhancements,
as well as reductions, on her breasts.
You can read more about her along with other facets of Katie Price's life, here:  

The following is an excerpt from her website:  "I always wanted to be model so when the opportunity
came my way at the age of sixteen, I grabbed it hard! Soon after that Jordan, the glamour model, was
born.  Under my modelling name, Jordan, I successfully established myself as a talented and dynamic
model - a fresh face in glamour modelling - and soon became a regular in the nation's best loved
tabloids."  Read more on her "About Katie" page, here...

Well, all I got to say is:  this British babe is one sexy seductress that seduces ya with her succulent
breasts along with her exotic looks that beckon for, well, you know the rest......

Okay, enough talk; lets get on with the hot gallery images already!
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Glamour model bent over the table...
Price representing the glory of red, white, and blue...
British babe lying on the floor...
She could make any winter feel warm...
Katie in the snow...
K. Price in the spotlight...
Katie at the beach...
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