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Bianca Beauchamp - Sexy Fetish Model - Latex Queen - Image Gallery
Height: 5ft 2in
Success:  Fetish Model (especially latex), Magazine Covers, television, and more...
Chest, Waist, and Hips = 32, 25, 35
Breasts:  Fake and large, and currently weighing in at 32FF

Well, here I am again, adding yet another image gallery (sexy model) to the
exotic babes gallery links
section.  I'm trying to have a decent variety of glamour models, exotic girls, and bikini babes for that
particular section of this website, along with different ethnic backgrounds (British, Russian, American,
Hispanic, Italian, etc.).  Hell, speaking of variety, I've even added a
sexy cheerleaders page, for example.
Today, I'm featuring a hot babe that specializes in latex and fetish modelling, but no matter how ya slice it
or categorize her, she is one super hot babe regardless.  Please note, the image gallery will contain
other images of the lovely B.B. in addition to her commonly known tight latex wrap that she typically
sports herself in.  Ya can't loose with that type of bod, let me tell ya...

Bianca "Stephanie" Beauchamp is a Canadian adult / fetish model, known for her glamour and latex
modeling.  [That's why I refer to her as the "Latex Queen."] Bianca Beauchamp was born October 14,1977
in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  She had 32DD breasts for several years, but recently upgraded to 32FF
additional implants). B. Beauchamp ( I suppose you could say Bianca B. or perhaps B.B.) has become
very successful in latex fetish modeling, appearing on the covers of various publications, magazines,
etc. Her photos have also been in several Playboy Special Editions and she has been on the cover of
Playboy's "Girls of Canada" calendar, twice.

Bianca says, "Since 2011, I've been hard at work on continuing on improving on my latex and glamour
photography."  Read more about the sexy fetish model, Bianca Beauchamp, on her Biography page, here:

Wikipedia Link [which will also provide a link to her official website]:

At any rate, I hope you relish the image gallery featuring what I like to call the "latex queen."  By the way,
if you have a fetish for the shiny, tight latex or whatever, this may be the girl for you!
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Well, that's enough chatter for now; it's time to enjoy the sexy image gallery......
Click on any of the images below, to enlarge for a better view:
Bianca Beauchamp - Image Gallery - Sexy Fetish Model - Latex Queen
Ya wanna play some pool?  Nah!
I wanna do naughty things...
Yummy Babe!
She definitely looks good in red!
Beach bum with big breast implants!  Yay!
Glamour Model
Tight, Loose, and ready?  What?
Latex bliss, laid out on the beach...
Grab those big boobies!
In my opinion, miss B.B.
and/or the latex queen
known as Bianca
Beauchamp, looks her
very best below, while
sporting her cut-off light
pink 'babe' top along with
her skimpy bottoms.  Can
anyone say, "yummy!"
Jayonna's Latest Images - Gallery #2
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