It is merely quintessential quaintness in a vertical, upright rectitude
towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
Aliens from another world?  Were the first earthmen astronauts?
Let's say that a few hundred years from now, the Homo sapiens has the ability to travel to other
distant solar systems and once there, we find planets inhabited by alien, primitive beings.  Some
people believe, that if this did happen, the first humans to contact these aliens will be
missionaries, sent out by the churches on Earth to spread the word of God.  If this happens, there
is a good chance the primitive native will see our missionaries as "angels" with incredible
supernatural powers, deem us as "the gods," and so on.  Another conjecture that often comes up,
is the possibility of a secret society of earthmen that are actually using modern aircraft, instead of
high-tech flying saucers, spaceships, etc.  Okay, well, where did they get the technology from,
during ancient times?
So many questions with no definite answers.  Anyway...

There are many examples in the Bible where it sounds like spaceships are being described in
graphic detail, as these ancient beings (
aliens) are intervening directly to alter the course of our
history. However, I must note: Even if there were alien beings flying around in UFOs during the
past, it doesn't necessarily mean that they were messengers from God, either. Were descriptions
like what is found in the
Book of Ezekiel, simply some guy's creative imagination and savvy
story-telling abilities using symbolic speak and prophetic gestures?

If you're interested in that particular topic, you can read more about the Bible versus UFOs subject,
on Chapter 7 - "
Spreading the Word via UFO"

This page is about another subject related to ancient aliens, and that being the "Vimanas -
UFOs, Modern Aircraft, Aliens or a Secret Society?"  Below, I'll provide a few excellent
resources that covers this interesting subject matter.  
And, of course, I'll usually add my two cents worth throughout the page......

There are many ancient Vedic texts that describe or contain references to these Vimanas,
including the Ramayana,
Mahabharata, Rig-veda, Yajur-veda, Atharva-veda, the Yuktilkalpataru of
Bhoja (12th century A.D.), the Mayamatam (attributed to the architect Maya), plus other classic
Vedic texts like the Satapathya Brahmana, Markandeya Purana, Vishnu Purana, Bhagavata Purana,
the Harivamsa, the Uttararamcarita, the Harsacarita, the Tamil text Jivakacintamani, and others.
From the various descriptions in these writings, we find Vimanas in many different shapes,
including that of long cigars, blimp-like, saucer-shapes, triangular [sound familiar?], and even
double-decked with portholes and a dome on top of a circular craft [sounds like UFOs to me]. Some
are silent, some belch fire and make noise, some have a humming noise, and some disappear

These various descriptions are not unlike the reports of UFOs that are seen today.
In fact, David Childress, in his book Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India & Atlantis, provides many
reports, both recent and from the last few hundred years, that describe eye witness accounts of
encounters with UFOs that are no different in size and shape than those described in these
ancient Vedic texts. Plus, when the pilots are seen close up, either fixing their craft or
stepping outside to look around, they are human-like, sometimes with a Oriental appearance, in
clothes that are relatively modern in style [this makes you wonder about a secret society]. In other
reports, we have read where the craft may have alien type beings on board along with
ordinary humans navigating the craft.

Does this mean that these are ancient Vimanas that still exist today?
Are they stored in some secret underground caverns somewhere?
Or are they simply modern-built and/or modern aircrafts, using the ancient designs as described in
the Vedic texts?
The UFOs that have been seen around the world may not be from some distant galaxy after all, but
may be from a secret human society, or even military installation. However, many of the Vedic texts
do describe interplanetary travel.
So even if these space machines are from some other planet, they may be using the same
principles of propulsion that have already been described in the universal Vedic literature. The
answer awaits us..."  You can read more about this fascinating subject, here:  

Stephen Knapp has a lot of interesting works and books on Spirituality, Vedic Culture and Eastern
Philosophy.  Navigate from the prior link above and dive into his home page for an Introduction to
the Highest Levels of Spiritual Reality, and so on...

---Editor's Interjection:  I'm a bit skeptical but open-minded nonetheless.  However, the concept of
there being a secret society using modern aircraft, is a bit of a stretch for me.  I mean really, during
ancient times we most likely would have needed otherworldly help to build spacecrafts that are
considered modern in today's time.  Now, if you're saying that some alien race possibly
crash-landed here and worked with a group of people to get them up and flying again, and
returned the favor by showing them an advanced technology, then perhaps it would be more
plausible.  Either way, it would make for an excellent science-fiction flick, regardless of fact or

Another excellent resource:  "Sanskrit texts are filled with references to gods who fought battles
in the sky using Vimanas equipped with weapons as deadly as any we can deploy in these more
enlightened times. [Damn, doesn't anybody ever get along?]
Some modern UFO enthusiasts [including ancient alien theorists] have pointed to the Vimanas as
evidence for advanced technological civilizations in the distant past.
Others have linked the flying machines to the legend of the "Nine Unknown Men" [this would be a
secret society].
Okay, lets stop right here for a second...  If you find yourself saying, "who in the hell is the Nine
Unknown Men?" - then perhaps you may need to follow this Wikipedia link below, before going any

Anyway, back to the brief excerpt and additional resource link:  "Evidence of unexplained ancient
aircraft can be found across the planet, especially in areas where major civilization once thrived.
The evidence of alien intervention in human history is undeniable [and more and more of what
many of us would call "proof," is surfacing at a rampant rate].
Ancient Astronaut Theory seeks to
explain alien presence in the past linked with Flying Vehicles
[UFOs, winged modern aircraft, etc.], especially in areas like India (Vimanas), Egypt, and
Mesoamerica. Pictographs and megalithic monuments describe human interaction with these
entities, allowing those in our current time period to piece together what happened in the past."  
To read more about the Vimanas, UFOs, aliens and ancient astronaut theory from this excellent
resource, visit:

Editor's Additional Comments about Vimanas, Secret Society and Ancient Aliens:
Actually, I don't really have a lot to add to this subject, for once.  Ha!  I've made a few comments
throughout this page, but other than that, this subject just gets filed under the "Additional Proof
that Aliens visited Earth in the Past" file.  Although, like I mentioned before, I'm a bit skeptical
about the possibility of an ancient secret society, but anything is possible.  Now, as for today's
time, a secret society sounds fairly normal, if ya ask me.  Anyway, for those who have an endless
curiosity and imagination, have fun exploring the possibilities, and happy researching!  :)

Look below, for the complete list of chapters on this ancient astronaut topic. Cheers!
Vimanas - UFOs, Modern Aircraft, Aliens or a Secret Society?
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