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Nazi Bell Project - Time Travel Experiments - Montauk Project - Philadelphia Experiment
As much as I'd like to elaborate and talk about all of these subjects, it would be more efficient if I just
quickly covered each one and left you with multiple resource links.  However, the main subject on this
page relates to what is often called "The Nazi Bell Project."

I have read many things and even watched a few videos about this mysterious project, and I'm yet to get
any conclusive proof that the project was successful or what its exact purpose was.  Hell, some people
say it never even happened, so who is one to believe?

Anyway, I do find the whole concept to be very interesting.  When it comes to time travel experiments,
there are loads of rumors.  Many of which, give hype to the Montauk Project.  "
The Montauk Project was
alleged to be a series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on
Montauk, Long Island for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel.
You can read a little bit more about that, here:

...Many of these types of rumors often end up relating to the famous "Philadelphia Experiment."  
Although many people label this experiment as a hoax, "
the Philadelphia Experiment is a naval military experiment
alleged to have been carried out at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA sometime around October
28, 1943. It is alleged that the U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was to be rendered invisible ("cloaked") to enemy devices.
The experiment is also referred to as Project Rainbow...  The experiment was allegedly based on an aspect of the unified field
theory, a term coined by Albert Einstein. The Unified Field Theory aims to describe mathematically and physically the interrelated
nature of the forces that comprise electromagnetic radiation and gravity, in other words uniting the fields of electromagnetism and
gravity into one field. Consequently, if light was bent, then space-time would be bent, effectively creating an invisible time machine.
To date, no single theory is known to have successfully expressed these relationships in viable mathematical or physical terms.
There is a lot of gray area here, concerning this particular project.  One could always try to read and
watch videos about this topic, all while sorting through the loads of baloney.  If you're interested in
hearing more about the Philadelphia Experiment, Wikipedia has a fair amount of information, here:

Before we go any further, you may want to freshen up on some of the concepts of time travel.  I've never
had a problem with concepts that relate to travelling into the future, but for any humanoid to have the
ability to travel into the past, well, just doesn't seem possible due to there being too many things that
can go wrong, to put it bluntly.  Dimensional travel is another subject entirely, but we won't go there
today...  I have wrote a blog post in the past, that covered some of these topics, here:
4th & 5th Dimensions, Time Travel & Parallel Universes"
Of course, if you'd like an elaborate version that speaks about several of the aspects involving time
machines and time travel, go here:

Now, what about this Nazi Bell Project?  First off, when researching this subject, remember that many
folks refer to it as "Die Glocke," which is German for "the bell." This was "
allegedly an experiment carried out by
Third Reich scientists working for the SS in a German facility known as Der Riese ("The Giant") near the Wenceslaus mine and
close to the Czech border, Die Glocke is described as being a device "made out of a hard, heavy metal" approximately 9 feet wide
and 12 to 15 feet high having a shape similar to that of a large bell. According to Cook, this device ostensibly contained two
counter-rotating cylinders which would be "filled with a mercury-like substance, violet in color. This metallic liquid was
code-named "Xerum 525" and was otherwise cautiously stored in a tall thin thermos flask a meter high encased in lead."  
Additional substances said to be employed in the experiments, referred to as Leichtmetall (light metal), "included thorium and
beryllium peroxides."  Cook describes Die Glocke as emitting strong radiation when activated, an effect that supposedly led to the
death of several unnamed scientists and various plant and animal test subjects. Based upon certain external indications,
Witkowski states that the ruins of a metal framework in the vicinity of the Wenceslas mine (aesthetically dubbed "The Henge")
may have once served as test rig for an experiment in "anti-gravity propulsion" generated with Die Glocke; others, however,
dismiss the derelict structure as simply being a conventional industrial cooling tower.

When I mentioned "the henge," I'm talking about a structure that was supposedly used to hang this bell
when doing experiments in time and/or anti-matter/anti-gravity propulsion tests or whatever the hell they
call all of that stuff.  The more I read about it, I don't know if it was a bomb, a flying craft or a damn time
machine!  Maybe it was all three, I don't know...  At any rate, before I continue, I'll provide an image of the
henge that was supposedly used (at least it's what some people think its purpose was) for these
experiments in time or for whatever else during the Nazi Bell Project, below:
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Another good source for reading about many of the lost technologies the Germans may have
possessed, is the book entitled "Hitler's Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and
Technology."  That book is packed full of tidbits about German Technology and leaves one to re-think
the possibility that they were helped with alien technology.  That book inspired me to write a couple
other articles:  "
German Scientists, Hitler, Aliens, Secret Weapons & Lost Technology" and "Lake
Vostok - Mystery @ the Center of Antarctica"

Anyway, from the book I mentioned prior, Chapter 35, Experiments in Time, provides a few interesting
pages about the Nazi Bell Project.  To add to the mystery, without talking about all the potential
underground facilities used to conduct many of these exotic experiments, it has also been said that
many people believe that the Germans also experimented with what they called "interdimensional
trips," during that certain time frame of massive advancements.  Wow!  Who really knows?

Oh, I did find a fairly resourceful and elaborate page about the Nazi Bell Project that wasn't a Wikipedia
article, here:

Moving right along, and trying to be as short as possible while providing useful resource links, what
about the UFO with an acorn and/or bell-like shape that crashed-landed several years ago?  I'm
speaking about the Kecksburg UFO - 1965, Kecksburg, PA, USA; residents observed a fiery object
streak through the sky and fall to earth.  Military investigated the quarantined area, while officers
secretly removed the object from the earth.  It was said to be 9 feet long, bronze colored and shaped
like an acorn with unusual symbols on it.  If you're curious about this subject, not only can you find
some written material about it, Unsolved Mysteries aired a show about this, several years ago.  Surely
there is a YouTube video about it, as well.  When concerning the Kecksburg UFO, was that the missing
Bell from the Nazi Bell Project or was it a completely separate
alien craft or perhaps a manned or
non-manned drone craft?  So many questions...  Well, I hope this page has got your imagination
cranked up, and good luck trying to find the truth of the matters along with trying to piece some of this
crap together; cheers!
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