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Unsolved Mysteries - Aliens & UFOs - 4 Disc Set
I ordered this set a couple years ago. I remember as a kid, really liking that Unsolved Mysteries show.
Some of my favorite episodes were the ones about aliens and UFOs. Yeah, it was way back before all
the Ancient Alien Theorists of today tried to blame everything under the sun, on freakin' aliens! Things
were much simpler back then, and we had less madmen on television trying to catch 15 minutes of
fame, to say the least.

Anyway, Robert Stack was perfect for the narration role on there, and I even liked the background
music they would often play; ha! This particular 4 disc set features the best Unsolved Mysteries
segments about UFOs, aliens (abductions included) and extraterrestrial-related material. I just counted
a total of 26 shows from the 4 DVDs. I wasn't going to list them all, but okay, here they are in order:
Bentwaters UFO, Allagash Abductions, Crop Circles, Phoenix UFO, Nazca Lines, Mexico UFO, Vancouver
Lights, Roswell, Roswell/Area 51 Connection, Hudson Valley UFO, Belgian UFO, Falcon Lake UFO, UFO
Healing, Australian UFO, Missing Time, Socorro Close Encounter, Kecksburg UFO, Texas UFO, Face on
Mars, Men in Black, Canadian UFO, Wheatfields Visitations, Life on Mars, Interceptors, The Blob, and
the UFO Odyssey. Yeah, as you can see, it involves a lot of interesting subjects.

If you like this type of stuff, this 4 disc set is definitely worth the money. Oh, they suppose to also be
releasing (or have already released) additional disc sets from Unsolved Mysteries under the following
genres: Ghosts, Miracles, Psychics, Bizarre Murders, and Legends. I must say, though, that even
though Unsolved Mysteries was an excellent show, I didn't think the other genres that I just listed,
even compared to the quality and attention-grabbing effects that the shows about aliens & UFOs had.  
To put it simply, in my opinion, this particular 4 disc set was the best they had to offer.  In a moment, I'll
provide a shopping link to this product... Well, at any rate, I just thought I'd share this with the
extraterrestrial-loving community today; cheers!

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Image Credit: My own photograph of the product.

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