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Submit Your Articles for Free Backlinks and/or 'Dofollow' Links back to your Websites...
This section of is dedicated to the publisher, newbie, SEO guru, or whoever, but
especially for the ones who are out there looking to publish articles for either recognition of their
works or are simply out there trying to create backlinks (one way 'dofollow' links) that point to their main
sites.  Contact/E-Mail me @ admin[at] for more detail......

Hey, lets be real:  It's a tough market out there in cyber-land (www. world wide web!) and we all have to
do what we have to do to get the advantage and, well, I'm no stranger to that online game.  However,
after taking a few years off from the industry and totally changing niches during the process, I have
finally understood/realized just how important genuine literature and quality 'content writing' really is.  
So, not that I'll be slacking anytime soon, I plan on building up this site with solid, high-quality creative
writing and informative subjects...along with making it a nice nest to post articles into - for the ones in
need of free backlinks - as long as you understand a few ground rules.  By the way, I'll personally be
adding plenty of rich content to this site over time, as well, while in between multiple projects; albeit I'm
not dependent upon contributions at the moment, but we could all help each other out, if this thing
goes right......

Hey, if you found yourself landing on the wrong page and are just seeking a simple link exchange,
simply visit our "
Literary Link Exchange Resources Page" and quit wasting your time here......

Ground Rules:

I'll take your content under an "as is" basis, but I'm free to edit, delete or omit any parts that I deem
necessary.   If in doubt, or you don't trust this transaction, e-mail me first with your queries, so we can
smooth out the deal and work out the kinks.  Like I said, once I take your content, I'm free to edit as I
please as long as I provide the backlinks (up to a maximum of 3 and a minimum of 2) to your site or sites.

If, for whatever reason, over the course of time, the links you provide me become inactive due to being
subdued by your hosting service or you simply gave up or sold your domain to cause your site to go
under/offline/parked and whatnot, I can then, remove your links permanently.  ...If you keep your
domain/website or websites active/live/online, this will never be a problem that you should worry with.

Once you submit your articles and/or written work to me, consider it mine, even if it totally
sucks or is
completely asinine; keep that in mind...  Hey, it sounds slightly domineering, but you're the one getting
free backlinks, not me...  : )

If accepted, you'll get your edited version placed in the "
Recent Articles" section of this site and it will
remain there as long as this site exists (hopefully for a very long time).  If your stuff is really good, I'll
throw additional links toward it...on this site's blog and possibly on other blog sites of mine.

You do not have to link back to this site from your other site or sites, as I'm willing to provide one-way
links to your sites in exchange for semi-decent articles.   Although, any links back would be greatly

You'll be rewarded, upon acceptance, with 2 free backlinks to your website or websites and up to 3 free
backlinks if it really tickles my fancy and/or I don't have to edit it very much or at all.  However, the first
link will be under your author name that you choose to publish the article under (you are free to remain
anonymous and still use your website as your author name).

I will check for duplicate content after your submission, so please be original, avoid duplicate content,
automatic spinners, etc. - to save us all the trouble and ramifications of Google's wrath upon thee.

If, for whatever reason, I choose to reject your submission, I will e-mail you back with the reason and
you're free to re-submit the article or articles.  If you are an obvious "spam freak" that is only providing
hogwash for the free, easy to achieve backlinks, you may not be worthy of a reply, and deservingly so...

I invite short stories, poetry, creative writing of any sorts, informative articles, promotional material,
product reviews, you name it; but if it is adult (xxx) related, we can still work out a deal, as this site is
still growing and there may be a section for that sort of placement......and ya just haven't seen it yet.  ;)

Without all the disclaimer hogwash, just be realistic in the fact that I can do what I want with my site and
any material that is submitted here.   This isn't a fuckin' NASA project, so calm the fuck down!  Ha-ha!

E-Mail me @ admin[at] with your proposition or questions about this matter.  I'll
totally work with you and I usually check my e-mail accounts daily, unless something major comes up
that involves lots of offline attention (it happens).  Either way, I should get back to ya within 24 to 72
hours via e-mail correspondence!  I look forward to chatting with you and working out a deal.  Cheers!
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